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We don’t need Kurosawa to show there are several sides to a story, as in the present case.

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Must See
Daily Mail
Feb 04, 2013

Jawed Naqvi, whose comment Do Look Before You Lunge appeared in the Jan 28 issue, is a freelance Indian correspondent who writes for the Dawn from New Delhi, and not its Delhi representative, as published. We regret the error in representation.

Feb 11, 2013
Don’t Lose Your Own Head, Mr Hawk

Apropos Jawed Naqvi’s piece, Do Look Before You Lunge, just a query. When was the last time Dawn published a serious piece of journalism demanding that Pakistan turn secular?

Ramki, Delhi

Thanks for standing up for the isi and the Pak army, and that too with unverifiable, anonymous stories and anecdotes.

Bhagat Singh, Bangalore

All through history, truth has been a casualty in wars. The victors control the truth and the people go with it. Indian atrocities are not shown to our public and Pakistani atrocities are never shown to theirs.

Nasar Ahmed, Karaikkudi

The problem is no one knows who to deal with and who to blame in Pakistan. Everyone there is a king in his own sphere, be it the jehadis, the army, the isi, the geek hackers or the hawk diplomats. And only one agenda acts as glue: that of hurting India.

E.M. Peror, New York

Jan 19, 2013
02:35 PM

sir preaching the wrong side! this article you must address to your folks......

hyd, India
Jan 19, 2013
04:53 PM

 Thanks for standing up for the ISI and Pak Army; using anonymous stories and anecdotes.  Hope they feed you well for this  

Bhagat Singh
Bangalore, India
Jan 19, 2013
04:54 PM

  Thanks for standing up for the ISI and Pak Army; using UNVERIFIABLE anonymous stories and anecdotes. Hope they feed you well for this

Bhagat Singh
Bangalore, India
Jan 19, 2013
05:36 PM

Who is this clown? He can write this in India and live. Try writing the same thing about the Paki Army in Paki Land and I will be surprised if he survives more than 48 h. 

Cream Pie
New Delhi, India
Jan 19, 2013
07:45 PM

All through history truth had been a causlity in wars.Victors control the truth and people go with it.Indian atrocities are never shown to thier public and Pakistani atoricties are never shown to their country folk.This has become an international practice on the argument that the truth undermines the country's security.As a result innocent people suffer.

RSS and BJP would use this to polarize the nation and win elections.

Nasar Ahmed
Karikkudi, India
Jan 19, 2013
08:34 PM

''National Interest: On the LoC, in fact ; Shekhar Gupta

This is the 10th year since the truce negotiated between Musharraf and Vajpayee (in case the BJP needs a reminder). Each year since then, the number of armed forces casualties in all of Kashmir, and particularly on the LoC, has fallen. In all of 2012, for example, the army lost two lives on the LoC (in fact, in all of Kashmir), while during the peak years before the truce, when the LoC was really ablaze, we lost one or two every day and so, for sure, did the Pakistanis, if not more. The Indian soldier has never been anything but aggressive and effective on the LoC, and again, in the more critical flashpoints along the LoC, India has the tactical advantage, contrary to self-flagellating propaganda by some self-styled apologists. In 1965, ’71, and many minor engagements since then, we have successfully nibbled territories while it was open season along what used to be the Cease Fire Line (CFL), “rationalising” our tactical posture to our advantage. Siachen is one of the more notable examples of this “active” soldiering. Please see the table that demonstrates three things: that the armed forces casualties have consistently fallen since 2006. ''


 All the Authors, Columnists and wisemen are preaching gains of peace and keeping tensions low on LOC .That is fine but only for the present . After withdrawal of USA and the ultimate fall of Afghanistan in Pakistan's lap ,with freed thousands of Islamist and fundamentalist squads from its Western Borders our neighbour will not wait for a day in letting loose unending tumultuous waves of Terror in India to avenge 1971 and wrest Kashmir..
Wise men broaden your look and peep in the grim future awaitng Sub Continent .


Mumbai, India
Jan 20, 2013
12:14 AM

 Javed bhai you are a TURD of the first order. Just becasue you are emplued by Dawn you want to prove that India is as bad as Pakistan or worse.

We are not. 

You should examine your monetry motives on why you need to sell your country for a few fake naotes which Pakistan prints.

Shame on you

delhi, india
Jan 20, 2013
04:01 AM

Outlook publishing a Pakistani correspondent's article when the dogs of war are off the leash! Even the Manchester Guardian did not dare such a thing during WWII.

Dallas, United States
Jan 20, 2013
09:00 AM

So, now Javed Naqvi has joined outlook. Congratulations outlook! Just google his column in dawn.com where he has been a regular contributor and make your opinion...

Take care

Phoenix, United States
Jan 20, 2013
03:26 PM

 Javed Naqvi, can you tell us when was the last time your DAWN published a serious piece of journalism that demanded SECULARISATION OF PAKISTAN?

Answer right here if you are really sincere and ethical..

Delhi, India
Jan 20, 2013
07:30 PM

in Dawn article he has named TV anchor (no surprise that it was B Dutt who has not apologized for gaining cheap publicity by passing on live broadcast at kargil and joined the media mob for showing 26/11 action live - no sense of journalistic responsibility)


it is really sad but for some religion is more important than their Nation
i wonderwhat would be Mr Naqvi reports look like if he was active treporter during 1971 massacre by west pakistan army in East pakistan

Troy, usa
Jan 20, 2013
07:39 PM

Pakistani army and ISI has a very keep (but alas without any credibility) defender

so mr Naqvi wants to have it both ways

1) he is insisting "alleged" before beheading implying that it was not done (by Pakistanis)

2) he is defending beheading by telling us that Indians do it all the time

Troy, usa
Jan 21, 2013
02:31 PM

 Jawed Naqvi is just a person earning his keep by abusing the liberties offered by India to please his Pakistani paymasters. Read his column title in the DAWN another Paki could not have done it better. He uses his education and literacy to pass it off as an objective analysis.

There could not be anything more intellectually dishonest. All his posts suffer from the same pattern - OUTLOOK should answer what is it that they see in him that they open the door for him.

Prem B
Amritsar, India
Jan 22, 2013
12:29 AM

If the indian army beheaded an pakistani soldier and carried back his head as a trophy, its despicable.

However, has pakistan raised this issue with india ever? Did the army tell barkha that they beheaded the soldier? cud it be that the soldier got blown up in combat and therefore got beheaded and the troops in heat of moment carried back the head?

Was there a context to the beheading by indian army? There was, the context is called KARGIL, which Naqvi wud undoubtedly blame india for. There was a specific sub context called "genital mutilation of Capt Saurav Kalia" by the pakistani troops, who captured him from within indian territory when he was on patrol.

Naqvi will blame india for that too. But who does Naqvi blame for him being born in India? I dont like that person Naqvi...let me assure you.

How come Naqvi and his like dont address the matter, that india suppressed a beheading in 2009 by pakistani troops? Perhaps outing of current beheading eclipses the 2009 beheading?

By writing about the Kargil beheading incident now, Naqvi is obfuscating the real issue, which is why did the beheading happen now? why? why at all? what was the current provocation by india for pakistani's to do the beheading? If an pakistani soldier was killed by indian firing, why behead in reply?

Why doesnt naqvi address the matter that the soldier who died on 6th december, was used as an excuse for pakistani media to bash india? but when indian media brings up the matter of beheading Naqvi has a problem.

The problem is that though a major purge of mossies happened in 1947 by their emigration to pakistan, some leftover filth like Naqvi remain and celebrate their existence with filthier filth like the current article by naqvi.

Rohit Bhalla
Delhi, India
Jan 22, 2013
07:04 AM

And we don't need a feudal upper caste muslim landlord chieftain to show us how to be nuanced either!!
Fact of the matter is, Pakistan has done this in the past and the NWFP has tribal cultures where this has happened to british & indian soldiers in the past. Genital mutilation and stuffing of the genitals in the captured heads if British and Indian soldiers has happened in the past.
Barkha Dutt, I am almost certain is the ace TV anchor this Pakistani Jagirdar is referring to and she has not stood by this quote attributed to her. No pakistani daily covered it.
Also, there is n doubting the 'fact', that pakistan is a country generally speaking in denial mode. They denied Kargil happening, later denied that it was their Army fighting the Kargil war, denied the grieving families of their soldiers who were martyred on the Indian side of the LOC a chance to bury their dead by refusing to accept these dead bodies. Pakistan for the longest time denied the existence of cross border terrorism creators, sustainers and protectors for a long time. Now they deny the existence of concrete evidence that establishes these terror training academies role in terrorism directed against India. Surprise surprise, before that they also denied outright that Ajmal Kasab could be Pakistani. You only had to listen to Pakistani mainstream news urdu(actually bad urdu, more bad Punajbi + Bad Urdu forming Poor-doo) media where statements like 'Iski HInduo waali Shaqal hai(on Kasab)' or 'iske haath me hinduo waala thread(pronounced thraad) hai' were made.
Average Pakistanis are hardly any better. They at their moderate best blame it all ont he government and refuse to accept their intolerance against non muslims on a sub conscious level. death penalty for apostacy is justified, blasphemy laws are justified, people that take a stand against those laws are killed by their own security, hindu women are raped regularly and forced to convert to islam, hindus and sikhs are beheaded every now and then who then flee pakistan using all sorts of excuses(like visiting indian temples). None of these pakistani hindus and sikhs that come over to India want to go back, ever, to Pakistan. They can't preach their religion. We have a nation go bananas when a centuries old disputed structure is demolished. In pakistan there are hardly any non muslim places of worship. You can count on your fingers the existing gurdwaras and temples. Every problem we have exists in Pakistan, only more intensely.
YOU, my dear deluded Pakistani landlord have to set your nation right. We have enough problems of ours that need sorting. We can't help you. We will defend our borders and scream when you fu*k up. Our Maoists are not infiltrating into your territory and bombing innocent civilians. BTW there's more denial for you. The Pakistani army is professional, your retired generals say. However, an army that is unaware of 'non state actors' sneaking across the Indian borders from their territory is either completely pointless or utterly shameless, or both!!
Sort out your country, Mister. Keep your filth to yourself and we shall agree to disagree and co-exist with each other!!

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Jan 22, 2013
07:12 AM

@Anwaar Comment 8:
I am no war mongerer but overt pacifism is neither moral nor ethical.
Gandhi, I hugely respect, but his overt pacifism and his views on the jews for instance and how they should go about their business, was a moral error. Churchill was best suited as an opponent to the Nazis. Gandhi in the same role would fail miserably. So I don't know about the Dogs of war here mate!!
I would however still trade with Pakistan but expect Indian private citizens to put across their pov ina  better way to pakistanis who are often delusional. We can't say-Hum ek hi Mulq(pronounced Muluq in pakistan) hai, when we aren't. I have more in common with the average Maori than with the average Pakistani.

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Jan 22, 2013
07:43 AM

Just Joe King,

>> Comment 8: I am no war mongerer but overt pacifism is neither moral nor ethical.

My reference was only to the gumption of Outlook in publishing a Pakistani journalist's article in the midst of a heated situation, and when the forum is seething with anger at the editor!

Dallas, United States
Jan 22, 2013
10:06 AM

Anwaar, i dont knw for sure, but i believe you are of indian descent or indian.

I am sure you swell with pride, when i reveal to you that Jawed Naqvi is indian mossy filth.

Rohit Bhalla
Delhi, India
Jan 22, 2013
10:46 AM

 Anwaar >> My reference was only to the gumption of Outlook in publishing a Pakistani journalist's article in the midst of a heated situation, and when the forum is seething with anger at the editor!

There is no gumption in all this.. The Billionaire who makes ceramic tiles, car batteries, who owns hotels, deals with Real estate and makes plastic furniture is the one who owns this magazine and it makes lot of sence for him to push for a peace and free trade with pakistan. The peaceniks have a case since their pockets have lot of space for the extra pennies...

Delhi, India
Jan 22, 2013
12:28 PM

My reference was only to the gumption of Outlook in publishing a Pakistani journalist's article in the midst of a heated situation

Eh! What gumption is needed for this?

At worst some "Sanghis" shall destroy some window panes or break a few flower pots. Mehta shall calmly collect insurance, write seething articles against goondaism of the Sangh, Diggy and other dogs shall do the incredible job of howling like pigs, and so on.

It's not like making supposedly disparaging remarks about Mohamed, where he risks getting his hands chopped.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Jan 22, 2013
07:19 PM

 I have read Jawed Naqvi's column in Dawn a number of times... and this guy is a closet Jehadi joker!!!  A real turd who has a soft corner for Hafees Saeed and Kashmiri separatists. 

MOst of his columns are written in a manner to prove to hsi Pakistani readers that India is worse than Pakistan, India has more terrorism than Pakistan, India has more reasons for breaking up than Pakistan, Indian Hindus are  more communal than Pakistani Muslims ( forgetting that he lives in a secular state)

If a man can fall low for making a living... it is this jehadi turd called jawed naqvi

If a man can sell his country for fake Paksitani currency... it is this joker called naqvi...

If a man can write lies to please his masters...it is this jawed naqvi...

OUTLOOK of course needs controversies to be in the news. They can get Naqvi to do articles on how RSS is behind the Benazir killing, how RAW is behind Musharraf's constipation, how  IB is behind Zardari's need for viagra... !!

H ahahah !!! What a third rate joker!!

delhi, india
Jan 23, 2013
05:05 PM

The look before you lunge title also applies to quite a few people who've dismissed Naqvi for being a Pakistani stooge. At least this article is no proof of that. All he's asked for is for us to realise that the truth is much more complicated than the one-sided narrative that we're being fed, especially by some TV channels. Nowhere in the article has he defended the Pakistani army or belittled ours.  

Or we'll have to assume that Prem Shankar Jha (http://tehelka.com/walking-into-a-war-trap/), Praveen Swami (http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/runaway-grandmother-sparked-savage-skirmish-on-loc/article4291426.ece) and Saikat Datta (http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report_dna-exclusive-uri-commanders-forceful-retaliation-led-to-beheadings_1787448) are all Pakistani stooges.

Santosh John Samuel
Kochi, India
Jan 23, 2013
11:11 PM

" Or we'll have to assume that Prem Shankar Jha , Praveen Swami and Saikat Datta are all Pakistani stooges."

They are not Pakistani stooges. They are just deaf-mutes. 

Philadelphia, United States
Jan 24, 2013
01:54 PM


Rohit Bhalla
Delhi, India
Jan 25, 2013
05:34 AM

If what Barkha Dutt has written is really true, it baffles me why Pakistan did not make an issue of it earlier especially when Pakistan is a country that will go hammer and tongs at the slightest opportunity they can get agianst India. Can Barkha Dutt prove she is not lying by mentioning the exact location where it occurred and the name of the colonel

nY, United States
Jan 25, 2013
04:20 PM

 1234bharat ..... Pakistan couldn't officially protest as they did not recognize Kargil was their soldiers to begin with. As to whether this incident Barkha Dutt describes is true or not ... I hope outside the public gaze the army at least investigated it and took some tough actions if true. That would be expected to be called disciplined and professionals. The Americans never shied to taking those resposnible to task including if appropriate officers too to ensure these remain exceptions. Army comes with a lot of power inherently. It is easy to misuse/abuse - the chain of command has to keep a tight leash and discipline and make examples of exceptions.

Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
Jan 25, 2013
08:50 PM

 @ Rohit Bhalla

Jawed does not foment crap... he is pure crap itself. 

He even made fun of 26/11 trial. He is pure communal TURD right till his toenail, masquerading his evil designs in psuedo leftist liberalism.  The correcct place for him is as a teacher in Hafeez Saeed's seminary

delhi, india


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