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Mar 01, 2015
02:16 AM

Education is state's subject. SC has no business here. 

Phoenix, United States
Mar 01, 2015
01:37 AM

hahahaha ......... after the arrest warrant is hanging on her mentor's head;

What was the case bacchu? Somewhere in between the Guj police accepted that there was no case over Gulberg socierty funds, but that the case was over all the funds received etc?

Modi has been trying to frame Teesta from the BEST Bakery casedys where Zahira. having been bribed by BJP MLA made wild allegations against Teesta. For her pains Zahira was held guilty of perjury and spent a year in jail. A travesty of justice that the briber so far has not been punished.

Then came the newsplants that Teesta had spiced up riot cases etc and that was in the SIT report etc. just as the SC was hearing Zakia petition for getting an FIR lodged against Modi & others. For all that tamasha,  within days SC asked SIT to investigate allegations against Modi & others. Then came the weird case of "illegal digging up| of bodies" that came after Rais Khan had gone over with all records to Modi to scuttle case against Kodnani, now out on bail after hurting herself falling over a lamp, poor poor thing.That case was also thrown out by SC as being purely mala fides. Then this case.

Here is a statement from Teesta & Javed -


Its been amazing, and very humbling to experience and feel heart warmed by the groundswell of support form each and all of you in this past week that has been one of deep and difficult trauma; a trial by fire. Our family, close friends and most of all the CJP and Sabrang Colleagues in Mumbai and Ahmedabad have been amazing; We could not have survived without their long hard hours of committed, dogged support. Our team of lawyers, each and everyone in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Delhi dropped everything to ensure that our personal liberties were protected.

We know that things will not end here and the Gujarat state backed by the regime in Delhi will not stop at the efforts to cripple our functioning. 126 persons that CJP has managed to get Convicted to Life Imprisonment will approach higher courts and of the state under the current regime does not press the cases and argue them strongly on merit, the hard won convictions will turn. It is imperative therefore that we plod on and not waver from our goal.

The entire bunch of arguments upheld by the Gujarat HC in a shocking and painful judgement were answered by us piece by piece in the Accompanying Synopsis and Table giving references to the High Court Record. The table is 23 pages and when read carefully will show how each and every one of our replies with documents given to the HC were ignored by the Judge!

Please take the time to go through this table carefully. And also circulate this widely.

With very warm regards and deepest solidarity (and relief)


Amended Synopsis

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Mar 01, 2015
12:57 AM

Another bunch of NRIs

R. Saroja, Bombay
Mar 01, 2015
12:28 AM

hahahaha ......... after the arrest warrant is hanging on her mentor's head; our physicist has nothing but abuse left in her.
What a fall!

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Mar 01, 2015
12:11 AM

Now all the bhakts will come & whine in the tone of 3rd rate soviet novels singing praise of the dear leader.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Mar 01, 2015
12:06 AM

In the bad ol' days, politicians received money in suits ( cases )

Todays corrupt politicians shamelessly receive money AS ( gold ) suits!

misogynist, chennai
Mar 01, 2015
12:04 AM

16 D DLN

Even Indiras anti-secular enemies cannot accuse her of using emergency powers to support coporates and get money! Have nt the hindu religionist politicians become shameless?

Shamelessly, Modi publicly sets the STATE intelligence on Priya to know her movements, etc., only because she might dare to TALK to someone in the UK to TELL / canvass them about her NGOs complaints about Essar harming the environment etc.! 

chennai, India
Mar 01, 2015
12:02 AM

I am sure Raj knows even as CM of Gujarat, Narendra Modi had always used all gifts given to him for good cause.  Actioning this suit was not first time he had used his gift for the betterment of the country. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
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