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Sep 20, 2014
09:25 AM

My heart really goes out today to all DD news readers.

What WILL they do on live TV when suddenly faced with sports news items containing references to  "King's XI Punjab" ?

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Sep 20, 2014
08:19 AM

We owe Jinnah and the British an immense debt of gratitude for partitioning the country and removing what would have been by now another 400 million Muslims in India. An India with 600 million Muslims would be like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Iraq (where I live).


You are absolutely on the spot. We sure owe gratitude to the then rulers for amputating what otherwise would have been a festering wound for ever, by dividing India and settling the issue even if some left overs of partition are still troubling us. Kashmir is one such.

Even this is because whichever part of Indian subcontinent  did not integrate into British India for a direct rule, that region has remained relatively backward and continues to pose problems. Telangana is another example. 

Except for Patel , the prudent among the impractical idealists, neither Nehru nor Gandhi I would give credit for the integration of this nation.

Chennai, India
Sep 20, 2014
07:51 AM

It was only last month that Mr Modi, talked of 10 year moratorium on communal and caste violence in his independence speech from Red Fort. Even if one limits oneself to Gujarat — his home state — one can gather the great hiatus between what he says and what the footsoldiers of the Hindutva brigade are doing on the ground. There are reports that Gujarat has of late witnessed many communal flareups with the change of power at the center.

Hotelier Mustafa Patel from Gujarat- owner of Jyoti Hotel – is a very sad these days.

His famous hotel- which used to lie on Viramgam highway, merely ninety minute drive from Ahmedabad, is now closed. Anyone who has traveled on that road would vouch about its quality preparations, all the employees who worked with him are in search of another job. Undoubtedly, for Mr. Mustafa it was a very painful decision to close it, but there was no other option.
It is being alleged that he was receiving threats from anti-social elements — many of whom had covert links with the ruling dispensation in the state — and despite court orders police refused to provide him protection. The only option for him was to get ready to face bullets or concede to their demand. He preferred the latter option, perhaps with a view that it will at least help save few innocent’s blood.His petition to the National Commission on Minorities makes it clear how the issue unfolded and how the police reacted to the developments.

Muslim businesses like Jyoti Hotel, even if their name are safely secular, are being driven out of Gujarat. Mustafa Patel’s case is not an exception. 


R. Saroja, Bombay
Sep 20, 2014
07:37 AM

" ........ followed by the political shelter rendered to Dalai Lama in India" should be written ..............preceded by the political shelter rendered to Dalai Lama in India. sorry for the  unintentional mistake.

Buddhadev Nandi
Bishnupur, Bishnupur
Sep 20, 2014
07:20 AM

2/D-62>> RAJA, DELHI

Raja, when you said "LOL", you must have meant "50, 0, 50" ?

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Sep 20, 2014
07:13 AM

All of Mehjabeen's classmates are already in "immoral company" in their homes: they are living with their parents who are married.

Unless of course this peculiar school specialises in enrolling only kids born out of wedlock.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Sep 20, 2014
06:22 AM
@MOHAN... Are you noting this?
Pinaki S Ray, Adelaide
Sep 20, 2014
06:17 AM
@MOHAN.... "Yes, it is my misfortune that God made me a Kufar" - ... Oh no, God has not made you a Kufar. If it were so, it will be the same for me and all mortals. God makes all of us the same and gives us equal amount of intelligence before he sends us in this world. But he has created this world a tough place to survive. History shows that Hindus have been naïve politically throughout the ages to trust their natural enemies and hence India has been conquered by marauding hordes from outside. This was so with Prithiraj and in recent times with Nehru's policy towards China. One of the glaring political shortcomings of us Hindus is that we take our political leaders at their face value instead of scrutinizing the ground realities. My harsh language in my post was to alert all in this regard to check what is going on with Modi's China bonhomie with reference to your statement as unsubstantiated. Rest assured that there was no intention of my part to hit you personally. I suggest, you read an analysis by the former secretary Sibal who has pointed out the reality in this context: http://www.indiandefencereview.com/modi-xi-agenda-work-for-hindi-chini-buy-buy/ ... I am sure you will find a different assessment..... Postscript: I just found another later news in the adjoining column of Outlook for you to take note on:.. " 35 Chinese PLA Men Return to Chumar ...The standoff in Demchok and Chumar had cast a shadow on yesterday's summit talks between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping.." ... http://www.outlookindia.com/news/article/35-Chinese-PLA-Men-Return-to-Chumar/860588 ... I trust this clarifies my position with respect to my past statement here which you have taken notice of.
Pinaki S Ray, Adelaide
Sep 20, 2014
05:10 AM

Could it be because she was a Muslim ? They must file a case against the principle.

gayatri, madrid
Sep 20, 2014
05:06 AM

Modi is moving ahead and for those who do not trust him it'd be better to support other parties and leaders instead of tongue-lashing Modi and only following him. Why not follow your favourite leaders and highlight their good deeds ? Modi thrives on people's negativity. But everyone is not like him. Congress, JDU, BSP, NCP, AAP etc right now need plenty of support and followers.You can hardly abandon them now and just follow Modi's activities. That's a very selfish act.

gayatri, madrid
Sep 20, 2014
04:26 AM

I am happy for our founding fathers, otherwise for us to travel the same path wasn't going to be too hard. Arun Maheshwari

If by "our founding fathers" you mean Gandhi and Nehru, you are giving credit to the wrong people. We owe Jinnah and the British an immense debt of gratitude for partitioning the country and removing what would have been by now another 400 million Muslims in India. An India with 600 million Muslims would be like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Iraq (where I live).

Janwaar Bibi, BibiSarai
Sep 20, 2014
02:48 AM

As far as I am concerned, the path Pakistan is travelling is the path Jinnah set it on. I am happy for our founding fathers, otherwise for us to travel the same path wasn't going to be too hard.

Arun Maheshwari, Bangalore
Sep 20, 2014
01:35 AM

Anwaar, while questioning the boldness of Modi, why don't you question some Muslims whose actions put the whole community on the defensive. When every other community is prospering, it is the Muslims lagging behind. But why blame Modi and Indians for that. Even in USA,and Canada, Muslims are far behind than Hindus and Sikhs. 

george, london
Sep 20, 2014
01:29 AM

Tarnish his image as staunch Hindu nationalist?  Didn't everybody hear that everywhere in India even the school children sing, "Ishwar, Allah Tero Naam... Sab Ko Sanmati De Bhagwan"? This is staunch Hindu Nationalist's identity. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Sep 20, 2014
01:18 AM

Apparently, he crammed all of his musical talents in few short years. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Sep 20, 2014
12:48 AM

Well said, Ms. Lantos! But follow it through.

Anwaar, Dallas
Sep 20, 2014
12:45 AM

> "..... a new mosque where gay people are welcome, Christians too, and women are treated equally to men opened peacefully in Cape Town today despite threats of violence."

A bold and welcome step.

Anwaar, Dallas
Sep 20, 2014
12:43 AM
No big deal....just like the Indian Hindus,just like the Indian Sikhs, just like the Indian Christians, the Indian Buddhists the Indian Jains, the Indian Parsis, the Indian animistes, the Indian agnostics, the Indian atheists and hopefully every other Indian group......... There is a subtle way of stigmatization of Muslims used by Muslim bashers in the world Media and by other racists ... pretending to defend the Muslims by saying that they are not the same as those belonging to terrorist groups ...... Why on earth should people belonging to a faith be compared to criminals....even if they belong to that faith. This type of shortcut stigmatization should stop.
jamsheed rizwani, Epinay-sur-Seine
Sep 20, 2014
12:25 AM
Anwaar, Dallas
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