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Absolution for Modi? Maybe a visit to the Ajmer dargah could help.

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Daily Mail
May 07, 2012
Blots and Spots

It was refreshing to see a realistic appraisal of Narendra Modi (Out, Damned Spot!, Apr 23). How 24/7 TV contributed to his demonisation has been brought out.

P.N.R. Krishnan, on e-mail

Unique in Nandy’s analysis of Modi’s psyche is the simplicity of expression and a roadmap for redemption.

Najid Hussain, Bear, US

Gujarat’s riots have been an easy stick for activists to beat Modi with. How come these guys don’t utter a word about the Srikrishna Commission?

Dipal Paresh, Ahmedabad

Modi will have to remain content with the ‘Most likely PM aspirant if he were not the best riot administrator’ tag.

Santosh John Samuel, Kochi

The horror of the riots aside, all-knowing Nandy smiles like a Cheshire cat.

A. Nathan, Dindigul

How about a separate mag for Modi-bashing?

Achutha Bhat, Bangalore