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Abrasive, savvy, right-wing, ubiquitous—they’re ‘Internet Hindus’

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Daily Mail
Dec 03, 2012
Villains of the Piece

If the ‘Internet Hindu’ crew is vocal, it is primarily because of the extremely slanted and non-dispassionate views and analyses the media puts out (Shiva’s Tridents). I’m not necessarily aligned with the BJP, but it bothers me when I see the media going after them with a smile and not the others. When you keep picking one-sided stories, be ready to face discomforting comments.

Ananth, Chennai

After 60 years of b.s. from liberal, paid media and media mercenaries who character- assassinate anyone with a point of view different from theirs, we’re at last making it accountable for its words. Thanks, social media.

Dev Chatnani, San Jose, US

I’ve been labelled an Internet Hindu even though I’d be only too glad to see Hinduism go down along with all other religions. It’s easy to pick stupid, ignorant comments and use them to tar a whole category of commenters with the same brush. One-sided propaganda from the ‘secular’ press only does more to add to Internet Hindu numbers.

Selvan, Boston

This is called cherry-picking. Taking a few comments from the far right and then painting everyone who questions the ‘queen’ and her subjects in the same colour. So these are Outlook’s credentials.

Pramod, Phoenix, US

The entire media community is now fearful of being exposed by Internet Hindus. Such articles only convince us of our righteousness. We’ll keep at it.

Himanshu Singh, Jaipur

After an unopposed stint lasting almost half a century, the left-liberal axis is today facing the heat on the internet. Is it time for self-reflection?

Mahesh Babbar, Delhi

Why don’t you write in the true tradition of liberal secularism and badger all religions equally?

Shyam, Palakkad

This article is proof that the mainstream media is afraid of people relaying the truth about their dubious dealings and entrenched partisanship.

Hari, Chennai

Internet Hindus are not the abusive, trash-talking trolls the media make them out to be. The vast majority of comments are expressed decently, only a small percentage of commentators are abusive.

Prasanth Nambiar, Melbourne

It’s an insult to Shiva’s trident that it should be used to headline a piece on divisive hate.

D.L. Narayan, Visakhapatnam

Bereft of any rationale to explain the inherent contradictions of their religion, Internet Hindutva warriors take refuge in any philosophy that suits them—all in the name of a cocktail Sanatan Dharma.

Shyamal Barua, Calcutta

Nov 10, 2012
01:43 PM

 The so called Internet Hindus have better arguments. Unlike the media house like CNN-IBN where comments section is censored arbitrarily, twitter is almsot uncensored and people with better arguments win. I have seen many a times, the so called educated secularists running around for cover and some even using profanities when they have nothing to say. 

How many times do these Hindus come with hashtags like #DivineWinds as it happened after hurricane Sandy in Muslim world. Yes, there are some who use cuss words but on a wholesome, Internet  Hindus epitomizes the 'Argumentative Indian' in the words of Amartya Sen. 

I don't  think there have been any cases of rumours spreading tweets by the IH like it happened with Muslims in case of Rohingya muslims or Assam violence. 

rishi vyas
kangra, India
Nov 10, 2012
02:30 PM

 When I hear the name of the first gentleman, the 'NRI techie', I wonder if he wants to say what he does, or perhaps he is looking at his particular exchange with various people. I don't think people use twitter, to spread any message. They use it to just communicate. The same with facebook. People use it to keep in touch, when they have no other means, or they don't want to use any other means, or plainly, people use the mediums, when the idea is, it is not imperative, or essential. I don't want to know, if people read what I write. When I look at facebook, and my friend has looked at an article, I come to know, what he has looked at, without being interested in that. When my posts are seen, I guess, my friends have seen what I have written.

Aditya Mookerjee
Belgaum, India
Nov 10, 2012
04:42 PM

whole media community is now fearing that they are getting exposed by internet hindus....these type of articles actually encourage us that we are doing right and will keep doing our work :) 

jabalpur, India
Nov 10, 2012
05:26 PM

This article is just the Mainstream Media afraid of people relaying the truth about their devious & dubious dealings. They want to term these people loonies before they can be exposed for their wrongdoings, bias and partisanship with the "establishment" & the Congress Party, so they can say when they're caught that their accusers were a bunch of loonies ...... let us face this straight, today's mainstream media is no non-profit enterprise but rather a commercial one and blatantly so, they have an open bias towards the ruling congress party as it serves their interest and sustains their existence. Their stand on establishment corruption such as 2G, Coal Scam is ambivalent and they quickly signed off Antrix-Devas, while sustaining their attack on Gadkari on which there is no loss to the government in absolute terms.

Why is there no article on Sagarika Ghosh's partisan debates & discussions on everyday TV ? Why is there no article on the mainstream media's resistance to public scrutiny, they have created a sham self-regulatory NBSA,refusing to be brought under the Press Council ? The more the Mainstream Media attack & demonize the blogosphere, the more loss there will be to their credentals.

Taking up the issue about Internet Hinduism is but a ruse to get away from the main point of discussion, that is whether the present day mainstrem media is unbiased, neutral and devoid of business and political affilation ? Whether they can perform the duty of the Fourth Estate properly without fear or fervour, ill-will or goodwill ?  Whether their news is propagandist or objective ?

chennai, India
Nov 10, 2012
05:55 PM

///Abrasive, savvy, right-wing, ubiquitous—they’re ‘Internet Hindus’///

Corporate media is so much frightened of social media that (what we call in hindi) 'FAT KE HAATH MEIN AA GAYI HAI'. Now they are crying in open. That is why now they are supporting ban on social media. They desrve all that what they have received, even worse. When I watch on TV or read their garbage I also want to use abusive language for them. This e'mail ID is not fake!

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 10, 2012
07:59 PM

Sagarika Ghose and Barkha Dutt do not get abused cos they are women.They get abused becuase they are sickularist just like plenty of other males.,Karan Thapar,Rajdeep Sardesi etc.

Arabaian Dacoit
UDF, Bahamas
Nov 10, 2012
08:13 PM

Special issue demonizing Hindu commentators and no essay from Mr.Raman ? missed opportunity.

chennai, India
Nov 10, 2012
10:08 PM

 On one hand these MSM journos want to get away with whatever they say and propagate - and never having to worry about a challenge to the crap they dish out - unchallenged. 

On the other, they make money out of the same internet hindus - who come out to post on these MSM media websites, add to their revenue by engaging in debates and discussions - which are meaningless as a whole to a great extent - by the sheer number of hits they generate to such websites. I for one would like to run a simulated case of boycotting select media websites by internet hindus and see the effect on their site visits. 

It is very simple - as an unorganized force, these so called internet hindus always end up "reacting" to crap from MSM on forums or social media as their only way to be a part of the debate. Unless there is a fair mainstream media, which has a semblance of regulation, do not expect any let-up from one of its main chunk of customers - who are simply acting as a reality check. 

Washington DC, United States
Nov 10, 2012
10:22 PM


Just read your own comment. The "MSM" argument reads so much like the Fox news diatribe against everything that they disagree with (in the US). And i'd be a more cautious while throwing out works like "hindus" like they are a monolithic group.


cupertino, United States
Nov 10, 2012
10:28 PM

It is a well-balanced article that touches on multiple aspects of the issue. It would have been better if the author had dwelled into further details and deeper nuances.

Too much is made of the Hindu right wing. Let's compare a few incidents:

1. Jethmalani, Karunanidhi, Ambika Soni, Sagarika Ghose and many others can say whatever they want, and still carry on with their lives, as usual - some annoying name-calling notwithstanding. We had an exception in MF Hussain case, but for all practical purposes, he would have been safe too. Now, compare that with the fate of Taslima or Rushdie. Or, how even a rabid film-maker in remote California can get Chennai burning. 

2. Owaisi gives a rabid clarion call for jihad from the floors of the parliament, and the entire sickular gang unites to cover the shame. Events in Myanmar result in death and destruction in Mumbai. In contrast, the happenings in Pakistan, BD or even our own Kashmir/ Assam did not lead to the "Hindu right-wing" taking to the streets.

3. Every Muslim terrorist gets compassionate consideration of the human rights activists. No such benefits are accorded is that scoundrel is a Hindu. 

4. We are willing to "talk" to Kashmiris who have killed and raped in thousands. We are willing to "talk" to Pakistan. But, the poor maoists have to be dealt with an iron hand. Their fault? They are neither rich, nor muslims.

5. Varun Gandhi gets arrested for his hate speech, and rightly so. But, Madanis and Zakir Naiks peddle haterd and poison every day. 

It is not the Hindu right wing that is vitiating whatever is left of secularism in India. It is just a reaction to the brazen minority appeasement that threatens to corrode the very foundation of the country. Imagine where the country will be headed if the Hindus themselves turn into a vote-bank. 

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Nov 10, 2012
11:10 PM

@ Prometheus - Have you read my comment? 

I never used the word hindus anywhere. It is the word internet hindus I used - with a prephrasing "so-called". I am curious as to where you found me homogenizing "hindus". 

As for the comment on MSM - All I said was, the likes of Karan Thapar, Sagarika, Sardesai et al, are very similar to our good ol' Karl Rove - they will simply peddle crap even in the face of a looming "Ohio" on them. However, they get away with it on their channels - just like Fox did. On SM - not so charitable - people will call them out. That is the fear for media celebs about the emergence of social media - accountability. 

Washington DC, United States
Nov 10, 2012
11:13 PM

  Instead of demonising right-wingers, we need to engage with them, but left-liberals tend to address the converted and critique their own.”

I entirely agree with that. And it would be good if websites like Sabrang.com periodically update themselves. Half their links are dead.

But for someone new to the social net, the viciousness and pettiness of the attacks can be upsetting, especially if you are used to politeness. 

Another reason for the apparent strength of the internet hindus is that they keep posting and reposting the same stuff with great aplomb

Few months back, there was controversy over cartoons in textbooks. But the text book in question was teaching children how to read cartoons, place them in context. Now, internet is a fact of life. There are hatewatch websites which monitor say antisemitism on net and educate people about the facts behind. I am unaware of any similar website in Indian context. I, for example, will be interested in joining any group intending to fill this gap. 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 10, 2012
11:15 PM

If the author genuinely is saddened by the attacks on female journalists, then to be fair, he must also see that female authoresses are more adept at MENTAL violence, below the belt, so to speak, than male journos, who are direct, and speak their minds.

Also, by not admitting the media to be anti male, this author loses moral credibility to pontificate.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Nov 10, 2012
11:18 PM

Todays media is intolerant to any opposing opinions, and is quick to label them and assasinate the character of those who write them.

Ir is time for a more liberal media, in the true sense of the word.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Nov 10, 2012
11:25 PM

Todays media is intolerant to any opposing opinions, and is quick to label them and assasinate the character of those who write them.

Ir is time for a more liberal media, in the true sense of the word.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Nov 10, 2012
11:50 PM

Dear sir, These right wing Internet Hindus are better than your buddy and loving Assam infiltrators, Azad maidan protestors, Budha statue breaking demonstrators of Lucknow.  How many articles you have written on one Indian MP - Owaisi - warning of Muslim unrest in india and subsequently riots broke across India.
You know what, as long as you guys present biased view, you get caught and exposed.
One article on Islamic women, say Talseema..  Then you will face music.
Once again, people like you and Outlook magazines inspire us.  You guys systematically denied space for Hindu right and now you fret because you are uanable to control or block us.  Keep up the good job

dil mehdi
hyderabad, India
Nov 11, 2012
01:03 AM

Oh well, this article again proves how foolish the national media is and how detached they are from reality.

Religion for most of people is more about identity than about faith. The ‘internet Hindus’ are not any bunch of radicals who are browsing the internet day in and day out to find an opportunity to blow themselves up.

They are in fact responsible educated middle class ‘Mango people’ who have refused to take anymore shit from the government and their paid agents. If you follow the trend in the social media, most of these so called ‘Internet Hindus’ have disowned Bjp and are rallying behind Kejriwal- at least over internet. So their agenda is not exactly to propagate Hinduism or to hate minorities.

And why is Barkha Dutt shown as a victim here? Isnt she a dalal of the government put to fix things with the corporate world for an appropriate price? I wonder how she still occupies that position and gives sermons to us every night on TV? The entire Indian media is shit deep in corruption and their holier than thou attitude expressed through such articles will only generate more anger amongst common people.

NY, United States
Nov 11, 2012
01:36 AM

>> ".......but often use their anonymous identities to launch vicious and vulgar attacks on those who oppose right-wing views."

The sickulars have a big mismatch between their perception and expectations. On one hand, we (yes, include me) are branded as nazi storm-troopers, communalists, ram dalaals, barbarians etc. and yet you expect civilized behavior from us? The fundamental rule is that if you can't take the heat, don't dish it out.

The fact of the matter is that the advent of social media has completely the dislodged the grip of the traditional media in their ability to influence opinions. It is well reflected in not only how Modi has become increasingly "aceptabe" over the years as how people feel a prickly unease about caling themselves (Indian-style) secular.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Nov 11, 2012
02:02 AM

>>The sickulars have a big mismatch between their perception and expectations. 

What did Teesta Setalvad or Zakia Jafri do that you bad mouth them in this forum?

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 11, 2012
03:33 AM

 Internet Hindus (a classless silly term anyways) are not the abusive trash talking trolls as being made out by these journalists. Let’s see how, the article states
----An editor of a media website, the comments section of which has a large presence of Hindu right-wingers since 2000, says many of them are pesky, even hostile, NRIs. Someone wrote to him once, wishing his “head was severed by Shiva’s trident-----
Now we all know this website mentioned here is Times of India website. Go to the times website and check the most commented article. At least 2000 or so comments will be seen on the most commented article. Out of these 2000 comments undoubtedly a vast majority of them- I would say roughly 90% - are pro nationalist, pro Hindu arguments. Yes, at least 10% of these pro nationalist comments can be termed abusive in nature. Note- only 10 %, a tiny fraction. The vast majority of the comments are simply views expressed by people in a decent way. Just because of 10% abusive comments these journos are trying to paint all nationalist commentators as abusive trolls! (and the same journos are trying hard to convince us why we shouldn't tar all Muslims as terrorist just because a minority extremists among them)!!! Is this not hypocrisy??

Melbourne, Australia
Nov 11, 2012
04:25 AM

> "role models like Subramanian Swamy and Narendra Modi"

The role models of Internet Hindus seem to have been dredged from the bottom of the barrel. Sheer expression of hatred seems to be their only motivating factor.

Dallas, United States
Nov 11, 2012
06:45 AM

Actually, I've been called a internet Hindu or a Hindutvadi though I'd be glad that Hinduism goes down along with all other religions. I'm just amused by such terms. It is easy to pick stupid, ignorant comments from folks and use it to paint one whole category of commenters with the same brush. This technique is , I guess pretty old and can be used against any category or groups, be the communists / islamists / christianists / hindutvadis / seculars etc.. 

Looks like one sided propaganda from the "secular" press does more to add numbers to "internet Hindus" than Hindutvadis. Good job and continue to do so. 

Boston, United States
Nov 11, 2012
07:39 AM

I am an IT professional...with more than 12 years in industry and varied assignments across the Globe....'Diwali' is greeted like 'Chirstmas' and for 'Team Dinners' with Client, 'Indian food' is only option

I don't user twitter, but whenever my friends posts anything on facebook (e.g. recent threating of north east people by muslims)...i am affected by it

I am proud of my roots.....to my fore-fathers who had passed his culture...and i will pass the same to my future generation

Our fore-fathers paid 'Jajiya', and wow....now I pay taxes for 'Haj'

kolkata, India
Nov 11, 2012
08:18 AM

>> And it would be good if websites like Sabrang.com periodically update themselves

It would be good if websites like sabrang.com were more honest and genuinely secular.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Nov 11, 2012
08:23 AM

>> But for someone new to the social net, the viciousness and pettiness of the attacks can be upsetting, especially if you are used to politeness.

Agree with this. Old timers might recall that I started off with a very mild, engaging and polite tone (you can search posts under "Al Bundy", the earlier name I used to post under). However, I only saw consistent cussedness, lying, rudeness and hate from the other side, and decided to give back viciously.

>> Another reason for the apparent strength of the internet hindus is that they keep posting and reposting the same stuff with great aplomb

Oh dear god! You really think it's only Internet Hindus are doing it? I'm almost getting to the stage of the vicious attack that so upsets you.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Nov 11, 2012
09:17 AM


But you made an agreement with me to be polite earlier and yet made tasteless attacks more recently. But the sort of attacks that is made on Teesta et al and justifications thereof are not exactly new to me, though the scale is. This attack and the language is exactly like what a comrade friend of mine used to indulge in when confronted with "Gulag Archipelago". This was before Glasnost. There seems to be a group mind at work. You may find this interesting -


R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 11, 2012
09:23 AM

 Oooops! The link in # 26 should have been


R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 11, 2012
10:31 AM

 During moghul rule, upper castes like brahmins, kayasthas, rajputs etc were waiting in queue to get their daughters and sisters married to the muslim rulers. Some of these upper caste men were even serving as pimps that too to their family women. So there is no need for these upper dwija castes to have superiority complex over OBCs and SC/STs and hatred towards Christians and Muslims who were also in hinduism once upon a time. Casteism and caste based discrimination is an inherent part of this religion and the social life attached to it. Banaras city, considered to be the holiest city of hinduism, is one of the dirtiest places on the earth. The mighty Ganges river flows only as a sewage through this city. Hinduism believes in ten crore gods and countless superstitions. The attire of a hindu god will make one to have a good sense of humour and circasm (Cobra snakes twining around the neck of lord shiva and why not viper snakes?). Phallus worshipping, eating the shit of cow etc are some of the other notable practises. The vehicles of hindu gods certainly prove this religion to be anachronic in this age of modern transport vehicles. Bull for shiv, eagle for Vishnu, buffallo for yamaraj, rat for ganesh (!), crow for shaneeshwar etc. One do not understand why creatures like housefly, mosquito, lizard, cockroach etc were spared from being made as vehicles to some hindu gods as they are in plenty. Sanskrit language, the greatest language of gods and repository of even modern day science and technology knowledge does not have a proper script is highly contradictory.

chennai, india
Nov 11, 2012
01:37 PM

Perian thevidiya payya. Nee parachiku porantha thevidiya payyan thanea da. Onga amma oru thevidiya da. Enga ayya evalavu parachingala potturukaru theriyumada?

Peter Irudayaraj
Chennai, India
Nov 11, 2012
03:17 PM

 Perian #28,

You seem to be totally unaware of the symbolisms in mythology and religion. Phallic worship is common in societies which are in "matriarchal' stage of development, characterised by worship of mother goddesses.Snake often represents earth principle, and complements in adorning Shiva. Why cobra? Because may be it is the only Indian snake which is poisonous and big? Vipers, Kraits etc are very small? It is easier to ridicule religious symbols but you can ask why similar symbols appear independently in many different religions.  You may also note the fact that virgin birth is common in many religions, example being that of Christ and of birth of Ganesha from Parvati. 

I don't think you are Tamil at all, so you may not realize how offensive some comments on your post are.

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 11, 2012
03:36 PM

The term IHs goes back to a January 2010 tweet by CNN-IBN deputy editor Sagarika Ghose who had described them as “swarms of bees.... They come swarming after you at any mention of Modi, Muslims or Pakistan!”

Internet Hindus, eh? Let me try my hand at a derogatory term for media personalities. I shall call them TV Hindoos(TH).

Fortunately, it's easy to characterize TV Hindoos(TH). Just look out for the following symptoms of TH-itis:

1. Almost certainly a member of media, NGO, celebrity and agitational political organizations.

2. Graduate of soft sciences such as psychology, social sciences etc. They will impress you with their prestigious institutional linkages, while unnecessarily concealing their soft science credentials.

3. Patronizing attitude towards those less fortunate than themselves.

4. Incessantly critical of those who are more fortunate than themselves. (However, the TH her/himself is very thin-skinned.).

5. Always chooses political correctness over truth.

6. Supports free speech but with her/his exceptions.

7. Incapable of introspection.

8. Ashamed of own civilizational and cultural heritage. Self-loathing may be the most visible symptom oh THitis.

nobody inparticular
Mumbai, India
Nov 11, 2012
03:45 PM

First of all this author should have asked a question as to why there is an attack on Hinduism and why there are internet Hindus to defend themselves? He did not do that.

Even while we are discussing or debating this, we can see a post at 28D/44 by somebody called Perian , which is extremely abusive of both about Hindus and Hinduism. If he does not know Hindu tantric symbols he could keep quiet but he chose to vulgarize it. Someone has to explain to him as to why Lord Saturn ( when you personify the planet Saturn) comes on a crow and why lord Shiva should be on a bull.

It is not that Hindus did not know what is Saturn. Thousands of years before any telescope as such was invented, in Rig-Veda, there was a clear description of Saturn , describing “him” as the planet with rings of magnetic bands as if they were his turbans.

Voyager I , when it was sent by Americans, they pushed it a bit more nearer to Saturn, and it was expelled by Saturn’s magnetic bands with such a force that Voyager I was gone for good in the cosmos.

A voyager II was sent and this time they were careful only to find out that there were magnetic bands around Saturn like a "hat" , if you were to imagine Saturn as a person. Only extra "thing" they found probably was that there was an inner band for each one band around Saturn. But Rig Veda explains these bands around "like a turban" around his head which was so clear that it would have inner bands for each band.

But then if you do know so much why the symbol of Saturn ( when Saturn dasha enters your life for example) comes astride on a crow ?

If I start each God's image and its relevant " symbolism" and tantric method ( a short cut method) it will take pages. Tantra means "idea" or short cut in essence . Tantra  does not mean sex.

But what is the problem with Hindu haters ? that is those who hate Hinduism ? Why do they exhibit so many inferiority complexes ? to a religion or its scriptures or  something they do not even have an idea?

1) one is evangelism. In the West Christ has been no more an inspiration and so they need conversions.
2) converted lower class people have a duty. They should hate Hindus and Hinduism only to satisfy their "soul searching".(guilty conscience)
3) Pakistanis and others suffer from jealousy and insecurity. Somehow discrediting Hinduism is their only way or a hope that Indian Muslims would support them. That is In case of their imagined great clash.
4) Sheer ignorance. When you do not know some religious ideas , then do not write satires on them or do not do your wretched psychoanalysis.

Why for example in Indus valley civilization ( 4500 B.C.) Lord Shiva ( in the form of Pshupathi Natha ) holds an erected penis in his left hand and meditates with a grown beard and twirled mustaches with an animal horns made crown on his head ? Pashupathi natha temples exist even today mostly in Haryana for example.

But so called internet Hindus have no option but to defend. I was one of them if you can call me an internet Hindu for example. Most of these internet Hindus are not half-knowledge rascals like the ones who attack them. IH are well informed, well read and do know how to defend.

One may not believe we have to defend even our own indigenous defense equipment by our own DRDL etc., !!! unbelievable ? is it not ?
So, according to Hindu attackers, whatever "Hindu" scientist also made is nothing but "cow's urine" because what else cow's urine drinkers can make ? A Tejas would not fly and Pinaka MBRL would not work. But in realty Paki soldiers started running leaving their occupied posts in Kargil war !! not one but one hundred in 24 hours !! Unbelievable is it not ?


bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Nov 11, 2012
03:46 PM

Why don't u write in true tradition of liberal secularist. Badger all the religions equally. Let their be no space for religion in the public. Limit it only the personal life. You storm the Hindu right wing out and stay silent on the Islamic extremist and you wouldn't much of a career left. 

Palakkad, India
Nov 11, 2012
03:49 PM

As a reply to an abusive post on Hindu symbolism. There is a lot of symbolism in Hinduism for the deeply intellectual to decipher and comprehend some philosophical truths that cannot be expressed in words. For the intellectually challenged, the symbols appear designed in a manner to be made fun of. This also acts as a natural filtering mechanism for the intellectually challenged who cannot think beyond his small intellect and thereby becomes free to explore alternative paths for his level of intellect.

This is also another reason that Hinduism does not believe in coercion and threats to force people to follow it. Neither does it believe in any blasphemy laws or addition to its numbers to prove its philosophy is right. Inspite of these extreme liberal attitudes, there are 1 Billion Hindus spread over 100 countries living in peace and brotherhood with other communities, contributing in the growth and well being of the communities they live in and be in gratitude to the countries that have hosted them.

For a student who is in Grade 5, the theory of relativity with all its symbolism appears as a mad man’s writing and obviously the fifth grader goes and makes fun of it. Only wise people know the difference between the intellect of Sir Einstein and the fifth grader. The wise do not shout at the fifth grader while he is making fun of the theory of relativity for they understand the real reason. The wise more than anything else sympathise with the fifth grader rather than get angry.

Arun Kumar
London, United Kingdom
Nov 11, 2012
07:43 PM

If someone compares and mentions both Islamic Fundamentalists with IH's/Hindu Nationalists, they are either Lunatics or they've an Agenda.

Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 11, 2012
07:51 PM

As per these Columnists you automatically become an IH, if you question Congress' Corruption of Money/Institutions or Question Media for any obvious Biased/Partisan Coverage or No Coverage. 

Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 11, 2012
08:25 PM

I must compliment Vinod mehta for getting Undry & sundry  write crap without any depth in their writing  in defence of pseudo secularism, thereby helping the cause of nationalist Indians.  lady I am for real live in India write on my name, can be traced , surely not brazen and hit & run…also  shamelessly confessing far more read and mature to know what really goes on and therefore, a small piece of advice , don’t get into gender issues and come in defence of  the journalists you mentioned …I don’t think people on the net abuse them for their gender but for the one sided crap they produce with venom against a section of Indians.

Lastly the swarms of bees indicate the hate people have against few who have hijacked the print & visual media for their anti-nationalist views , sometimes I do wonder if these elements are paid to destroy this nation before it stands on its feet after 1000 years of slavery.

hyd, India
Nov 11, 2012
08:50 PM

 VINOD MEHTA Has brought a timely article to defend the SAINT SONIA DYNASTY from its misgovernance record of 58 years 

Good Job Vinod Mehta, this is what we expect from establishment paid media houses. Now let us wait for next general elections to see if your efforts bear fruit.

Good Luck in your never ending efforts to make people forget and forgive the misgovernance of UPA Rule.

Delhi, India
Nov 11, 2012
09:21 PM

Anyone who does not owe allegiance to the alliance of the Indo Italian mafia, the fascist communists, the jihadis and the stooges of the western cultural imperialism is an an Internet hindu.

 Based on that definition, I am a proud 'Internet Hindu'.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Nov 11, 2012
09:43 PM

 Post  28/D-44

A great example of the liberal generous secular intellectual mindset?

Contrast such open mindedness with the despicable narrow minded 'Internet Hindus'.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Nov 11, 2012
09:49 PM

The Question(s) on the idea of an Incomplete Partition are neither Rhetoric nor Hindu Chauvinism. They are Genuine and it's time we got answers after all these years.

Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 11, 2012
09:53 PM

Thanks to this article, i'm writing my first post. 

The key issue is that editors and writers who aim to question, critique and analyze others, dont want to be at the receiving end of the same. If you cant take the heat, please dont enter the kitchen. 

Why is this crew vocal? It is primarily because of the extremely slanted and non-dispassionate views and analysis brought out. How many times have you seen/read balanced articulation of anything? how many times have stories been picked up that suits the leftist? Why cant we question the choice of stories and the tenor of the same? why cant we question the depth of analysis, or lack thereof? why cant we criticise writers who lack even the basic sense of evidence-based journalism?

I am not necessarily aligned with BJP. I question their actions equally. But when i see media going after them with a happy smile and not doing the same to the others, i get bothered by it. Doing a cursory critique of the other side is artificial. have you gone after them?

Now ofcourse, it is your choice to do so or not. you need to pick your story. but when you keep picking one-sided stories, be ready to face discomforting comments.

Ready to talk to Dilip D'souza or anyone else for that matter.

Chennai, India
Nov 11, 2012
10:15 PM

 In greek mythology, there is a figure called Medusa with snakes all over the head in place of hair. If anybody is worshipping this greek mythological figure, then he or she must be insane. The very same insaneness applies to the worshippers of hindu mythological figures. Hindusim is an intellectually challenged religion and so no deep intellectualness is needed to  decipher and comprehend  its symbols. It is actually these dwija castes who suffer from inferiority complex due to hinduism. Ancient hindu planetary science is a bogus one. It categorises sun and moon under planets. Raahu and kethu are no planets at all. How all these nonsense constitute genuine science one does not know. Agriculture is an important profession found throughout the world since ancient times. But no other religion disparages this noble profession as the profession of out-castes (shudra profession). Hinduism does!

During moghul period, dwija caste women were serving as concubines to islamic rulers by existing in the harems of those rulers. Some islamic rulers were  even having young dwija caste men (especially from Gujarat) as concubines (These are historical facts and not mere abuse). After independence, these upper castes suddenly got dignity and superiority complex and started to look down upon SC/STs and OBCs. They started to exploit and discriminate SC/STs and OBCs in education and employment apart from persecuting religious minorities. This is the reality. 

chennai, india
Nov 11, 2012
11:04 PM

B SAROJA ///What did Teesta Setalvad or Zakia Jafri do that you bad mouth them in this forum?///
Zakia Jafri is victim of riot and Teesta Seetalwad both. Zakia's first FIR was against 3 kangresi goons who actually killed her family members. Here comes Teesta with her fake documents and false witnesses convinces Zakia to take back FIR against kangresi and implecate MODI. Poor Zakia could not get punished real killers due to this forger Teesta. No body is bad mouthing about Zakia but it is teesta who deserves punishment for forgery.

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 11, 2012
11:14 PM

 If the same things that these Hindus have been doing are done by Muslims they will be immediately without any hesitation branded as fundmentalists or terrorists(cyber).RSS is not only an organiztion but an ideology that promotes Aryan supermascism.The only way this can be achieved is to promote hatread towards Muslims and other minorities.

There is a huge misconception that Hindus are peace loving.They are as violent as any other religious people in the world if not more.Given the circumstances they can be brutal.In fact in all the riots after riots more than 80% of the victimd have been Muslims.Still the media portrays that it is the Muslims who have done this and are to be blamed because the Hidnus were at the receiving end.

Lies deceit and cunninglness are the hallmark of RSS and it si no wonder it has been banned nationally as well as localy many times from time to time.

Nasar Ahmed
Karikkudi, India
Nov 12, 2012
04:25 AM

"• ”Mumbai rapist Mohammed Ansari got bail after 20 cases of robbery and molestation. No bail for Sadhvi Pragya & Col Purohit”
• ”If India had this paid media before 1947, we would still be under British rule.”
• ”Instead of being defensive, Gadkari should expose what pro-Cong intellectuals say of Vivekananda.”
• ”Government provides missionary visa...open invitation to carry out conversions.”"

This is called cherry picking. Just to pick-up few comments from far right and paint everyone in the same color who questions the queen and her subjects on corruption!

Amazingly, scandal after scandals is coming in light everyday from “the mighty” and THE illustrious family (a quote from one of the contributor to this magazine who had total contempt to Allahabad high court decision on Babari musjid just because it did not fit her idea of secularism) of this government.

The most “HONEST” guy is looking other way; just to remain PM. He has no backbone as he has no political standing by himself. So much about parliamentary democracy! May be the author would like tell us if any other commonwealth country has a PM who is not even directly elected by the people (forget about leading the party to political victory.

I heard the prince telling the American ambassador that the greatest internal threat is from Hindu militancy. This dude is just following through it.

Phoenix, United States
Nov 12, 2012
04:46 AM

Just to follow up on my earlier post. Why can’t the dude pick up his argument from comments posted by readers on his column here and respond, rather than 4 bullet points which are conveniently taken? There is much larger sample here posted by readers of outlook. This is called intellectual dishonesty! Please engage us, rather than hiding!

Phoenix, United States
Nov 12, 2012
08:11 AM

"During moghul period, dwija caste women were serving as concubines to islamic rulers by existing in the harems of those rulers. Some islamic rulers were even having young dwija caste men (especially from Gujarat) as concubines (These are historical facts and not mere abuse)."

   Why is having harems stuffed with female, or male, concubines, considered egalitarian and humanistic, while revering an image with snakes as part of it, seen by you as particularly barbaric and irrational? 

Varun Shekhar
Toronto, CANADA
Nov 12, 2012
11:51 AM

Mumbai rapist Mohammed Ansari got bail after 20 cases of robbery and molestation. No bail for Sadhvi Pragya & Col Purohit”
”If India had this paid media before 1947, we would still be under British rule.”
”Instead of being defensive, Gadkari should expose what pro-Cong intellectuals say of Vivekananda.”
”Government provides missionary visa...open invitation to carry out conversions.”

Umm, there are actually more.

* psecs call everyone who donot toe their line as hindutva facists/RSS/VHP/bhajarangi (of course, they themselves cannot take it when given back)
* IHs receive sermons on "syncretism" of Idnian culture, where as others dont
* Its always "poor and innocent" minorities vs the "oppressing" majority
We remind ourselves of Guj riots year after year, but noteven a cursory mention of Godhra train burning
* Keeping mum when muslims go on rampage, even to the extent of justifying it ("Oh if the cops had done their duty, there rampaging would've fallne out of control and so the best thing is to videograph the rioting mobs )
* While MIM baboo(n)s claim that there'd a third wave of radicalization (among the believers), ...hey you, zip up your foul mouth...how dare you even take the name of secular MIM ?
* Bash up hindu loonies in editorials for attacking the girls going to pub (very good that you took up the issue) but close your eyes to the blatant "purdah"ing of women in kerala/Karnataka who receive death threats for wearing jeans, and get assaulted for talking over cell phone (aiyyo, how can u use haram stuff like a cell). Well, hindus are not lagging behind anymore. Well done psecs
* Even after repeated assertions to teh contrary, associate all the IHs with religious organizations and call them names
* Fill all the air time/web pages with Modi bashing even if he coughs or sneezes. Believe me, its nauseating to the most neutral people too
* Call those hindu fanatics who question the facilitation of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants
Last but not the least, Forget completely about the left loonies

Chennai, India
Nov 12, 2012
12:13 PM

Did Outlook miss a trick by not including a small feature about this forum's trident wielders?

Santosh John Samuel
Kochi, India
Nov 12, 2012
12:25 PM

Will Outlook and psecs spare us their holier-than-thou garbage, if we wield Sickles and hammers for a change ?

Chennai, India
Nov 12, 2012
12:33 PM

 will outlook have a similar series of articles on "paid secular media anchors".

chennai, India
Nov 12, 2012
01:04 PM

Retribution is swift. Sentiments noted and appreciated.
Let me rephrase: "Did Outlook miss a trick by not including a small feature about this forum's trident wielders and on paid secular media anchors, and one on psecs and their holier-than-thou garbage (esp. if the trident wielders wield sickles and hammers for a change)?

Santosh John Samuel
Kochi, India
Nov 12, 2012
03:13 PM

 This article seems to be all about Sagarika Ghosh and her alleged victimisation by readers whom she has labeled "internet Hindus".

If Sagarika Ghosh who is a pain on TV has to be read about again and her views to be considered that of an expert, then we are really scrapping the bottom of the barrel of good intelligent and informed writing.

delhi, India
Nov 12, 2012
03:14 PM

internet   hindu = jokers (alothough there are honourable exceptions who right objectively and sanely)

michael lopes
Mumbai, India
Nov 12, 2012
03:27 PM

The Mainstream-Media is clearly worried that their bread & butter in paid-psyops and the ultimate creation of a public opinion on everything, is clearly at stake. There'll be a day when Social Media wont just be an Alternate Media. It'll become Mainstream and a Parallel Media.

Zurich, Switzerland
Nov 12, 2012
05:29 PM

 The internet Hindus who swarm and buzz the
word that Media and Congress appease Muslim
But most of them are in arm chair 'far off' from action.
No wonder then that these guys keeps mum on maoists

pattambi, India
Nov 12, 2012
05:29 PM

The term "shiva's tridents" is as idiotic as the term "internet hindus".

The trident of Shiva is a weapon that destroys the three forms of ignorance : that of the physical world, that which comes from cultural prejudices, and that which comes from mental arrogance.

It is an utter shame that writers from India don't have a bare minimum cultural background in the kind of terminology they use.

grenoble, France
Nov 12, 2012
08:49 PM

"Right-wing" is one of the most abused terms in India. The term even lacks a proper definition. Like the word fascist-it is branded on anyone they do not like.

At least the left is properly defined in India-people who subscribe to the worldview of the communist party(they need not be members but they sympathize with its views in varying degrees). The right has no clear cut boundaries defined in India(as opposed in US where the "right" stands for certain ideals).

But nevertheless,the term gets thrown in on every discussion.

Philadelphia, United States
Nov 12, 2012
10:11 PM

VNK MURTiI ///No wonder then that these guys keeps mum on maoists///
You are right but all most all maoists bear hindu name where as, in fact, they are terrorist arm of isaai missionary. I have lived in Chhattisgarh for over ten years and I know how terror is used for conversion of poor tribal people..

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 12, 2012
11:29 PM

The phrases "Internet Hindu" or "online Hindu" are mainly reffered to Hindutvavadis active on internet churning out the lies they have been taught by RSS baudhik pramuks and  Pracharaks. Invariably the IHs normally belong to Brahmanical upper-class, which wants to take possession of entire India and its resources.I just remember how Hindutvavadis spread two stories(story of Parashuram and story of Vamana) in Kerala to make it Brahmins own property. As we can learn from history, every fascist ideology does require an enemy in order to mobilise its brainwashed frenzied cadres towards the final goal of establishing its own empire. That was how the German Nazis and Italian fascists had worked and got perished. Coming to India, the Hindutva is nothing but the Indian version of Nazism/Fascism. We can see a lot of similarities between them right from racist supremacy(Arya-Brahmanism) to grooming its cadres by feeding lies and hatred to fixing an enemy(Islam,which Hindutvadis understand, the only ideology capable to eradicate Brahmanical religion(Hindutva)).

As Hindutva prime mover - RSS has been exposed in various terrorism related cases since its inception, the IHs are trying very hard to defend the RSS and tarnish the leaders of Secular parties and minority organizations. Right from assassination of Mahatma Gandhi to orchestration of thousands of riots to razing Babari mosque to nearly 16 high profile terrorist attacks are always there like spots in leopard's boby. 

Chennai, India
Nov 12, 2012
11:45 PM

This is for Internet Hindus,

Guys, whoever is not aware of this website www.mediacrooks.com, please visit and notice how this so called secular media  is regularly exposed by this wonderful website. 

Adipur, India
Nov 13, 2012
04:41 AM

Here is a tally of the story so far:

Seculars(non-IH included in this category) v/s IH
Numbers: 8 v/s 31
Posts: 18 v/s 44
Religious hatred: 3 v/s 0
Religious prejudice: 1 v/s 1
Caste hatred: 3 v/s 0
Percentage of bigoted posts: 33% v/s 2%

Given that the article was meant to be a flamebait, this is outstanding restraint by IH and a tight slap across the face of secular poseurs. 

nobody inparticular
Mumbai, India
Nov 13, 2012
04:55 AM


Can you please re do your analysis including only those names who have posted in this forum before and not fly by night operators? 

R. Saroja
Bombay, India
Nov 13, 2012
05:11 AM


Can you please re do your analysis including only those names who have posted in this forum before and not fly by night operators?


The fly-bys have  multiple LIKES against their posts, suggesting endorsement by non-IH. It doesn't skew the statistics in my opinion, especially since the response by IH to such astounding bigotry has been extremely civilized. However, feel free to remove them from your personal analysis (We all know who they are).

nobody inparticular
Mumbai, India
Nov 13, 2012
07:48 AM

Invariably the IHs normally belong to Brahmanical upper-class, which wants to take possession of entire India and its resources.I

Hope you rememebr me..I am Tamil BC Catgeory guy born and brough up in Gujarat, so what now you will say as I dont belong to Brahmin caste but Back ward Caste but still support Hindutva???

Come on dear do you think we are not aware  of nexus between Dalit, Christians and Tamil Brahmins and how they run there show in Tamil Nadu...All your comment is just an eye wash to project your self as Brahmin basher...

Like Ambedkar I think you would have also married some Tamil Brahmin gril, nowadays this is fast growing trend going on in TN....

Ahmedabad, India
Nov 13, 2012
09:03 AM

This article seems like a rant to bash hindus, more than any scientific evaluation or conclusion about any issue. 

It seems like Guha is writing out of frustration and is a super biased individual. 

If you go through the so called "hindu" posts on this thread, 99% of them are civil, polite and thought out. No foul language, no bad words. Guha's examples seem to be either exceptions, or quoted out of context. 

Try writing similar things about muslims/ christians/ jews/ communists/ chinese/ or any race/ creed/ language in society, and you'll have Internet muslims, internet christians, internet communists, etc.

And what's wrong with supporting Modi or Subramaniam Swamy? They are educated, can make a difference, and have a track record of performance. Why talk derogatory about them? (I am a BJP supporter currently too.) But I also like congress leaders such as chidambaram (noone else in recent times) who have a spine.

We need leaders who are courageous to speak about controversial topics and who might be able to take India in the right direction, irrespective of their political affiliation. 

Austin, United States
Nov 13, 2012
11:20 AM

I think first time the word IH or “ Internet Hindu” was used by Sagarika Ghosh because she got so much 'hate “mails according to her and she was most probably surprised or taken aback or "shocked" to believe the unbelievable that Hindus "also" can rebel and that too in droves !! Since that was the case, she termed them as Internet Hindus !!!.

She did not realize ( since she had a terrible biased mind of her own) that Hindus were defending themselves against hypocrites like her who constantly cheat themselves.
The word IH is being used as if these Hindus are a bunch of mosquitos or microbes or harmful bacteria ( since there is beneficial bacteria , according to them they are minorities and Maoists ).

This must stop and these pseudo secular ,hypocrites should realize that Hindus have a NEED to defend themselves. It became compulsory since there has been virulent attacks on Hindu Gods and everything that is Hindu in the internet day in and day out.

IH has also been negatively used to denote only political parties and organizations like RSS, Bajarang Dal, Shiva Sena, VHP, Abhinava etc., Some people go a bit too far and try their best to equate RSS with CIA and even SIMI and Indian Mujahedeen !!! And everybody equates the term Internet Hindu which they themselves invented with BJP or RSS only. These fools live in their own world.

On the internet I do agree that Hindus have come out ,somewhat loosely organized as well. It has been because only Maoist "philosophers" have been considered as "thinkers" or "intellectuals" and all others as backward ,or out dated and even much worse"fanatics" !! . But Maoism or communism is one political thought or philosophy and these persons need not be correct or progressive or can even have any respect for the country in which they live or for the society. In fact they do not seem to have any respect for themselves with failed marriages, extra-marital affairs , hypocrisy, and a tendency towards a "mercenary" mentality. They are also outright corrupt if not thieves.

So my question is why Hindus as a large community should not defend themselves and why they should be necessarily belonging to VHP or Bajarang Dal or BJP etc., Why being a Hindu is not enough to feel hurt ? with the writings of minority "philosophers" and pseudo secular hypocrites ?

bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Nov 13, 2012
02:13 PM

People like Ramachandra Guha and Debarshi Dasgupta are right-wingers' best friends. The more they write, the more they contribute to swelling their ranks. Even a staunch secularist like me has turned into a Hindutva-vadi.

Hyderabad, India
Nov 13, 2012
02:23 PM

At the outset, the title of this article put me off. Shiva's Trident is a potent and sublime symbol and it being applied to Talebanised Hindus, who are mirror images of hate mongers from semitic religions, is extremely obnoxious.

People who know nothing of the esoteric and sublime concepts behind the Trishul should not talk about it. The Trishul encompasses everything in existence and is all inclusive. It is fashionable for upper caste, privileged and western educated individuals to wear their "secular" credentials on their sleeves without knowing the basics of the glorious civilisation they are the inheritors of. If India is secular, it is because it is overwhelmingly Hindu. Look elsewhere in the third world and one cannot come across any other country where minorities have the same rights as others. Hindus need no certificates from ignoramuses like the Sardesais of this world.

All religions have flourished on India's sacred soil without exception, even the atheistic materialism of the Charvakas, long before the term secularism was coined. When the Zoroastrians fled persecution in their homeland, they came to India and found sanctuary. Likewise, a part of the Jewish diaspora landed in India and even established their own kingdom. Concepts like blasphemy, apostasy, heresy and fundamentalism are anathema to the true spirit of Hinduism.

Outlook owes an apology to Hindus for desecrating this holy symbol by using it as a caption for an article which is all about divisive hate.

Visakhapatnam, India
Nov 13, 2012
09:53 PM

As an IH, objections are duly posted: both this title and the article are poorly informed.
It should be indigenous ‘trishul’ and not ‘trident’. Using the term trident shows MSM bias and failure :)
Where would Outlook India be without the IH warriors? They will have to stop the press and the reporters will be without jobs.

Priya Madhavan
Rochester, United States
Nov 13, 2012
10:23 PM

Kanchan Gupta provides a clearer picture of the alleged 'Internet Hindus' in sharp contrast to insecure rants of MSM players.


Delhi, India
Nov 13, 2012
10:52 PM

>> 'Kanchan Gupta provides a clearer picture of the alleged 'Internet Hindus' in sharp contrast to insecure rants of MSM players." - RSM

Thanks RSM for sharing the link. I do not personally like Kanchan Gupta, but this one was a good article from him. The fact remains that the biased, left-leaning conjectures of the 'convential' media is being exposed by the right-leaning social media.

The entire debate on secularism has been turned on its head. 

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Nov 13, 2012
11:22 PM

 Rajeev Srinivasan wrote about this bashing of NRI hindus long time back.


The current article in Outlook is nothing new.

Philadelphia, United States
Nov 14, 2012
12:45 AM

 Quote: "Twitter is where Chatterje takes on public intellectuals who “preach lofty liberalism but practise a worse form of hypocrisy”. What was once just a hobby gradually became a calling. Chatterje, who says he is “atheist-turned-religious”, is one of the growing clan of ‘Internet Hindus’. He is one of the rare ones to use his real name. “For me the term means standing against hypocritical, self-important elites who refuse to recognise that their old ways has kept India down for long,” he adds." Unquote.

Debarshi; What Ram Guha had presented in the form of some swipes lunged at him by internet hindus, you had taken on them squarely at their face.

The problem with these internet hindus are not about being at home or abroad but with their deep rooted falsehoods and vanity, which got into their genes, and I for one had all but given up on these band, when in 1995 almost the entire country had come to a grinding halt over not just ordinary hindu laity but also senior ministers and bureaucrats of the community, cutting across partyline (BJP, Congress, 3rd front partners and even some communist party leaders) everyone made a beeline to the nearest Ganesh temple to watch the miracle of surping of cup/plateful of milk by the idol.

Hence, no need for Kanchan Gupta, or Swapan Dasgupta's to rouse the INTERNET HINDUS to proudly proclaim themselves 'INTERNET HINDUTWA WARRIORS!'. 

Bereft of any reason, rationale or logic to explain the inherent contradiction of their religion (actually a socio-economic system in the name of God, and will do anything under the sun to maintain that status quo), they take refuge into all kinds of philosophies that suits them, in the name of a cocktail Sanatana Dharma. 

Shyamal Barua
Kolkata, India
Nov 14, 2012
07:48 AM


>>  Concepts like blasphemy, apostasy, heresy and fundamentalism are anathema to the true spirit of Hinduism.

I think this is largely true. And it is good. Unfortunately Hindutva and the RSS/VHP cabal, with their Islamization project, will destroy this true spirit of Hinduism.

Dallas, United States
Nov 14, 2012
10:15 AM

>> "Unfortunately Hindutva and the RSS/VHP cabal, with their Islamization project, will destroy this true spirit of Hinduism." - Anwaar

If Babar, Ghazni and Aurangzeb could not destroy it, be well assured that the "true spirit of Hinduism" will also survive the nibbles of the cabals you hallucinate about. Wishing you a sound sleep.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Nov 14, 2012
12:33 PM

The Irreverent Indian,

Thanks for the post. If Hinduism has survived over thousand years of plunder and pillage by violent intolerant invaders, endured the organised proselytization of the missionaries with enormous cash, survived the negative propaganda and indoctrination methods of the uncultured leftists, with neither blasphemy laws nor coercive doctrines to keep the flock together, then there should be something special about Hinduism.

Today there are over a billion Hindus in over 100 countries contributing positively to the societies and communities they live in, enriching the countries they have adopted and being warmly recognised so. No wonder in the Hindu scriptures, it is referred as Sanatana Dharma - The Eternal Religion.

Arun Kumar
London, United Kingdom
Nov 14, 2012
01:33 PM


>> If Babar, Ghazni and Aurangzeb could not destroy it....

Hindutva and the RSS/VHP have greater destructive power over the true spirit of Hinduism. Just look at you as an example!

Dallas, United States
Nov 14, 2012
04:51 PM

“’RELIGIOUS BI-PRODUCTS’ being sold on INTERNET have only as much ‘DURABILITY & CREDIBILITY’ as any ‘Chinese Product’ carries on an on-line shopping mart..”

Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Nov 14, 2012
07:56 PM

With almost half a century of unopposed stint, today left-liberal axis is facing the heat on Internet. I think left-liberals must do a reflection why hindus hate them so much.

delhi, India
Nov 14, 2012
10:08 PM

 You seem to have picked up the baton from Guha. Appears to be  a very well-orchestrated move.But why worry for Barkha and Sagarika. They do not require your weak shoulders to lean on.They have been in the inhospitable terrains long enough and like Rajdeep,Vir Sanghvi  and weather cock know  how to adjust. Adjustment is an euphemism for JUGAAD and they know it better than you. So you just concentrate on  your Hindu-bashing with all the vitriol under your command but for heaven's sake let them earn their bread and butter. Just earn your penny. Thank you.

Gurgaon, India
Nov 15, 2012
01:43 AM

"And few will disagree that it’s better to have them badger us online than do things far worse offline"   Absolutely.  However, it is fun to watch these computer literate, mostly "IT" workers doing semi skilled jobs, with hardly any intellectual depth or scholarship in any subject, deluding themselves as experts in almost all the fields, especially when the subject relates to India.  These people have a lot of time in their hands , just look at the number of websites and the comments they make.  No wonder, we have become the laughing stock of serious academics. 

H. M. Siddhanti
Richmond, United States
Nov 15, 2012
06:00 PM

 60 D/147
Dear Dinesh,
Maoists are rebels and they never in arms with any religion.
leave christians.You hav de impression becoz both christian
Missionaries and Maoists (earlier Nexals) has one thing in common
Both are mostly exported from Gods own country i. e Kerala and both
work in tribal area in adverse condition 

pattambi, India
Nov 15, 2012
07:48 PM

V.N.K.Murti, pitambi India /// Missionaries and Maoists (earlier Nexals) has one thing in commonBoth are mostly exported from Gods own country i. e Kerala and both///

Perhaps you didn't read my full post I had written thatiI had lived in CG for over 10 years. This whole state is in the grip of naxal terror. Naxalism found its root there when BD Sharma was SDM at Jagadalpur (the  head qurter the then district 'Bastar' . That time area of Bastar district was even bigger than whole Kerala state). You know , Mr BDsharma is now a member of NAC. Answer me who cry most when any naxalite commander is killed by security personnel. It is isaai missionary propaganda which has been painting these cruel killers as rebels. They never condemned deaths of securiy personnel rather they celebarete   when SP  are killed by naxals ( Whatever you may call them but for me they will remain naxals, always)They are not fighting for any goodwill of tribal people. In fact they are professional killers, smuglers, kidnappers and are being used as terror force for conversion. If you want to know how they operate I can let you know. But each time outlook deletes comments when one tries to discuss it thoroughly.

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 16, 2012
01:29 AM

 Winston Churchill said " A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on"... And I would like to add " When the truth does finally catch up, it finds the lies with its pants down" 

So...After 60 years of BS from the liberal paid media and media mercenaries, who character assasinate anybody who differs,....thanks to social media, we are finally making you acountable for your words.

It's alright to be fidgety Debarishi!!

Dev Chatnani
San Jose, United States
Nov 16, 2012
04:26 PM

 85 D-73
First let me appreciate your prompt reply.
I did go through your first and now the second
with all wisdom I hav. I too appreciate your knowledge
of Geography and what you said about Bastar district's
area is also correct. But why drag Mr. Sharma and NAC ?
I too lived in Madhya pradesh for 37 years and was a witness
to the birth of Chathisgrah.I closely followed the Naxal Vs Para
military security encounters and Kidnappings.But to brand Naxals
or Maoists are hand-in glove or hav nexus with misais cant be digested.
I am no sympathiser of isai propaganda or approve their conversion tactics.
But these  Maoists care the tribals. Hope you know the plight of
Bangali Dr. Sen.who happen to love tribals.

pattambi, India
Nov 16, 2012
11:01 PM

87/D-73    ///But why drag Mr. Sharma and NAC ?///

First I would like to correct a typo - Mr BD Sharma was DM ( not SDM). It is appropriate to debate on both Mr Sharma and NAC to let pople know how him and his likes are member of NAC affter all this is an advisor council to UPA gov and is open to public debate as they are paid out of public exchequer and must be debated at any forum. As for care by naksals of tribal is concerned, Do they really care for those people? No gov agency can undertake any work for betterment  of these tribal areas where naksals operate. Dr sen's ( he is only garnted bails and yet to acquitted of the charges levied on him still was  posted as Planning Commission member) plight it is nothing in comparasion to those tribal people ( who formed judawa salem later) whose women were rapped, and they were ransacked and made to leave their native places for not accepting conversion. I hope you could read this if not deleted by OLI web policy.

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Nov 17, 2012
05:27 PM

When did Maoists came to Bastar? What delopment
happened before in tribal areas? Didnt tribals has not
been exploited earlier? 

The truth is lack of development and exploitation invited
maoists to that area. 
I stand with my staement that Maoists can never be
a party to harass tribals. They never have nexus with
missionaries. Dinesh, please tell me when gov agency
woke up for betterment of tribal area? Who came first?
Maoists or Gov agency?

pattambi, India