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The controversial and outspoken Congress general secretary spoke on the sidelines of the Jaipur conclave

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Daily Mail
Feb 18, 2013
But Can He Fight The Good Fight?

In his interview ‘There is no babalog in the Congress’, Digvijay Singh asks, ‘What is Modi outside Gujarat?’ What has Rahul done till date, other than being born with a silver spoon in the mouth? I hones–tly doubt that even “40% back Rahul”. Why would anyone back him? Because he has dimples? Because he is cha–rming? Because he is an eligible bachelor? I will even vote for Digvijay Singh because at least he has the guts to stick his neck out, engage with people, air his views (even if they are laughable). Why Rahul?

Rajesh Chary, Mumbai
Jan 26, 2013
06:52 AM

All important Youth Leaders of Congress are SONS OF PROMINENT POLITICIANS- every Congress MP under the age of 35 is a hereditary MP. Every Young Minister in Congress is a  BABA- Mr Rahul Gandhi BABA of Mr Rajiv Gandhi, Jyotiraditya Scindia BABA of Mr Madhavrao Scindia, Sachin Pilot is BABA of Rajesh Pilot, Mr Ajay Maken BABA of Mr Maken,  ----- Mr Bharatsinh Madhavsinh Solanki, Mr Jitendra Singh  Mr Jitin Prasada etc etc all are BABAs. --------------------------------------- Mr AK Antony, one of the senior most Congress leader commenced his political life " shouting JAI" for Mr Nehru and carried on "shouting JAI" for Mr Indira Gandhi, Mr Rajiv Gandhi, Ms Sonia Gandhi and now for Mr Rahul Gandhi.

Charan dewry
Guwahati, India
Jan 26, 2013
11:47 AM

There is no Babalog in the Congress nor is there a dynasty either. Jyotiraditya, Sachin, Milind, Jitin and above all, Rahul are all dynamic young leaders who have risen up the ranks without having the advantage of a famous surname or any sort of political background.

Given Digvijaya Singh's credibility, how can one expect anything but dishonesty?

Visakhapatnam, India
Jan 26, 2013
03:04 PM

The congress is the party of feudal chieftains and unofficial Jagirdars, dynasty, hindu communalists, muslim communalists, state worshipping bigots and marxist scum of the earth along with crony capitalist corrupt wankers.

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Jan 26, 2013
03:05 PM

 In India Tillers son is a tiller. A doctors Doctor.
Hollywood star's kid Star. Karunanidhi clan Dravidanian
politico. Why spare even communists have babas.

Dynastic rule is there in all fields of society. Let it be.
Why blame only Rahul baba whose grandmother
and Father has sacrificed their lives for Nation?

pattambi, India
Jan 26, 2013
06:16 PM

 Why blame only Rahul baba whose grandmother and Father has sacrificed their lives for Nation?......V K N Murti

Absolutely right, Murti. We have to blame sycophantic and intellectually challenged people like you too. As long as people like you are there, the dynasty will live on and thrive.

Visakhapatnam, India
Jan 26, 2013
08:11 PM

 D L Narayan thnx for responding. what i said is
the ills of our society where all allow dynasty in all walks of life.
My only grouse why single out One family while keeping mum of others
In your state how Jagan gets sympathy?

pattambi, India
Jan 26, 2013
10:55 PM

 VNK Murthy @ PATTAMBI >> My only grouse why single out One family while keeping mum of others

The Single Family (of Jawahar-Indira-Rajiv-Sonia-Rahul) has got more opportunity to misrule India than any other family..

From 1947 till 2013, out of 65 years of independence, we have been ruled by this family for 50 years... no family has got so much opportunity and so much time, yet they have failed and misruled India in a way that will take years for an alternative to set right..

That is why, VOTER's ANGER should be focussed on sending this family to exile (from politics) in 2014.. But will we?

Delhi, India
Jan 26, 2013
10:59 PM

 VNK Murthy >> Dynastic rule is there in all fields of society. Let it be.

You are wrong. The BJP and the Left are not ruled by dynasties..

Left's poster boy CM is Tripura CM and he was not the son of some former CPM leader..

BJP's Advani did not make his daugther as next leader and the party is closest to the republican conservative ideals..

Yes Dynastic feudal ideals are existing in Indian society, this is an Asian trait (and increasingly seen even in America) but a diverse country like india cannot have families rule our country..

It is onething if Amitabh or SRK gets his son into Bollywood, you always have a option not to see those movies. But I cannot chose to not being ruled by the dynasty of Nehru. 

That is why we chose to be a republic. We must be a republic in true sense.

Delhi, India
Jan 26, 2013
11:01 PM

 Interestingly today 26 JAN 2013, is a REPUBLIC Day. As we celebrate ourself in pride as a REPUBLIC (which we are only in name) we have OUTLOOK doing an entire edition on greatness of Rahul and on how despite being less popular than Modi, the dynastic prince Rahul can still get to form UPA 3 government..

That is the kind of regressive journalism that India gets. And some call OUTLOOK as progressive (because they do pieces to degenerate icons of one religion which is disliked by all of the allegedly progressive feudals). WHAT A FARCE!

Delhi, India
Jan 27, 2013
11:07 AM

 8 D 176 @RAMKI. I can understand your mental state
of get ruled by Nehru dynasty. But will we? is your last
fraustrated Quary.... na. Because we are a democracy.
Jantha party(1977) and NDA utterly failed to cash the oppurtunity
given by we VOTERS. And as for the BJP who is in drivers seat?
Not' shining India' but 'Bharat'. As for Tripura CM I salute him
like the same way I respect AKG and EMS. DMK, Patnaiks
lallu and rabri  Akalis and Ambanis....Dynasty has no end RAMKI
Oh i forgot the Choutalas.!  

pattambi, India
Jan 27, 2013
02:09 PM

 There is no Babalog in Congress.

Only Chamcha logs.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Jan 27, 2013
02:14 PM


"Not shining India but Bharat"!!

Bharat is a dirty word for this worthy half cooked progeny of McCaulay.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Jan 28, 2013
11:01 AM

This country should be ruled by people whose background is an open book,but not  by one like Rahul Gandhi whose background is mysterious in every aspect.No one knows as to why he ramains a bachelor at the ripe old age of 43.Is he a Catholic priest in civilian dress?Is he secretly married to some Spanish girl?Or,is he impotent to avoid marriage?Likewise he is highly secretive about his religion.Once when he was asked about his religion,he made that most devious statement by saying that his religion is the same as that colour in our national flag!Nobody knows as to why he travels abroad so often and who pays for that.He mysteriously visits India's sole Catholic majority state of Mizoram for some religious planning.His educational background is totally suspect.How can such a fellow be even considered for leading our country?It will be a tragedy if he were ever to become the prime minister of our country.

Bangalore, India
Jan 28, 2013
09:30 PM

Digvijay asks  "What is Modi outside Gujarat? What is Modi outside social media." 

Outlook editorial reads "40% Back Rahul, 49% Want Modi . Modi is more popular than Rahul" 

A little reading - even of paid media might help Mr.Singh to relate to reality.

chennai, India
Jan 31, 2013
04:04 PM

"What is Modi outside Gujarat? What is Modi outside social media."

I recently drove 3000kms in Gujarat with family (including 2 small kids) - roads were superb; I never once felt threatened; people were friendly; water/electricity/phone etc even in remote places. The policemen in most places are helpful and people were generally going about their lives very decently. Modi has governed Gujarat well and the evidence is there to see. 

What has Rahul done till now?  other than being born with a silver spoon?

Why are these veteran Congress leaders not even ashamed to say that not one among them even contested, but meekly acquised to another "Gandhi" to be their boss?

I honestly doubt the "40% back Rahul" is even true. They may back the Congress because it is a "I have no clue" option on the electoral list - but why would anyone back Rahul? because he has dimples? because he is charming? because he is a bacheolor? I will even vote for Digvijay singh because he at least has the guts to stick his neck out, engage with people, and give his views (which have great entertainment value). But Rahul?

Instead of asking "What is Modi outside Gujarat?" the Congress party should demonstrate they can run at least one state like Gujarat! And whoever can do that can take on Narendra Modi. That then will be a fight among equals.

Rajesh Chary
Mumbai, India
Feb 01, 2013
07:16 PM

"Why are these veteran Congress leaders not even ashamed to say that not one among them even contested, but meekly acquised to another "Gandhi" to be their boss?"

We will see change in congress because you must not put Shanker Singh Vagela among chamcha's of congress..The way he orchastterated Haajrao-Khajoorao in Mid 90's in Gujarat and aimed at high post same way this man is not whom congress can keep confined to one place.

Infact Sanker Singh will be most happy with the defeat of his congress colleages like Modwadia, Siddhart and become congress leader in Guajarat.

Congress will be aware of this but at this junction they have no other option but to stuck to this guy and wait...

Ahmedabad, India
Feb 01, 2013
07:55 PM

 Rahul is no match to Narendra Modi. NaMo is a leader of masses. He has Vision/ Foresight. He is non-corruptible.The Country needs a leader like Narendra Modi to take the country to heights.******No body should give any  consideration to what Digvijay Singh talks. He himself has failed miserably in M.P and looking for a safe seat in the next General elections.

Ashok Gupta
Indore, India


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