India walks delicate tightrope on Iran, given the domestic political situation, Sunni-Shia relations, growing energy needs, and a looming void in Afghanistan after the US departure

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Must See
Daily Mail
Feb 18, 2012
02:31 AM

Perhaps the good Iranians should not be doing such a good job of painting themselves into a corner.

ashok lal
mumbai, India
Feb 18, 2012
01:32 PM

Ashok, it might look as if the Iranians are painting themselves into a corner -- the other view is that Iran is exercising its rights and resisting pressure from the US-led combine. A few things are clear either way, and this is hardly a comprehensive list: (1) Israel is the only nuclear power (as of now) in the Middle East; (2) nothing is being done to put pressure on Israel to abandon its nuclear arsenal; (3) America has a military presence practically all over the Gulf; (4) America is practically wedded to Israel; (5) most nations in the Gulf are closely allied to the US policy; (6) America would like the total control over the Gulf and its resources, and ensure protection for Israel; (7) Iran cannot feel secure in the current scenario; (8) unlike a few other nations in the Gulf, Iran is a civilizationally resilient country and has an independent foreign policy; (9) again, unlike a few other nations in the Gulf, Iran has always stood with India, especially on the Kashmir issue (whether or not our Kashmir policy is right or wrong is debatable); (10) our relations with Israel are about 20 years old, with the US maybe about 70 years and with Iran more than 1400 years (further conclusions can be drawn) and (11) the media almost always are partial with the truth.
It could very well be that Iran is pursuing a nuclear device, given its security concerns, and the saber rattling from the US–Israel combine – although not a positive development, it should be understood by being aware of the larger picture. All major powers (including India) would do well to try and defuse tensions, caution against any misadventure against Iran and hope that things do not get any worse than they already are.
You might find the links below interesting: http://walt.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2012/02/10/a_martian_view_of_the_iran_debate;

Santosh John Samuel
Kochi, India
Feb 18, 2012
01:46 PM

International Atomic Energy Agency has long before installed CCTV cameras at Iranian plants to monitor and so far agency has not indicated any sign that Iran is actually diverting its Uranium enrichment towards nuclear weapons.Its not that Iran is run by the modern angels but rather it is in the deadly grip of Jupiter ideology.

But current scenario resembles the pre Iraq invasion days. When WMD were at Mars, US completely lied about their location and virtually ruined an entire country.

Saddam was cruel but his forced dictatorship was better than current mayhem. Strangely at Baghdad University, girls wearing skirts was pretty common sight. Baghdad was much more lively with its dance, music and relatively tolerant for many un-Islamic things.

Ironically when almost all Islamic states were discharging their holy Islamic duty of condemning and voting against ultimate Kafir country India on Kashmir, if I am not wrong Iraq actually supported India.

US cited two reasons for destroying Iraq: WMD and Saddam’s support for Osama. Both proved utter lies.

Recently National Geographic Channel broadcasted a documentary on Saddam’s capture and his interrogation. Dramatization and interview with CIA agent, who interrogated Saddam, were shown in film. Saddam not only refuted both claims but at the end of documentary he said, which was confirmed by CIA, that he has always opposed Al-Qaeda and Laden and never supported them.

Thar, India
Feb 18, 2012
01:50 PM

Recently after western sanctions, India has become a life line for Iranian economy.

Out of total oil import, India buys 12% oil from Iran. Iran has just stared accepting oil payments in Indian currency. India is also resisting western pressure to break off economic ties with Iran so I guess India has taken a fair stand on so called Iran challenge.

But the whole drama is not just between Israel-US and Iran. Purer Muhammadans (who think Shiaism is not true Islam) are also active behind the scene.

The darkest land of planet (even darker than Somalia) Saudi Arabia is actually supporting and insisting US to destroy Iranian nuclear plants. Israelis have been meeting Saudis to finalize the attack. In case of Iran goes nuclear with weapons, Saudi Arabia will sure follow the path to get nukes. And it will try to buy them directly probably from Pakistan. Most Sunni states in Arab are dead against Iran getting nuclear weapons. So any attack on Iran may also lead to infighting among Arab states.

Thar, India
Feb 20, 2012
01:58 AM

A thoughtful and balanced article.

Dallas, United States
Feb 20, 2012
04:56 PM

One supports us in War on Islamic Terror and supplies Arms .Israel's timely air lifting of special purpose Arms in Kargil conflict hastened the early end of the War and Pakistan had to beg USA for bail out .

Iran supplies us oil .But opposes on Kashmir.Iran also provides us the route to Afghanistan for the Humanitarian Aid we give .And is our Land link to Afghanistan passes through it .Iran is a Shia country & like us it is too victim of Sunni Terrorists ( Harsh words but the Truth ).

Keep both of them as friends .But don't antagonize the West too .

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Feb 21, 2012
05:29 AM

India should push USA to start direct negotiations with Iran and settle the issuewithout causing mayhem. After all, USA has tried negotiating with North Koreaalthough without much success so far. Why not the same approach towards Iran?Intelligence from USA is not always credible and sometime is manufactured to supportits strategy. We have to take the propaqanda on Iran's nuclear weapons with a kilo of salt.

sajid khan
Providence, United States
Feb 21, 2012
07:50 PM

Sajid it is very unlikely India can "push" (as you say) the US or for that matter nudge Iran into staying consistent with it's NPT obligations.

Iran will be a test of our foreign policy and how clear we are on our short term and long term national interests.

Ghai - the balance you mention is easier said than done. Do you think the current approach of India has that balance?

Arun Maheshwari
Bangalore, India
Feb 21, 2012
08:25 PM

Ghai - the balance you mention is easier said than done. Do you think the current approach of India has that balance? " Arun

What other way we have got ? The Govt of the day has to do it .And I hope opposition party BJP will help Govt .Though Left and Muslims will pressurize the Govt to abandon USA and Israel.But that will not be in the interest of the Country .

a k ghai
mumbai, India


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