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Apr 19, 2015
05:23 AM


Let me be honest to confess that the way Pakistan treats its minority is absolutely reprehensible and barbaric.

That a decent number of Muslims who sport skull caps and black gowns are unrealistic and outrageously selfish and Oppurtunist,beyond any doubt.

In your Blind distaste ,there is also a section like your Truely who calls spade a spade and Openly condemns and admits the way the community and its leadership have been going about in India.

The fear is in this atomsphere of rising dislike,for all reasons and the ones you have made out,the ones who respect the very concept of India and love it must not be hurt.

As they say a 1000 criminals can get away but a single innocent must not be hurt.

People will lose being rationale and i wish that in this quagmire innocents dont suffer,jai hind

chennai, India
Apr 19, 2015
04:58 AM

5 D Pinaki

The unread psycho feminist only thinks of money, money MONEY, but not the decades of commited hard work and R&D that went into making Rafael by the French.

He thinks Gujaratis like Adani and Ambani are intelligent to take up high tech projects like jets, but these business men are actually only fat cats who live on bribes and corruption like land deals, etc.

Trying to force blackmail the company to reveal its technology when it was facing lack of business reveals the mans dark side, and must have pout the French off.

However, his aim will be to get business for his rich friends, and sing tor eligious  Indians about 'his ancestors flying to Mars and back', to divide them.

chennai, India
Apr 19, 2015
04:42 AM

Only starry eyed fools would trust the words of a hindu extremist leader, that too in a country where the judicial system is a laughing stock of the world, and where taxation is a means of making 'easy money' for the government.

India, despite the hoopla, remains firmly out of bounds for foreigners and is only meant for rich fat hindu businessmen.

misogynist, chennai
Apr 19, 2015
03:12 AM

An interesting quote from Ambedkar: “If Hindu Raj does become a fact, it will, no doubt, be the greatest calamity for this country. No matter what the Hindus say, Hinduism is a menace to the liberty, equality and fraternity. On that account it is incompatible with democracy. Hindu Raj must be prevented at any cost.” (http://ecumene.org/IIS/csss101.htm)

Dallas, United States
Apr 19, 2015
03:03 AM


>> "WTF?"

Mind your language!

>> "The Aryans were a highly advanced people there is no need to study bones and burials to deconstruct the Aryan persona."

Hitler could have used that quote for his 'Mein Kampf"!

>> "demonisation of Hinduism taking place after the BJP received an overwhelming mandate from the people of India."

Liar! The demonization that is taking place is of Islam and Christianity, not of Hinduism, which actually is being glorified! And since when did 31% of vote become an "overwhelming mandate"?

Dallas, United States
Apr 19, 2015
02:38 AM

It must be like looking into a mirror!

Anwaar, Dallas
Apr 19, 2015
02:32 AM

> "Jihad is the duty of an Islamic government."

What a moron!

Anwaar, Dallas
Apr 19, 2015
02:10 AM

They are saying, she spanked Arnob. I say, she spanked Outlook India too,
I don't know much, but the way Outlook India has been baying for her blood, I have this feeling that she must be doing something really good.

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: Please interview Batra, I am not his spokesperson. Please ask relevant questions pertaining to my ministry. #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: My child's 7th std book said "Tilak is an extremist", "Bhagat Singh was a terrorist". Why didnt u ask Sibbal? #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: The broader pt is, a state govt is elected by the people and is well within its rights to prescribe books. Nothing HRD can do abt it

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: The question that needs to be asked is that why these books were in circulation when UPA was in charge? #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: Prescribing books is within the realm of rights of a state govt. Should RW govts have less rights than LW govts? #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti on Batra: He has no role in my ministry. U're suggesting that I step on state's autonomy based on ideology? #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: You're telling me,that if u're from RSS, u not only can't have a job, but also dont have the right to an opinion? #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti on ICHR: You want me to step on the autonomy of institutions. Autonomy is sacrosanct. I will do no such thing. #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: I dont ask any academician to discuss with me the topics of research they wish to do within their institution. #SmritiRoastsArnab

Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Smriti: You're telling me,that I need to punish a person, to deny him a job he is qualified for, just coz he is from RSS! #SmritiRoastsArnab
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Neha Srivastava @neha_aks
Sudarshan Rao was made National Professor by UPA! Why is a man deemed secular under Cong govt deemed communal under BJP? #SmritiRoastsArnab

Santosh Gairola, Hsinchu
Apr 19, 2015
02:07 AM

It is time for India to take him out.....

Non Fanatic, London
Apr 19, 2015
01:21 AM

In matters of muslims India should probably follow Islam.

What does Islam prescribe for minorities in Pakistan ?

In Pakistan, Hindus CANNOT VOTE as part of general populace but in a seperate electorate where only minorities voye ,so that Hindus don't influence and pollute the general seats.

Freeze muslim electorate % at muslim population after partition , at 8%.

We cannot fully  emulate Islam as in Pakistan where Hindus-Sikhs were exterminated from 22% to 1% today , while the exact oppposite happened in India were muslims swelled from 8% to 15% today.

Or can we emulate Islam in treatment of minorities. If we did it would SOLVE the muslim problem in India , just has Pakistan has SOLVED the Hindu problem in Pakistan.

Martand Sun Temple, India
Apr 19, 2015
12:46 AM

>>Ambedkar told Dalits: 'Move to the cities!' You see, Gandhi's vision did not acknowledge how difficult it is to succeed in a village setting.

Now, That is a slogan that Modi should adopt against Rahul Gandhi's obstructionist zammeen wapasi!
Modi has to create JOBS, more JOBS and more JOBS  for the youth of the country. Jobs will push divisions to the wayside.

Anyway, Whatever you say, Mahatma Gandhi was a great soul. Gandhi and Mandela could reach out to all people, even their worst enemies and that required magnanimity and generosity.

Priya Madhavan
Rochester, United States
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