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A 12th century clairvoyant has foretold the end of papacy!

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Must See
Daily Mail
Mar 11, 2013
Please-None Pope

Apropos Anvar Alikhan’s column St Malachy the Ominous (Feb 25), going by the crisis in the Church and the papacy, it seems St Malachy’s prophecy is well on its way to being fulfilled. The usual analysis of the Pope's resignation misses much—reasons like the age and poor health of Benedict XVI is too facile. An ardent conservative, the Pope irked liberals by his disapproval of contraceptives, gay marria­ges and divorce. He also didn’t endear himself to Muslims. The Pope’s soft-pedalling of abuse of children by the clergy in Ireland is also a stain on his reputation.

C. Chandrasekaran, Madurai

The 112th Pope, the prophecy says, may lead the Church to its “many tribulations”, but for sure he will also uphold the traditions of the Roman Catholic church. Many don’t know that the church and its leaders were persecuted in its early hist­ory. The popes of the past have weathered many sto­rms, guiding the flock ably by the grace of God. The church has gone through tough times recently. It is good that Pope Benedict XVI had the wise and humble heart to pass on the captai­ncy to the next occupant of the Chair of St Peter.

Xavier Albuquerque, Mumbai

Feb 16, 2013
06:11 PM

The prophecy of St.Mallachy proved right with the change in papacy.A trenchent analysis for the Pope XVI's relinquishing office has more to it than meets the eye. The age and health advanced as  the cause of Pope's  quitting his papacy appear too facial. An ardent conservatist, the Pope irked the liberals through  his disapproval of usage of contraceptives, gay marriages and christian divorce . Unlike his predecessors, he unusually struck a  contemptuous chord against the  Muslims for his perceived notion of terrorism ingrained in Islam. Not only did  this bias  leave a huge  shock to  many a countries, but also showed him not in bright  light. While Vatican was soar with Pope's decision, the Irish were gleeful for known reasons. The Pope's soft pedalling over the charges of child abuse in churches was obviously not relished by the latter. The "liberalism" of the conservative Pope in turning a Nelson's eye to child abuse did earn him  little respect from those  who longed  for stringent measures against the guilty clergy.   To cap it all, the report of theft of vital documents by the butler of Vatican church  had trigged lot of speculation. To sum, the feathers adorning his crown turned shady and blotted that led him to quit. Despite all the above, with his leaving the mantle to a forum of eligible clerics to select  XVIIth pontiff, the element of democracy within papacy is assuringly in evidence. This leaves a valid message to ourIndian politicos who do not rest till their progeny is crowned.  

Madurai, India
Feb 16, 2013
10:35 PM

 Overzealous outlook has an entire article on some clairvoyant who predicted the demise of papacy . Why  dont you folks focus on local clairvoyants who have predicted the eventual demise of the NEHRU-GANDHY FAMILY? For you folks is this dynasty that rules india holier than the papacy? Or is it that you are afraid of confronting with the establishment !!

Delhi, India
Feb 17, 2013
10:35 AM

Its amazing how the article is formulated to its conclusion which seems so fickle for the present times. The 112th Pope who will take the church to its 'many tribulations' will not only fulfill the propechy but also will fulfill the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church. To the many who do know their history will certainly know that the Church has always been persecuted along the centuries and her leaders have done thier part of guiding the ship through tempest of times by the grace of God. In the reign of the last Pope Benedict XVI Church has gone through a hard time too. I am honoured that the Pope has a humble heart to pass on the captiansy to the next in the Chair of St. Peter because it really takes a toll on you to guide a organisation world wide, that depends on divine.

Mumbai, India
Feb 17, 2013
04:56 PM

 It seems that OUTLOOK has starte their political
campaign for Cardinal Peter Turkson as Pope. The sameway
VHP and RSS Campaign for NAModi as future PM for India.

In Hindi there is an adage "BEAD CHAAL CHALNA". It roughly
means that the group of sheep walks collectively in a direction .
Wheather it is Roman sheep or Indian goat we are
all 'supersitious' folks and our intellectual media propogate it.

pattambi, India
Feb 18, 2013
09:42 AM

 It seems, the Mayan prophesy is not exactly as the Mayan's foretold it, as is known to us. There is the question of how we see their calendar. Nostradamus it appears foretold the end of the world, very prominently, and we are making the connection between the Mayan prophesy, and Nostradamus. Who told the west what the Mayan calandar is? It doesn't seem to matter. And what did Nostradamus refer to? Very impossible to say. The point may be, that we cannot say, what the respected person of the Christian identity, meant at all. I mean, the Saint, and the term person, is a misnomer.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Feb 19, 2013
10:07 AM

 We mustn't change perspective. Religion has nothing to do with what people say is child abuse. Religion has to do with praying to God. And, people feel that interaction is disagreeable, in public, among each other. I mean, you will acquaint with an individual, or persons, and it will surely come to pass, that either will want to find the interaction disagreeable, so that they can be motivated to move on.

 It does seem, that the Saint felt, as the Catholic Church might be interacting with people, and the people were associating material life with their meaning of life, and also the Church, perhaps, the association would seem different. If materialism becomes more important than can be handled, then the effect can become less, consciously. What the Saint meant, seems to be, if material is the cause of life, it will also be the cause of the destruction of life as we know it. Perhaps, in the concept of the end of the world, material will be destroyed, and all association with material.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Feb 19, 2013
09:59 PM

 VNK Murthi >> In Hindi there is an adage "BEAD CHAAL CHALNA". It roughly
means that the group of sheep walks collectively in a direction .
Wheather it is Roman sheep or Indian goat we are
all 'supersitious' folks and our intellectual media propogate it.

Yes, I totally agree. 1 Billion Indian sheep have collectively walked blindly behind one dyansty because our intellectuals have said that this dynasty is the only alternative that India has . And our so called feudal socialist liberal elite have liberally used all public resources to spread the myth of greatness of Nehruvism.

Delhi, India


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