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Whoever Thackeray or the Sena clawed, bled, be they south Indians, north Indians, Leftists, Dalits, artists and Muslims...

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Daily Mail
Dec 17, 2012
He Who Set the Toon

Did the bigwigs who attended Thackeray’s funeral do so out of a love for a born demagogue or for fear of more trouble if they did not (King Toon, Dec 3)? Not to speak ill of the dead, but the truth must out on the man’s many misdeeds. And if it clears the blocked mind of some of his manic supporters, then some good would be done.

Gopal Verma, on e-mail

These Tokres (bluffs) have made a very good living harassing the ordinary people and businesses of Mumbai. Their hearts bled so much for the Marathi manoos but they never ever did anything for them, not even start a school. The school for goondaism, though, they’ve got down pat.

Gilbert D’Souza, Bangalore

And to think this parochial, fascist ‘visionary’ was cremated with state honours.

Sampath Kumar, Bangalore

What do Sanjay Nirupam (Bihari), P.C. Alexander (Malayali), Pritish Nandy (Bengali) have in common? They all became Rajya Sabha MPs with the support of the Shiv Sena. Is it because the Sena finds that there are no worthy Marathi manoos fit enough to be MPs?

Sushil Prasad, on e-mail

It’s indeed sad that a man who was indicted by the Srikrishna Commission for the horrors of Mumbai 1992-93 was cremated with his body wrapped in the national colours.

Sameer, Bangalore

A man with such a strong dislike for north Indians, his final resting place is now the Ganga at Allahabad. I’m surprised Raj Thackeray did not raise an objection to this.

Swapnil Sinha, on e-mail

It’s a disgrace that this man never saw the inside of a jail.

Sinchan Mitra, Chicago

We all should wake up and learn some history. Thackeray was just following in the footsteps of the great tribal goon gangs like the Pindaris and Thugs of the late 18th century. I wouldn’t be very surprised to learn that Thackeray was a fan of the brigand Parashuram Bhavu, who looted and plundered much of central India during that time.

H.M. Siddhanti, Richmond, US

Agreed, Thackeray was no saint but such one-sided hate articles are not worthy of Outlook. He must have done something right, or how do you explain the 20 lakh people who attended his funeral?

Gandhara, New Jersey

Nov 24, 2012
03:44 PM

 What about the "good" that Bal Thackerey has done. e.g. Getting Sanjay Dutt released from jail. Just a coincidence that Dutt Sr was a senior Congress politician. You scratch my back, I scratch yours. That convicted criminal is still enjoying the good life. By the time the courts get round to executing his sentence he will plead for mercy on the grounds of old age.

Chennai, India
Nov 24, 2012
03:59 PM

In all these encounters, has someone noticed one striking pattern of violence - all are MALE?

Some may be south Indian - the smaller victims, or muslims - the bigger victims. BUT all are male!

Which begs the question - was Thackeray a feminist?

Do all similar crime leaders act out their subconscious HATE FOR MALES?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Nov 24, 2012
04:13 PM

Who respect him will keep loving him till their death. They actually know what good he did for them. But these distotionists history writers will paint him as devil as they are doing with our past.

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 24, 2012
04:30 PM

Really tamils were gettng jobs on their ability? Or since their fathers or relatives  were at top post in Delhi or any state cap? In our child hood we have listened ample stories of their intellgence and as also the roits of sixties in TN and Kerala, stories how north Indians been treated there. Hate breeds a greater hate and gives birth to a man like a "BST". Whatever respect NI get in extreme South much of the credit goes to 'BST"

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 24, 2012
07:50 PM

 What a one sided article.If Balasaheb was against dalits why would the Shiv Sena be aligned with the RPI which is the biggest Dalit party in Maharashtra.And the riots of 92-93 were started by muslims.People seem to keep forgetting it.Shiv Sena only entered the fray in 93 January. And the reason the Shiv Sena rose is thanks to every moron in mumbai who used to call Marathi speaking people Ghatti,Ghatti. Will anyone call them with that word today in mumbai?. I am a south India who grew up in mumbai in th 80's n 90's.

Arabaian Dacoit
UDF, Bahamas
Nov 24, 2012
08:02 PM

I see so many hate articles about Balasaheb Thakare in outlook. None of it explained why more than 20 lac people attended his funeral. The people from all casts, religion, economy background, states. The reasoning that they came there out of fear does not work. Balasaheb Thakare was no saint. But it is patehtic to read obnoxious one sided articles on him specially after his death by people who look at world in either black and white. 

NJ, United States
Nov 24, 2012
09:50 PM

Was Thackeray a feminist?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Nov 25, 2012
12:35 AM

 This is the story of the drawn out death of a once great city

Abhinav Chichra
New Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
05:11 AM

 Timely article, summarises the mans true legacy at a time everyone seems to be heaping praises on him

A. Sen
Los Angeles, United States
Nov 25, 2012
06:56 AM

 Good riddance. His soul will never rest in peace.

BT rose to this level because he was not nipped in the bud, just like Jarnail Singh Bhinderwal.

Spineless Congi govt kept pandering to him and soon they realised they were riding a tiger, so they kept riding it till the tiger's demise. Now they will hop on to his cub Raj/Uddhav thackrey and history repeats.

subba rao
dallas, United States
Nov 25, 2012
11:25 AM

 Whille Thackerays image, to start with, was built on the foundation of the "emotive" Maratha Manus pride, it had been enlarged further by the larger Hindutva appeal, which probably explains the presence of the milling multitudes at  Bala Sahibs funeral.

R V Subramanian
Gurgaon, India
Nov 25, 2012
12:13 PM

Bal Thackeray represented Congress politics. He was just another face of Congress leaders of Maharashtra. Just an another face and nothing else. Now that Congress leaders themselves are trying to hide their faces,  Shiva Sena leadership is also in as much in confusion and its power is strictly waning.

A violence unleashed on the basis of regionalism ,caste, creed ,belief system or even that of skin colour would always follow the rule of "what next?" . So, finally the episode of "next" ends with your own brother or sister right in your big family. If we were to think that a violence against a religion would not extend to the “feelings” of north Indians, south Indians, north-east people and so on ,  it would be a ridiculous hope..

Congress leaders play politics. AP is the best example. Until NT Rama Rao came to power, there were communal riots , until a chief minister is "changed" by the congress high command in Delhi !!!

Those people who speak doing benefit to their community do not any such thing. It is like wading through blood to reach a seat of power. This Geelani fellow in Kashmir siphoned off  money that was given to youth died in police firing !! When J&K Govt. or Central Govt. sends money for the riot victims , it is these vultures who siphon it away. In the end Dal Lake is putrefying and house wives are resorting to prostitution right in the heart of Srinagar. While the country has been moving in electronics, engineering and software , Kashmir youth have been stuck back in history !!

And so is the case of Mumbai. As if from nowhere Hyderabad and Bangalore became not just national hub for software exports but became international business centers, while Mumbai , the so called financial capital is nowhere in the picture.. These states are just one step away from making computer chips and other hardware( this was said by none other than Bill Gates himself ). While Mumbai came down from thousands of mills and factories to just a few hundred.

A simple timid person like Thackeray could not have risen to the position he enjoyed if not for the Congress politics of religious riots and regional chauvinism.

bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Nov 25, 2012
01:43 PM

This list will never end , many hard facts difficult to imagine are now surfacing after vanishing of the cause from the scene for the BIG LIST and oppresed as cited above. This proves that people were tigh lipped to vent their feelings,suppressing their thoughts and silently tolerating the excesses under BKT.

If any body tries to vent their feelings then they will be labeled  conveneiently as congi, commiee etc, where as the top congi leadership of the time very hand in glove. Congress leaders of the time and even now are the same as they are hand in glove. We dont see any light at the end of tuunel that such things will sooner or later come to an end.

All reasons behind this is the greed for power  to loot and exploit which irrespective of any party coming to power is the same.   

DAMMAM, Saudi Arabia
Nov 25, 2012
01:57 PM

BV Gopal Rao,

Congress leaders play politics. AP is the best example.

Today I read the following.  We seem to have a collective amnesia added to false memory over history. 

If we were to think that a violence against a religion would not extend to the “feelings” of north Indians, south Indians, north-east people and so on , it would be a ridiculous hope..

So wisely put.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 25, 2012
02:07 PM

Kiddies, let Uncle Joe Joe share a few secrets with you.Grab a pen & some healthy snacks(if you are a collectivist, you may abuse your body through high cholesterol junk or fat man lattes) and take notes.
No discussion on the Shiv Sena can happen in a vacuum.Political parties don't operate in a vacuum.They are influenced by each other and when they pursue self-interest through competition, the influence is clearly illustrated.
Which brings me to communism, specifically in India.Anyone that has lived under communist rule in India is quite familiar with the communist cadres and their goondas.They are as good(or as bad) as the Sainiks when it comes to goondagiri.
Moreover, they also have the blood of lakhs of the poor on their hands due to their murder of industry and perpetuating of poverty.
Now, mine is not a 'But these dirtbags stole gold, my boys only stole silver' argument.I am not necessarily a fan of Thackeray's.I believe he is one of two major political personalities in India who were borderline fascist at different times of their political careers.
The second, is that epitome of plurality and morality-Indira 'Emergency' Gandhi.I do not feel the need to elaborate on her.Thackeray, quite liked her too, didn't he?
Moving on, today's TOI's Swaminathan Aiyar's column, explains how the biggest riot(religion based or otherwise) in India happened in 1948 UNDER NEHRU,in Hyderabad where 50,000 to 200,000 people were killed as per the Sunderlal committee & he was responsible for looking the other way and pretending nothing happened.This was 'sanitised' or deleted by state chamchas.Shameful? I would think so.
In 1989 West Bengal, medieval indian history was similiarly sanitised through hardline statism that crushes all dissent wherein the truth was termed 'ashuddho' and deliberate lies-'Shuddho'.This proves two things-
1)The deliberate distortion of history to promote a particular agenda based on hate(for the rich, for the hindus in general because hindus accept heirarchy in society & think of it as natural unlike some bearded,bitter,rabid cowards)
2)Bengali, is just BADLY PRONOUNCED SANSKRIT.Try speaking Sanskrit like a drunk Japanese man would & lo and behold, you have Bengali!!

Also, anyone that is aware of Arun Shourie must also be aware of his book 'Eminent Historians' where he exposes this select small privileged bunch of Marxist Quacks, in  typically dry fashion.Not to mention Nehru & Rajiv's wars with China and in Lanka resp. that resulted in the loss of so many lives and the creation of long time enemies.

Why does this not get the same intense disdain that the sainik's thugs do?

This shameless whitewashing of our history by the marxist school of quackery,their influence on the media & their visceral hatred directed towards anyone who dared to differ with them is one of the 2 important reasons for the Shiva Sena being given a hard bum rap(quite right too) BUT the NCP(are guilty of as much violence as the Sena),SP(have any number of goonda MP's & illustrate this innate goondagiri every other day),INC(crush dissent of any kind and use their special power-chamchas existing on every level of bureaucracy and outside politics as well-to whitewash their records & are guilty of unleashing the most violence, directly or indirectly on the good people of india by a political party),TMC(Just watch the news at any given time) & esp the CPI(M) & the CPI(Violent thugs being unleashed on anyone who doesn't agree & perpetuation of poverty resulting in lakhs of poor people dying) goondaraj & their overall negative influence on society in general, being selectively UNDERPLAYED.
This is the first major reason why the proportion of coverage given to Sena's thuggish antics, is far greater than the wonderfully 'moral' parties on the left.
And I repeat, for the perpetuation of poverty & their greater area of influence, the communists and hardline socialists have more blood on their hands than anyone else in this country.
"But what is the second reason Uncle Joe Joe from Gotham city", you ask.The second reason,kiddies, why the Sena is looked at as the worst of our various parties by sections of the english language media, is because their crimes are committed in the Urban parts of India and those Urban Behemoths with their Khaandaani assets and wealth, in their Ivory towers and the parallel universe that they had/have created for themselves, were also affected by these Sainiks.
When riots happen every other day in UP under that pure Gandhian's(Akhilesh Yadav) rule & normal,hard working people & in some cases, even the same TV crews and camerapersons- who cry like scolded children after they get harassed by the Sena- get thrashed by loons of the regional parties in the heartland, the same outrage is never quite there, is it?
Who cares about some lower middle class 'Bhaiyyas' who got thrashed in UP?
These same self proclaimed 'progressives'(Fake!) however-who I believe are completely and utterly incapable of urinating standing up-cry like the Occupy Sesame Street loons did/do when asked to explain what was it they were fighting against, when the SAME BHAIYYAS get thrashed in Mumbai!!
Or EVEN IF it were the 'thrashers' and not the 'thrashees' from UP/Bihar who got the same treatment they like to dish out to the weak at home!! In both cases, there is suddenly a need to talk about the sena's 'hate'.
They have only brought what was & still continues to go on, in most parts of India, to the Urban Indian.
Thackeray or the Sena, didn't start this kind of politics & he certainly wasn't the only one indulging in it.
And kiddies, remember, Uncle Joe Joe  would love to have a big finish like Peter North, but I am still recovering from the sight of Mamta Bannerjee(Pronounced Maw-Maw-Thaa Bawn-Dho-Paad-Yaikes) on TV 10 minutes ago.

Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Nov 25, 2012
02:45 PM

In the early sixties I had travelled extensively (and intensively) through all districts of Telengana region from Adilabad to Anantapur. I had the privilege of interacting with several people from both Urban and Rural areas. As I understood, then, people from all communities talked about the harassment, inculding violence, meted out successively by Razakars followed by Communists (Nalgonda) and then by Malabar Special Police forces. It was not just intercommunal. This went on until both Razakars and the Communists lost their battles.

R V Subramanian
Gurgaon, India
Nov 25, 2012
04:08 PM


I read this link you have given, this swaminathan ankaleshawara Iyer who is by profession an economist.

As a kid I used to hear from my grandpa ,uncles and others who were speaking about this revenge killings after and during police action. Even by a cursory reading of events that led to police action by Sardar Patel would make anyone understand that Patel was not at all responsible for revenge killings of Hindus but the failed administration of Nizam was squarely responsible. And Police Action by Sarder Patel was necessary and essential.

Razakars killings , their rape of Hindu women, parading them naked in villages, burning and looting of Hindu household reached all limits of human beings on the earth , it far surpassed killings of jews by Nazis or at least that was how they ( who had undergone the trauma like our grandfather, and uncles ) felt it was, of that intensity.

Villages were ravaged , looted, burnt if there were no Muslims in that village. One of our relative house was burnt and they tied him and thrown him on that burning house , burning him alive. If this was the situation for the big land lords and small time kings living inside a small fort ( Ghadi) what was the situation for poor peasantry? and agricultural labour ? I need not tell you.

After the police action thousands of Razakars who threw away their uniform,wore civilian cloths and started running away were caught at Suryapet, Jangaon ( warangal) and Medak and were butchered to death. I heard eyewitness accounts of massacre that followed Police Action at Jangaon railway station. Even Visnoor Jamindar’s son, who was a rapist was beaten to death and dragged through the streets. The Zamindar himself ( Hindu) was spared. I talked to this Zamindar when I grew up. I went there to see his palace and surprised to see a western style toilet ,bath rooms and gober gas plant constructed in 1940 !!

The Police Action took place because Nizam did not agree for a truce. Nizam's representative  told Sardar Patel that all Hindus would be massacred if there were a Police Action. Patel replied that he would not go on  seeing it , with his hands down. Razakars started attacking trains passing through Hyderabad. Nizam knew that his army and his slighlty mad ,jihadi general Kasim Razvi ( he hailed from Gulbarga) would not stand against Indian Army.

But Kasim Razvi almost revolted or on the verge of revolt and Nizam was a puppet and helpless. He had sent all the gold to his grandson( Mufkanza) studying in England much before Police Action took place..

Kasim Razvi was caught alive by IA and sent for trial as war time criminal. He was jailed, released from jail after several years and when he died in Hyderabad , people say that not even four people attended his funeral.

Nehru was not at all responsible because , he opposed any Police Action and his argument was that communal riots were going on in Punjab and at the point of time he thought it would cause much more problem.

But Sardar Patel took the decision which was like a boon from heaven for Hindus in Nizam state. The later social unrest cannot be blamed on Sardar Patel who was not responsible for administration of Nizam’s Kingdom. However I have to clarify that I am not supporting such wanton killings , most bizarre beheadings etc., without any proper trial.

But that was the prevailing conditions of mass upraise when no govt. existed for all practical purposes though good Nizam ( personally he liked Lord Krishna and participated in all Hindu festivals  ) did not run away or tried to hide anywhere. He probably had foreseen what would happen after Police Action and was in favour of merger of his state in Indian Union..

Now if SA Iyer says that Sardar Patel's and Nehru's hands were drenched in blood , we must say that Mr.Swamy lacks common sense and then if that were the analysis he wants , he should have said Nizam's hands were drenched in blood instead , which off course would be wrong to say..

bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Nov 25, 2012
04:16 PM

 While talking about SA Aiyar, let us not forget one thing..

SA Aiyer is the Brother of Mani Sankar Aiyer, the Congress leader who is known to be close and part of the inner circle that guides and works with Saint Sonia and her son Rahul Gandhi..

And that piece of information is for those who naively refuse to connect the dots...

PS - In case you are not finding the missing picture, let us throw a little hint here. As 2014 approaches, Congress party is in serious threat of losing the traditionally "Hand" voting Muslim votembank due to its policies on such aspects like FDI in retail (which will hurt the muslim enterprenuers to significant measure) and the party badly needs distractions and inflammation of the islamic community in next 18 months to pull the community to vote again for hand. What better way than to bring back some report from the dusted cupboards and inflame them and build a false case of genocide against a Congress leader who has long been appropriated by the opposition party?

Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
04:21 PM

 17D/ BVG Rao,

Very interesting information from your side. It does appear that there has been an unprecedented genocide of hindu community, twice in South Asia in last 60 years - one in Hyderabad in late 1940s, and another in Dhaka/Bangladesh in early 1970s..

Why is that the media, intellectuals and all the left libtarts are absolutely silent on this grave genocide?

The genocide and cleansing of jews in europe (during ww2) has spawned hundreds of movies and novels. Why is that we do not have a single good movie showing us how the genocide of say the hindus in nizam's hyderabad and its ill impact?

I am not making a case for Inter Generational Transfer of Guilt here, but only telling that if we can have a Amistad and novels/movies depicting the past caste related cruelties, why not about the genocide of the kafirs in Hyderabad ?

PS - And if i understand it right, majority of the people killed in the genocide were OBCs (and a few dalits) . Another aspect to reckon.

Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
04:39 PM

Bal Thackerays's SS ruled Maharashtra for just 5 years. 

He lived in Maharashtra for 58 years under Congress rule as an opposition/non Congress leader.

This is one thing Outlook's writers wont talk about...

Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
07:00 PM

Thank you RV Subramanyan and BV Gopal Rao for your personal accounts. In his column in TOI SA Aiyer quotes Perry Anderson

"When the Indian Army took over Hyderabad, massive Hindu pogroms against the Muslim population broke out, aided and abetted by its regulars. On learning something of them, the figurehead Muslim Congressman in Delhi, Maulana Azad, then minister of education, prevailed on Nehru to let a team investigate. It reported that at a conservative estimate between 27,000 and 40,000 Muslims had been slaughtered in the space of a few weeks after the Indian takeover. This was the largest single massacre in the history of the Indian Union, dwarfing the killings by the Pathan raiders en route to Srinagar which India has ever since used as the casus belli for its annexation of Kash mir.
"Nehru, on proclaiming Indian victory in Hyderabad, had announced that 'not a single communal incident' marred the triumph. What action did he take on receiving the report? He suppressed it, and at Patel's urging cancelled the appointment of one of its authors as ambassador in the Middle East. No word about the pogroms, in which his own troops had taken eager part, could be allowed to leak out. Twenty years later, when news of the report finally surfaced, his daughter banned the publication of the document as injurious to national interests."

There are other estimates by responsible observers that puts the number of muslim massacred to as high as 200,000. It is nobody's contention that Indian Army should not have been sent to Hyderabad. But if we had developed a tradition of not sweeping things under the carpet and facing truth, and had respect for human rights, we would not be in a sorry state of Army shielding the accused eg in Pathribal encounter case. The Army has ordered court martial after the exit of Gen. VK Singh. It is disturbing to note that whatever be Nehru's motive in suppressing Sunderlal commission report(may be a belief that best way to calm things in a surcharged environment is to ignore reports of attrocities), it is not clear why Indira Gandhi also banned its publication. And it is unfathomable why Patel advised against the appointment of one of the authors as an ambassador in the Middle East and why Nehru took that advice. Now William Dalrymple has this to say in "The Age of Kali" 

And so on, for page after page. In all, the report estimates that as many as 200,000 Hyderabadi Muslims were slaughtered in the aftermath of the 'Police Action': an astonishing figure which, if true, would turn the 'police action' into a bloodbath comparable to parts of the Punjab during Partition. Even if one regards the figure of 200,000 dead as an impossible exaggeration, it is still clear that the scale of the killing was horrific. Although publicly Nehru played down the disorder in Hyderabad, claiming to the Indian representative at the United Nations that following the Nizam's officials deserting their posts there had been some disorder in which Hindus had retaliated for their sufferings under the [Muslim] Razakars [militia], privately he was much more alarmed. This is indicated by a note Nehru sent to Sardar Patel's Ministry of States on the 26th of November 1948, saying that he had received reports of killings of Muslims so large in number 'as to stagger the imagination' and looting of Muslim property 'on a tremendous scale' - all of which would seem to confirm the general tone of Pandit Sunderlal's report.

Swaminathan Aiyer continues -

Something is terribly wrong when Indian citizens are kept in dark about the biggest pogrom since Independence, even after foreign sources have lifted the lid. India's jihadi press is fully aware of the 1948 massacre, and projects its censorship as evidence of Hindu oppression . This is not how a liberal democracy should function. India cannot become a truly unified nation on the basis of suppressed reports and sanitized textbooks. The Sunderlal report must be made public.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 25, 2012
08:12 PM

 An outright ciriminal much worse than we know like Dawood Ibrahim.Becuase they declare themselves as criminals and act.This charlaton like all politicians foment riots and killings only to enjoy life.Almost all papers have wirtten obituary of violence on him.This speaks of his charectar.People who vote for these goons time and again need to look in to their minds first.The deep prejudices in our minds helps these goons in creating a following and winning elections.This is a shame for us and democracy.

Will Shiv Sena come after me for writing this.I am waiting.

Nasar Ahmed
Karikkudi, India
Nov 25, 2012
09:52 PM

 Nasar Ahmed >> The deep prejudices in our minds helps these goons in creating a following and winning elections.

A good example of a prejudiced mind is your own.. we have seen many comments from you which end up abusing and attacking a particular caste/community as harbingers of evil !!!

Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
10:17 PM

 Congratulations, Outlook! I did criticize you for giving too much space to Arundhati Roy, but thanks for exposing this thug!! Apart from the religious nationalists, who are consumed by their mindless hatred of Muslims and Christians and anyone who disagrees with their poisonous brand of politics - few peple would defend this mafia don. It is a disgrace that he never saw the inside of a jail. And it is also the reason why Indian democracy has a long way to go. 

Chicago, United States
Nov 25, 2012
11:15 PM

Bal Thackerey was a local goon. Towards the end, he got frustated as nobody listened to him. He couldn't even get his party elected in Mahrashtra. He created a climate of fear and divisness in Bombay. Congress and BJP are coward parties who couldn't put Thackerey in jail and cannot prosecute Shiv Sainiks.

He railed against dynamsitc politics but then made sure his son and nephew rule different parts of Shiv Sena. That party made money through coercive means and corruption - no wonder they were against Anna Hazare and Kejriwal.

Delhi, India
Nov 26, 2012
09:50 AM

 No one was happy, perhaps, including the identity mentioned. The reason why we are facing 'problems', is that we are trying to 'help', a problematic situation, like we 'helped' Mother India, develop into a great democracy, where everyone is supposed to be corrupt. What is quaint about Mumbai is, a great restaurant will be situated in what the people living in the neighbourhood call a problem area, and the great restaurant is seen like a great ornament, just as the Taj Mahal is to humble Agra. The Taj Mahal would have been broken down, in Mumbai. There are many cultural sites, outside Mumbai, where they are seen as tourist sites, and when I lived in Mumbai, it didn't occur to my mind, that they existed.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Nov 26, 2012
10:25 PM

 @Manmohan Singh

Add a comment....


rishi vyas
kangra, India
Nov 26, 2012
11:59 PM

 It is indeed sad that a man who was implicated by the Srikrishna commission for the horrors of Mumbai 92-92 - that included large scale butchery where even handicapped kids werent spared, and women raped in public glare- had his body wrapped in the national flag. It was the horrors of 93, were over a thousand died, that divided the city for ever, culminating in the 'revenge' bomb blasts and the cycle of hatred that ahsnt abated to this day. It's a shame that a man who should have been brought to jsutice for the murder of a thousand fellow Indians was given a state funeral instead

Bangalore, India
Nov 27, 2012
08:18 PM

We all should wake up and know some history.  This man follows in the footsteps of the other great tribal goon gangs  represented by Pindares, thugs, and others operating in the same geographical region Thakre operated.  One notable example is the brigand Parashuram Bhavu who looted and pillaged much of central India in the late 18th century.  In the southern and western parts of the country, there used to be ballads lamenting the destruction brought by these gangs.  To a certain extent, Thakre was contributing to the history repeating itself.

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to relive it..."  And it may not be too far in the future before another "Thakre" follows in his icon's footsteps.

H. M. Siddhanti
Richmond, United States
Nov 28, 2012
04:09 PM

 Rule of land has become rule of gang, this gangster led a great life and made lots of money, his dynasty intact , he died like other old men in this country, I feel ashamed to be even mention this goons name along with a great city like Mumbai. His funeral and the arrests of the girls show that we have not moved on from our raja praja days and are ideal walking candidates for more colonisation..

Brea, United States
Nov 30, 2012
12:38 PM

Thackaray was a pest and a thug who ruled by threats and intimidation. His nationalism was shallow and in fact pits, as it showed his distaste and abhorrence to people from the rest of the nation.

It is a pity that no one, not even at the center had the guts to stand up to him and that obviously because no one wanted to shut down the nation's commercial capital. He used this weakness to his great advantage and wreaked havoc on everyone he despised. A mini-hilter in our midst.

Let us hope the organization he created will devolve into nothingness now that his virulent presence is gone. That will be a relief to the nation and will be a progress of some sort.

Non Fanatic
London, United Kingdom
Nov 30, 2012
01:47 PM

Shiv Sena hated South Indians and partnered with Dalits, may be because they don't like the caste system?

Just kidding of course, but seriously this paper below seems quite contrary to established narrative.

Southern India’s Caste System Predates Arrival of Indo-Europeans

hitesh brahmbhatt
san diego, United States
Aug 22, 2014
10:38 PM

The succus are demanding that Sanghis should show proper respect to URA because he is dead now.

This article is an example of how a succu, Outlook, showed its respect to a dead Thackeray.

Akash Verma
Chennai, India


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