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Jul 25, 2014
10:27 PM

"... a music label claimed the Thyagaraja composition (and not that particular recording—they claim, ludicrously, ownership to the original composition itself) as their property."

This is classic rent-seeking behaviour by these big music label firms: making money by being parasitic and specializing in tactics with nuisance values.

If a company (or an individual) uploads these performances after taking due permission from the organisers and per­f­ormers, then they are doing a commendable job by making these classical performances available to everyone on the internet. They should be supported and it's good that Outlook highlighted this issue.

Amit Thakur
Tokyo, Japan
Jul 25, 2014
10:23 PM

"Mahajan, who has been facing the tough situation on taking a call on the tricky issue"

What crap!!! This is no tough situation and no tricky issue. The decision has already been taken.

The Speaker is simply sweating the Congress out.

Akash Verma, Chennai