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Aug 20, 2014
10:20 AM

Calling off talks between India and Pakistan was a foregone conclusion.
Modi ji had decided about it amidst Pak's continuous shellings and firings during his visit to Kashmir.

Enough explosive material had gathered. Hurriyat leaders meeting with Pak's High Commissioner merely ignited the fire.

A huge tactonic shift in India's foreign policy towards Pakistan is going to take place.
India is closely following Imran Khan/Qadri's joint march from National assembly to Nawaz Sharif's home.

I suggest ,in the meanwhile,India's High commissioner in Pak,may send invites to separatists in Balochistan, Pakhtunistan and the most dangerous Jeay Sindh movement.

Lesson for Pak :
Jinkey ghar sheeshey key hotey hain ,woh doosron par patthar nahi phhektey.

A K SAXENA (A retd civil servant)

Aug 20, 2014
09:46 AM

>> Members of the Parivar should cut out beans from their diet.
>> Bonita, Chennai

hahahahah, must be chana-masala :D

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Aug 20, 2014
09:40 AM

Saswati Sarkar @sarkar_swati

Astounded at the number of opeds with near identical content espousing Pakistan point of view in Indian media.

The abysmal state Congress and left loonies have brought the discourse on national interests is indeed astounding.
Thank goodness Modi govt doesn't give a damn about most of these idiots.

Mediacrooks did some good spanking today:

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Aug 20, 2014
09:31 AM

By asking for the post Congress invited humiliation; thus got humiliated.
Who are these worthy advisers of Congress btw?

Santosh Gairola, Hsinchu
Aug 20, 2014
09:27 AM

Members of the Parivar should cut out beans from their diet.

Bonita, Chennai
Aug 20, 2014
09:18 AM

Being a woman in India is unsafe. Being a Muslim in India is even more unsafe. - Anwaar (#1)

That's why the Afghan chose to leave his home and stay in India. (The probability is that he is Muslim).

Unfortunately women in India whio feel unsafe have nowhere to go. Muslims in India have the option of migrating to the country created especially for them. Why don't they exercise that option if they feel unsafe in this country and would feel safer in Pakistan?

Of course, they could also migrate to northern Iraq, another safe haven for Muslims today.

Bonita, Chennai
Aug 20, 2014
08:37 AM

Thoughtfully written and well argued. The premise of the article is shown to be correct by the fact that so many comments call it an attack on "Hinduism".

Mukul Dube
Delhi, India
Aug 20, 2014
08:01 AM

On the auspicious occasion of our honorable ex-PM's birthday, Shri Rajiv Gandhi (Aug 20), lets relive the memories of his greatest contribution to Indian History which will remain sketched on our memories for years to come.

Let us salute the great soul who not only remained silent as a PM when an incident of "ethnic cleansing" was happening in Independent India but also rebuked Jagmohan, then Governor of Kashmir tried to warn him repeatedly about the escalating communal tensions which Rajiv's dear friend, Farooq Abdullah was engineering. For the entire duration of the massacre, Farooq, then CM of J&K was playing Golf somewhere in Europe. A very co-ordinated, beautifully executed chapter in history.

Lest we forget.

Untold story of cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits 
1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YYqGb4UfjiY
2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8JFtz6_cIM&feature=youtu.be
3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPAGpG2OG1U
4) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVAMN_z1uYY

Mohan, Adiipur
Aug 20, 2014
06:51 AM

Time to pack their bags and head to the fatherland.

Pradip Singh, stafford
Aug 20, 2014
06:22 AM


>> " Discussing anything with islamists is like discussing with Pakistan."

Discussing anything with hate-crazed morons like you is a total waste of time. You are a good example of how hatred destroys brains.

Dallas, United States
Aug 20, 2014
06:19 AM

Ram Lala,

>> "Your hotheads are implementing Koran 9:29"

The article says nothing about that, but any opportunity to spill your venom is good enough for you!

>> "has never produced even one link to prove his claim that he "rails against Muslim fundus" on any forum."

What a stupid idea! What about my railing at Muslim fundus right here in this forum? Can't you read? Are you blind?

Dallas, United States
Aug 20, 2014
06:14 AM
Post 23 was addressed to Narayan, not Raman.
Dallas, United States
Aug 20, 2014
06:09 AM


>> "If immersing 11 crore people is really going to make India Congress-free, the rest of Indians will be willing to lend a hand to Shah."

What kind of Indians make such outrageous statements about other Indians? Has your hate driven you totally batty? 

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
06:04 AM


>> "Hindu kings did not come from outside India and did not speak an alien language."

The question was whether they too were invaders or not.

>> "Only a handful of Rajputs (were in Mughal courts) ...." 

You pretend to be so knowledgeable! So please tell us how many Hindus were in government service during Mughal times.

>> :"Those invaded our land and subjugated us, felt superior to us are outsiders. Those who sought refuge in India, did not impose themselves on us, became one of us."

You seem to be making rules as you go along! If feeling superior debars one from being Indian then all caste Hindus are not Indians! Why don't you stop making a fool of yourself?

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
05:51 AM

Pankaj Hedaoo,

>> "I always thought that in a democracy the one with NUMBERS rules."

The distinction between true democracy and majoritarianism is important. You should look it up.

Dallas, United States
Aug 20, 2014
05:49 AM


>> "We Hindus are "secular" so we only take on the saffronites."

You are a saffronite whose life is devoted to badmouthing Muslims. Please don't call yourself a Hindu.

Dallas, United States
Aug 20, 2014
05:45 AM

>> On the Kanth incident in Moradabad over a loudspeaker, the chief minister said that it was "not" such a big issue.

What is the big issue in asking the hindus to remove the loudspeaker and hear the Azaan blaring out of three mosques instead?

Whats InAName, San Francisco
Aug 20, 2014
05:44 AM


>> "Indian Muslims going to Haj are classified as Hindus by Arab countries?"

This is false. Some Arabs may informally call a Muslim a "Hindu", but don't try to make it sound like an official designation! In any case in India we should know who is a Hindu and who is not a Hindu. Why do you want to make an issue out of it? Don't we already have enough problems?

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
05:43 AM

>> The Afghan, working as a waiter at a restaurant in Hauz Rani area of south Delhi, had come to the city almost a year back and was staying even after his visa expired

Hopefully he shall be kicked out now. That might be one good fallout of this otherwise useless story, which did nothing but raise the Paki's muslim ears.

Whats InAName, San Francisco
Aug 20, 2014
05:40 AM

>> Why did it take so long?

Evidence had to be tampered, witnesses had to be threatened and bribed, pliant officers had to be placed in place. All these things take time.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Aug 20, 2014
05:32 AM


>> "Nirad Chaudhuri did not fabricate."

All hate pracharaks fabricate.

>> Iqbal was a hardcore communalist.

He never spread hatred against Hindus. He honored Ram in his poetry. His 'two nation theory', imagined in 1920's, was as vague and amorphous as the two nation theories of Lala Lajpat Rai and Madan Mohan Malaviya. Many believe it to be an idea of a Muslim nation within India, not a separate nation.

Dallas, United States
Aug 20, 2014
05:32 AM

People are missing Sonia's warmth and humour.

gayatri, madrid
Aug 20, 2014
05:24 AM

BJP's Parivar is spoiling the atmosphere in India. SP is not much better.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
05:20 AM

Being a woman in India is unsafe. Being a Muslim in India is even more unsafe.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
05:17 AM

Why did it take so long?

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
05:15 AM

All Hindus should be proud of their Hindutva or Hinduness, just as all Indians are proud of their Indianness. Making such labels an issue is the anti-national agenda of the RSS.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 20, 2014
03:36 AM

Do the citizens of India also appreciate highly " About their discussions with Basit, the Mirwaiz said he apprised him about the situation in the Kashmir Valley and added that the move to hold talks with the separatist leadership despite opposition from India was "highly appreciated"." assuming Kashmir staters have no more rights than any other citizens of India. 

It is time to remove special rights of Kashmirees and solve this ridiculous wrangling.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai, Long Beach
Aug 20, 2014
02:13 AM

"I will not participate...."  Pretty soon the public will decide.  Don't worry Mr. Hooda.   

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 20, 2014
01:56 AM

"Muslims abducted women, and their rulers desecrated tem­ples and forcibly converted Hindus to their faith. They also talked about the wars of the Rajputs, the Marathas, the Sikhs and Aurangzeb’s oppression. Later in life, Chaudhuri was convinced of the enormity of destruction of places of worship. During all those centuries all over northern India, he added a false note, only ruins of temples survived."

Nirad Chaudhuri did not fabricate. Accounts of contemporary writers- Muslims and non-Muslims alike gave the same facts.

"Mohammed Iqbal had written: Ai Ab-e rud Ganga wo din hai yaad tujhko; utra tere kinare jab caravan humra."

Iqbal was a hardcore communalist and was among the intellectuals who conceived the idea of a separate state for Muslims.

"Finally, in a society where religion plays a dominant role in virtually every walk of life, it is the historian’s task to bring secularism into our discussions and to affirm its validity as a principle guiding the nation’s life. To renounce this claim is to surrender the Nehruvian project.."

Oh My..You lost your case with that ...We all know there was a Nehruvian project to rewrite and whitewash history supporting communal harmony of secularism  sweeping all the inconvenient and embarrassing facts about communal discord under the carpet. But the left wing intellectuals and historians refuse to admit the existence of great Nehruvian fabrication of history  project.You are at least honest to admit that historians indeed worked on Nehruvian historiography project.

NEW YORK, United States
Aug 20, 2014
01:55 AM

When RSS leaders say all people living in Hindustan are Hindus, the sky starts to fall.  But why the seculars remain silent when Indian Muslims going to Haj are classified as Hindus by Arab countries?  What is the difference?  Even Muslims don't object to that.  I have not heard a single Muslim boycotting Haj because of that. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 20, 2014
01:46 AM

Their purpose got served.  They were trying to instigate India to cancel the talk.  They tried different tracks.  Any one track would work.  Apparently meeting with separatists worked as India pretty much ignored border violation.  India was OK with Pakistan wasting expensive ammunition as long as it was not causing major damage. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 20, 2014
12:34 AM

As a self proclaimed enlightened liberal open minded secular why does he object to uniform civil code?

Pradip Singh
stafford, uk
Aug 20, 2014
12:06 AM




Excerpts -

TERRORIST TENTACLES REACH INTO POLITICS AND BUSINESS --------------------------------------------- ------- 8. (C) As previously reported, recent arrests indicate that wanted terrorists have secured positions in prominent Kashmiri political parties, including the National Conference, People's Democratic Party, and even Congress (ref 06 New Delhi 556). Their positions as councilors and elected party representatives allowed them special security access NEW DELHI 00000804 003.2 OF 003 that gave them the ability to plot and carry-out the assassinations of several Kashmiri politicians. Media reports also indicate that terrorists have infiltrated several leading business institutions. One of the principal suspects in the October 2005 Delhi bombings, for instance, worked as a senior sales representative for Johnson & Johnson in J&K. More recently, two officials of the Bombay Merchantile Cooperative Bank were arrested for being suspected Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) operatives.

Mohan, Adiipur
Aug 20, 2014
12:05 AM
#82 VNK " well, considering the content of the article and cotext only i selected the quote. Talk about the merit of the quote not the messenger. " -------- people quote from famous people because they hope to make an argument from authority. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argument_from_authority. Lord Acton is a quotable person because he is a Lord, and not VNK Murti ---------------------- To be fair, Outlook has done this entire article on this premise (quoting all those elite professors mouthing about the evils of majoritarian rule) . So I am attacking your quote out of frustration at the juvenile nature of journalism in India. This is a college level article. I always thought Saba Naqvi had some intellectual pretensions :( Is this the best we can do??
MK Saini
Delhi, India
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