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With its allies turning recalcitrant, how long will the UPA hold?

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Daily Mail
Apr 09, 2012
Parliament of Howls

Apropos A Murder Of Crows (Mar 26), to their credit, Bongo-basis don’t care much for caste and creed. Instead, they harbour a crab-like resentment for businessmen and entrepreneurs. They would rather clap for a failed poet in dirty dhoti than nurture hopes of modernity from a successful enterprise.

S. Bengani, on e-mail

L’affaire Trivedi has exposed Mamata Banerjee’s churlishness, which she dresses up as populism and ‘pro-people’ politics.

K.S. Jayatheertha, Bangalore

If Dinesh Trivedi had in his office the picture of Mamatadi you published, maybe he wouldn’t have dared to hike ticket fares!

K. Suresh, Bangalore

A few years ago, we saw Manmohan Singh risk his government by not surrendering to Prakash Karat’s demands on the nuclear bill. The same PM is making compromises everywhere—even allowing a pragmatic rail minister to be replaced by a puppet. What is he going to gain?

Goutam Das, Katni, Madhya Pradesh

Sonia keeps her flock at NAC engaged in some trench-digging and refilling. The Harsh Manders are more than willing to follow her diktat.

Madhukar, Hyderabad

The concerns of Tamil MPs, both regional and national, about the human rights situation in Sri Lanka are entirely justifiable. Playing politics with that country’s sensitive internal issues and tying New Delhi’s hands in dealing with Colombo is not.

J. Akshobhya, Mysore

Mar 17, 2012
07:55 PM

 “The entire hardship of UPA apropos allies’ diktats can be explained in one-line ‘Politics Of Extortionism’.”

Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Mar 18, 2012
01:54 AM

If this is a coalition, what does a pandemonium look like?

Dallas, United States
Mar 18, 2012
06:46 AM

One cant really fault Mamata, who the Congress tried to USE to give an unpopulist budget. Who bears the fall-out in WB, of an unpopular budget presented by a TMC minister?

As for the DMK, it is quite clear that the human rights violations in SL are going to be a major issue in TN, and the DMK does not want to be seen hand-in-glove with the Congress.

What more do you want these allies to put up with ( voting for Women Reservation Bill was another of Congress demands ) for an alliance?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Mar 18, 2012
06:58 PM

>> "....in Trivedi’s case it was apparently compounded by his non-Bengali origins and the fact that he was a businessman, not really a profession that the bhadralok of West Bengal respect. "

Only partly true. To their credit, Bongo-basis do not care much for caste and creed. But, their crab-like resentment for businessmen and entrepreneurs is well-known. In this pseudo-intellectual state, they'd rather clap for a failed poet in dirty dhotis than nurture hopes of modernity from a successful enterprise. That is why the trader communities of Gujarat and Rajasthan are such an issue for them. Not only do they not fit in the Bengal mindset of glorifying poverty (and stupidity), but their flamboyant lifestyles rub salt on ther bruised egos.

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Mar 19, 2012
11:53 AM

The Govt. at Centre  may not survive another jolt. And another jolt in the form of yet unknown scandal would likely surface very soon. All politicians should better brace up for a midterm poll for the country.

Astrologers were not very wrong when they predicted dismal future for Rahul Gandhi in Indian politics. He is dumb, his IQ levels are very poor and his knowledge about the achievements of his own grandmother is next to nothing  !!! You only have to see , Youtube videos of Rahul's speeches to believe this !!

bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Mar 19, 2012
01:44 PM

Awesome !!

- The picture of Mamatadi in the article. If only this pic was pasted in Dinesh's office, he wouldn't have dared to hike prices.

Bangalore, India
Mar 19, 2012
02:48 PM

 It’s a known fact that partymen from all the regional political parties are strictly prohibited to speak or act against their supreme leader’s wishes. Hence being aware of his leader’s mercurial and unpredictable temperament , it’s surprising to witness Dinesh Trivedi defying the Didi’s diktat and adopting almost a rebellious posture against his party leadership. It looks certain that either Trivedi has been a great and honest soul who is prepared to forego his ministerial berth without compromising on his principles or he is assured by the Congress party for a covert support and political rehabilitation in case of desertion by the
TMC. However, it seems that modulating between the “Coalition Dharma” and the “Coercion Adharma”, the Congress and all the present constituents of the UPA shall be glued with each other until 2014, in their own political interest.

Pramod Srivastava
New Delhi, India
Mar 19, 2012
04:21 PM

@bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao,warangal, india

I do not understand why people like the above always bring "Rahul" and "Sonia" into every comment.   Have they got "Rahul" a or "Sonia" phobia?  This shows to me you have the lowest IQ.

We stupid Indians have the lowest IQ and highest EQ(Emotional, if you do not know it) when you go and voet and elect these unworthy politicians for mixies, teles, etc. etc.

So blame yourself;  we are the worst enemies of India moving forward.

Kel Shorey
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Mar 19, 2012
07:42 PM

 "With its allies turning recalcitrant, how long will the UPA hold?"

The question is wrong. The correct question is "WHy should the UPA continue to hold?". There is no answer to this question. The sooner UPA becomes history, the better.

Mar 19, 2012
08:46 PM

1. ) Pranab has cleverly used a TMC minister to annouce a hike in rail fares - thereby absolving itself of the risks. Mamata has a reason to be upset.

2. ) While in TN, Sonia has a personal agenda of siding with the SL government, and will not shake it off inspite of evidence of large scale killings going on there. Putting the DMK in a tough situation.

Why does nt the media look at it from the perspective of the situation of Congress's unfortunate allies?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Mar 20, 2012
12:07 AM

 "The vote in Geneva is on March 23, but political parties in Tamil Nadu have upped the ante now because of the bypoll in Shankarankoil in Tirunelveli district on March 18"

It is only the media that is creating this myth about the Sri Lankan issue having any electoral impact. In real world, the impact is nil. Zero. Since Rajiv's murder, the Sri Lankan issue has ceased to be of any electoral significance. People in TN are against LTTE and I am sure the vast majority support its annihilation. And they do not blame the Sri Lankan govt.

As for the supposed war crimes by Sri Lanka, 1) these things happen in war. 2) And any attempt to belittle Sri Lanka's effort will come back to bite us in Kashmir.

Mar 20, 2012
06:15 PM

 The ground reality is as such that its only wishful thinking
that how long UPA will hold? As long as the Mulayams,and
the Karunanidhis are there to foster their Sons the UPA
wont be history.

pattambi, India
Mar 21, 2012
07:49 AM

11 D, Ganesan,

As for acceptable 'war crimes', where is the war? LTTE still is nt a state, and hence the SL army is killing cold-blooded its own people on the basis of ethnicity. While laws of civil society should normally apply now. ( EVEN in a war, there are internationally accepted norms )

Yes, TN tamilians have actually supported the decimation of the LTTE ( upto and including the murder of its ruthless leader ), BUT no civilised person can accept the cold blooded murder of MALES and young BOYS that followed it. And therefore, it could become an election issue pretty soon ( tamil hindus murdered by sinhalese buddhists has plenty of potential, as you may see ).

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Mar 21, 2012
09:39 AM

V.N.K.Murti >>As long as the Mulayams,and the Karunanidhis are there to foster their Sons the UPA wont be history.

<<Agree 100%. Truly, Congress has mastered the art of the British to prop up the regional jagirs, but keep their Raj in the centre intact.

Shyamal Barua
Kolkata, India


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