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Once a force to reckon with in the BJP, the man who called Vajpayee a mukhota

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Daily Mail
Jan 28, 2013
A Lesson For You

Apropos Panini Anand’s interview with Govindacharya (‘BJP leaders are behaving like ostriches’), the right-wing ideologue is correct in warning against the overcentralisation of the Gujarat BJP unit under Narendra Modi.

The Irreverent Indian, on e-mail
Dec 22, 2012
01:53 PM

Is it not significant that NM has been able to keep his popularity intact for such a long period of 10-15 yrs that the voters in Gujarat did even not think of giving any second thought of voting anybody else in his place and the party, he represents. It is indeed not a child`s play to remain popular for so long time.One has to show performances,to convince people with the results.People`s mind changes instantly just when anything is going/goes against their wishes and it is the reason, why we see govternments at state and centre are changed term by term and turn by turn. In Gujarat, this has not happened for the last three terms. People evidently have liked his style of functioning. the Govt.servents working there have also endoresed his administrative ability ,his governence and chiefly his keen desire to take the Gujarat to high and higher heights of developments in all the fields and of course his honest conduct and policies have also contributed a lot to his win. Even outside Gujarat too,people are happhy to see his come back. They see in him and his personality something such that can bring  changes at the Centre too which they might be dreaming to take shape. 

Parshuam Gautampurkar
Sawai Madhopur-Rajasthan, India
Dec 22, 2012
03:13 PM

 I have seen and govindacharya and heard and appreciate his views, but on NM he is cynical. NM has done more then any CM in India for their state. There has been riots in india before that also. Bhagalpur, whom S Court does not find worth investigating.

Centralisation, do we have police reform, bureuacrats behaving for common people? So if he delivers with such constraints then as basic need he is better then others, rest things are more academic in nature. 

What he is refering to next stage when we have sensible people, officials, and politicians and then thinking of centralisation etc.

RSS and VHP have their own regressinve thinking, came open in Gadhkari case where he simply did not step down due to backing of RSS and like. For me it was very disappointing to see such face of RSS, what congress used to complain about. RSS is no better then congress. Congress loots and allows loot and wins that constituency bur RSS speaks something and does something.

RSS could not understand the damage it has done to BJP elections prospects by not forcing Gadkari to resign immediately. So Kejriwal is correct on BJP or her parent organisation.

Shame on RSS!!! 

Munich, Germany
Dec 22, 2012
03:46 PM


Yes .True  VHP of Togdia and some sections of RSS went aginst BJP and supported Keshu Bhai's campaign and some independents and ensured the loss of eight seats to BJP .

Mumbai, India
Dec 22, 2012
09:54 PM

Govibdacharya is right about overall problem with BJP. The BJP central leadership has become corrupt and are cutting deals in the states by appointing suitable person for CM and then arm twisting him to make money. Mahajan started this with daamaad but it is now widespread. I think except for Advani and Sushma others are involved in this game. That is why Reddy brothers were forced on Yeddi or Nishank was appointed or Uma was removed. The pattern is clear. The corrupt ministers are not dropped, The corrupt officials are protected by not giving permission to Lokayukt, The Lokpal bill was not allowed to include Lokayukt appointment.

Many ministers are now part of Mafia with backing from powerful some one among central leadership. Coal mines, Hydropower projects, Iron Ore all have been manipulated. Exctly same what happens in Congress government.

The signs are clear for the demise of BJP as national party. Losses in Himachal, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Rajasthan. It is not too late if RSS intervenes and democratize BJP the way Aam Aadmi party is structured. The controls must passed on to the party from the post holders. A political party cannot be run like sangh with central leader. There are so many good people in Party but they are ignored and police acts on the order of mafia. The works are done as per whim/deals and people are not even asked. This time the BJP state president was changed and there were full page ads from his supporters. Who paid for those ads and what was there to celibrate.

To my mind Aam Aadmi Party with its structure for direct democracy will replace BJP in near future because BJP , like Congress has become party of politicians, psychophants and people without brain. Only thing holding it is the alternative in congress is even worst.

Indore, India
Dec 23, 2012
12:05 AM


I have been with BJP for over 2 decdes, observing their steps on most of the issues.
I feel RSS is the biggest problem:
They are like Sonia Gandhi, who do not wish to come to forefront but want to exercise control over party.
They will never fight an election but will want to control the office bearers.
They will never come with their opinion on any national issues but will try to control the party direction.
It is exactly what Sonia Gandhi does. The aura behind RSS is that of supra nationalism and they hide them-self to keep that respect intact acting as hidden hand.

Just look BJP vehement ally opposed INDO-US Nuke deal. Now deal is done India is free to get it from USA or not. That Isolation is over.
Once hindu reporter was telling RSS of clerical mindset. I was bit hurt that time, but now I feel he was right. These are worthless and useless people!!!

Then there is group of Ex-PM Bajpayee, he created factionalism in BJP. Bajpayee was more liked by opposition being a moderate force. Bajpayee damaged the party, created sycophants, as he could not match Advani. I used to fall asleep hearing his speech. Disaster.
He saved Rahul Gandhi when he was caught in US airport. Why don't we ask why he did so, was Rahul carrying money given by Bajpayee??

Munich, Germany
Dec 23, 2012
10:17 AM

 The B. J. P. is a representation, but of what? Perhaps, the party will discover, as long as it exists. It seems, people understand what the party is, because they see the personality of Mr. Bajpayee, and the idea was, and perhaps is, that people wouldn't have wanted to without the persona of Mr. Bajpayee. I see that the leaders of the party are very nice and agreeable, but it appears, that many people like this in a political party poses certain dilemma's. I did not actually feel anything for the N. D. A. govt, when it was in 'power'. I didn't need to, and the problem I see is, that the govt. undermines it's function, when we are interested at all in the functioning. The issue is, that a politician can be a politician, and then not be, because of any reason. There are many politicians, who should perhaps not be, and there are many, who should be.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Dec 23, 2012
11:15 AM

 Sri. Govidacharya correctly points out that 
there is "oppurtunisum, confusion, and ignorence"'
in the party 'with difference'. Modis emergence 
shows the 'cult culture' and definitely not good
for party or country

pattambi, India
Dec 23, 2012
12:06 PM

 VNK Murthy >> Modis emergence
shows the 'cult culture' and definitely not good
for party or country

Of course for SAINT SONIA cult supporters like you, anything good for country has to do with one royal family dynasty that has ruled India and ruined India for 50 out of 65 years and showing no signs of giving its vice like grip on the country...

Delhi, India
Dec 23, 2012
06:08 PM

You see! All those who never voted or wiil never ever vote for BJP or NaMO have become self appointed advisors of the party. Just to enjoy their favourite pastime " RSS/VHP criticism'. They forget, Namo did visit RSS HQ during election and will visit after this win as well. Do they have any answer- who did supply him well informed 1700 volunteers to meet the false propaganda of 'Secular Mafia'? VHP was unhappy as some 2002 rioters were punished. Was this a wrong action by NaMo? No body will say so. And sooner VHP may have realized.

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Dec 23, 2012
06:57 PM

 8d 84
Ramki i am not a supporter of sonia dynasty.
what i meant is same cult culture is adopted
by modi.Jyuthi basu also cultivated cult or caderculture
and gave a ruined west bangal. Indira Gandhis 'Cacus gave
Janatha party power to rule.Morarji and kanti ruined that alternative.
Now Modis ambition to become PM is spoilt by his cult culture
for that there is no takers in NDA.Any way I appreciate your post
though i disagree

pattambi, India
Dec 23, 2012
09:00 PM

 India's 8 states have ports and direct contact with outside world,why have they not developed the way Gujarat has ?

pankaj jethi
jagadhri, India
Dec 24, 2012
08:06 AM

 GOVINDACHARYA has been one of the sharpest political brains in the BJP. He is correct in warning against the over-centralization of Gujarat BJP into one person. Modi must beging to let his team become more visible and prepare the second-rung to take higher responsibilities.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Dec 24, 2012
06:44 PM

Govindacharyaji....have respect for him, but of late he has lost focus on ground realities! wish if he remained the same sharp person the world  new about!

hyd, India
Dec 28, 2012
04:29 AM

Sadly, BJP is fast acquiring the traits of the rotten old Congress. The most detestable one is the son/daughter/son inlaw syndrome that has spread like plague. There are examples of that in most states. The other irritating trait is the promotion of celebrities in a party that once took pride in practising principled politics. What is the reasoning behind the likes of Hema Malini being  given Rajya Sabha seat?

The party, in practising opportunistic politics, is on a downward spiral and is fast losing control of its destiny.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom


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