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Modern, city-dwelling women of Gujarat adore Modi and seem to think he can do no wrong

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Must See
Daily Mail
Jan 28, 2013
A Lesson For You

Swooning gopikas? Outlook, you overdo yourself in your articles on Modi (The Benediction of Bens).

Zafar, Sydney
Dec 22, 2012
12:42 PM

Modis policies on womens quota in panchayat elections has made him a hit with women.

However, males should beware of this as an anti-male policy, bent on frustrating their genuine political work.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Dec 23, 2012
09:11 AM

 Swooning gopikas? Hai, Outlook, you outdo yourself!!!

Sydney, Australia
Dec 23, 2012
10:28 AM

 We all associate Modi with positive development

Tell that to the cretins who associate supporting Mr.Modi with 2002

Talking about women's feeling of sense of security, perhaps the writer should help herself out of the pond that she lives in. We've been hearing incidents of rape and murder of women in our country's capital each passing day. Why not tackle those issues and offer a sol worth considering than passing snide remarks about "gopikas" ?! But, no, why should you care ? Perhaps you are seated in a safe place as Guj .... LOL 

Reg the developmental claims of Mr.Modi, if they are untrue, perhaps you can put a bit more effort into puncturing those claims. Ppl are ready to listen. no ?

If his detractors expose the underbelly of Gujarat’s growth model—low literacy, the worsening of the lot of the poor, marginalisation of women and the loss of livelihoods and resource bases—they will be dismissed in a hurry

The nation is reeling under the misrule of Congies for the past sixty years and with the recent spate of scams unearthed ppl are fedup, no thanks to the Congie cronies in the media who'd be ready to the play the tune Congies want. For these, you dont have any such scribes (or more pertinently scribblers) who could expose the nutty rule. how concerned are these about dalits and women !!! how Touching ..!!!!.. And Yes, those "allegations" with near to nothing to offer for proofs will be dismissed and yes they shall be countered with ample proofs. And I do have a doubt, if there was no dev, would ppl be sending him to form the Govt for the third consecutive term, I wonder !!! Oh and yes theres the brahmastra if nothing else works.... "the Communalization" factor

Chennai, India
Dec 25, 2012
05:44 PM

//If his detractors expose the underbelly of Gujarat’s growth model—low literacy, the worsening of the lot of the poor, marginalisation of women and the loss of livelihoods and resource bases—they will be dismissed in a hurry.//
Yes, in the absence of facts to support these pathetic shallow claims, they will be dismissed as yet another opinion wih no info to back it up.
I prefer GUjarat with it's low loteracy and greater freedom to choose than hartaal heaven, Kerala whose labourers go to the UAE(pronounced gelf) to be treated like caged animals by the assorted cavemen we call arab sheikhs. They literally built much of the 'gelf' and they are treated in an inhuman way.
Yet, they return to the gulf. Others want to go too.
Why do you think this is happening? why would they leave labour heaven and go to literally labour hell?
Sometimes I think the equality mongers and  the champions of 'equal growth' whatever the hell that is(from whatever planet, certainly not earth) are very much like those poor kids taught hate material in madrasas or among members of the bajrang dal.
This daft 'reporter' has mugged up a few lines which she has been told by her masters to use whenever no lower middle class person takes them seriously.
Or thinks of themselves as 'victims' who these angels are out to save.
Go stuff your fake morality up your backside, your socialisation didn't help me!!
The economy is not a zero sum game. There isn't some fixed amount of money that the rich get to first.
It is dopey people like you who would much rather have the lower middle classes and the poor stay at their pathetic living standards than progress up, just to ensure that the evil rich don't get richer.
I speak as an annoyed man who was raised extremely lower middle class and who believes that economic liberalisation benefits reached me.
My family's and later my, purchasing power increased.
The 98 to 2007 period wasa good time for everyone including the poor.
And when we speak of farmers, what do they want the most in our nation?
Drought and plague resistant technology! How are they going to get that through mad throw money out of the window, socialisation? How is it going to become more affordable for them to not rely on monsoon?
You clowns would much rather have the government bribe sections of society, to vote against their long term inherent interest than better their living standard in the long run.
Also, I didn't give a flying toss about Ambani's wealth increasing by 300% in 3 months as long as our(my family's, neighbourhood's and friend's) living standard improved.

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Dec 25, 2012
05:47 PM

*The 98 to 2007 period was a relatively good time for everyone, in the Indian context, including the poor!

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Dec 28, 2012
12:26 AM

 'Much of the “Modi fever” in Gujarat is the result of his vocal women followers and fans"

Never knew so many women are oppressed.

Philadelphia, United States
Dec 30, 2012
07:08 AM

It is no wonder that given the adulation that Modi gets from women of Gujarat, a fact obvious to this writer who thinks rural women are not that supportive of Modi, was it not foolish of the Congress to field Mrs Swetha Bhatt against arch oppressor Modi? Keshubhai should have known better than field Mrs Jagruti Pandya against BJP candidate.Much hope was placed on the different Patels who were supposed to be opposed to Modi, and this proved an illusion.And lastly we come to Kanubhai Kalsaria who was opposed to some programmes in Anand District(could be elsewhere too, I forget) and fighting Modi's man while still with the BJP !! Sri Kalsaria can join Modvadia and Zaphadia in one corner and moan.

Chennai, India


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