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The strife in the BJP is actually a Modi-Rajnath power grab

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Daily Mail
Apr 21, 2014
Your Point Being?

What is Neena Vyas trying to say (Huntsmen’s Chorus, Apr 7)? The BJP is messy with all this internal democracy. Look at the Congress, beautiful, unquestioned aristocracy.

Pradeep, Chennai

Unlike Modi, Rahul never did grab power. He is doing a valiant job of supporting his party while all he stands for is all what his party is against.

Francis D’Souza, Delhi

Mar 29, 2014
01:47 PM

What Modi has to hide ( with religious identity politics ) is:


Supporters of Modi claim he is one of the least corrupt politicians in India. Modi has not been convicted of any corruption but, despite widespread corruption, politicians in India are rarely convicted for corruption.

In fact, Modi's government worked extremely hard to water down anti-corruption measures in the state, pushing through a bill minimising the powers and indendence of the Lokayukta, or anti-corruption ombudsman. Under this bill, the state government both appoints the Lokayukta and can choose to accept or reject the Lokayukta's findings. In effect,

Gujarat now has no independent anti-corruption body.

There is a long list of acts of corruption the Gujarat government is accused of being involved in or reluctant to probe.

One example is the recent deal between the Modi government and the Adani group, where the most expensive electricity supplier was chosen over other competitors in a "closed-door" deal.

Theft of natural resources is another major theme: for example the Modi government gave away large stakes in Gujarat's natural gas to a company which existed only on paper.

Similarly, a Rs. 54-crore illegal limestone mining case resulted in Gujarat BJP Water Resources and Agriculture Minister Babubhai Bokhiria being sentenced to three years' imprisonment. Bokhiria retained his post in the state government despite the conviction.
Another high profile BJP politician involved in mining-related corruption is BS Yeddyurappa, declared to be corrupt by the BJP itself.

Uncovering these scandals can be deadly: environmentalist and social worker Amit Jethwa was murdered after filing court cases against the illegal mining lobby, including a BJP MP.

In November 2013, after a CBI probe, BJP MP Dinu Solanki was arrested for Amit Jethwa's murder.

More generally, the high level of criminality and corruption in Gujarat politics is documented by the governmental and electoral reform body "Gujarat Election Watch".

This criminality spreads across the political spectrum, but BJP politicians are well represented amongst politicians facing or convicted of criminal charges, with six of the ten MLAs in Gujarat with the most serious declared criminal cases belonging to the BJP.

Leaving aside corruption within the BJP, several BJP allies are linked to high profile corruption scandals.

Modi's personal abuses of power are also illustrated by the "snoopgate" scandal with the BJP admitting that Modi had used the state government machinery to spy on a young woman without her knowledge.

Chennai, India
Mar 29, 2014
04:28 PM

at the same function in 1996 modi-turds had beaten up shankersinh vaghela and tried outrage the  modesty of a bjp woman leader. vaghela had left bjp after that.

they had raised slogan saying they would tear and snatch dhoti of vajpayee also, outside the circuit house where vajpayee was staying.

this was the first time modi had bared his fangs alongwith his turds.

Kolkatta, India
Mar 29, 2014
04:46 PM

Its a final run in the internal power struggle which is possibly leading to a cleanup or dilution of power centres within the BJP !

R V Subramanian
Gurgaon, India
Mar 29, 2014
08:04 PM

As far as power struggles go, what is happening in BJP is actually nothing when compared with some other power struggles.

The way Gandhi fought his way against Besant and Tilak, the way Indira fought against the Syndicate are real power struggles. It was brutal from start to finish with each side throwing the kitchen sink at the other.

In contrast, Modi has NOT said one word in public against the senior leaders who are trying to undermine him. He is still trying to give them a decent way out. 

Akash Verma
Chennai, India
Mar 29, 2014
10:17 PM

India does not have a meritocratic culture so it is inevitable that upper-caste leaders like Advani and old people like Jaswant Singh resent a younger OBC chaiwalla, even if the chaiwalla has spent his life building up the BJP and Gujarat while they themselves spent their lives in Lutyens Delhi licking the hands of Shahbanu Sonia.

Ram Lala
Kavutaram, India
Mar 30, 2014
12:18 AM

> "Remember his namesake Haren Pandya? He had aud­aciously refused to vacate his Ellisbridge assembly seat for Modi in 2001. Denied a ticket in 2002, he was a dead man by March 2003, shot mysteriously while on a morning walk."

Seems the BJP has nominated Godfather as its PM candidate! Rajnath is his consigliere.

Dallas, United States
Mar 30, 2014
06:15 AM

Unlike Modi, rahul didnt grab power. It was forced on him as a poison by sonia and the congress. He is  doing a valiant job of supporting his party while all he stands for is all what his party is against.  He will cleanse the party of all the corrupt elements which thrived under sonias un questioned leadership.

Rahul faces lot of enemies and tricksters  who while acting as if opposing Modi are really supporting  him secretly. They do it  by  keeping on harping over Modi thereby keeping his name in headlines. This they think will ensure Modi is known all over  while Rahul will be removed from limelight and hence people will forget him. 

BEst examples are many journalists and many online commenters like one from Dallas. Their plan is to keep Modi in headlines and remove Rahul from it.  

Rahul cannot be removed from the hearts of people through twisted plots like this.

The journalists who are secret supporters of Modi or Kejriwal  will realise their folly one day.  While the commenters like the one from Dallas shouldnt  even  try this as they  have ran away from India losing their moral right to comment on India. and also they are trying to harm india by trying to  defeat a well meaning Rahul.

Francis DSouza
Delhi, India
Mar 30, 2014
03:38 PM

The internal democracy of the party has been exposed.
The PARAMPARA of stripping dhothies of old may continue.
In the Emergency era "indira is India"echoed. Now history
repeats as tragedy or farce and 'Hara Hara Modi" is chanted.
Those who claim 'Chappan Chathi' is actually a 'Coward'!!


V.N.K.Murti Pattambi
Mar 30, 2014
05:48 PM

Jaswant Singh regarding modi real estate agency - Samay bataega aur Bharat bhugtega

Kolkatta, India
Mar 30, 2014
06:03 PM

Couth people of bengaluru had arranged a debate among the candidates to discuss their agenda for Bengaluru. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw of Biocon was arbitrating the debate. everbody talked of their views on the declared agenda.

then surprise surprise uncouth anantha kumar came on stage and started ranting about 2g 3g helicopter and whatnot. poor Nilekani kept asking pls stick to agenda and tell us about what will you do for bengaluru if you came to power. anantha kept on ranting then his turds in audience started shoutin modi modi and started fight with other people and debate was stopped.

1. why doesn't bjp ppl talk to common ppl what they want?

2. why they are afraid to discuss what they will do for their voters after the election?

it seems they consider their birthright over the votes and think they don't owe anything to their voters so are not obliged to  promise or do anything for them.

Or else the ******s have no idea what they will do after the election!

Kolkatta, India
Mar 30, 2014
09:48 PM

Tata and Adani groups were allowed to weasel out of solemn promises to supply electricity from "ultra mega" power plants in Gujarat at a fixed tariff to state-owned utilities. The electricity regulator told buyers of power to pay an extra Rs 830 crore to Adani and Rs 330 crore to Tata Power. In addition, all future electricity would be sold at a higher price than what Tata and Adani promised when they won a competitive bid to operate these plants. Why this forbearance? Because the two big companies failed to foresee, when they bid, that the price of imported coal could fluctuate. It's now higher, following tax changes in Indonesia. Instead of taking the hit for this outright incompetence - evaluating external political risk is a basic task for any multinational - the companies have instead whined their way to getting the government, end-users, taxpayers and consumers to pay for their owners' errors and greed.

These examples pile up endlessly. India's overextended corporate promoters need never regret a decision; they are all thought of as too big to fail. The upside of their decisions is the promoters' own, and they're insured against the downside by friendly politicians and weak regulators.

And that's one major cause even of the slowdown India has observed in the recent past. The policy paralysis-investment freeze stories ignore that the investment component of gross domestic product (GDP) hasn't really fallen that much. What has seen a precipitous fall is the return on capital - it's far less productive than it used to be. Why? Partly because too much of India's capital is tied up in unproductive projects that a more efficient market would abandon; and with big businessmen with terrible balance sheets and reputations, struggling to find money to tide their investments over the lean patch. Which responsible investor would lend more money to cash-strapped people who appear eminently untrustworthy?

Chennai, India
Mar 30, 2014
11:42 PM

Media largely controlled by RSS is projecting Mosi as a future PM who has risen to power through thuggery.If he ever becomes a PM that day will be another most tragic day for India.

Nasar Ahmed
Karikkudi, India
Mar 31, 2014
05:37 AM
This is age old ritual.  Older Netas who believe that their parties owes them are removed or sidelined politely like Jaswant (removed) or as Advani (sidelined) by BJP or they are removed ruthlessly as Kamraj Nadar was by Indira Gandhi.

It is amazing, so many Indian voters are planning to vote for BJP because of Narendra Modi, yet Outlook can't find a single author who says something positive about Narendra Modi.  I am glad that Mr. Vinod Mehta had thrown up his hand and decided to accept the envitable-Modi as PM.

P.B. Joshipura
Suffolk, Virginia, United States
Mar 31, 2014
06:21 PM

BJP is messy with all this internal democracy .. look at congress .. beautiful unquestioned aristocracy

chennai, India
Apr 02, 2014
10:30 AM

India cannot afford another 10 years of corrupt, divisive misgovernance by the dynasty party. We need a strong leader like NaMo that can silence China-Pak. He is the lesser of all evils and our only hope. We need at least 10 years of NaMo led governance. Assuming he keeps his promises of lowering corruption, bringing about transparency and accountability.

pune, India
Apr 02, 2014
01:45 PM

"Denied a ticket in 2002,  Haren Pandya was a dead man by March 2003, shot mysteriously while on a morning walk."

This and so many other murderous scams afflict this PM candidate. Arundhati is right, just his naming is debacle enough for India.

mumbai, India
Apr 02, 2014
04:15 PM

With whatever praise to pour upon him, telling Modi a true Hindutha champion is an absolute lie. Modi is an oppotunist, power hungry political leader -- he will take no time to shun or betray Hindus in any critical issue to gain PM seats or to keep it. We can very well expect a high praise of Ginnah, Yahyah khan from him to woo muslims in future. He will definitely betray Kashmiri pundits and will not do anything to seal WB & Assam border to gain popularity among Muslim votes in those states for next election. Neither will he implement the differential migration policy which enable victimized Hindu minorities of Bangladesh to settle in WB and take stringent stand to prevent Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. He will definitely take suport of BSP, even RJD if required he dilutes and confuses Hindatwa policy of BJP. To blame him for Gujarat riot is actually amajor injustice to the Hindus who were killed in Godhra and the subsequent riots. It is their whole hearted support -- that created an impregnable saffron bastion in Gujarat where anybody with Lotas symbol possibly tretated as Lord Vishnu to the Hindus.

bangalore, India
Apr 02, 2014
10:23 PM

rss has no idea what kind of a frankenstien it has created.

by the time it comes to its senses, it will be too late. 

Kolkatta, India
Apr 03, 2014
03:32 PM

Hello, did the EDITOR doze off. Outlook has put Fiction Article in Opinion Section.

Abhijit Kane
Mumbai, India
Apr 03, 2014
10:59 PM

Anybody who knows the economy would be OK by me.Subsidies cost NOTHING to a money creator. All created rupees cost ZERO to produce. Let me start with the economic balance.
The balance for the economy is
Twitter / StephanieKelton: @gleesonjm Careful. Government… —twitter.com
Youcan see here that fiscal deficits are equal to private savings most of the time and become wealth. See the symmetry which shows the above equation in visual form.
Obviously it is stupid to minimize fiscal deficits! Chidambaram is very pleased to hold it down to 4.6%. Red govt and Blue private sector are equal and opposite at low trade. The plot shows red and blue at 10%. There is no reason it won't work at double or triple that.
DEFICITS are free money that can be used to grow the economy at 20% PLUS. Per year! Everything can be subsidized at ZERO cost. Deficit is created money at ZERO cost. Free universal income, free healthcare, free college, free metrorail (or almost, to prevent overuse) etc.
And I almost forgot! NO taxation! Fiscal deficits are the prime mover of the economy. They are called deficits to the govt but are in reality blessings to the people. I would like to rename it by a glorious name SUKHAADHARAM for happiness basis somewhat like BHUGOLA for geography, the naming convention adapted by the ancients. Also note no FDI is required. The soviet model will work fine.
The picture is at @gleesonjm Careful. Government deficits = Non-government surpluses to the penny. pic.twitter.com/mIvjkQ18Hh

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Apr 03, 2014
11:06 PM

Is the way the accounts balance right now. It is nothing but data = TRUTH. Cick on the preview to enlarge in another page. You see that there is NO TAX in the balance.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States
Apr 03, 2014
11:11 PM

What can DEFICITS do?

The economic balance does not require TAXES. The name TAXPAYERS will be scrapped and replaced by the term CITIZENS doing what they want to help the economy. The govt will take care of pumping money to make the economy hum. All commons will be funded by free money which makes free education, free infrastructure, free healthcare, free social security, free universal income, no toll roads, almost free monorail, low cost railways, roads and bridges etc. possible, together with well funded science and technology etc.
Here is an example of a modern monetary system.

Parthasarathy Shakkottai
Long Beach, United States


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