Order by Previous days letters
Oct 30, 2014
08:44 PM

SS should be very careful how it proceeds.  In political philosophy, it is nearest to BJP.  Should it decide to stay in opposition, to be an effective opposition party, it will have to oppose many if not all agenda proposed by the BJP government.  That will put SS way out on the left field and in the laps of Congress (Just like Nitish/JDU).  That will not bod well for SS. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 30, 2014
08:38 PM

             Love Jihad: RSS Unleashes Weapon of Hate

It has been a long standing strategy of the BJP and RSS to try and divide the society on communal lines and use the dogmatic thinking and blind-fold ignorance of some people as side-kicks to gain electoral success. One of the latest ploys for polarization framed by some communal Hindutva outfits is a myth called ‘Love Jihad’. It refers to alleged efforts to covert non-Muslim girls to Islam through love affairs. The term was first used in 2009 by a fundamentalist group “Hindu Janjagrit Samity” in Kerala and Karnataka. According to them some Muslim youths, riding bikes and wearing
denims and sunglasses try and woo Hindu girls to marry them. Later they are forcibly converted to Islam. Those who refuse to convert are assaulted and even raped. A document of the Hindu Janjagrit Samity claims that young Muslim men are trained in camps on the workings of Love Jihad and then sent to “finish off Hinduism once and for all by ensuring that Hindu girls give birth to Muslim child.”

Grotesque inversion of reality

Various cases of so called ‘Love Jihad’ that made news have been proved to be false one after the other. First reported case of Love Jihad made headlines in Karnataka in August 2009, when 18-yearold Silija Raj ran away with 24-year-old Asgar Nazar and got married. The incident did not go down well with Silija’s family who tried various means to bring her back from Asgar’s home. Her father also filed habeas corpus petition with the Karnataka High Court alleging that her daughter was abducted
and compellingly married with an intention of religious conversion. This case became the first publicly cited example of ‘Love Jihad’ in India. However the Court ruled out the allegations and asked Silija to live with Asgar. Later while speaking to the media Silija herself also welcomed the verdict of the court and made it clear that she had married Asgar by her own will.

During the run-up to the by-elections in Uttar Pradesh in August 2014 it was alleged by the family members of a girl in Meerut that she was abducted, gang-raped and forcibly converted to Islam by a Muslim youth Kaleem and his friends. But later it was revealed by the girl herself that she had willingly left her house to marry Kaleem. She also said that her family was paid 25,000 rupees by a local BJP leader for making this allegation. As the girl set the record straight, BJP immediately retracted from their earlier stand on this issue and started floating various theories like ‘not Love Jihad but Love Development’ to divert people’s attention. But who would make up for the losses that followed the hate campaign and all those lives and properties lost in riots from the concocted propaganda of the BJP? Some of the revelations made by the Meerut girl might have pushed the Sanghis to the back foot. But this is temporary. It would be wrong to believe that the hate mongers are going to give up on their hate campaign so easily. Whenever one incident is disproved, another will come up.
Propagators of the ‘Love Jihad’ theory will keep quoting newspaper reports of incidents of crime against women where the victim is a Hindu and the accused is a Muslim or Christian. And some of these incidents might also be true. Here, one thing has to be understood very clearly. Any individual who commits a crime will have a religious identity by birth or by faith. But that religion cannot be held responsible for the crime. Nor is it civilised and rational to look for a religious motive and design
behind every crime that takes place on earth.

Since the riots in Mujaffarnagar, RSS has been claiming that in western U.P. Hindu women are being tortured by the Muslim men. However, figures do not endorse this claim. Between January and August this year, there have been 334 reported cases of rape in the said region, out of which in 215 cases the victim is a Hindu. In 190 out of these 215(88%) cases the accused is also a Hindu. Evidently the RSS is showing no signs of getting over its tradition of planning propaganda based on fiction instead of facts.

Gender bias, too glaring to be ignored

Yogi Adityanath, the BJP MP who has also been made the ‘in-charge’ of Uttar Pradesh by Narendra Modi was found to spearhead the hate campaign. He has been recorded saying “if they take one Hindu girl we will convert hundred Muslim girls.” Apart from trying to destroy the prevailing social amity between Hindus and Muslims, these comments bring forth another characteristic aspect of the Hindutva assemblage. The Sangh and several moral policing outfits affiliated to it are often heard shouting against ‘commodification of women’. But Adityanath’s speech actually shows how brazenly the Saffron Brigade considers women as ‘commodities‘, to be exchanged or settled scores with.

In the initial days of electoral democratic system, women were denied voting rights in most of the countries. Custodians of the patriarchal society across the globe believed that women do not possess the wisdom of making correct choices. The Sanghis do not seem to have come out of this perception till date. For them women continue to be mindless entities who fall easily for branded denims, bikes and sunglasses and take random marriage decisions.

Various Hindutva outfits have been running ‘save your girl’ campaign across the country to prevent the so called ‘Love Jihad’. Unfortunately these organisations are never found to be taking stands against issues of genuine concerns like female foeticide and domestic violence against women. All they mean by saving a girl is to stop her from taking her own decisions in life.

Trying to resist inter-religious and inter-caste marriages is denying the basic idea of India. Not only does it creates an atmosphere of communal disharmony but also curbs the right of a woman to decide who she would love or marry.

Setting the society ablaze

The 2014 Loksabha election saw quiet a different mode of campaign by the BJP. Agendas like building Ram Temple at the disputed land in Ayodhya were kept under the carpet and the campaign spoke more of economic development promises. The fact that the BJP chose to depend more on development issues to manage electoral success clearly shows that even they realise that modern India is unwilling to get attracted by their age old antagonistic communal propaganda. In such a situation, instead of discussing far off things like Ram Janmabhoomi and Kashmir, it’s easier to titillate communal sentiment in peoples’ mind by talking about their girls being captured by people of another community.

When myths are drilled into the collective psyche, logic takes a back seat. Based on a concocted concept, when a clarion call is given out to the Hindus to protect their daughters from the boys of the Muslim community, it tends to create a social atmosphere of insecurity and eventually antipathy towards the Muslims.

This kind of hysteria might as well encourage and strengthen regressive social bodies like Khaps in Haryana who are against love marriages per se; and for whom ‘Honour Killing’ is the legitimate answer to inter-religious and inter-caste courtships.

Defeat the insidious intentions of the hate mongers

These systemic efforts by the Saffron brigade to propagate a falsehood called ‘Love Jihad’ has once again emphasized the fact that despite all the so called pro-development rhetoric by Mr. Modi like ‘pehle sauchalay phir devalay’, the BJP and RSS continues to be a serious threat to the secular fabric of our country. More than anyone else, they themselves are aware that no matter how many seats they occupy in Parliament, their political and social existence cannot survive if they don’t divide the
people across religious lines. And an atmosphere of perpetual communal cauldron serves as the best possible ambience for their growth.

However, the divisive elements have not yet succeeded in the way they would have wanted to. ‘Love Jihad’ campaign has failed in the southern states of the country, where it initially originated. On the eve of the U.P. by-elections, the BJP decided to make the rumour travel north. But in spite of the high pitched communal campaign, they lost 8 out of 11 seats in the state, including the Kairana seat in the riot-affected Mujaffarnagar. Such schemes fail before the eyes of people. But they are dangerous enough if they are implemented viciously. So every single story manufactured by the
malice mongers should be examined and exposed in the public domain, to ensure that not even a single person in the society gets motivated by the deliberate falsehood. Let there be a broad unity of all the well meaning people in the society to combat these reactionary divisive propaganda. Let India of the 21st century stand together to ensure a collective opinion building against the politics of hate.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Oct 30, 2014
08:37 PM

Who started humiliating who?  Shiv Sena believes in giving blows to anybody but cries foul when it is time to receive blows in return. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 30, 2014
08:33 PM

If Shahi Imam does not like the leader of the nation, one who is elected by an overwhelming number of citizens of this nation, then this Imam, his family herd and those who believe in his stupid sayings should all leave India.  

They can as well all go Nawaz Sharif's country and find the heaven, their jannath, they are missing here. Good riddance...

Non Fanatic, London
Oct 30, 2014
08:27 PM

29?D-36: DL Narayan:>> "...India is too big to be ignored...Once we build up our economic clout, India can afford to do what is in its best interests without worrying about foreign governments."

We are behaving as though we already possess tremendous economic clout, trying to dictate terms to foreign powers.

If and when we do attain economis clout, we should be realistic in a globalised economy, just as the US is about China, and not become arrogant and become too big for our boots. Else we will bite the dust.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
06:55 PM

When a prominent person of any community who shows blatant disregards for India's judiciary which gave its clear verdict on Mr. Modi, bound to be considered a traitor of India's constitution.  Whenever such leaders or their loved ones (and fellow community persons) are charged with any crime, they run to judiciary and look for any nook and cranny for the loop-holes to escape punishment.  They take full advantage of freedom given to them in constitution.

In any case, Narendra Modi and BJP would not be interested in attanding royal ceremony where only son suceeds father to the throne.

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 30, 2014
06:32 PM

Kerala Govt to Procure E-Waste Menace by Paying Money Per Kilo

PROCURE E-Waste Menace!!!!!

Surely the headline should have read 

Kerala Govt to CURB (or some synonym) E-Waste Menace by Paying Money Per Kilo

Editor, what are you doing?

Bonita, Chennai
Oct 30, 2014
06:11 PM

He is digging a big hole for his cronies.

The guy is a joker,any sane person will call his invitation to Sharif disgusting and deplorable.F him

harun, chennai
Oct 30, 2014
06:09 PM

A large section of muslims ( not all ) , display allegience not to India , that protected them and gave them equal rights with Hindus, but to Islamic states like Pakistan which repressed and decimated Hindus. 

Imam Bukhari, does show that in a most brazen manner and knows he need not fear any consequences for his traitorous acts as there are dirty parties like congress, SP, TMC who want his vote and the vote of his traitoros followers.

Shame on these thugs.

MartandSunTemple, Martand Sun Temple
Oct 30, 2014
05:53 PM
An added note is in order to my post here. And that is: an iron hand is needed to smash the Madrassa type dens of the Muslims in WB which have mushroomed in recent years in Bengal. If the security and intelligence officers now require clearance for action for this, I am optimistic that Modi will happily approve it without delay, a glaring contrast to what has been happening in the past with Congress Prime Ministers. But Faruki will be yelling again that Modi is a mass murderer. Let him yell, let him yell. In the end, the true picture will emerge.
Pinaki S Ray
Adelaide, Australia
Oct 30, 2014
05:53 PM

Earlier it was - 'what Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow.' In the present scenario the word 'Kerala' has replaced 'Bengal'.

Ranginee Choudhury, Kolkata
Oct 30, 2014
05:16 PM

"Why can't they try with AAP for another 49 day?"

Infact AAP has offered to run Delhi in instalments (49-day each) with 0% interest.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
04:45 PM

False bravado.  When he knows that the treaty signed by Congress government with other countries will prevent BJP government from revealing names (before filing charges) he challanges BJP government.  BJP has already exposed/embarassed Congress government revealing amnesty given by their governent. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Oct 30, 2014
04:32 PM

" They could not have mounted a major operation such as the crusades. "

In the 4 centuries prior to the crusades, there were two major Christian empires, the Holy (Western) Roman Empire and the (Eastern Roman) Byzantine empire. Together, they restricted the Muslims to the Iberian peninsula. They had the strength to recapture Jerusalem if they wanted to. By the 10th century, the Western Roman Empire got weakened by attacks by the Magyars and the rebellious princes of the principalities such as Saxony and Bohemia started functioning autonomously, weaking the imperial authority. The Byzantine empire contracted substantially due to losses to the Seljuk Turks.

The 12th century was the worst time to launch a crusade from the military point of view. 

Anwaar is either being characteristically mendacious or merely reinventing history to suit his thesis, facts be damned.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 30, 2014
04:30 PM

Recycled content, cute pics that we are supposed to like, comments that we must agree with - it's not becoming smart, but dumb.

Dinesh Kumar
Chandigarh, India
Oct 30, 2014
04:19 PM

Why can't they try with AAP for another 49 day?

Agosuke, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
04:13 PM

'Saroja, what I like about you is, you lie with confidence. '

More you practice, more confident you become. 

Adiiipur, India
Oct 30, 2014
04:11 PM

"May be typo. 'custody' is missing."

Ha ha . Suresh at his usual best.

Adiiipur, India
Oct 30, 2014
04:06 PM

Poor Kejriwal. After the Supreme Court's earlier comments he had some grand illusions that he would again be catapulted into the CM's chair with ease and began criticising and reviling the Lt Governor for helping the BJP/NDA and for taking instructions from the BJP on this matter.  The Sureme Court's appreciation of the Lt Governor' balanced approach  has again dashed his hopes. He has nothing left now. There is no one he can find to blame and get attention from the media. 

N.S.Rajan, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
03:16 PM

In what manner will the article help solve the present burning problems of my country. Instead it will only either shift the focus of  the issues or aggrivate it and waste time on it. Do what you can do for your country and not what your country can do for you.

Pune, India
Oct 30, 2014
02:50 PM

Powerful regional political leaders from Maharashtra have bribed the voters to prevent the national party in forming the government with a majority.These leaders have never got a majority in recent years and preventing others to form a government

jayant , Pune
Oct 30, 2014
02:26 PM

As for accepting Kausar Bano's belly being slit open, I said I will reserve the right to revise my opinion when I go through the judgment in its entirety, which I couldn't do at that time, and still haven't been able to.

Teesta has been caught tutoring witnesses to give false witnesses, forged affidavits, and even embezzled funds meant for riot victims. So please pardon me if I take anything that comes out from her (or her cohorts like you) with a heavy dose of salt.

Ganwaarpur, India
Oct 30, 2014
02:22 PM

Saroja mami,

[[In this forum, l had a long exchange with Alakshyendra to convince him. Now he writes under the Ganwaar and trolls me in Twitter. More than 90% of his posts there mention me.]]

As I said before, wherever you lie, I'm there to shine the light of truth on your face, even if it momentarily blinds you.

And please don't say "trolling". It gives the impression that you're some sort of a celebrity who's being stalked. Its no such thing. It is just like a drug addict who flees home at every given opportunity, but is dragged by his a$$ back because the parents love him.

Ganwaarpur, India
Oct 30, 2014
01:37 PM


>>>> "Your attempt to elicit a response from me on a mosque cleaning is foolish and juvenile."

>> "It just betrays your bigoted mindset."

Besides being juvenile you are also a bore!

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 30, 2014
01:35 PM


>>>> "" European Christianity had serious problems within itself to resolve before mounting a military effort in a far away land against a formidable enemy."

>> "Another example of either "fanciful creativity"."

If you do not even know this, you are more ignorant than I thought. There were serious schisms in European Christianity from the 6th to the 11 th centuries. They could not have mounted a major operation such as the crusades. Even in the 11th century, the crusade started as a movemnet of peasants and the states joied in only later.

Dallas, United States
Oct 30, 2014
01:02 PM

Devendra Fadnavis has 22 charges of rioting registered against him. No wonder Modi calls him "Nagpur's gift to the country". Saying that Fadnavis has a "clean public image" is typical of the Orwellian double-speak to which we are being repeatedly subjected.

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 30, 2014
12:34 PM

"One famous one was that representation of Muslims in Gujarat Police is more than their share in the population, which iscontrary to facts."

May be typo. 'custody' is missing.

Bangalore, India
Oct 30, 2014
12:25 PM

"We have nt heard since of the male Nobel co-winner - whats his name?"

WhatsHisName ? Check with World Vision.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
12:11 PM

I am pleasantly surprised OLI retained the first name 'Lalit' in the headline.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
12:04 PM
Who lit the communal fire in Trilokpuri? (IE editorial)

Often, what seem to be isolated conflagrations draw upon building tensions and insecurities that a disconnected politics may have turned a blind eye to, or worse, that a motivated political agenda may have stoked and instigated. The mob takes control of the street when all political and institutional checks fail. By all accounts, the rioters in Trilokpuri were mostly local residents driven by rumours and fear. An alert and independent police force could have ensured that trouble-makers did not get to control the information flow. 

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 30, 2014
11:53 AM

Ultimately BJP may not bring back any black money, if only because Sangh cadres will have taken an oath never to touch any black money.

While on the subject of black money, it is interesting to note that black money once confiscated turns white in the hands of the government.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
11:45 AM

"Technically correct, but it won't inspire confidence in foreign governments."

India ranks 142 in world rankings for its business environment. Retrospective taxation, red tape, lack of policy clarity, corruption, all contribute to act as deterrents to investment. 

As for foreign governments, India is too big to be ignored. Our main concern should be about making the environment conducive to attracting investments. Once we build up our economic clout, India can afford to do what is in its best interests without worrying about foreign governments.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 30, 2014
11:20 AM

And it was a Min Min situation under UPA.

K.Suresh, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
11:18 AM

>>  Passing on information to a court is not a breach of any agreement. If the information was released to the press, it would have been a violation of bilateral agreements.

Arguments like this doesn't pass standard required in order to comply with the treaty. Admission in this treaty requires credible justice system. Proceedings witnessed in the Supreme court doesn't inspire confidence. Besides, what about 8 names of the account holders disclosed earlier? It was without any credible investigation and doesn't pass international standard. 

Rajesh, Phoenix
Oct 30, 2014
11:10 AM

 Also to add on relegion and the sciences have their own paths, if science can prove myths then there's no point in having a beleif.

please do check out Albert Eintein's speech on relegion and the sciences.

dhanush naveen
chenni, India
Oct 30, 2014
11:08 AM

The 64 million dollar question is: in which china shop will Subramanian Swamy be given the opportunity to be the bull ?

Ramesh Ramachandra
Bangalore, India
Oct 30, 2014
11:07 AM

 Everything that the human race has done and thought is concerned with the satisfaction of deeply felt needs and the assuagement of pain. One has to keep this constantly in mind if one wishes to understand spiritual movements and their development. Feeling and longing are the motive force behind all human endeavor and human creation, in however exalted a guise the latter may present themselves to us. Now what are the feelings and needs that have led men to religious thought and belief in the widest sense of the words? A little consideration will suffice to show us that the most varying emotions preside over the birth of religious thought and experience. With primitive man it is above all fear that evokes religious notions - fear of hunger, wild beasts, sickness, death. Since at this stage of existence understanding of causal connections is usually poorly developed, the human mind creates illusory beings more or less analogous to itself on whose wills and actions these fearful happenings depend. Thus one tries to secure the favor of these beings by carrying out actions and offering sacrifices which, according to the tradition handed down from generation to generation, propitiate them or make them well disposed toward a mortal. In this sense I am speaking of a religion of fear. This, though not created, is in an important degree stabilized by the formation of a special priestly caste which sets itself up as a mediator between the people and the beings they fear, and erects a hegemony on this basis. In many cases a leader or ruler or a privileged class whose position rests on other factors combines priestly functions with its secular authority in order to make the latter more secure; or the political rulers and the priestly caste make common cause in their own interests.

dhanush naveen
chenni, India
Oct 30, 2014
10:41 AM

Retrospectively seen, Modi's rise and elevation as the PM has been a blessing in disguise for the Hindus in West Bengal. I hope the Centre now comes down as a ton of brick on Mamata and TMC. Mamata needs to be hauled over for being willingly complicit with the Jehadi culture of Islam - she could not fool the Hindus in the state anymore. I guess, the President's Rule is not far fetched under the present political climate in Bengal. May be that is offing. I am sure the NIA head Doval has given her the dire warning she deserves during the meeting he held with her.

Actually, Islamization of WB has gone on for a long time and Congress is the culprit although people blame CPM. It is true that the Muslims were given free hand openly by the Communists and the Madrassa culture has become cancerous under Mamata's supervision.

But what is not known is that decades ago, when G L Nanda was the acting PM under Congress ruling of India, the Police Commissioner in Calcutta, a Hindu Bengali officer, approached Nanda during one of his state visits. The Commissioner sought authorization from the PM (Nanda acting) to search the Madrassas in Calcutta and surrounding areas for guns and amunitions and other middle eastern literature being collected there for spreading Islam. Nanda point blank refused him permission and warned, that if he went ahead, he will be facing charge of communalism and dismissed from the post. And the matter ended then and there.

All this is not to say that Mamata is absolved in any way. She needs to be brought to books without delay to save the state. And all the dens of Islams in WB need to be smashed now.

It reminds what the US Secretary of State Rumsfeld once said, that he would like to see video recording and surveillance equipments installed in Madrassas to find out what goes on inside there. Otherwise he would not allow them operating on US soil.

Pinaki S Ray
Adelaide, Australia
Oct 30, 2014
09:45 AM

26/D-25: DL Narayan>> "Passing on information to a court is not a breach of any agreement. If the information was released to the press, it would have been a violation of bilateral agreements."

Technically correct, but it won't inspire confidence in foreign governments. The court has asked the SIT to co-opt the Income Tax Department and the Enforcement Directorate in its investigations. So the matter is on a slippery slope to a full leak of the names (remember, it was the Income Tax Dept. which leaked the Radia tapes to the media).

Also, the setting of the deadline of March, 2015 for the SIT to complete its investigation will only result in a slapdash and botched probe.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
09:21 AM

"Incidentally, how is he so cocksure that everyone who strongly dislikes the movie is a "Hindu nationalist", and what does he mean by that anyway. " Varun Shekhar

Anyone who dislikes this jihadi movie is a "Hindu nationalist" according to the NYT. But no jihadist is apparently a "Muslim jihadist" - all of them apparently are not Muslims, have misunderstood Islam, and are mentally ill!

The most serious mental illness in the world today is sickularism.

Janwaar Bibi, BibiSarai
Oct 30, 2014
08:53 AM

"Your attempt to elicit a response from me on a mosque cleaning is foolish and juvenile."

It just betrays your bigoted mindset. You allow your prejudices to cloud your perception.

I would have ungrudgingly praised the Jamaat ud Dawa or any mujahideen outfit had they extended such assistance to kafirs and mushriks.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 30, 2014
08:50 AM

Mr. Arun will an asset to political parties who thrive on fake stories. He has a brilliant career ahead.

Ranginee Choudhury
Kolkata, India
Oct 30, 2014
08:40 AM

" Modi government complied to SC order but broke multilateral agreement."

1. The agreements were BILATERAL, not multilateral.

2. Passing on information to a court is not a breach of any agreement. If the information was released to the press, it would have been a violation of bilateral agreements.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 30, 2014
08:36 AM

Will the Supreme court take responsibility? They got brownies, satisfied their ego. Next they will retire and enjoy pension. 

Rajesh, Phoenix
Oct 30, 2014
08:35 AM

" European Christianity had serious problems within itself to resolve before mounting a military effort in a far away land against a formidable enemy."

Another example of either "fanciful creativity" or just plain ignorance.

1. It was not a "far away land" in the 7th to 10th centuries because the Byzantine Empire controlled most of west Asia at that time. It became a "far away land" in the 11th century when the Byzantine empire shrunk with the rise of a new power, the Seljuqs.

2. After Charles Martel routed the Umayyids in 637 in the battle of Tours, European Christianity was on the rise. Then came Charlemagne who consolidated European Christian power in the 8th century. Turkey was in the hands of the Christian Byzantines who had lost its control of Palestine in 634 but were still powerful. The Europeans and the Byzantines could easily have mounted a joint campaign to seize control but did not because the Christian powers had a cordial truce with the Caliphate which controlled Jerusalem. Neither party was willing to change the status quo, which lasted for over 4 centuries.

The Christian powers were far weaker at the time of the crusades because the Byzantine empire was on the wane with the Seljuk Turks gobbling up large tracts of Byzantine territory and were practically knocking at the doors of Constantinople.

The crusades were launched at a time when Christian military power was far weaker than it was in the 7th to 10th centuries and Jerusalem was more of a "far away" land than it had ever been ever since the Christians lost it to the Arabs.

Visakhapatnam, India
Oct 30, 2014
08:32 AM

Modi government complied to SC order but broke multilateral agreement. Now no country will trust India and provide information. I suggest to appoint these judges for international treaty negotiation. 


Rajesh, Phoenix
Oct 30, 2014
08:24 AM

Why NDTV did not disclose Rs450 crore tax notice to exchanges

Mohan, Adiiipur
Oct 30, 2014
08:23 AM

For the Moditard who believes that Kausar Bano womb slitting was fabricated, here is the deposition before Nanavati-

Victims of the Naroda-Patia massacre on Friday gave chilling accounts to the GT Nanavati and KG Shah Commission of how their family members were attacked, raped and killed.

The two-man inquiry commission, which is probing the Godhra train carnage and the riots that followed, heard five witnesses from Naroda-Patia and one from Bapunagar, who for the first time gave graphic details of the brutality perpetrated by their neighbours and the police. Giving her account of what happened on February 28 last year, Zareena Sheikh, a resident of Hussainnagar, said she was a witness to the murder of Kausar Bano.

"I was trying to escape the mob when I saw rioters attack Kausar who was pregnant at that time. They ripped open her stomach, removed the foetus with the tip of a sword, rotated it and flung it into the fire, before burning Kausar too," she said. Zareena Sheikh, who was overcome with emotion, broke down sobbing. She said when she tried to escape, the mob attacked her with swords, ripped off her clothes, and pelted stones, until she fell unconscious.

She said she lost six family members in the riots that day. Another witness to Kausar Bano's murder was her cousin, Zulekha Bano Chaudhary. "We kept running towards Gopinath Society after the SRP men chased us away. They threatened that they would shoot us if we kept begging for help. But Kausar could not run as she was pregnant. She kept screaming, 'Please help me', but the mob had surrounded her," said Chaudhary, her voice choked with emotion. Chaudhary said that she also saw the mob killing her niece, Zubeda Bano, and her entire family, including her four-month-old baby. "I saw young women being raped and then being burnt alive.

And instead of helping us, the SRP men told us that if we persisted, they would shoot us. Two of our boys were killed in police firing," she continued. She said that Muslims were still being blamed for the train carnage and other anti-social activities perpetrated in the country. "Why such hatred? Is it written on our forehead, that we are criminals?" she demanded. In yet another blood-curdling deposition, nineteenyear-old Shabana Bano Kureshi narrated how her neighbours threw kerosene on her mother and her younger sister Nasim and burnt them alive.

"The men who we used to see playing cricket daily, who used to drink water at our place and called my mother 'chachi', killed her without mercy. I know their names and can identify them," she said, sobbing uncontrollably. She named Jai Bhavani, Dalpat, Chintu, Suresh Chhara and Naresh Chhara. A resident of Bapunagar, Mehrunissa Saiyed, said she and her
neighbours were holed up in their homes for 36 hours before the police came to their rescue.

The commission on Friday again warned the police, political parties and other organisations to stay away from these witnesses, until their cross-examination was over. The next hearing is scheduled on December 16, when victims of the Gomtipur area would depose before the Nanavati commission. 


Zakia petition hearing resumes on 23rd Dec

R. Saroja, Bombay
Oct 30, 2014
08:13 AM

Is this the same Lalit Modi who, as rumour used to have it, was Vasundhara Raje's right hand man during her last stint as CM of Rajasthan, and senior IAS officers were at his beck and call and used to take orders from him?

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Oct 30, 2014
08:04 AM

Our PM has possibly given a lead to the changing content of History- reaching beyond the realm of established facts and academics -  which would be taught in the class rooms of schools and colleges in India

R V Subramanian, Gurgaon
Oct 30, 2014
07:06 AM

The situation in Bengal is shocking and so unbelievable. Its like ISIS already has a state and its called ISB.

Martand Sun Temple, India
Oct 30, 2014
06:07 AM

"but NYT is generally considered to be one of the greatest newspapers in the world. Admittedly it has erred and it has at times published articles of poor quality, "

They have had some asbsolutely awful articles about India over the years, the worst being from Barbara Crossette. Terrible journalist. They've carried rubbish articles from Manu Joseph, Pankaj Mishra, John Burns, someone with the last name "Kaplan",  and now this Vyas twit. 

Incidentally, how is he so cocksure that everyone who strongly dislikes the movie is a "Hindu nationalist", and what does he mean by that anyway.  What about the people who think that it is merely anti-national and sympathetic to separatists?

Varun Shekhar, Toronto
Oct 30, 2014
02:56 AM

Unfortunately Modi and his ilk are too cleaver and cannot be dislodged easily.Indians love tamasha and Modi and his ilk are good at it.They will keep Indians hooked to their tamasha with the bought out media till India falls in to an irrecoverable abyss.Jai Hind(u).For the first time in Indian history a vicious and extremely cunning man has come become the PM.India will pay the price.

Nasar Ahmed
Karikkudi, India
Oct 30, 2014
02:37 AM

Selective hyperreporting by the matriarchal media.

We have nt heard since of the male Nobel co-winner - whats his name?

misogynist, chennai
Oct 30, 2014
02:27 AM

Religionism is Evil, and must be Banned!

misogynist, chennai
Oct 30, 2014
02:15 AM

Moron Bibi,

>> "Still waiting for a clarification ... about my post #4.

Such injunctions in the Quran are derived from the Jewish/Christian books of Torah/Old Testament. Jews and Christains ignore such admonitions. Gradually increasing number of Muslim girls are married to non-Muslims both among celebrities and in my own family circle. My Hindu relatives are always welcome in my home. While Quranic injunctions cannot be officially negated, some of them are being ignored. Unfortunately the number of Muslim and Hindu girls being killed by their own parents for marrying outside religion or outside caste is still just too high.

Dallas, United States
Oct 30, 2014
01:53 AM


>> "For the record, I am not a member of the RSS."

You are probably too right wing for them:-)

>> "Anwaar is beyond any doubt, a Muslim apologist."

I am a critic of Islamists and jehadis. Are all RSS apologists liars?

Dallas, United States
Oct 30, 2014
01:47 AM

Akash Verma,

>> "I never denied that the communists all over the world think NYT as one of the greatest newspaper."

When a patent lie becomes your answer, even I have to take pity on you.

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 30, 2014
01:42 AM


>> "why the Christians did not bother to reclaim Jerusalem for 450 years after it fell into Muslim hands."

Silly question! Such a simplistic approach as to why certain historical events occur at certain times! European Christianity had serious problems within itself to resolve before mounting a military effort in a far away land against a formidable enemy. The Pope also felt that such a war at that particular time would help unify Europe and increase the power and influence of the Vatican.

Dallas, United States
Oct 30, 2014
01:31 AM


>> "Because you called RSS divisive and communal."

They are. Your attempt to elicit a response from me on a mosque cleaning is foolish and juvenile.


Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 30, 2014
01:31 AM

Welcome back, Bibi Saroja. Still waiting for a clarification from you and CAIR pracharak about my post #4.  Are Hindus no longer Al-Mushrikun or are Muslims disregarding the Koran? Please clarify - I want to do my bit for national integration even though I live in Bibisarai, Iraq.

Also why does Sister Nivedita not mention anything about the murders of Hindu men who married Muslim women without converting or about what Koran 2:221 tells Muslims to do? Inquiring minds want to know.

Janwaar Bibi
BibiSarai, Iraq
Oct 30, 2014
01:24 AM

Saroja, what I like about you is, you lie with confidence. 

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Oct 30, 2014
01:13 AM

>> "Here is how Jihad looks"

"Jihad" is different from "love jihad". Bangladesh is a different country from India. Moronic to put such a hatemail in this segment!

Dallas, United States
Oct 30, 2014
01:07 AM

> "...unidentified US officials lambasted the Israeli premier for his settlement policies and for undermining American peace efforts. The officials derided Netanyahu as cowardly and recalcitrant, among other insults."

How dare they? American foreigh policy is the sole preserve of the Israeli government.

Anwaar, Dallas
Oct 30, 2014
12:57 AM

We were laughing at the ridiculous pronouncements of Dinanath Batra and Y.S.Rao, but Modi seems to top them all! And this at a time when the Pope himself is fully reconciled with Darwinism and the Big Bang Theory! Is Saudi Arabia a model that Modi wants to emulate?

Dallas, United States
Oct 30, 2014
12:44 AM

Any rule in the matriarchal media, that well known prostitutes ( like alleged rape victims ), cannot be named because they are female?


misogynist, chennai
Oct 30, 2014
12:22 AM

>>Did author gloat when the Sickulars went haywire when it was published that during 2002 riots some Hindus extracted baby from a pregnant Muslim lady and then killed them both. It turned out to be totally false report.

Sustained brainwashing of the Moditards. Slitting the abdomen and pulling out the entrails is not unusual in 'riots'. Three Hindu male workers were killed thus in BEST Bakery by Sanghi mob in 2002. In Naroda Patiya atleast 3 pregnant women had their wombs slit & foetus burnt. Bajrangi was sentenced to life for killing Kauser Bano thus. 

In this forum, l had a long exchange with Alakshyendra to convince him. Now he writes under the Ganwaar and trolls me in Twitter. More than 90% of his posts there mention me.

Then more recently, 'Tearful Onion' came with a similar post and then ran away without acknowledging his error when I challenged him.  

Motivated erroneous newsplants favouring Modiji are not only recent. One famous one was that representation of Muslims in Gujarat Police is more than their share in the population, which iscontrary to facts. That was the first 'news' that I found to be wrong. Now everyone knows the reality about Feku.

Btw,is this the same gentleman who promised to write about TV in Vedic times?

R. Saroja
Bombay, India