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Oct 02, 2014
02:54 AM

"Why this whining here?" Saroja bint Parrot

The only people whining here are your friend the CAIR pracharak and you. The rest of us are delighted by the reception that Modi got both from the Indian-American community and the US government.

Before the elections, there were claims from sickos that the "international community" would shun Modi and India because of the Gujarat 2002 riots. Every other day, sicko reporters would ask US spokespersons whether the US had changed its visa denial policy for Modi, and when the US people said there was no change in the policy, sickos would go into orgasms of delight. Now Modi is PM, he visits the US, and everyone from Obama to Kerry and Senator Chuck Schumer shows up to welcome him. We sanghis are very happy, thank you.

The only sad people are these Coalition against Genocide clowns who are now desperately claiming that Modi is responsible for ill-treatment of Sikhs (!), and people like you and the CAIR pracharak who quote from stupid articles that claim the riots "cast a shadow on the visit" (what shadow?) or about how Obama only said "welcome" and not "a warm welcome" or some such nonsense.

Janwaar Bibi, BibiSarai
Oct 02, 2014
01:54 AM

DLN, Ghai, Mohan why you guys are debating with Miso?  He is on your side.  Didn't he say that if you slap don't cry if you get slapped back.  Not everybody is a saint..?  When Rajdeep pushed, he got pushed back and then he started crying like 'Hamas'. 

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Oct 02, 2014
01:19 AM

This is another antimale article with 'feminist victimhood' pasted all over it. The antimale authoress is so full of spew, that one wonder where she gets her words from!

"grizzled patriarchs" - is there a feminit equivalent for this term?

"woman actor " - the latest feminit terminology for term 'actress'?

"misogynists" - are actually not the ones who oppose dressing styles of feminits. These opposers are 'cultural defenders'. Only anti-males cannot see the difference. The worthless Ms. Gopal is making a spectacle of herself by barking up the wrong tree and blaming misogynists.

The media, particularly the 'intellectual' Outlook, seems to get infinite numbers of feminits from the gutter. And no doubt, should spawn a breed of defenders of the male gender.

chennai, India
Oct 02, 2014
12:47 AM

Fedup Bibi,

>> "And there was little sign that human rights — a particularly sensitive topic for Mr. Modi, who has been accused of being complicit in deadly anti-Muslim riots — was a major item on the agenda." CAIR pracharak.

That is the NYT speaking, not I, you  moron!

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 02, 2014
12:42 AM

Akash Verma,

>>>> " Liberal Hindus in India are an endangered species"

>> "I am now convinced that it is Sagarika Ghose who is posting as Anwaar in this forum."

I am convinced it is Goebbels (with a new Fuhrer, Modi) posting as Akash.

Dallas, United States
Oct 02, 2014
12:26 AM

When Nehru becomes irrelevant India would be just another Pakistan!

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 02, 2014
12:21 AM

Well said, Ms. Gopal!

Dallas, United States
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