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Anti-Modi crusaders run their rabid campaigns blindfolded

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Daily Mail
Jan 28, 2013
A Lesson For You

Madhu Kishwar’s piece The Kettle Hits Back is a succour for people like me who aren’t really happy with Narendra Modi’s perceived anti-Muslim shades but still believe he must be given a chance to counter the feudal, crony order of the G clan.

Kumar Rakesh, Chandigarh

Madhu Kishwar, you’re a fearless, honest writer who tells it like it really is.

Krishan Chhibbar, Lorton, US

Can’t agree more with this tweet Kishwar put up once: ‘Congress darjanon riots hazam kar gayi, Modi ek bhi nahin kar paya. Secularism ka mukhauta laga lo, to sab maaf (The Congress could digest a dozen riots; Modi, not even one. Wear the mask of secularism, and all’s forgiven).”

Gurkirat Singh, Delhi

Were Outlook editors on holiday or what?

Jainarayan K., Chennai

Madhu Kishwar is either incredibly stupid or wilfully blind to the fact that once communal parties come to power and stay there, there will be no need for communal violence as the minorities will be terrorised and marginalised. Look only at Pakistan, there is no Hindu-Muslim violence as could conceivably have been the case. While healthy debate should be encouraged, Kishwar does not belong to a forum like Outlook unless she writes as a Modi representative and not as a columnist.

H.M. Siddhanti, Richmond, US

Dec 22, 2012
01:23 PM

This piece tacitly acknowledges Modi's likely role for 2002 riots but tries to put things in perpective in the backdrop of numerous such government-sponsored riots in gujarat itself and across the country in the past. i appreciate this write-up and find it in a succor for people like me who are not really happy with Modi's perceived anti-Muslim shades but nevertheless believe that he must be a given the chance when the alternative is feudal and crony order propopagted by Gandhis. Even if one acknowledged for argument's sake that Modi had a hand in fuelling anti-Muslim riots in 2002, it is also a fact that he is an able administrator, pragmatic economist and above corruption. The fact that he has no family to promote is also to his credit. The state has been free from any riots since 2002 means that Modi has moved beyond the politic of riots.

He elicits such strong reactions from the old order for the simply reason that he is an outsider and threaten to shake the old, rotten world's foundations. The reigning order - and i include well known journalists, NGOs, and activist types in this -- is still more comfortable with Delhi politicians like Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley; but the idea of a complete outlier taking over reigns of power poses a serious threat to their livelihood. Modi's outright refusal to coopt these largely venal crop has only fueled their dislike for him.

How ridiculous it is for people to accuse him of promoting personality cult while cheering for a family which has named every second state institution after its members. Even a failed prime minister like Rajiv Gandhi, who also encouraged anti-Sikh riots and never apologised -- has Metro station, numerous welfare projects named after him. And the man was awarded Bharat Ratna as well.

Modi deserves a much better treatment from his critics. 

kumar rakesh
chandigarh, India
Dec 22, 2012
01:24 PM

An extremely interesting and thought-provoking essay by a recognised intellectual.

The second part of the essay was far superior as it spoke of the importance and necessity of inclusive development.

To say, however, that the killing of Sikhs in 1984 somehow justifies (I don't know how) the killing of Hindus / Muslims in 2002 is an argument which will find few takers.

Finally, regarding the LTTE - please note that the Americans were planning to develop Trincomalee in Eastern Sri Lanka (one of the finest natural deep water harbours in the Indian Ocean) as a base for the US Navy. This would have practically cut off the Indian Navy's Eastern and Western Commands. The LTTE and others were propped up to ensure that this did not happen - realpolitik is unfortunately not Indian Journalism's strong point.

Gaurab Banerjee
Kolkata, India
Dec 22, 2012
02:09 PM

As is true of many of Madhu Kishwar's recent articles, this one too is slanted and polemical. She is clearly out to whitewash all of Modi's sins and give him a certificate of being a haloed super administrator. His widely alleged complicity in the Muslim massacre, his lies, deceptions and shameless cultivation of cult of personality are all given short shrift. She is putting her own credibility to risk with such hack jobs.

Dallas, United States
Dec 22, 2012
05:31 PM

>>His widely alleged complicity in the Muslim massacre - Anwaar

u did not say what you think of ethnic cleansing in Kashmir!!!

Chennai, India
Dec 22, 2012
07:11 PM

Francois Gautier exposes Medha Patkar's explosive agenda!!

Ahmedabad, India
Dec 22, 2012
07:14 PM

Dear Sir,

I often wonder why everybody - the politicians, media and all form of bleeding heart NGOs are so scared of Mr. Modi's rise to power again and again?

Do they not see the inclusive development and progress in his State over the last decade - and without any communal riots - while other States have had their share of these riots?

Perhaps they fear a change in the order will upset their cosy mutual back scratching arrangements!

Navin Malhotra
New Delhi, India
Dec 22, 2012
07:20 PM

Well said Ma'am.

In fact, many among the Modi-bashers brazenly allege that the Godhra train massacre was a VHP/BJP conspiracy, even though several known Congressmen have been convicted by the courts for that mass murder.

There indeed should be as extensive a probe into this ffrom a political angle as there was to the riots that succeeded it. Also the dubious role of the earlier Enquiry commissions which ruled the now proved arson to have actually been an accident should be investigated as alo the mandate provided to them by the then Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav & accountability fixed for the erronous conclusions.

chennai, India
Dec 22, 2012
07:57 PM

Briillant article. Too good an article to be published in outlook.

NJ, United States
Dec 22, 2012
09:00 PM

 The article is an eye opener for readers like me who have been far long being brain washed by false propoganda. Modi deserves praise for his commitments to his people.

ajit mishra
nagpur, India
Dec 22, 2012
09:26 PM

Finally, some justice is being done to Modi. A weaker man would have succumbed to such a sustained vilification campaign carried by the Congress and its sidekick, the Indian media. But every insult hurled at Modi has only strengthened him. My respect for the man has multiplied manifold, not just because he has tolerated such vile opponents, but also because he hasn't let such a campaign affect him and his state. The result is there for everyone to see; Gujarat zips ahead and others can only envy it.

Hyderabad, India
Dec 22, 2012
10:27 PM

 We were groping all these years to read something credible,be it Tavleen sings,or shekhar al.this article from ms MADHU PURNIMA KISHWAR is about the best article candidly written and presented,we have all seen how ms madhu kishwar used to be muzzled by the media anchors,whenever she tried to make her point,It is so refreshing ms kishwar to read your non biased artilce.

thank you once again madhuji

harish naik
bangalore, India
Dec 22, 2012
10:29 PM

The biggest fan of Madhu Kishwar on this forum is surprisingly silent.

Delhi, India
Dec 22, 2012
10:33 PM

Isn't it ironical that the people who lost all credibility with their ten year vicious propaganda are today worried about Madhu Kishwar losing her credibility?

Delhi, India
Dec 22, 2012
10:50 PM

RSM >>The biggest fan of Madhu Kishwar on this forum is surprisingly silent.

I have just logged in. Wait. Assuming you meant me.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Dec 22, 2012
10:57 PM

One thing that is missed out here wrt Gujrat that came up during Gujrat election discussions on TV is security of women. Some girls talked about how secure they feel at night during navaratri in Gujrat. It is very relevent specially in the context of epidemic rape crimes in other parts of India.

NJ, United States
Dec 22, 2012
11:17 PM

... have gone so overboard in demonizing Modi that even people like me who have been consistent critics of BJP feel revolted enough to say: “This has gone too far. Please don’t manipulate us beyond our tolerance limit.”

Precisely the point.
Salman Rushdie said in some interview regarding his book Satanic Verses; (something like):
"Now the book is living the normal life it deserve, which was denied for long. Just as any other book, it has its good and bad."
Same thing goes with Modi.
As a human being, and an administrator to top that, it is impossible for anyone to be perfect.
The normal criticism, as well as praise, he deserves, has been denied by pseudo brigade for far too long.
Some of the BS of this brigade is so appalling that jaw drops in disbelieve.
The "idea of India" is in danger, some are saying.
Who the F authorize you to draft that idea anyway?

One has to give credit to this man.
Imagine a olympic race; where everyone is running on normal track, but one player is given a track with all hurdles and ditches. Yet he is the one keep winning.
Kuchh baat to hai.

Santosh Gairola
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Dec 22, 2012
11:36 PM

 >>The systematic demonisation of Narendra Modi in the media began with Medha Patkar’s Narmada Bachao Andolan.

Modi became the darling of the media and a section of the population only after Gujarat 2002. Even before Modi was anywhere in the picture, Madhu Kishwar had serious reservations with NBA. Madame, it was through Manushi, I learnt about the nature of communalism in India, how communal violence is enacted. It was through your writing, I learnt to read Arun Shourie, what he writes and what he misses. You were the lone voice in media to never forget Delhi 1984. Through you I also got a perspective on calls for Uniform Civil Code. You visited us in Bombay in the aftermath of the communal violence and saw the devastation with your own eyes,and wrote about it too.  I have learnt a lot from you, and nothing can take away that. I shall reply to you in a day or two,.

But the very first line of your article is not exactly honest, is it?

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Dec 23, 2012
12:00 AM

 "I have just logged in. Wait. Assuming you meant me" R. Saroja.

For once, you are spot on. I do think it was intended for you. RSM beat me to it, lol.

Visakhapatnam, India
Dec 23, 2012
12:14 AM

 "Today Muslims of Gujarat are clearly scripting a new role for themselves and a new equation not just with Modi but also those who want to keep scratching their wounds and encashing their real and imaginary vulnerabilities. They are letting the world know that they can speak for themselves and manage their affairs without the help of manipulative mediators."

The day the Muslims of India see how they are being manipulated, become political aware of how their vulnerabilities, both real and perceived, are being exploited at the altar of political expediency, that is the day when true secularism will triumph over latent communalism, and divisive politics get totally  eradicated from the political landscape of our country.

I look forward to the day when we are Indians first and all our sub-identities are incidental and do not detract from our primary identity as children of Mother India, the cradle of civilisation and home to unity in diversity. The first nails have gone into the coffin of pseudo-secularism. RIP.

Visakhapatnam, India
Dec 23, 2012
01:58 AM

now madhu keeshwar will branded as a fascist by looney seculars, fact is, NAMO towers above all. paid news media like OUTLOOK will only look more and more idiot and fool as NAMO goes on on on ...

London, United Kingdom
Dec 23, 2012
02:03 AM


>> Modi became the darling of the media and a section of the population only after Gujarat 2002.

That is the absolute truth. To say anything different is a deliberate lie and Madhu Kishwar should know it.

Dallas, United States
Dec 23, 2012
02:09 AM

>> "The day the Muslims of India see how they are being manipulated......"

How the Hindus of India are being manipulated by Modi is the real problem. How some seculars like Madhu Kishwar succumb to this seduction is a tragedy.

Dallas, United States
Dec 23, 2012
02:24 AM

 the Gujarat riots of 2002 converted Modi bashing into an extremely rewarding career advancement strategy for media persons, NGO activists, academics and sundry intellectuals.

This is probably the most important sentence in this well-written article. Krishna Prasad and VM will be looking for escape routes after letting this article publish. Someone should have been asleep at the wheel in letting this slip through. 

Today Muslims of Gujarat are clearly scripting a new role for themselves......

They could do that??? What happens to India's secularism if they are allowed to develop like every other citizen of this country? 

Washington DC, United States
Dec 23, 2012
02:35 AM

Thank you Madhu kishwar for writing an unbiased article about Narendra modi. I did not expect such an article from you as i have seen you many times debating same as other pseudo-secularists do on tv channels. but you should be appreciated for being non-biased in your views.

Bangalore, India
Dec 23, 2012
04:11 AM

An honest article by a secular in Outlook!

Probably this is what the Mayans meant by the end of the world.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Dec 23, 2012
07:31 AM

One of the recurring themes in Indian history is the uncanny ability of Hindus to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

The Battle of Tallikota in 1564 should have been an easy victory for Vijaynagar, but just as the battle was turning in their favour, an arrow hit the elephant of Rama Raya, the king of Vijaynagar, and the wounded elephant ran away from the battle. Seeing this, the Hindu troops panicked and were routed. The armies of the Deccan sultanates then entered Vijaynagar and razed it to the ground after slaughtering everyone in the city, ending a glorious kingdom which had served as the focal point of Hindu resistance for 250 years.

This was not the first time in Indian history that wounded elephants turned the tide of the battle against us. Al Beruni records that when Muslims first encoutered war elephants in India, they were terrified of these huge beasts, but soon realized that by wounding these animals, they could be made to run amuck and trample on their own troops. The smart thing for Hindus to do would have been to give up war elephants at that point - if kings needed to have war elephants to stay above the battle, they should have had a large of very visible leaders all over the battlefield to make sure that there was no "single point of failure" as we say in systems engineering. But then, the Hindoo has a sense of the past but no sense of history, so learning from history is difficult for us.