How reports on border skirmishes have skimmed details for sensation

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Must See
Daily Mail
Feb 11, 2013
Don’t Lose Your Own Head, Mr Hawk

Cheap Logomachy exposes the role of mass media in mobilising public support to further the interests of fringe elements in the LoC affair. And everyone knows how our corporate-controlled big media ‘manufactures consent’ among the people. They select targets, they determine the boundaries, they shape discussions, they control the flow of information.... Such media outlets must be held accountable for the wilful and malicious propaganda they put out.

Imran Ahmed Khan, Bangalore
Jan 20, 2013
03:56 AM

Outlook did a hit job on Swami Vivekananda last week and very quickly moved it to a back issue (while relegating Owasi and the Delhi rape case to little snippets).

Now you are giving the benefit of the doubt to Pakistan and not to India. Indian defense establishment is more believable than your version.

How do you manage to go to town with such bad journalism two times in a row?

Priya Madhavan
Rochester, United States
Jan 20, 2013
03:50 PM

 The Media both visual and print go for sensational
negative reporting that 'good news' has become if not
rare buried in fifth or seventh pages. Another wonder is that
like public memmory the media memmory is also very short.
After breaking or sensationalising till they get another catch,
they conviniently forget the earlier catch. I mean no follow up.
Earlier it was not like that. Why the hell media fear to reveal
the source of NEWS?

pattambi, India
Jan 21, 2013
10:17 AM

 There is a false argument here that the underlying reason for the conflict is the unsolved Kashmir problem and that if Kashmir is handed over on a platter to Pakistan all will be well and eternal piece and harmony will descend on the subcontinent if not on the entire world. The naive or the biassed liberals and secularists in India as well as abroad will do well to realise and accept that the problem not only between India and Pakistan but the world over is militant Islam. It is intolerant of not only  other religions but other Islamic sects as well and unleashes inhuman violence in order to ultimately establish the Shariat on the whole world. If and when it happens theree will be no secularists left to condemn the saffron pariwar.

Jan 21, 2013
10:37 AM

I am not sure why the author is barking at media if he agrees that incidence like this should come to light. Just because they did not in the past that does not mean that media should not report them now. The same argument was used by some sickos for outage against rape. We cannot have a normal relationship with Pakistan if we are going to have war like situation at LOC. 

NJ, United States
Jan 21, 2013
07:01 PM

Cheap article

there is a class of psuedo intellectual in India who loves to appear above the fray, but they only reveal their own stupidiy.  The beheading is not in dispute. The reason why such incidents become news is hard to say, but it usually reflects some kind of "tipping point". Why does some murder or rape make the news, when there are dozens of such incident daily.  You could write a thesis on it.

The writer ignores the wider background, the history of Pakistani sponsored terrorism, the supressed rage from the 26/11 attack that is now dismissed by the Pakistanis as inconsequential, the passivity of the Indian state.   Only now Pakisitanis can quote articles from "kafila" and outlookindia" to feel even more smugly satisfied.  What you are doing is setting up the justification, or even narrative, for the next terrorist attack. Thanking you Sir

MK Saini
Delhi, India
Jan 22, 2013
05:25 AM

Beautiful and objective journalism still exists. The article primarily exposes the role of mass media to mobilize public support for the special interests of fringe elements in the ranks of Indian Govt and also their disrupting abilities.

Clearly, the purported defense against some foreign danger has become instruments of tyranny at home. The corporate media has grown just too powerful and purchasable to manufacture consent amongst the populace. They set the agenda, they select targets, they determine the boundaries, they shape discussions, they control the people, the flow of information and they even restrict to serve their dominant bosses to achieve their goals.

While the talk of containing the maverick mass media is a taboo, we ought to device strategies to counter its ill-effects. The media has to be accounted for what it willfully and maliciously hides and that if revealed could diffuse tensions and promote some peace.
Nationalism is indeed a disease that has made monsters out of normal people…and the butchers who behead each other are regarded as Heroes in their respective countries.

Imran Ahmed Khan
Bangalore, India
Jan 22, 2013
07:54 AM

//the LoC is a ceasefire line where //
Exactly, my red friend! In war, you expect such barbaric behaviour. It is not too uncommon.
It doesn't make it legitimate, but it is possible to move on. But we thought it was ceasefire? yes, firing and killings happen. But this behaviour is typical of certain tribal mindsets found in Pakistan.
However, the intensity and the frequency of these incidents within Pakistan and of course, outside, is spectacular. They do it in Pakistan against their own people and do it against us infidels. It has happened in the last century & for centuries before as well.
There is a certain kind of religious and ethnic tribal fanaticism that exists over there that enables people to do this without feeling an iota of guilt.

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Apr 19, 2013
08:12 PM

 Really must file a RTI and see how this publication company is alive. Maybe these hate monger leftists like SV do their articles for free. Pathetic Creep

trivandrum, India


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