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Why did the government give in to the jingoism played to the hilt by the netas and the media?

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Must See
Daily Mail
Feb 11, 2013
Don’t Lose Your Own Head, Mr Hawk

Apropos your cover story News of a Beheading (Jan 28), if war was a solution, the Kashmir issue would have been resolved many times over. A lot has been done to broadbase the India-Pakistan relationship so that Kashmir doesn’t remain the only thread of discussion. Such rhetoric in the name of nationalism will only take us away from this. Let’s work towards building our capacity for peace, not war.

Bachchu Singh, Meerut

The Indian government’s hardening of stand came perhaps in the aftermath of the political unrest in Pakistan. It was trying to play down the events initially, but once it got news of Tahir Qadri’s long march and the Pakistan Supreme Court verdict on the premier, the tone changed.

Abhinav M., Pune

Pakistan has always taken our caution as weakness. Candlelight vigils on the border, civil society, cultural or sporting interaction are all very fine, but they cannot excuse ceasefire violations on the LoC, intrusions by Pak-trained militants, and certainly not the beheading of our soldiers.

Col R.D. Singh, Ambala Cantt

You call this “talking tough”?

Vipul Jani, Toronto

Jan 19, 2013
01:53 PM

The government's statement should be strong, lucid and prompt, anticipating that politicians will soon take to the media and will try to outdo each other in jingoism.

Dallas, United States
Jan 19, 2013
01:53 PM

“By the Blatantly Cowardly act Pakistan has proved its status of a ‘HEADLESS CHICKEN’ who keeps doing berserk acts until succumbs.”

Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Jan 19, 2013
04:32 PM

  I feel, somehow, people might sometimes consider, that they happen to read what I feel, because I am not inconsiderate. I plainly feel, for civilians, hanging is a form of execution, which robs the dead body of the person who is hanged, of dignity. I can express, that it might not look offensive to the people who see the hanging. A lady was executed in Pakistan, perhaps by beheading, recently. Beheading is better than hanging. Perhaps people like Malala Yusufzai, have dignity after being shot, because in India, ladies know people are hanged, and they have not imagined the indignity. 

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Jan 19, 2013
05:00 PM

 The enlightened pact between Vajpayeeji and Musharraf to declare a ceasefire along the LoC has saved thousands of lives, both civilian and military, over the last ten years. A more modest understanding between the two armies to avoid wanton acts of cruelty could save the fragile, tentative peace process from coming under intolerable strain.

ashok lal
mumbai, India
Jan 19, 2013
05:34 PM

"A more modest understanding between the two armies to avoid wanton acts of cruelty could save the fragile, tentative peace process from coming under intolerable strain." Ashok Lal

We had such an understanding.

Then they came over and beheaded our soldiers.

What do you propose we should do? Have another understanding?

Fedup Indian
Hyderabad, India
Jan 19, 2013
09:46 PM

I think hardening of stand was due to internal unrest within pakistan. If you follow events closely, the government intially was trying to play it down, but once the news of Qadri's long march and Pak SC verdict on arresting PM broke the tone of Indian goverment changed.

Pune, India
Jan 20, 2013
08:40 AM

 All such big talks by all and sundry are nothing but playing to the gallery, as time and again the Pakis have repeated such intrusion with impunity, and forget about swift retaliation; our political leadership have always been bending backwards after uttering some empty threats.

This time no exception. Sometimes makes me wonder, for what the country is spending billions, and maintaining an army of almost a miilion men on our western front.

Shyamal Barua
Kolkata, India
Jan 20, 2013
11:24 AM

What I am puzzled with badly is -  Our efforts- diplomatic or military , to bring back severed head of our soldier - Hemraj , have gone futile and we feel just hapeless. Does this not going to demoralise further our armymen . ?

P.Gautrampurkar,Sawai madhopur,Rajasthabn

Parshuam Gautampurkar
Sawai Madhopur-Rajasthan, India
Jan 21, 2013
01:21 PM

Enough is enough. How long shall our decision-makers wait and look forward towards brokering peace with Pakistan despite its offending actions time and again? Our government should not delay a tough military action against Pak apprehending the loss of local minority votes as a determined and decisive action would fetch them a far more consolidated public support irrespective of caste and religion. The government must conclude at least now that a peaceful solution with Pakistan appears a mirage !  

Pramod Srivastava
New Delhi, India
Jan 21, 2013
03:42 PM

We understand that ceasefire or no, there will be bodies. You have two armies facing each other and you expect it. But what is with the beheadings? No other national army (or even "irregulars") mutilate the bodies of enemy soldiers. It is clear that the perpetrators are following the example set in early Islamic history. To say it is local culture to desecrate the body of enemies is disingenuous, and has the (un?)intended effect diverting attention from the fanaticism informing these dastardly acts.

Bangalore, India
Jan 21, 2013
08:04 PM

I don't buy the argument that Pak did a climbdown - it keeps doing its activity while making a soft external talk. This is just another classic case of congress strategy - managing public discourse by escalating and deescalating public mood, without actually doing anything. Nothing was done with the border, nothing is done about the beheading, and nothing is done to get any kind of commitment from Pakistan. Just some talking to take things where they were a few weeks ago. Absolutely no improvement in situation.

Skanda Veera
San Jose, United States
Jan 22, 2013
07:21 AM

//Why did the government give in to the jingoism played to the hilt by the netas and the media?//
Because they are a capitulationist government. If you shout loud enough, they will shut up.
It comes with the Nehruvian appeasement mindset. This is why the congress has had hindu, muslim, marxist, anti anti marxist and state communalists. In 1984, it was a state worshipping mob who killed sikhs in the thousands, not Hindu or Muslim mobs. They attacked Sikhs in the name of their religion-Massive Statism- and their prophet Indira Gandhi.
To retain massive powers and soft totalitarianism, you have to appease a few angry hens(I'm not being sexist here, just that angry cocks, instead of angry hens, would sound hilarious and take away from the main point).
Having said this, you in the rabid left wing media are hardly any better than the jingoistic hordes. You are as immoral and lack ethics like your counterparts on TV.
Adults, of the sensible kind, who don't identify with each other, have this wonderful ability to co-exist without feeling the need to, make love to each other leading to multiple orgasms, or stab each other multiple times in the neck.
No war, doesn't mean 'kissy kissy huggy huggy' either.

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Jan 23, 2013
03:45 AM

 the entire article looks like a shameless PR piece for this impotent government. Manmohan Singh talked tough ?/ when ? was the whole world sleeping when he finally spoke ? this useless government has no spine, no shame and can do nothing other than attack the aam aadmi and protesters who dare to demand their rights in a so called democracy. As a person of indian origin, i feel ashamed every day and extremely upset and angry over the continuous degradation of our country at the hands of these morons (i.e. Neta Log). I mean, after every terrorist attack they say the same thing. Next time it will not be tolerated. Really ? What does Next time mean ? If i was a soldier at the border and this happened and my government did nothing, what will happen to my confidence ? A soldier must be backed by his government at all costs, including going to war with pakistan. What did we do after mumbai attacks, after parliament attack, after all other attacks. We stopped the talk for a few months and then it was all back to bogus talks again. Have some guts. Just acquiring missiles and planes and submarines will do nothing, if we don't have the balls to use them. 

Vipul Jani
toronto, Canada
Jan 23, 2013
05:23 PM

 another article by the traitors, of the traitors , for the traitors.

kolkata, India
Jan 24, 2013
02:12 AM

 if war was a solution, we would have solved kashmir problem many times over. its well known now that indian army started the attack on the 6th by crossing over and sliting the throat of one of their subedars and injuring another. 

a lot has been done to broadbase the relationship between the two countries so that kashmere does not remain the only thread of discussion. such rhetoric in the name of nationalism will only get us further away from the solution. let us respect the hard work that has gone in towards normalising the situation and building more bridges. killing and more killing is no solution and makes us look like a barbaric society of the medieval. lets work harder towards creating more capacity for peace than war. 

and thanks for the informative article and not succumbing to the cowardice that we do under the garb of nationalism.

bachhu singh
meerut, India


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