Order by Previous days letters
Aug 31, 2015
06:42 PM
"A notice in this respect has already been sent to the concerned authorities on behalf of the Citizens For Democracy (CFD). Kuldip Nayar Justice Rajindar Sachar (Retd.) N.D.Pancholi" Good to know these dinosaurs are still alive. BTW, does anyone know what happened to Admiral Ramdas? That nut was very active during the Vajpayee years. Is he still alive?
Akash Verma, Chennai
Aug 31, 2015
06:39 PM
I second Al Bundy's comments about the website. It is totally crappy. You keep typing something in the comment box and then the website either refreshes or it goes to some ads. You lose track of what you are doing. It was not this bad last year when I was active. I come back after 10 months and the website has deteriorated like Aakar Patel has deteriorated in the last year.
Akash Verma, Chennai
Aug 31, 2015
06:37 PM

D51/16  But having pledged to protect this nation, aren’t they also expected to be mindful of the financial health of the country?

The financial  health of the country will improve if more govt money is created and spent into the macroeconomy. Only govt created money becomes wealth. Govt crated money = FISCAL DEFICIT = BHAGYALAKSHMI .

Data at


Parthasarathy Shakkottai, Long Beach
Aug 31, 2015
06:32 PM
US has been blunting like this for the last 20 years I have been following politics.
Akash Verma, Chennai
Aug 31, 2015
06:24 PM

" Annual revision in pensions do not happen anywhere in the world, he said."

Social security is a pension in USA. It is adjusted every year for inflation.

Laitley lies.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai, Long Beach
Aug 31, 2015
06:09 PM

It seems that the R. S. S. doesn't have the ear of people like Adani, Advani, and other business and industrial leaders. Why don't they communicate directly with such people? The B. J. P. is in a fix, because what if the business establishment and the R. S. S. make it the communication medium between each other? Indian politics is underwhelming, because anyone can stand for election, and their election isn't assured. Does the R. S. S. really want to communicate to those people who don't want to listen? I don't mean the business representation, but anyone who doesn't want to listen. I don't know what the R. S. S. sees as the future of the nation, but is the B. J. P. implementing the vision? 

If the R. S. S. is powerful, then will the R. S. S. want to influence the nation in all spheres, and will it want to influence in the private sphere? This is an impossibility, as even when they lived mortally, Sri. Rama and Sri Krishna didn't want to be influencial in their kingdoms. 

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Aug 31, 2015
06:06 PM

4D 45   " Government is actually doing a big favour to the public by fattening the purses of its bloated bureaucracy "

Any money created and spent into the economy benefits the people. Like a dye spilled into a tank of water, it gets to all parts of the macroeconomy. Fairly quickly too as the graph shows in 


Parthasarathy Shakkottai, Long Beach
Aug 31, 2015
06:01 PM

Remember soon after 16th. May 2014, in the  euphoria and exhilaration of victory, Modi had urged babus to approach him directly, even bypassing his ministers?

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
06:00 PM

12/D-33 Rameshbhai, as they say, if that happens, 'Tumhare Muh Mai Sakkar'.  There are more than 40 crores BC/OBC in India.  Of that barely 1 per cent would try or be even qualify to take advantage of reservation, yet these BC/OBC constitute a massive voting block.  And because of that succesive government has no incentive to do anything about those 99 per cent of BC/OBC people. Until those 99 per cent of BC/OBC wise up and hold government accountable for their upliftment, no government is going to shake this apple cart.

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 31, 2015
05:56 PM


" Ramesh Ramachandra,

[[...who deserves to be killed.]]

Is that your personal opinion? "

No. I was only  extrapolating your thread at 16/D-38 - Anyone who criticizes Hindu traditions and practices is a "progressive"! - to its logical conclusion.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
05:37 PM

If Muslims in India cannot agree with Hindus that Aurangzeb was a brutal , cruel, thug ruler who persecuted and massacred Hindus , ordered destruction of numerous grand temples through royal dictats, made forced conversions a official policy that are recorded and can be seen in museums,  then there is nothing that Hindus and muslims can agree on.

Jinnah was right. It's Hindus fault if they do not expell such muslims because they are just enemies of Hindus waiting for right time to strike.

Martand Sun Temple, India
Aug 31, 2015
05:26 PM

Hardik seems purely playing double game .

He has said give Reservations to all otherwise none.He knows taht Patels don't fall under OBC criteria being rich rather filthy rich.

He brandishes Talwar -sword during speeches like Bhinderawale used to show off his gun.

Hardik is hot headed young man .Seems he is heading towards a brutal end like Bhinderawale.

I have spoken to few Political Event Mangers. They say Rs 10 crs to Rs 100 crs are needed to gather such a huge crowd and perform the shows like in Gujarat.

Who financed ? BJP ,Congress and Nitish-Lalu combine has that type of Money

BJP ? But then it would have done that in Gujarat.It harms Modi's image .And Hardik's antics are harmful to BJP's Bihar Election Prachar .

That leaves Congress and Lalu -Nitish combine who are the net gainers .They can say see the Gujarat Model.

That is why Hardik after first praising Nitish abruptly within 48 hrs said that Raj Thakre is his Role Model!

Things will be soon unraveled as BJP will not live it as that.

This is the new dimension introduced in Elections.

Soon Congres ,Lalu and Nitish though now smug will feel the consequences of such destructive tricks.

And must remember Bihar Elections are not the last Elections .

Others are soon due in which Congress too has large stakes.

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
05:15 PM

If we can think of one particular angle to this case . That  should be money angle. 

Who benefits from a murder should be the first question a police officer should answer for any murder even if it were a murder of a beggar in the street.

Second : what is the motive for the murder?

First there are only two persons who would be immensely benefited with Sheena's murder.

One is Indrani's second husband Sanjeev Khanna . If there were no Rahul ( son of Indrani's third husband but not her own son ) no  Sheena ( the one who was murdered  and Indrani's own daughter from her very first marriage ) and no Michael ( Indrani's own son from first marriage and brother of the murdered girl ) . 

Indrani's second husband Sanjeev Khanna and  the daughter born to them named Vidhie would be fully benefited because all the property of Peter mukherjea which is estimated to be anywhere between 600 to 700 crores would belong to her ( Vidhie) and Rahul only. 

Which means that Sanjeeva Khanna would be fully interested in killing Sheena because it will benefit his daughter Vidhie. Considering the age and situation of Vidhie , only Sanjeev Khanan could do a murder. 

What makes the case very peculiar is that Indrani as mother of Sheena should not be bothered so much if some property also belongs to her first daughter as well. After all put together there are only four children. As far as Indrani is concerned Sheena was her daughter just like Vidhie. Vidhie was adopted as daughter legally by her third husband Peter Mukherjea. So there should be no problem even if Sheena gets married to Rahul Mukherjea and thus becomes eligible to inherit property through Rahul. Sanjeev Khanna also has lots of properties and they all belong to Vidihie. So what was the problem for Indrani ? 

The problem was that Indrani never accepted Sheena as her daughter in public at least. She kept it as secret and told all the people in her "high class society" that she was her sister. That secret would be no more a secret after once she marries Rahul Mukherjea. It also means that Sheena would become powerful in the family. Indrani could not have digested this fact.

But does it mean she would think of murder ? After all crores worth of ill gotten wealth might as well be in the name of Indrani for sure. Why should she bother so much as to compel her to committ a murder of her own daughter whom she has brought from Gowhati and educated  her in Delhi bearing all expenditure as well as an embarrassment for herself so much that she had to introduce her as her sister !! If Indrani had no motherly instincts she should in the first place should not have brought her to Delhi or educated or kept her in her home. 

So there should be something else and what is it that compelled her to committ a murder?. A murder is generally commited when the murderer ( killer) thinks that there is no other alternative to killing the victim. Which means it must be Sanjeev Khanna who must have thought in that manner as that was the only option for him if he was bent upon doing anything so as to bring crores worth of property to his own daughter.


bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Aug 31, 2015
04:59 PM

Rape capital of the world-DELHI

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
04:55 PM

USA should make up its mind as to what wants from Pakistan ?

Two days back ::US to Provide Attack Helicopters to Pakistan: Report

Before that  USA said to Pak stop Terror factories or No USA AID .

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Aug 31, 2015
04:54 PM

MISOGYNST- It seems every one is suffering with COGNITIVE  DISSONANCE.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
04:50 PM

Annagaru -Ganwar of Ghanpur 24/D-58

Do you think, it is criticism, when some one wants an explanation for all these acts,, the idol gets menstural cycles( Chengannur temple of Kerala), idol likes liquor  (bhairavov temple of Ujjain), homosexuals celebrate their weddings in Arvana temple, uttering vulgar language during Bonals, using drugs during shiv ratri, hundreds of animals killed in kamakayya temple of Aasam, at one time even human sacrifice was done in this temple.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
04:34 PM

Akaar Patel the latest Historian seems has earned his Doctorate in History from Jamat-e- Dawa University near Lahore .

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
03:57 PM

''' OROP can’t become an unmanageable burden on the exchequer. For example, one of the demands of ex-servicemen is that pensions of all veterans after grant of OROP be increased on a yearly basis to ensure parity in pensions year by year. This may be unfeasible. Such a formula would impose burgeoning costs on government apart from being a logistical nightmare. Instead, government’s offer to equalise pensions every five years seems reasonable. Granted, armed forces personnel need to be given their due. But having pledged to protect this nation, aren’t they also expected to be mindful of the financial health of the country? Both ex-servicemen and government need to be flexible to find a middle path to resolve the OROP logjam.'' TOI EDITORIAL

For 53 years Faujis got nothing.They were knocking doors of various Congress Politicians and regularly humiliated and rebuffed .

Modi took upon himself to resolve the pending Faujis complaint.


Sheer ego of the two retired officers is not allowing lacs of Faujis to get the dues .

Now NON Officer Ranks have broken away from the Progressive Group which has mainly working for the benifit of the Officers only .

'''They say We were with the United Front but its demand will largely benefit officers who have ignored us and got a better deal for themselves," said coordinator Bir Bahadur Singh.''

Modi must be regretting thanks to Satbir Singh and Gandhi - his voluntary offer  to resolve the OROP demand seeing the unyielding attitude of the the Retired Officers.

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
03:56 PM

Fauji should put forth their argument by giving examples, such and such countries have this (or similar) system and their economy is not that much affected etc. etc.  It would not be prudent for fauji or for the country's economy to create a system not tried anywhere else. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 31, 2015
03:54 PM

The same Joint Director, CBI, I recall, investigated Rizwanur Rahman murder case at Calcutta. He was a computer graphic designer. Priyanka Todi, an industrialist's daughter fell in love with Rizwanur and married. All the industrialist's efforts to separate the two having failed he was killed. The political infleunce was exerted by the ruling Left Front headed by Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.

Prasun Mukherjee, Commissioner, Calcutta Police succumbed to political sadly pressures rought upon him by the LF bosses who  finished his career. 

CBI, after some  investigation, came to the colclusion that Rizwanur had committed suicide and his dead body was recovered near Patipukur Railway tracks at 10 am or so. This place is s  crowded place nonetheless there was no eye witness.  

Mamata Banerjee drove huge political mileage  out of it.

The same CBI Joint Director, if my memory serves me well, Asoke Kumar was entrusted investigate  Arushi murder case too.

The Talwar couples deserved fair trial and their daughter justice. Unfortunate, unfortunate..............



Adalit Speaks, NOIDA
Aug 31, 2015
02:36 PM

Ramesh Ramachandra,

[[...who deserves to be killed.]]

Is that your personal opinion?

Ganwaar, Ganwaarpur
Aug 31, 2015
02:23 PM






I am sorry for the above post as I love and have great Izzat for the Fauj ,

But unfortunately no other conclusion can made when Fauji say our way or no comprpmise.

By the way when Modi accepted OROP did he told what will be the formula ?

Now whatever Formula Govt gives retired Major Genral Satbir Singh and Group Captain Gandhi plainly reject .

Now way to negotiate .

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Aug 31, 2015
02:11 PM

"...Co-convenor of the Bajrang Dal's Bantwal cell, Bhuvith Shetty, triggered a controversy on Sunday by welcoming the assassination of scholar MM Kalburgi who was shot dead at his house in Dharwad...."

Why dont the police arrest this bas***d?

What a lawless country is this?

misogynist, chennai
Aug 31, 2015
02:07 PM

Government has one-week window to work on OROP plan

The United Front of Ex-Servicemen has been protesting at Jantar Mantar for the past several weeks and finance minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said the gap had narrowed down significantly and reiterated that the government was committed to OROP.

But a few metres away from where the United Front of Ex-Servicemen have stationed themselves, a new tent has been erected by a group of personnel below officer rank (PBOR), who are distancing themselves from the United Front.

The Voice of Ex-Servicemen, which claims to be representing the ranks, launched a parallel agitation on August 23 and has submitted a memorandum to the government, which is yet to call it for consultation. It is seeking a restoration of the pre-1973 dispensation and has demanded 75% of the last pay as pension for PBOR. Further, it alleges that family pension for widows of jawans is meagre and so is the military service pay to compensate for difficulties during field posting.

"We were with the United Front but its demand will largely benefit officers who have ignored us and got a better deal for themselves," said coordinator Bir Bahadur Singh.

With Bihar elections due to be announced in around a week, the military veterans and the government have a narrow window to reach a deal on one rank, one pension. A package on its rollout may be tough to announce once the code of conduct comes into effect for the crucial contes '

Faujis  below the Officer Ranks say that they are being ignored by the  Officers and who are fighting for their benifits only !!

ashok kumar ghai, Mumbai
Aug 31, 2015
02:06 PM

"...he said he only assisted Indrani as she had promised to help him financially..."

As another male, I hang my head in shame that a man could assist in killing his own daughter for money from a bossy woman.

This is worse than Maun Maun being pu**y whipped by Sonia Gandhi.

misogynist, chennai
Aug 31, 2015
01:17 PM

""Then it was UR Ananthamurthy and now MM Kalburgi. Mock Hinduism and die dogs (sic.) death. And dear KS Bhagwan you are next," Shetty tweeted"

What a sickening threat! 


misogynist, chennai
Aug 31, 2015
01:07 PM

Co-convenor of the Bajrang Dal's Bantwal cell, Bhuvith Shetty, triggered a controversy on Sunday by welcoming the assassination of scholar MM Kalburgi who was shot dead at his house in Dharwad.

"Then it was UR Ananthamurthy and now MM Kalburgi. Mock Hinduism and die dogs (sic.) death. And dear KS Bhagwan you are next," Shetty tweeted.


Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 31, 2015
01:04 PM

Find middle way: Veterans and government need to abandon rigid positions on One Rank One Pension

he impasse over the One Rank One Pension (OROP) demand of retired armed forces servicemen continues. Unhappy with government’s progress on the issue, veterans recently boycotted the launch of the golden jubilee celebrations of India’s triumphs in the 1965 war with Pakistan. Several rounds of talks have already taken place between ex-servicemen and government representatives. But disagreements over the final shape and form of OROP remain. What has exacerbated the issue is that successive governments promised to actualise OROP but failed. As a result, despite PM Narendra Modi pledging to implement OROP in his Independence Day speech, veterans are unwilling to take such assurances on face value.
There’s no denying that the armed forces have a special place in the national framework. Their sacrifices towards protecting this country from a multitude of threats are to be honoured and respected. It’s also true most soldiers have shorter career spans as compared to bureaucrats or paramilitary forces. Keeping these points in mind, the demand for pension parity for retired soldiers of the same rank and same length of service is reasonable.

Having said that, OROP can’t become an unmanageable burden on the exchequer. For example, one of the demands of ex-servicemen is that pensions of all veterans after grant of OROP be increased on a yearly basis to ensure parity in pensions year by year. This may be unfeasible. Such a formula would impose burgeoning costs on government apart from being a logistical nightmare. Instead, government’s offer to equalise pensions every five years seems reasonable. Granted, armed forces personnel need to be given their due. But having pledged to protect this nation, aren’t they also expected to be mindful of the financial health of the country? Both ex-servicemen and government need to be flexible to find a middle path to resolve the OROP logjam.''

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
12:57 PM

Yes, as Dilip Bobb says "In India, we live in an age of untrammeled aspiration." and this is leading most of the social ills. Thanks Mr Bobb for the article.

Hyderabad, India
Aug 31, 2015
12:54 PM

Like cases of Panesar and Dhabolkar, this case may also go in the files of un-solved cases. Police get swayed by the sickulars and media and they start chsing the ghost of Hindutva insteated of looking for real killers. 

mohan, Adipur
Aug 31, 2015
12:52 PM

When I was CM, I had banned Muthlik from entering Goa and the ban has now been extended. Still, some people are blaming BJP for what he is saying in Karnataka. There is a Congress government in Karnataka. If they find Muthalik unfit to enter Goa, than why is Congress not imposing a ban on him in Karnataka? He is sitting in Karnataka and making those comments - Manohar Parrikar.

mohan, Adipur
Aug 31, 2015
12:50 PM

please pass on some burnol to them?''

Kiran ji

Not Burnol but Hadensa cream for Piles they need.

ashok kumar ghai
Mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
12:48 PM

>> Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Parsare, and now MM Kalburgi

Was leaving out Sanal's name deliberate?

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Aug 31, 2015
12:35 PM

3/D-54: Parthasarathy

That is the pacifier which the Central Government  shoves into the aam aadmi's mouth every time there is a pay hike for its hordes of employees. Government is actually doing a big favour to the public by fattening the purses of its bloated bureaucracy (and, on pain of being accused of blasphemy, its armed forces).

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
11:48 AM

This is what Nitish Kumar had said in 2012.

No electricity, no vote, says Nitish Kumar

n a piece of good news for the millions of power-starved in Bihar, chief minister Nitish Kumar Wednesday announced that he will not ask for votes in the 2015 assembly elections if his government fails to provide electricity to the villages.

"I will not ask people to vote for us in the next state assembly polls if we fail to provide electricity to each village in Bihar by 2015," Kumar said at an official function to mark Independence Day in Patna.

Kumar said electricity has become the main focus of his Janata Dal-United -led government. "We have been working seriously on the electricity front to provide it to all in next few years," he said.

Kumar said the state government had already demanded its share in an upcoming thermal power plant of the National Thermal Power Corporation in Barh in Patna district. Besides, his government has cleared other power projects in the private sector in the state, he said.

By promising electricity to all in Bihar, Kumar has sent a message of hope to the people, majority of whom are still living in the lantern age due to shortage of power in the state.

While Bihar's daily power requirement is between 2,500 and 3,000 MW, the state produces merely 100 MW, said a BSEB official, who did not want to be named.

The central government supplies 1,100-1,200 MW power to the state. Bihar is facing a deficit of over 1,200 MW, they said.


mohan, Adipur
Aug 31, 2015
11:30 AM

For you, Saroja bi (From Twitter):

Number of roads named after Muslims might decrease, but thank god, number of Muslims on roads is increasing.

Earlier RSS workers were killed daily in Kerala, now intellectuals are killed annually in India. Move from democracy to fascism is clear.

Only demography change we protest against and worry about is in Palestine by Israel. Hindus should accept demography change as destiny.

First they destroyed masjid of Babur, the first Mughal, now they destroy road of Aurangzeb, the last (real) Mughal. Shameful Saffronization.

To strengthen Hindu-Christian relations, we must show British Raj as tolerant. Remove chapters like Jalianwala Bagh.

Journalism should not be about facts. That's stupid people at OpIndia do. It should be about opinions only.

Kiran Bagachi
mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
11:18 AM

Miyan Anwaar and Pasha, and Saroja bi are squealing like stuck pigs!! 

Although i am enjoying the spectacle, could someone please pass on some burnol to them?

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
Aug 31, 2015
11:06 AM

Aakaar Patel Mia, Anwaar Mia and their secular friends are the torch-bearers of the barbaric kooraanic ideology and pisslaamic invaders. They have no shame opely brandishing their mutilated organs and defacating on the sentiments of benign majority Sanatan Dharma.  They are most welcome to move to their beloved brothers in Pakistan.  In India, they deserve to be treated like how Shivaji Maharaj treated Afjal-khan.

Sydney, Australia
Aug 31, 2015
11:04 AM

"Explain it to yourself. And be ashamed of yourself!"

Let's allow miyan to mourn in peace and lick his wounds today!!

The road named after his hero was recently renamed after a true hero! 

No amount of "history" written by the leftist, sikular, and self-appointed historians is going to help him today! 

Kiran Bagachi, mumbai
Aug 31, 2015
11:03 AM

....who deserves to be killed.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
10:27 AM

Anyone who criticizes Hindu traditions and practices is a "progressive"!

Ganwaar, Ganwaarpur
Aug 31, 2015
10:23 AM

“Aakar Patel sets an example for sanghi pseudo-historians of how history should be written.”


Bekaar Patel can set as many “examples” as he (or you) wants, but the road has been renamed!

And barring few sikulars, most have welcomed the move.

So bite it!!

Kiran Bagachi
mumbai, India
Aug 31, 2015
09:29 AM

>> With these developments we are witnessing the beginning of the end of reservation

Not going to happen. Too much politics invested in it. While parties may agree to add specific groups, no one has the guts to cancel it. Even excluding developed communities, or imposing generational limits will be tough.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Aug 31, 2015
09:29 AM

Narendra Dabholkar, Govind Parsare, and now MM Kalburgi.

There is a clear pattern here of Hindu rationalists criticising Hindu practices being liquidated.

But there should be no rush to judgment until the contours of this pattern are fleshed out.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
08:59 AM

24/10   >>>>Ahmad Pasha

There was no slavery in India. Brahmins had no political power. They were intellectuals and keepers of civilization. They were doing science, mathematics and commentary on texts. They were teachers and thet taught strategy and use of weapons to Kshatriyas. Generally they were poor and shunned material possessions. There was apparently only one BRAHMIN king in India, of the Shunga dynasty and one more in the epic Ramayana, the BRAHMIN king being Ravana of ill repute. Most stories start with "There was once a poor brahmin in Kashi..."

Kautilya wrote a text on economy, still relevant today . I often quote him.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Aug 31, 2015
08:54 AM

With these developments we are witnessing the beginning of the end of reservation. It is imploding under the weight of its own perversions.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
08:50 AM

12/D-30:Ahmed Pasha

Dreaming of a global caliphate?

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
08:35 AM

Muslims, Brahmins, South Indians, et al, emerge one by one as targets of hate as the discourse in this forum "progresses." Switch to any topic in this magazine, and it's the same story.

We will never climb out of this self destructive grave that we are digging ourselves deeper and deeper into.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
08:35 AM

Nayak---------------It is not only in India, but all over the world Islamization is taking place. Even in your place Washington (DC or Seatle), you can witness the attendance in Chruches,Temples and Mosques and compare.

Islam has been maimed so much by the media, that the readers do not trust the media any more. They are seeking the truth themselves and are accepting islam.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
07:14 AM

A poor Pakistani fisherman quoted in Tribune Pakistan.  The brutalities that islam inflicted on Hindus , continue in Pakistan , on a few not yet killed 

"“Saeen where is this Pakistan this song speaks of? Here, I don’t have the money to send my children to school or even shop for Eid. That aside, women are continuously killed in the name of honour, children are raped and such brutalities are recorded then sold. People are murdered because they belong to different sects or religions, be it Shias, Ahmadis, Christians etcetera. There’s no tolerance in this society. Hindus can’t even build their temples on this land, plus their girls are kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam. Then there’s our culture, which is constantly threatened by religious fanatics. When human beings are treated this way, then to no surprise, there is no such thing as animal rights either. Animals are killed, be it for pleasure or business, even I kill fish for survival. So the song you’re playing isn’t practical, it’s very far from reality. Perhaps Pakistan looks good only on Pakistani TV.”

Martand Sun Temple, India
Aug 31, 2015
07:06 AM
Sri. Patel has writes an excellent piece of hagiography cherry-picking the better parts of Aurangzeb's life, and burying his brutality in one liners. Destroyed some temple. etc. Care to mention the temples destroyed/taken over by Aurangzeb?  The holiest of holy places - Kashi Viswanath temple and Mathura Sri Krishna temple? What about Jizya?

Very surprising is Sri. Patel's treatment of Akbar and other descendants. Goes very much against the secular dogma of the newly independent India. Will the JNU types own up?

The key take away for any fanatic minority elements in India would be: you are not descendants of "Arabs". Remember the "asian" features of Akbar. Take it all the way to Chengis khan. And the inter-marriage with Rajputs and local muslims. And forced conversions. Sons of the soil.

Trishanku Nagar, Others
Aug 31, 2015
07:04 AM

Result of the recent development of islamization of Hinduism.  Time all the rational and right thinking people woke up.

T. Nayak, Washington
Aug 31, 2015
06:55 AM

This idea was known to Kautilya, if not the exact balance. Also to Darius of Persia during Ashoakan times. Yet India has forgotten it totally.

Stupid country! We have forgotten the meaning of BHAGYALAKSHMI.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Aug 31, 2015
06:50 AM

Nitish, Lalu and Sonia can get together only for Modi bashing. They can never join forces for anything constructive or meaningful.

Ramesh Ramachandra, Bangalore
Aug 31, 2015
06:43 AM

Parthasarthy---------- Muslims did not enslaved the local population in India.But, Brhamans enslaved the local population of India in perpetual social  and spiritual slavery.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
05:45 AM

No upper caste person or upper caste society is known to put gun at the heads of Dalits to do anything.  Dalits who had some skills or education, never did what most Dalits did.  Dalits had choice, do the work they had been doing or starve.  Did Amedkar clean anybody's toilets, especially after he got educated?  Now granted upper caste people insulted Dalits which is unpadonable, but don't forget upper caste categorized 'donation' to Dalits as very high (as far as 'awarding Punya to donors is concerned), close second after donation to Brahmin and under certain circumstances donation to Dalits exceeded (in 'awarding' Punya) donation to Brahmins such as the time of eclips.  I agree with David that if and when upper caste persons become skill-less, uneducated, they should clean toilets too in order to put bread of their dish.  Human nature is in play, when the news came out that Vinod Kamli and his wife (successful Dalits) abused their maid. 

P.B. Joshipura, Suffolk, Virginia
Aug 31, 2015
05:31 AM

In the land of JoBoleSoNihaal, the AAP practices Jo bole, use nikaal.


Whats InAName, San Francisco
Aug 31, 2015
05:11 AM

>> Kalburgi had made derogatory comments against idol worship

It is perfectly okay to criticize Kalburgi's comments. Not at this time though. That would be seen as some kind of justification for the crime that his murder clearly is. No matter our opinions or disgust at his comments, he had a right them, and no one has the right to target him physically (that too in the most extreme possible way) for them. Doing so is not very different from the whiny sickos doing randi rona over Charlie Hebdo; it was bad, but they shouldn't have attacked Islam this way.

That does not mean though, that the sickulars are allowed a field day blaming "Sanghis" for it, sans any evidence. If they can produce some concrete evidence, they have a right to blame "us". Else it's perfectly fair to stick a few choice ones up their ass.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Aug 31, 2015
04:41 AM

Anwaar and Ahmed Patel, are prime examples of viciousness to the core of muslims and Islam , who deny the very well documented and irrefutably cruel, anti-Hindu, genocidal nature of Aurangzeb's rule.

No difference between those bigots and the new-nazis who deny holocaust.  Only difference is , denying holocaust is a penal crime in many western countries while Indian muslims can continue to lie, fabricate and deny the vicious Aurangzeb rule.

Martand Sun Temple, India
Aug 31, 2015
04:18 AM

>>>>>ahmad pasha    Upper class no terror. They were too busy protecting civilization, preserve literature and mathematics. You just believe in your own make-believe like the creator of his idealogy. Show some evidence.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Aug 31, 2015
04:04 AM

These you tubes talk about the beaten dog syndrome Hindus share with the West during their suffering Jihad for 1400 years. People who have been abused do not want to remember the painful memories and get the Stockhome syndrome siding with the hostage taker.

Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret - Political Islam


Dec 9, 2012 - There are two critical questions for our age: What is the true nature of Islam? Why are we afraid to know about it? My books have  answered the ...

Why We are Afraid - Political Islamwww.politicalislam.com/product/afraid/

Why We Are Afraid is a lecture by Dr. Bill Warner with an accompanying PowerPoint Presentation. Its synopsis includes 1400 year history and the growth of ...

[Watch] Dr. Bill Warner DESTROYS The "Golden Age Of Islam" In ...


Mar 8, 2015 - Last month, the conservative blogging world was introduced to Dr. Bill Warner with his five minute video on the history of Islam vs. Christianity.


Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Aug 31, 2015
03:54 AM

>> Aakar Patel sets an example for sanghi pseudo-historians of how history should be written

An asstute comment.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Aug 31, 2015
02:57 AM

Time has come to lawfully demolish all the structures constructed by Mughals (distorted form of the word Mongols whom Britishers declared a mentally sick community and used the word Mongol for Down Syndrome) and other Mohammedan invaders by looted money from Hindus, and rebuild temples over them. Let's be extremely proud of Babri Mosque demolition. We need thousand times more strong movements than Babri Mosque demolition movement to bring back India's past glory and truly liberate India from Barbaric invaders.

Somewhere, India
Aug 31, 2015
02:25 AM

India should learn lessons from the following, if no lessons have been learnt after loosing Sindh, Half Punjab and half Bengal to jehadis. How barbaric this cult is, learn it from the following. What ISIS is doing today, mohammad and his henchmen were doing in 7th century. After the Muslim conquest of Persia, Zoroastrians were given dhimmi status and subjected to persecutions; discrimination and harassment began in the form of sparse violence. Zoroastrians were made to pay an extra tax called Jizya, failing which they were either killed, enslaved or imprisoned. Those paying Jizya were subjected to insults and humiliation by the tax collectors. Zoroastrians who were captured as slaves in wars were given their freedom if they converted to Islam. Zoroastrian places of worship were desecrated, shrines were destroyed and mosques built in their place. Many fire temples, with their four axial arch openings, were usually turned into mosques simply by setting a mihrab (prayer niche) on the place of the arch nearest to qibla (the direction of Mecca). Zoroastrian temples converted into mosques in such a manner could be found in Bukhara, as well as in and near Istakhr and other Persian cities. Urban cities where Arab governors made their quarters were most vulnerable to such religious persecution, great fire temples were turned into mosques, and the citizens were forced to conform or flee.Many libraries were burnt and much cultural heritage was lost. Gradually there were increased number of laws regulating Zoroastrian behavior, limiting their ability to participate in society, and make life difficult for the Zoroastrians in the hope that they would convert to Islam. Any political, military, or economic resistance by Zoroastrians was unfeasible or violently suppressed by the government. Over time, persecution of Zoroastrians became more common and widespread, and the number of believers decreased significantly. Many converted, some superficially, to escape the systematic abuse and discrimination by the law of the land.

AgainstIntellectualLiars, Somewhere
Aug 31, 2015
02:20 AM

"But what of the conquest of India by Muslims", asks Belgian scholar Koenraad Elst?
In other parts of Asia and Europe, the conquered nations quickly opted for conversion to Islam rather than death. But in India, because of the staunch resistance of the 4000 year old Hindu faith, the Muslim conquests were for the Hindus a pure struggle between life and death. Entire cities were burnt down and their populations massacred. Each successive campaign brought hundreds of thousands of victims and similar numbers were deported as slaves. Every new invader made often literally his hill of Hindu skulls. Thus the conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000, was followed by the annihilation of the entire Hindu population there; indeed, the region is still called Hindu Kush, 'Hindu slaughter'. The Bahmani sultans in central India, made it a rule to kill 100.000 Hindus a year. In 1399, Teimur killed 100.000 Hindus IN A SINGLE DAY, and many more on other occasions. Koenraad Elst quotes Professor K.S. Lal's "Growth of Muslim population in India", who writes that according to his calculations, the Hindu population decreased by 8O MILLION between the year 1000 and 1525. INDEED PROBABLY THE BIGGEST HOLOCAUST IN THE WHOLE WORLD HISTORY. (Negat.34)

But the "pagans" were far too numerous to kill them all; and Hinduism too well entrenched in her people's soul, never really gave up, but quietly retreated in the hearts of the pious and was preserved by the Brahmins' amazing oral powers. Thus, realising that they would never be able to annihilate the entire Indian population and that they could not convert all the people, the Muslims rulers, particularly under the Hanifite law, allowed the pagans to become "zimmis" (protected ones) under 20 humiliating conditions, with the heavy "jizya", the toleration tax, collected from them.

"It is because of Hanifite law, writes Mr Elst, that many Muslim rulers in India considered themselves exempted from the duty to continue the genocide of Hindus". The last "jihad" against the Hindus was waged by the much glorified Tipu Sultan, at the end of the 18th century. Thereafter, particularly following the crushing of the 1857 rebellion by the British, Indian Muslims fell into a state of depression and increasing backwardness, due to their mollah's refusal of British education (whereas the elite Hindus gradually went for it) and their nostalgia for the "glorious past"'. It is only much later, when the British started drawing them into the political mainstream, so as to divide India, that they started regaining some predominance.

Negationism means that this whole aspect of Indian history has been totally erased, not only from history books, but also from the memory, from the consciousness of Indian people. Whereas the Jews have constantly tried, since the Nazi genocide, to keep alive the remembrance of their six million martyrs, the Indian leadership, political and intellectual, has made a wilful and conscious attempt to deny the genocide perpetrated by the Muslims. No one is crying for vengeance. Do the Jews of today want to retaliate upon contemporary Germany? NO. It is only a matter of making sure that history does not repeat its mistakes, as alas it is able to do today: witness the persecution of Hindus in Kashmir, whose 250.000 Pandits have fled their 5000 year old homeland; or the 50.000 Hindus chased from Afghanistan; or the oppression of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan. And most of all, to remember, is to BE ABLE TO LOOK AT TODAY WITH THE WISDOM OF YESTERDAY. No collective memory should be erased for appeasing a particular community.

Yet, what has happened in India, at the hand of Hindus themselves, is a constant denial and even a perversion of the genocide committed by Muslims in India. Hasn't the "radical humanist" M.N. Roy, written "that Islam has fulfilled a historic mission of equality and abolition of discrimination in India, and that for this, Islam has been welcomed in India by the lower castes". "If AT ALL any violence occurred, he goes on to say, it was a matter of justified class struggle by the progressive forces against the reactionary forces, meaning the feudal Hindu upper classes.."

Want to listen to another such quote? This one deals with Mahmud Ghaznavi, the destroyer of thousands of Hindu temples, who according to his chronicler Utbi, sang the praise of the Mathura temple complex, sacred above all to all Hindus... and promptly proceeded to raze it to the ground: "Building interested Mahmud and he was much impressed by the city of Mathura, where there are today a thousand edifices as firm as the faith of the faithful. Mahmud was not a religious man. He was a Mahomedan, but that was just by the way. He was in the first place a soldier and a brilliant soldier"... Amazing eulogy indeed of the man who was proud of desecrating hundreds of temples and made it a duty to terrorise and humiliate pagans. And guess from whom is that quote? From Jawaharlal Nehru himself, the first Prime Minister of India and one of the architects of independence!

M.N. Roy, and Nehru in a lesser degree, represent the foremost current of negationism in India, which is Marxist inspired. For strangely, it was the Russian communists who decided to cultivate the Arabs after the First World War, in the hope that they constituted a fertile ground for future indoctrination. One should also never forget that Communism has affected whole generations of ardent youth, who saw in Marxism a new ideology in a world corrupted by capitalism and class exploitation. Nothing wrong in that; but as far as indoctrination goes, the youth of the West, particularly of the early sixties and seventies, were all groomed in sympathising with the good Arabs and the bad Jews. And similarly in India, two or three young generations since the early twenties, were tutored on negating Muslim genocide on the Hindus. In "Communalism and the writing of Indian history", Romila Thapar, Harbans Mukhia and Bipan Chandra, professors at the JNU in New Delhi, the Mecca of secularism and negationism in India, denied the Muslim genocide by replacing it instead with a conflict of classes. The redoubtable Romila Thapar in her "Penguin History of India", co-authored with Percival Spear, writes: "Aurangzeb's supposed intolerance, is little more than a hostile legend based on isolated acts such as the erection of a mosque on a temple site in Benares". How can one be so dishonest, or so blind? But it shows how negationism is perpetuated in India.

What are the facts? Aurangzeb (1658-1707) did not just build an isolated mosque on a destroyed temple, he ordered ALL temples destroyed, among them the Kashi Vishvanath, one of the most sacred places of Hinduism and had mosques built on a number of cleared temples sites. All other Hindu sacred places within his reach equally suffered destruction, with mosques built on them. A few examples: Krishna's birth temple in Mathura, the rebuilt Somnath temple on the coast of Gujurat, the Vishnu temple replaced with the Alamgir mosque now overlooking Benares and the Treta-ka-Thakur temple in Ayodhya. (Neg 60). The number of temples destroyed by Aurangzeb is counted in 4, if not 5 figures; according to his own official court chronicles: "Aurangzeb ordered all provincial governors to destroy all schools and temples of the Pagans and to make a complete end to all pagan teachings and practices". The chronicle sums up the destructions like this: "Hasan Ali Khan came and said that 172 temples in the area had been destroyed.

.. His majesty went to Chittor and 63 temples were destroyed..Abu Tarab, appointed to destroy the idol-temples of Amber, reported that 66 temples had been razed to the ground".. Aurangzeb did not stop at destroying temples, their users were also wiped-out; even his own brother, Dara Shikoh, was executed for taking an interest in Hindu religion and the Sikh Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded because he objected to Aurangzeb's forced conversions. As we can see Romila Thapar and Percival Spear's statement of a benevolent Aurangzeb is a flagrant attempt at negationism. Even the respectable Encyclopedia Brittannica in its entry on India, does not mention in its chapter on the Sultanate period any persecutions of Hindus by Muslims, except "that Firuz Shah Tughlaq made largely unsuccessful attempts at converting his Hindu subjects and sometime persecuted them". The British, for their own selfish purpose, were of course greatly responsible for whitewashing the Muslims, whom they needed to counterbalance the influence of the Hindus and the Congress. It is sad that Jawaharlal Nehru and the Congress perpetuated that brand of negationism. But that is another story.

The happiest in this matter must be the Muslims themselves. What fools these Hindus are, they must be telling themselves: We killed them by the millions, we wrested a whole nation out of them, we engineer riots against them, and they still defend us!... But don't the Hindus know that many orthodox Indian Muslims still cling to the Deoband school, which says that India was once "Dar-ul-Islam", the house of Islam, and should return to that status. Maulana Abul Kala Azad, several times Congress President, and Education Minister in free India, was a spokesman for this school. The Aligarh school on the contrary, led by Mohammed Iqbal, propounded the creation of Pakistan. What particularly interests us in the Aligarh school is the attempt by Muslim historians, such as Mohamed Habiib, to rewrite the Chapter of Muslim invasions in India. In 1920, Habib started writing his magnum opus, which he based on four theories: 1) that the records (written by the Muslims themselves) of slaughters of Hindus, the enslaving of their women and children and razing of temples were "mere exaggerations by court poets and zealous chroniclers to please their rulers". 2) That they were indeed atrocities, but mainly committed by Turks, the savage riders from the Steppe. 3) That the destruction of the temples took place because Hindus stored their gold and jewels inside them and therefore Muslim armies plundered these. 4) That the conversion of millions of Hindus to Islam was not forced, "but what happened was there was a shift of opinion in the population, who on its own free will chose the Shariat against the Hindu law (smriti), as they were all oppressed by the bad Brahmins"...!!! (Negationism p.42)

Unfortunately for Habib and his school, the Muslims invaders did record with glee their genocide on Hindus, because they felt all along that they were doing their duty; that killing, plundering, enslaving and razing temples was the work of God, Mohammed. Indeed, whether it was Mahmud of Ghazni (997-1030), who was no barbarian, although a Turk, and patronised art and literature, would recite a verse of the Koran every night after having razed temples and killed his quota of unbelievers; or Firuz Shah Tughlak (1351-1388) who personally confirms that the destruction of Pagan temples was done out of piety and writes: "on the day of a Hindu festival, I went there myself, ordered the executions of all the leaders AND PRACTITIONERS of his abomination; I destroyed their idols temples and built mosques in their places". Finally, as Elst points out, "Muslim fanatics were merely faithful executors of Quranic injunctions. It is not the Muslims who are guilty but Islam". (Negationism in India, p. 44)

But ultimately, it is a miracle that Hinduism survived the onslaught of Muslim savagery; it shows how deep was her faith, how profound her karma, how deeply ingrained her soul in the hearts of her faithfuls. We do not want to point a finger at Muslim atrocities, yet they should not be denied and their mistakes should not be repeated today. But the real question is: Can Islam ever accept Hinduism? We shall turn towards the Sage, the yogi, who fought for India's independence, accepting the Gita's message of karma of violence when necessary, yet had a broad vision that softened his words: "You can live with a religion whose principle is toleration. But how is it possible to live peacefully with a religion whose principle is "I will not tolerate you? How are you going to have unity with these people?...The Hindu is ready to tolerate; he is open to new ideas and his culture and has got a wonderful capacity for assimilation, but always provided India's central truth is recognised.. (Sri Aurobindo India's Rebirth 161,173) Or behold this, written on September 1909: "Every action for instance which may be objectionable to a number of Mahomedans, is now liable to be forbidden because it is likely to lead to a breach of peace. And one is dimly beginning to wonder whether worship in Hindu temples may be forbidden on that valid ground (India's Rebirth p. 55). How prophetic! Sri Aurobindo could not have foreseen that so many Muslim countries would ban Rushdie's book and that Hindu processions would often be forbidden in cities, for fear of offending the Muslims. Sri Aurobindo felt that sooner or later Hindus would have to assert again the greatness of Hinduism.

And here we must say a word about monotheism, for it is the key to the understanding of Islam. Christians and Muslims have always harped on the fact that their religions sprang-up as a reaction against the pagan polytheist creeds, which adored many Gods. " There is only one real God they said (ours), all the rest are just worthless idols ". This " monotheism versus polytheism business " has fuelled since then the deep, fanatic, violent and murderous zeal of Islam against polytheist religions, particularly against Hinduism, which is the most comprehensive, most widely practiced of all them. It even cemented an alliance of sorts between the two great monotheist religions of the world, Christianity and Islam, witness the Britishers' attitude in India, who favoured Indian Muslims and Sikhs against the Hindus; or the King of Morocco who, even though he is one of the most moderate Muslim leaders in the world, recently said in an interview: " we have no fight with Christianity, our battle is against the Infidel who adores many gods ".

But the truth is that Hinduism is without any doubt the most monotheist religion in the World, for it recognises divine unity in multiplicity. It does not say: " there is only one God, which is Mohammed. If you do not believe in Him I will kill you ". It says instead: " Yes Mohammed is a manifestation of God, but so is Christ, or Buddha, or Krishna, or Confucius ". This philosophy, this way of seeing, which the Christians and Muslims call " impious ", is actually the foundation for a true monotheist understanding of the world. It is because of this " If you do not recognize Allah (or Christ), I will kill you ", that tens of millions of Hindus were slaughtered by Arabs and other millions of South Americans annihilated by the Christians. And ultimately the question is: Are the Muslims of today ready to accept Hinduism ? Unfortunately no. For Muslims all over the world, Hinduism is still the Infidel religion " par excellence ". This what their religion tell them, at every moment, at every verse, at the beginning of each prayer : " Only Allah is great ". And their mollahs still enjoin them to go on fight " jihad " to deliver the world of the infidels. And if the armies of Babar are not there any longer; and if it is not done any more to kill a 100.000 Hindus in a day, there is still the possibility of planting a few bombs in Bombay, of fuelling separatisms in the hated land and eventually to drop a nuclear device, which will settle the problem once and for all. As to the Indian Muslim, he might relate to his Hindu brother, for whatever he says, he remains an Indian, nay a Indu; but his religion will make sure that he does not forget that his duty is to hate the Infidel. This is the crux of the problem today and the riddle if Islam has to solved, if it wants to survive in the long run.

We will never be able to assess the immense physical harm done to India by the Muslim invasions. Even more difficult is to estimate the moral and the spiritual damage done to Hindu India. But once again, the question is not of vengeance, or of reawakening old ghosts, but of not repeating the same mistakes. Unfortunately, the harm done by the Muslims conquest is not over. The seeds planted by the Moghols, by Babar, Mahmud, or Aurangzeb, have matured: the 125 million Indian Muslims of today have forgotten that they were once peaceful, loving Hindus, forcibly converted to a religion they hated. And they sometimes take-up as theirs a cry of fanaticism which is totally alien to their culture. Indeed, as Sri Aurobindo once said: "More than 90% of the Indian Muslims are descendants of converted Hindus and belong as much to the Indian nation as the Hindu themselves"...(Rebirth of India, p.237) The embryo of secession planted by the Mahomedans, has also matured into a poisonous tree which has been called Pakistan and comes back to haunt India through three wars and the shadow of a nuclear conflict embracing South Asia. And in India, Kashmir and Ayodhya are reminders that the Moghol cry for the house of Islam in India is not yet over, as Kargil has just shown.

Somewhere, India
Aug 31, 2015
01:44 AM

Aurangazeb was a Mughal Emperor, and ruled Delhi. But this is a fact that the hindu taliban wants the nation to forget. 

Under this dispensation, how could the Taj Mahal be safe?

chennai, India
Aug 31, 2015
01:38 AM

Shiv Sena promises incentives for a family with five children and VHP wants to restrict it to just two. 

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
01:35 AM

She should say, 'Donot let them be born. The moment you get pregnant, have fetal sex testing and if it s daughter , get it aborted'  That is the best solution.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
01:31 AM

The tales of atrocities committed by Muslims may be facts mixed with fiction.But, Brahamanical and upper class hindu intolerance and terror is a fact.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
01:27 AM

Togadia is crying wolf but a two-child norm is reasonable. Enforcing it by law however is problematic in a democracy.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 31, 2015
01:25 AM

Do not blame the MUSLIMS.

ahmad pasha, long island
Aug 31, 2015
01:22 AM

Hardik is using various devious means to hide his true purpose, namely the abolition of all reservations. RSS will probably play a double game, secretly encouraging the movement but openly pretending to be aloof.

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 31, 2015
01:16 AM

Is she insinuating that Hindus have not been protecting their daughters?

Anwaar, Dallas
Aug 31, 2015
01:08 AM

Aakar Ahmed Patel is essentially saying in this article is that Aurangzeb is great because he captured his mother, put her in his harem, he and his henchmen raped her mother to give him birth and that is why Aakar Ahmed Patel is grateful of him. I have never seen in my life any bigger pervert, sick and small creature (neech in Hindi) than Aakar Ahmed Patel. This jihadi scoundrel fidayeen thug has crossed all the limits of anti-nationalism and treason and should be put behind bars for life as soon as possible. A state should be tolerant but not as much tolerant as to tolerate jihadi thugs and illegitimate children of Aurangzeb such as Aakar Ahmed Patel. There was a poll - "Should Aurangzeb Road in Delhi be renamed after APJ Abdul Kalam?" and the result was: Yes: 82%, No: 18%, Don't Know: 0%, http://www.indiatvnews.com/ , Aug. 1, 2015 . Who are those 18% barbaric invader wild demonic beast Aurangzeb ki anti-national, enemy of India, ideological aulad and his sympathizers that may include his biological haram born aulad? India should find and boot them out to Uzbekistan. True Indians should be aware that foreign occupation of last 200 years have been only undone. The effect of slavery of 1000 years before British occupation is still do be undone, and certainly this will take time. My religion is Sanatani, and we all citizens of India are Hindus. Any Indian citizen who refuses to accept this fact is either Babur ki Aulad (children of Babur), or Gajani ki Aulad or someone similar ki Aulad, and they should be proudly booted out of India. A true Indians blood should boil till the last square inch of erstwhile Indian land is in the hand of foreign invaders Babur (grandchild of lamb-thief lame Timur, who became lame after getting hurt by an arrow while stealing lamb) and ideological children of Babur. Those Indians whose blood does not boil, their DNA should be checked for the genes of Uzbeki Babur, Arab Bin Kasim, Ghori, Gazani, Mongolian Genghis Khan, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Turkic Nizaam and Jaychand.

By the way, when proud Hindus will legally demolish Gyanvapi mosque and take revenge of insult of Har Har Mahadev by the hands of jehadi thugs from Uzbekistan and ancestors of Bukharis? The mosque was built by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1664 CE, after destroying the Kashi Vishwanath temple located on the site. The mosque is named after Gyanvapi ("the well of knowledge"), which is situated between the temple and the mosque. The well is believed by Hindus to be the location where the sacred Shiva linga icon of the temple was hidden, before the temple was razed by Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb's demolition of the temple was motivated by the escape of the Maratha king Shivaji, and the rebellion of local zamindars (landowners). Jai Singh I, the grandson of Raja Man Singh, is said to have facilitated Shivaji's escape from Agra. Some of the zamindars may have helped Shivaji avoid the Mughal authorities. The temple's demolition was intended as a warning to the anti-Mughal factions and Hindu religious leaders in the city. The Maratha ruler Malhar Rao Holkar (1693-1766) wanted to demolish the mosque and reconstruct Vishweshwar temple at the site. However, he never actually did that. Later, in 1780, his daughter-in-law Ahilyabai Holkar constructed the present Kashi Vishwanath Temple adjacent to the mosque. Aurangabad should also be renamed to Shri Ram Nagar.

Somewhere, India
Aug 31, 2015
12:49 AM

Aakar Patel sets an example for sanghi pseudo-historians of how history should be written.

Dallas, United States
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