64th Republic Day COMMENTS
' It is time for the nation to reset its moral compass. Nothing should be allowed to spur cynicism, as cynicism is blind to morality. We must look deep into our conscience and find out where we have faltered'

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Must See
Daily Mail
Jan 26, 2013
12:09 AM

It is a shame that the President of the country is hostage to the anti-male media and spouts gender-casteism, using the rape-politics with the hyper reported assault on a woman.

But of course, he is understandbly under pressure both from the feminists from within his own party and the rage nurtured by the anti-male media.

This is even more sad, considering that genuinely bad administration issues are being covered up through this emotive issue.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Jan 26, 2013
06:36 PM

  I concur with our President of the Republic, as if there is no difference. I watched a program where a gentleman called Rahul Pandita, spoke about the conflict in Kashmir. It could be evident, that the modern political situation in the globe, is the reality in the politics of India. I mean, people start finding reasons why they should be politically enfranchised, to everyone's, including their own interest. Religion is a strong motivation to such an end. India and Pakistan were formed, and are separate democracies, because we needed to forge our own destiny, and also because perhaps democracy is formed from not situations inimicable, to anyone. I mean, the Pakistani thought, that electoral politics is supposed to represent different interests at different times, according to the voter, and he might be on the winning or loosing electoral side, when he doesn't know. If democracy is supposed to function, perhaps we cannot have any winning or loosing side. 

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Jan 27, 2013
01:40 PM

You are right Mr. President, the recent brutality against women has crossed any complacency limits we can take. The people of India are equally responsible with the political parties. Now the people were on the streets agitating for a rivision in our Legal systems, think about the next step the people taking law in their hands, which I see very soon because the politicians and law makers are busy protecting each others criminal deeds. Even yourself are part of that and can not escape the sword. Corruption and looting the public funds are still going on un interrupted. If you are sincere in your words do something to change the system, as a common man we have great hope from you, because now you are having the power and authority to do that. The first step should be to change this slavery attitude in the party you represent, then the people will change.

Somu Nair
Changanassery, India
Jan 27, 2013
06:17 PM

As a former Congress minister, our President may not agree bit is it not true that all the existing political parties have disappointed all those citizens who were borne in independent India? Even after 65 years of independence, some thirty per cent of our population is known to be surviving with very low income. Every one knows that poverty, low rates of literacy, lack of proper healthcare facilities for poor and caste-based politics are some of the issues which need urgent attention but they have been conveniently ignored by all political parties. Therefore a new party with a clear vision of the new India and with leaders who are willing to work hard is really a need of the day. This party may have to wait till the people vote it to power but it must pursue politics based on principled approach to all our economics and social problems. We the citizens would welcome such a party. The hope is that such a party can bring about, desirable changes suggested by our President. For this to happen educated citizens must create pressure groups to demand electoral law, judicial, administrative and police reforms so that there is far more transparency in the way government departments function and thereby scope for corruption is reduced.

Narendra M Apte
Pune, India
Jan 29, 2013
07:51 AM

 His exhaulted excellency!! Do you not express an apology to the worker of your party,when you kicked him in calcutta when you were a minister.You would rise inesteem if you did so!. Mr president.!

harish naik
bangalore, India


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