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Jul 24, 2014
01:40 AM

@ The Contrarian - "Can some one enlighten ?"

Can't enlighten but can offer an opinion or two.

1. The muted reaction from the BJP could be due to the forthcoming elections in Maharashtra. Support of the SS is crucial there. When a BJP MP crossed the line in the Lok Sabha, the party was quick to make him apologise.

2. It is possible that Vichare was unaware that it was Ramzan and that he was functionally illiterate and hence did not read the name of the IRCTC supervisor. He was just being his usual roguish self and his behaviour had no religious overtones.

3. Was the whole episode pre-planned? What was a TV crew doing in the dining hall of the Maharashtra Sadan?

4. The (dis)honourable MPs were upset at the quality of the subsidised meal served to them. Are they aware of the quality of food served to children in the schools and social welfare hostels located in their constituencies?

One cannot help but get disgusted.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jul 24, 2014
01:28 AM

I support the UK government. We do not need public holidays any more. If one allows holidays for Eid, Diwali, then in few years time Sikhs and Buddhists will alo ask for holidays. It is better than none would have it.

george, london
Jul 24, 2014
01:24 AM

 Muslisms does not know How to reciprocate, Anwaar. They are not taught tolerance towards others. Hence most Muslims are intolerant, fanatic, and violent people.

london, United Kingdom
Jul 24, 2014
01:12 AM

A straightforward case of ordinary dadagiri by these pathetic MPs is being portrayed as an insult to Islam.

No wonder secularism has become a dirty word in India.

Pradip Singh, stafford
Jul 24, 2014
12:40 AM

 Reminds me of Max Nauman


Don Quixote
Rody, India
Jul 24, 2014
12:34 AM

 There are arab jews too. In fact 61 % of jews are of Mizrahi ethnicity. How can anyone call it arab jew war. Then there are arab christians whose population is decreasing in gaza and west bank but increasing in israel. I think, these tags #jewsandarabsrefusetobeenemies are too long for twitter and racially motivated.

what is the point is kissing each other, If kissing can stop a war, porn can create world peace. Haha -  Interacial porn, an idea for world peace... how innovative. 

Don Quixote
Rody, India
Jul 24, 2014
12:24 AM


R. Saroja, Bombay
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