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It’s a sight, ‘progressives’ adding to Thackeray’s iconisation

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Must See
Daily Mail
Nov 24, 2012
01:57 PM

> "the terrible cost Maharashtra had to pay for Thackeray’s brand of politics: a lethal mix of regional chauvinism, communalism and rank opportunism."

There is always a cost to immoral politics. The shortcut to fame is the road to miasma.

Dallas, United States
Nov 25, 2012
01:28 PM

These words have lost their meaning in India-
1)Secular-we have never had any secularism.the common definition, is a distorted silly version of the real idea.
2)Liberal-This means leftist.John Locke would have shoved a cactus up his backside in despair if he met the goons who call themselves liberal these days.
3)Progressive-This has to do with reforms.In our country progressivism would be moving closer to the centre from the hardline leftist position we took.
FDI in retail for example ie, more freedom in trade(free access to markets is an aspect of largely free trade). So a progressive, in India, is not necessarily like the progressive in america.


Just Joe King
Gotham, India
Nov 25, 2012
04:42 PM

 Bal Thackerays's SS ruled Maharashtra for just 5 years.

He lived in Maharashtra for 58 years under Congress rule as an opposition/non Congress leader.

This is one thing Outlook's writers wont talk about...

Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
04:47 PM

 2/D-61 - Just Joe King,

In India, we have different meanings for every term and meanings vary by geography too..

So, if Kashmir gets Article 370 that bans outsiders from settling it is secularism..

But if Bal Thackeray demands special treatment for Marathi Manoos, it is fascism..

If a religious place of worship in UP is abutting a 3000 year old place of worship of an older faith, it is a symbol of tolerance.

But if a religious place of worship in AP abuts a 400 year architectural icon, it is considered a "Ugly Pimple" that must be destroyed..

If Son In Law of the nation's supreme leader indulges in shady business deals, it is quickly forgotten by media..

But similar deals done by the businessperson leader of leading opposition party are forever in front pages...

The genocide of 2000 people in a western Indian state 10 years back is remembered. But the genocide of 200000 people and more in a neighbouring island, of people related to a southern indian state, just 3 years ago is not even talked about.

That is India...

Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2012
10:23 PM

Bal Thakeray  always taken disadvantage of weakness of Marathi . people.From historical time   Marathi people are   remain narrow minded, they have no tradition of business or higher education  because lack of capital.Geographical  location   is not favourable to them for farming,.so they naturally jealous to outsiders.Bal Thakaray incited these people that outsiders are real culprit who are  prevented  their progress.so they follow him blindly

Ramesh Raghuvanshi
pune, India
Nov 26, 2012
01:30 PM

 You know, there is a certain idea of the Maharashtrian person, which I value. These people were employed in the administration, and were seen to be incorruptible. They were not seen to have the trappings of culture, but people had great respect, when they interacted with them. I mean, in Modern India, people aren't supposed to wear, a certain type of dress, and jewellery, in normal interaction, and this is perfectly o. k. These people lived simply, in Mumbai. People didn't know they existed, and then, only knew when  they were aquainted, for some reason. In Mumbai today, what is an administrative personnel not supposed to be? Not corrupt. People take it for granted, that he or she, epitomises corruption. The people I referred to in the beginning, I see them a lot, even in my town, and I admire them. The sad part is, that they were not of a particular time, or even an era. You don't dress in their dress, for any time, and you don't speak or converse like them for any reason. They were dispassionate. They felt no emotion. I don't refer to any community, among the Maharashtrian people. But, they were peaceful, cherished peace, and made people around them feel some assurance. Believe me, people like such people around them, they are perhaps appreciated just being in the vicinity. I hope I was not inaapropriate, in my expression. I had a famous gentleman who was a cricketer and played for India, in the flat opposite where I stayed. I did meet him once, a very long time before. And, then I didn't meet him, when I stayed opposite his flat, at all, later in time. It didn't make me feel anything, but happy. Such people are not around in Mumbai. People feel, Marine Drive belongs to them, and some people, it doesn't occur they are on that road. It appears, today, one is a problem for the other, not because of any particular reason, but it helps, that the other person has a different idea.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Nov 27, 2012
07:35 AM

 It seems, Bombay Presidency under the British, had a problem with agriculture. It could be apparent, that Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc., developed industry, because agriculture was not widespread. Vidarbha did not have this problem, and people feel that it is an agricultural belt. There seem to be reasons why there was little rainfall, in the recent past, we don't know. It is pretty apparent, the more dry the air, the more the monsoon develops. It used to rain pretty heavily in December, in my town, some years ago.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Nov 29, 2012
01:50 PM

 the tenor of Dilip Padgaonkar's article is  somewhat scornful. The maharashtrian he says has no grouse and Thackrey was barking up a non existant tree.

Forget what Thackrey said, the truth is Mumbai is a filthy little island and too many people have been crammed on top of each other. Outsiders are partly responsible but no state should have allowed the overcrowding and attendanat problems year on year.So Thackrey and the state have conspired to keep the status quo.

Incidentally inspite of the abuse it is subjected to, Mumbai still has beauty, but in this geography has helped. 

Bal Thackrey's failures have amply been supported by the state government. The tiger's roar has always been amplified because the state was ineffecient or incompetent or as suggested by many, complicit, in tackling the menance.

Frankly as long as you have other twisted politicians around and I mean the sugar, education and other barons in the state, the Dawoods, the Tigers and other flora and fauna will flourish once again.

Its probably just the beginning of a new era, not the end of one.

Bindu Tandon
Mumbai, India


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