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25 questions Rahul Gandhi needs to answer

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Daily Mail
Apr 02, 2012
The Battle of the Sons

Your questions to Rahul are benign and almost apologetic (Dear Rahul...). The more important questions are not just linked to Rahul but also to the history he represents. Like why 40 years after Mrs G’s “Garibi hatao” he still has to visit a starving Dalit’s home to score brownie points? Or how when Congress history is such that it will not let any institution survive if it is inimical to ‘family interests’, a constitutional status for Lokpal is going to be a game-changer?

Srinivas, Lucknow

In your questions to Rahul Gandhi, No. 15 is on the role of merit in choosing Rahul and moulding him into a possible future prime minister. Should it not have been addressed to Sonia Gandhi?

Col C.V. Venugopalan (Retd), Palakkad

How dare you. The prince and the royal family don’t take questions from the janata. They are born to rule.

Pradip Singh, Stafford, UK

Rahul is still the most eligible bachelor in the country and the young women will vote for him if he announces his candidature. That said, these questions seem designed to help him out, pointing out where he needs to improve.

Yashodhara, New York

Your gadabout-type questions will only get castor oil-type answers. Show some spunk, ask some tough questions. Like Rahul, why not hang Afzal Guru...?

Varadarajan, Hyderabad

These questions are best addressed to the organ-grinder. The subordinate is but a sad, mute, hapless agent.

Tushar Patel, Jamnagar

Why would anyone want to answer Outlook’s self-important questions?

Aabhi, Mumbai

Even in KBC, you don’t have to answer 25 questions to win the jackpot.

Abhishek Sharma, on e-mail

Mar 10, 2012
12:47 PM

 If we still grant Rahul the reprieve - “Down But Not Out”, it would be as good as declaring “The King Is Dead, Long Live The King”.

Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Mar 10, 2012
12:52 PM

Sundeep Duggal and his famous 25 Questions !

Sir 25 Questions only -not less or more -a Balancing exercise ??

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Mar 10, 2012
01:16 PM

Duggal sahib why only soft questions and hard Questions have not been asked ? Where as Modi was asked extremely loaded questions .

Sir you did not ask Rahul JI :

1.Where are the 63 pyres of 63 Bhata Persul supoosedly killed by Maya ? If none killed why he mislead the Nation and Parliament ? He is the de-facto and deemed to be the future PM of India .

2.Why Batla House issue was raked by his Secon in Command Digi ?

3.a. Does he considers Batla Hous encounter genuine or false ?

3.b. If false why no action taken against the Delhi Police who did the stage managed Encounter ?

3c.Why innocent boys of Azamgarh are in Jail since His Sipahsalar Raja Digi valiantly declared that encounter was stage managed?

4.Why no question as to why Sonia Gandhi phut phut kar Roi terribly shaking in fright or in sympathy or both seeing the photographs of the Encounter ??

Why you did not ask Rahul that Khursheed should be ordered to publish those photographs so that whole the Nation too phut phut kar----

(to be continued)

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Mar 10, 2012
01:48 PM

Fair questions, although some of them may be like rubbing salt in fresh wounds. But Rahoul should answer them. The experience may be helpful to him.

Dallas, United States
Mar 10, 2012
03:05 PM

Good questions. Don't expect a Yuvraaj to answer. Anyways, "elected monarchy" continues bandied about as the "worlds largest democracy". A place in Farrukhabad district has a special place in my childhood memories - part of who I am is from the wisdom of the people there. So I am very happy Louise Khurshid lost - the last minute antics of her husband couldn't save her.

Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
Mar 10, 2012
03:33 PM


Chennai, India
Mar 10, 2012
03:34 PM

>> Duggal sahib why only soft questions and hard Questions have not been asked?

few more questions

1) Is it true about Sukanya devi? (it may be an allegation, but so is Modi's role in 2002. Not proved yet)

2) Is it true that you were caught with 2 million dollar illegal cash in JFK airport?

3) Is it true that you still dont have a Indian passport and go by the  name Raul Vinci?

4) Is it true that you were booed by students in Bihar during one of your interactions.  (Search "rahul students" in youtube)

5) Is it true that your father has billionsin Swiss account as mentiond in a Swiss magazine?

6) I know you are dumb and have no solution to any of the issues facing India. Can you atleast list all the issues that India is facing?


Chennai, India
Mar 10, 2012
03:41 PM

The right decision would be to write him off as a politician,since he has no attribute whatsoever to become a national leader.India should become a truly democratic country,throwing off the Gandhi family yoke.Congress party should do an honest soul searching and project a worthy person as their leader.It is only the CPM and BJP who are devoid of the burden of family rule.

Bangalore, India
Mar 10, 2012
04:57 PM

Congress Party's decades-old tact is to wear mask of glamorous Gandhi faces.  But since today's generation is intelligent, this trick did not work - say in UP.  If they really plan to make Rahul the PM, he should pass out a civil service exam like IAS or IFS and then serve the government as an officer.  One has to qualify for any post, especially for the country's top jobs.  It is sad that this boy has been grown up with the protecting aura of people like Digvijay Singh and now they became the spokespersons for him.  Rahul should now learn from Akhilesh, how to live in haearts of the mass... one needs to be one among them.  Just clicking photos in Dalits' houses will not work anymore.

Sunil Nair
Delhi, India
Mar 10, 2012
06:49 PM

 You heckle the young man: he has recently outgrown his political adolescence and gained full political adulthood. UP elections can be thanked for it. Were it not so, he would have continued to be sucked by all those limpets you have named or referred to.Your questions need public debate rather than reply from R Gandhi alone. I am reminded of the serial Mahabharat, where Duryodhana warns Arjun during the archery contest: Arjun, yeh mat bhoolo ki aise utpate prashna tum se bhi kiye jaa sakate hein. This was when Arjun addressed Karna as the sootputra. Another, episode relates to Arjun visiting Bhishmapitahmah after disrobing of Draupadi. Instead of throwing his arms round his dearest grandchild Arjun to comfort soul burning in the fire of humiliation, Bhishma scolds him: kya tum mujhe yudha ki dhamaki dene aaye ho? If a graph could be plotted to rate all political leaders on these 25 issues, as the Economists liberally do, the replies might not be very different from each other. India suffers the indignity of competitive secularism & casteism. What is our National Dream?

New Delhi, India
Mar 10, 2012
09:22 PM

Yes I go with Nagaraj,Rahul should give up politics and spare India.Havent we had enough of his miserable failures.

As a all powerfull Gen Secratary Rahul did nothing when CWG,Khoda and Aadarsh scam became public ,not to forget 2G.

To me these were his momentous disasters,Now on UP,he choose the wrong team,accepted wrong advice and lacked the charisma of a Leader.Overall this misery was coming and it did.

Time he acceps his real standing and Quit Politics.Pl do that.Thank you

chennai, India
Mar 10, 2012
09:30 PM
Comment removed for violation of Website Policy
The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Mar 10, 2012
11:23 PM

 I doubt that the current, and unelected, so-called "prime minister" has any appetite to be the prime inisterial candidate when the next election comes around.Of course, as a mere rubber stamp, he has not even the authority to resign without permission, but the fact is also that he's a liability and seen as one. Therefore, it is almost certain that the next few months will see his end as a political figure; what happens to him afterwards, whether he settles down in retirement in the country or leaves for his natural spiritual home in the Evil Empire is immaterial. The point is that Rahul Gandhi will have to decide whether to look for another unelectable rubber stamp with no political base, or put his own political future on the line. It's likely that he will do the former, because the COngress can't possibly risk his losing. Since it's a family-owned private enterprise, not a political party in the real sense, that would leave it without any kind of hope for the future.

Do not, therefore, expect Rahul Gandhi to stick his neck out. The outlook isn't good for it.

Biswapriya Purkayastha
Shillong, India
Mar 11, 2012
12:14 AM

Time has come to change our Parliamentary system to Federal system, where Chief Minister is elected directly by the entire state. The elected CM will have full powers to select his own cabinet (no MLAs unless resigned), and put term limit and also declare his/her assets before and after their term. Congress party should push for this reform and I am sure BJP will agree for this change. Under Parliamentary system, political parties are encouraging divisions by caste and religion, and it will get worse as we go forward. Once the Federal system implemented successfully at state level, it could be elevated to PM level by adding electrol collage system by giving each state number of votes based on population and the winner will all. Rahul Gandhi has a golden opportunity to push for this reform to make sure democracy will flourish in India, and it could be his legacy. I appeal to Rahul Gandhi to think about it!  

Ragu Desidi
Hyderabad, India
Mar 11, 2012
01:32 AM

 Sir...these so-called questions are best addressed to the organ grinder.The monkey is only a mute and hapless agent.But then, sadly,  so is the organ grindress(?)

Tushar Patel
Jamnagar, India
Mar 11, 2012
06:58 AM

Could be all translated into ONE single question for the media : Rahul, could nt you have been a FEMALE, so that the media could have supported you?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Mar 11, 2012
07:29 AM

Add some questions on behalf of me(1) How many days he has attended Lok Sabha.(2)How many time he has participated in any debate in Lok Sabha.

Yogesh Joshi
Canton, United States
Mar 11, 2012
12:58 PM

This is my guss that Rahul is not interested to participate in politics. Her mother imposed her whim on him.Sonia Gandhi is most ambitious  woman, from very begging she created her image as a widow who want dedicated her life to well fare for country  and fulfil wishes of her husband, same ambition she is imposing on Rahul another remarkable thing is that she intentionally kept aside Priyanka outside from politics though she and her husband want.Rahul  is helpless before her mother because he is mom`s son.That is real tragedy of Rahul , how can at the age of 42 he remain unmarried?

Ramesh Raghuvanshi
pune, India
Mar 11, 2012
01:29 PM

Why would anyone want to answer Outlook's self-important questions? Those politicians focused on serious work tend to ignore the media. Take NaMo or Rahul Gandhi.

The reason why the press is twitching so much is obvious. If two of the most prominent politicians refuse to talk to the press, others might get the same idea. The press can get away with trying to provoke a response from NaMo, but the same approach against the prince will have serious consequences.

A once in a lifetime opportunity has been wasted by mainstream media on self-serving campaigns and fuelling self-righteous left wing outrage. The mainstream press has lost so much credibility over the last two years that it may never be able to recover.

nobody inparticular
Mumbai, India
Mar 11, 2012
07:24 PM

You cant compare two poles of Equator as one, just because both are poles. Reasons for Raul Vinci avoiding a Friendly Sycophant Media with well-scripted Questions/answers cant be same as Modi avoiding a Hostile Media asking that exact question both agreed not to discuss before that very Interview.

They are infact poles apart in Extreme ends ! 

Zurich, Switzerland
Mar 11, 2012
07:43 PM

The Prince is so Dumb that the real Dumbs can be called Genius on Comparision. 

Despite Dynasty's persistance in keeping UP and the rest of India to remain backward always, so that they will remain loyal to the Royalty is now backfiring. This Nation can show some semblance of real Development only after the Congress and its first family become extinct from politics.

Zurich, Switzerland
Mar 11, 2012
07:54 PM

>>> how can at the age of 42 he remain unmarried?

he shd seriously consider getting married ... and go for a long honeymoon ... after all he is the most eligible bachelor in India. I am sure a number of bollywood divas wd queue up for him if intention of availability comes thru ... and why not from own his 'gurughantal' Diggi ...

The Contrarian
London, United Kingdom
Mar 11, 2012
10:25 PM


Rahul could not answer MOST of the questions from the prescribed syllabus during his student days. How do you expect him to answer these which are out of syllabus and no "copying" facility available? Poor effort ondeed! You ask questions to guys who have "studied" something and is among TOP students; NEVER to the student who barely scrapes through! 

pankaj hedaoo
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mar 12, 2012
12:37 AM

 Even in KBC, you don't have to go through 25 questions for the prize money.

hellhole, India
Mar 12, 2012
02:43 AM

These questions become mute when one considers what is in store if/when UPA-2 falls. Is there a viable alternative to it? It is being said that some regional satraps are thinking of a third front. How well such a front would fare if it came to power at the centre? Will the centre hold? In future there would be some 50 or 60 states with at least as many regional satraps. How effective and strong would the central goevrnment, so necessary for the unity and national seurity, be? How governable would India be then, especially when a while ago Mayawati said that UP was ungovernable, and should be broken up in four states? With the regional satraps talking as if their regions are independent countries, and pulling the country in different directions, what would hold it together?

Perhaps the founders of India and the authors of the constitution couldn't foresee an era of coalition politics and rampant regionalism. Nor did those who thought of 'Idea of India'. The well-meaning and optimistic leaders made India a country out of British India and princly states on the subcontinent. But they didn't make Indians! Forget Rahul, Sonia, and congress. What about India, the way the things are going? Strong regional satraps may be good for their regions. Are they good for India?

Rohit Desai
Nount Prospect, United States
Mar 12, 2012
03:20 AM

Never mind, Rahul Gandhi is the most eligible bachelor in the country and all the young women would vote for him if he announces his candidature. Therefore I do find question no 13 the most relevant. If Congress announces now that he is the PM candidate for 2014, it could counter anti-incumbency. People vote differently in assembly and parliament elections. These questions seem designed to help him, pointing out where he needs to improve.

New York, United States
Mar 12, 2012
10:13 AM

Answers for 3D and 7D.Wait for Kapil Sibal to return from leave and give the answer papers to Rahul Ji.

Bangalore, India
Mar 12, 2012
10:20 AM

One question ,i would like ask Rahul Ji is,"Why this Kolaveri,kolaveri Di,aa Di",to tear the manifesto of some other party.Kolaveri stands for murderous rage in Tamil.

Bangalore, India
Mar 12, 2012
10:56 AM

Dear Mr.Vinod,

How come outlook can pose such questions when you are still the Editor. This is outrageous & insult to you, resign from your post imediately.

Alas that could be true, A unbiased editor for a wonderful magazine such as Outlook intead of Mr.Vinod.

It is shame, even here the so called questions are an indirect answer / directions to the worthless person to revive his political carrer.

For gods sake stop this nonsense. We are a Billion plus country, every City, Town, Village of this country has more capable & intilligent person than Rahul, why are men like Vinod  & his team are hell bent on seeing this man through to the highest office of this country.

Even for these so called questions Rahul needs help from the Worst men like Diggy & Sibal, what a pitty.

Anil S Dandina
Mysore, India
Mar 12, 2012
12:02 PM

>>Like his potential rival Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi has shied away from taking questions from the public, and the media.

This '25 questions' starts off with a falsehood! Why are our seculars so desperate to bring in fake 'balance'?

Delhi, India
Mar 12, 2012
01:37 PM

The tone and The intent lies in the Tone and nature of fierceness of 25 question asked to Rahul and Modi .One is just patronizingly nudged and other one is severely thrashed .

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Mar 12, 2012
01:42 PM

The intent lies in the Tone and nature of fierceness of 25 question asked to Rahul and Modi .One is just patronizingly nudged and other is severely thrashed .

(corrected )

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Mar 12, 2012
07:05 PM

 I have some questions 1) What exactly is your educational qualification 2) WHat were you doing in Harvard? 3) You were caught with a large sum of money in US. The Indian govt intervened and you were let off. We the public cannot see the case records unless you allow us to see that. Will you kindly allow us to see the entire FBI report on you? 4) Can you show your Indian passport?

Mar 12, 2012
07:12 PM

How dare you ask questions?

The prince and the royal family are not supposed to answer to the ordinary janata.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Mar 12, 2012
07:14 PM

How dare you ask such questions?

The prince and his family do not answer questions from the janata. They are just born to rule.

Pradip Singh
STAFFORD, United Kingdom
Mar 12, 2012
07:49 PM

[[Like his potential rival Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi has shied away from taking questions from the public, and the media. He’s given only one recorded interview, addressed a few press conferences, and has generally preferred dispensing off-the-record briefings to select editors]] So says Sandeep, But...But...

Unlike his potential rival Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi does not shy away from the public eye, although he treats the English Language Media with much deserved contempt. He speaks his mind freely, and makes known what he intends to achieve for his employers - the people of Gujarat, and speaks with a well articulated vision with opinion leaders, businessmen and diplomats from around the world. He has no flunkies or courtiers and leads a life of simplicity. His family is out of sight and receives no favours from the state - his mother, no less, lives in a 1-room tenement and gets to see her son only once a year.

chennai, India
Mar 13, 2012
07:15 AM

No question is so difficult to answer as that to which the answer is obvious - GB Shaw

I don't think we need answers from the clown. The questions themselves are benign, devoid of any passion and almost apologetic. The more imporatnt questions are not just linked to Rahul but also linked to the history that he represents. Take a few examples:

1. 1971: Garibi Hatao slogan by Indira Gandhi. 2012: we still have Rahul go to Dalit Homes and proudly proclaim that Congress is the friend of the poor. My question is why are people still poor? Why do Dalit's still live in jhuggi's? What have you done for them? Is it not in Rahul's interest that they stay poor?

Millions of Indians experience poverty on a day-to-day basis they do not need to parachute into a UP village to find out how the poor live. Rahul may think this "Poverty Tourism" is some great charity he is doing but to me it sounds more like a kid who doesn't know the reality and is fascinated discovering it for the first time. 

2. The institutional damages inflicted by Congress is colossal (CBI, Governors, Courts, Election Commission) and practically every institution is subjugated to the interest of the family. Take a look at Governors and you will find that these are men/women who have ceased to be men/women (Well, they are Congressmen!). They will do anything, including subversion of democracy, to help the Congress. Take the case of CBI, even a kid will tell you it is nothing but a bunch of idiots who will do their master's bidding. Take a look at our beloved President "Smt. Pratibha Patil"...well words are eluding me to even write something about her. When Congress history is such that it will not let any institution survive if it is inimical to Gandhi family interests then can you please explain how your "Constitutional Status for Lokpal" is a game changer?

I do not think questions that lack context make any sense. As I stated we don't need the answers but without the historical context of Congress linked to Rahul the questions are gentle nudges. The Sikh Riots, the opening of locks of the disputed Babri masjid, the corruption scandals from independence, the luxurious life of Gandhi family, the educational background, the abuse of power, the black money, the secret life everything has to be questioned. This was just another non-serious attempt by the author lacking any conviction. 

Lucknow, iNDIA
Mar 13, 2012
09:46 AM

For sure, each one reading such pieces will have more than 25 questions of their own. Simply because of just one fact - Rahul G is the most over rated "leader" (if the word can be used for him) of current times, with just nothing but the pedigree to boot.

The fact he is a "leader" is because we deserve no better. What else can an indifferent lot get? Only an indifferent leader. What else can a clueless lot get? Only a clueless leader.

Which brings to mind a recent article questioning - Just who is a national leader? A young heir to a political biggie in the biggest state - but with lot of clarity and sincerity - wins the state with an overwhelming mandate but will forever, in the reckoning of Congress and especially people like Digvijay Singh, be a provincial leader.

Rahul will fly in and out of state elections, conduct his politics from Delhi, will be unable to win even a single seat without the Congress and dynasty brand to back him — and yet he will be once and forever a national leader? Doesn't it defy logic.

But then in India as how we are used to, even the most mundane things have to defy logic.

Or else - if something is logical, we will be confused - as usual.

Chennai, India
Mar 13, 2012
01:10 PM

i read one interesting tweet:

Q: What do Rahul Gandhi and Yogendra Yadav have in common? 

A: Both fail repeatedly but always manage to remain in the race.

Kiran Bagachi
mumbai, India
Mar 13, 2012
06:27 PM

Your questionjs are of general nature getting castor oil type answers if you get. Why not ask his opinion on the following:

When Ameerica has in hot pursuit raided Abbottabad and took revenge on the mass murderer Osama, why is India dilly dallying with terrorists?

What is Rahul's opinion on meeting out the punishments delivered by the Apex court?

Why not hang Afzal Guru for attacking our seat of democracy and why does he still live?

Why talk of Human rights to inhuman people,if they can be consudered prople at all?

Why not execute Kasab? What is the delay. The amount spent on him so far, some estimates say it is ovwer 200 crores,could have been sistributed to the over 165 peoiple killed in his murderous attack? What is the opinion of the aspirant to the post of  P.M.?

Is it because of the attachment to Gaddis, to remain in powwer at all costs, even not executing traitors and murderes.

What is his opinion on FDI in retail by foreign investors? Could he explain how the promised millions of jobs will materialise if foreign investments in retail is permitted.

If he becomes P.M. what are the taske he will commit to do immediately.

  I feel that, the media is not doing their bit. Rather than concentrating on pregnency/deliveries of film stars they better concentrate on upliftment of downtrodden,increasement of employnebt opportunities,corruption etc' Anna's movement is already  forgotten I think.

Dear media persons, do something.

hyderabad, India
Mar 13, 2012
06:53 PM

Rahu bashing is not as benificial as Modi bashing.

Bangalore, India
Mar 14, 2012
11:20 AM

After few weeks and  onwards again Rahul's image building programme will be run at full force by the mainstream media. Main problem with kangres is its other main bet got no response  even at amethi and raebareli. So threre is no option but rahul. It was a trial for priyanka but she failed miserably.

dinesh chauksey
bhopal, India
Mar 15, 2012
04:58 PM

The real question is when will Rahul, his mother and the rest of his family stop treating the Congress party as their personal property.

Sydney, Australia
Feb 02, 2014
03:14 AM

Now Agusta bug stops at yur door what doyou want to say?

Chennai, India
Feb 02, 2014
03:15 AM

Now Agusta bug is at your door, what o you want to say?

Chennai, India


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