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Dec 02, 2015
08:49 AM

Who this this man, Anna Hazare?

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Dec 02, 2015
08:45 AM

To insult to injury, tthis report calls the depraved, demented islamic slime muhammad salim as honorable member !! Despicable.

Martand Sun Temple, India
Dec 02, 2015
06:59 AM

He is right but unfortunately no Muslim is listening to him and still staying in India. Such a highly educated person is yelling, what else Muslims are waiting for? If Muslims still live in India after advice of such wise persons, people will say, "ye laat ke dewta hi hai" or "laato ke bhoot baato se nahi mante".

AgainstIntellectualLiars, Somewhere
Dec 02, 2015
06:46 AM
Dismantling Hinduism: Is Kumbh Mela next in line?


mohan, Adipur
Dec 02, 2015
06:42 AM

Low IQ first PM Jawahar, at the most suitable to be a high school teacher, was a mistake; silent doll Indira was a disaster; apolitical, inexperienced, naive, Bofors scandalist Rajiv was almost brainless; Sanjay was a Hitler; Pappu Rahul is almost stupid; and damaad is an intergalactic smuggler. There seem to be a genetic problem in this family. Even the servant Manmohan Ghonchu turned out to be a puddle. Dog is generally used for security, in India, a puddle was given NSG security. What an irony, a day comes for every dog? Pappu Rahul reminds me the character of Rosej Sarabhai of Soap-opera Sarabhai versus Sarabhai. If Patel had been the first PM of India, India would have been 4 USA in one; and Rahul Baba, Vadra would have been waiters in some restaurants, as Sonia used to be, the kind of incompetents they are. I can prophesize that this 44 old mongol (person having down-syndrome) child and his brother in law will one day commit suicide. Congress has moved from great Firoz to illiterate lafanga (rowdy) Robber Vadhera. This is what Priyanka said to Robber Thathera: Meri maiyaa Britain me pocha lagaati thi, teri maiyaa Germany me jhadu lagaati thi; aao pyaar kare.

AgainstIntellectualLiars, Somewhere
Dec 02, 2015
06:32 AM

Myth of death penalty.
So called barbarity of capital punishment is based on a wrong assumption that death penalty is barbaric and life imprisonment is civilized. This is mainly due to the inferiority complex, the disease some fake Indian intellectuals suffer from. Since some Western countries, who have high standard of living, have declared that capital punishment is barbaric and life imprisonment is civilized, the fake Indian intellectuals are bound to follow that hypothesis. The reason is that most of these people have low IQ of their own and low capability of critical thinking. They just follow the ongoing current of propaganda. This is also a fact that those who failed to write well in their other exams, become good writers in media. For such people, anything that comes from Western countries have to be civilized, and anything our own have to barbaric. In most of the countries where capital punishment is banned, it the life imprisonment which is barbaric, not the capital punishment. People in most of these countries live luxurious life, even when they are unemployed, due to lots of social benefits and freebies. If one can understand the standard of living in these countries, then one can easily understand how life imprisonment is barbaric for them and not the capital punishment. Most of the prisoners serving life imprisonment will opt for capital punishment if allowed. Many of them commit suicide, and many of them try to commit suicide, during their life imprisonment. Their abolishment of death penalty is not for the criminals who used to live in gutters. For such criminals, after the recent terrorists incidents, people have started to demand the bringing back of the capital punishment even in these countries. Death is natural, not the confinement, and that too solitary confinement and solitary confinement without parole, which these countries used to practice. The day the standard of living in India reaches their level, and the grave crime is committed by not the people used to live in physical or mental gutters, I will be first to change my mind and support ban on capital punishment in India because then life imprisonment will be more painful for such criminals. Those countries who keep on pouring concept of barbaric and civilized way of life down the throat of fake Indian intellectuals, they should be reminded that their mass slaughter of cows is barbaric. Human nature runs with psychology, not with science. More the blood you spill, more is the barbarity. Bigger the animal you kill, bigger is the barbarity. Otherwise there is no difference in eating beef and cannibalism. Weaker hearts get fainted with the amount of blood and size of dead-bodies, not necessarily with the number of deaths, such as death of small insects. India has extradition treaty with many such countries and agrees not to award capital punishment when a criminal is extradited. Why not India tells them, when a criminal is extradited to these countries, not to torture them under life-imprisonment and provide option to criminals to choose between life imprisonment and capital punishment; these countries will pee in their pants. Shashi Taroor aala darza ka murkh aadmi hai.

AgainstIntellectualLiars, Somewhere
Dec 02, 2015
04:06 AM

US is using the Paris False Flag attacks to fullest effect.

misogynist, chennai
Dec 02, 2015
04:05 AM

The known history of civilization is merely the visible part of the iceberg.

There is a shadow economy, shadow politics and also a shadow history, known to conspirologists.

There are unseen forces acting in the World, unstoppable for most powerful countries and even continents.


misogynist, chennai
Dec 02, 2015
04:03 AM


>>>> "You are trying to whitewash history and create a false narrative"

>> "he resorts to ad hominem attacks when he is unable to counter an argument."

What hypocrisy! Have you not been reading my posts in this thread?

>> " it is extremely easy to gloss over Nehru's adulation for Stalin and his brand of communism."

This is an RSS concocted lie. Nehru was a socialist. His heroes were Harold Lasky and George Bernard Shaw, not Stalin. Nehru is the father of democracy and liberalism in India, the exact opposite of what Stalin stood for.

>> "Anwaar demands an apology from Veer Savarkar and others for their staements made regarding Hitler. Has he ever demanded something similar from Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during the Second World War."

What a poor argument? The Grand Mufti went to Berlin just as Netaji went to Berlin to seek help in fighting British colonialism. Netanyahu tried to sully his name just as you are doing now, but he was censured by Jewish scholars and he had to withdraw his false accusation. But even if the Mufti was at fault, how does it excuse the fascination with Hitler and his racism exhibited by Savarkar and other Hindutvawadis? Our concern has to be our unworthy leaders. The Mufti is the concern of Palestinians. You are really getting desperate in your attempt to find excuses for Savarkar!

Anwaar, Dallas
Dec 02, 2015
03:59 AM

Indian schools must know about the existence of false flag attacks.

Modi took training in 'False Flag Attacks'?

misogynist, chennai
Dec 02, 2015
03:48 AM


>> " can you see the desperation with which our heritage is sought to be equated with other cultures."

Don't hide behind other cultures. Discuss India's problems in the context of what India stands for.

>> "India has always been and will always be a tolerant country" 

Tell that to the RSS/BJP rabble-rousers!

Anwaar, Dallas
Dec 02, 2015
03:42 AM

This guy and his mother run a mafia family enterprise called congress party. Together they ran the country to the ground. This joker is in no position to give any advice to anyone. 

Ravi Jain, Hyderabad
Dec 02, 2015
03:38 AM

Good speech!

Anwaar, Dallas
Dec 02, 2015
03:37 AM

The President more than makes up for the PM's cowardly reticence.

Anwaar, Dallas
Dec 02, 2015
03:34 AM

Thanks for saying what needed to be said, Rahul!

Anwaar, Dallas
Dec 02, 2015
03:33 AM

> "There is no direct connection between IS terrorism around the world and the Palestinian national struggle for statehood."

Thanks for saying that, Uri!


Dallas, United States
Dec 02, 2015
03:29 AM

This is basically a hit job gone wrong.

NJ, United States
Dec 02, 2015
03:12 AM

Only Rahul and Sonia are learning wrong lessons from Pakistan.
-Rahul is calling the entire Hindu population intolerant and they are ably aided by a biased media. Congress Party and their supporters have become intolerant of Modi and they do not respect the verdict of the people. Rahul’s people Mani Aiyar and Khurshid went to Pakistan and asked for help to take down the Prime Minister which is the worst form of sedition.
- His mother wants the current Prime Minister to give her inducements so that a bill can be passed in Parliament otherwise she intolerantly runs outside the parliament to protest and scream at the people inside the Parliament.
- Also, How is Aamir Khan a BJP issue? Aamir Khan's wife wanted to leave intolerant India for good and the actor himself said as much in the public sphere for the whole world to see; otherwise the biased media will lie again.

Priya Madhavan, Rochester
Dec 02, 2015
12:40 AM
Anna was reasonable. He didn't start bashing, abusing AAP and AK and give suggestions. Look at the video and over all he said it is the strongest Lokpal ever. He gave suggestions which AK has accepted. Ann agreed that AK is genuinely working to fight corruption. Anna also added that center Govt hasn't appointed a Lokpal in last 18 months, this shows Modi Govt is not serious in fight against corruption. . Prashant Bhushan was busing Raghav Chadha (AAP spokesperson) on TV debated and Shanti Bhushan declared AK as a Hitler's minister. Looks like both father son were prejudiced to vent out their frustrations. . Looking at actions of AAP Delhi Govt in last 8 months on EVERY pre-election promise, I can say that AK has clear intention to fight corruption. Delhites are already enjoying results of good governance and 1-2 clauses of a law which will take forever to pass by center doesn't make a difference. . But yes, few people got a chance to bash AAP and AK. :-)
himanshu, New Jersey
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