The well-regarded Supreme Court advocate on her husband

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Daily Mail
Mar 05, 2012
Swamy Gnomics

What kind of garbage journalism is this (‘His views are those of a patriotic Indian’)? You do a sort of investigative piece on a guy and you ask his wife for opinions? His wife!

S. Iyengar, Baroda

Every Indian wife considers her husband brilliant. Roxna is no different.

V.N.K. Murti, Pattambi

I read with interest your article on Subramanian Swamy, particularly the interview with his wife whose banality surprises me. She sounds like a gushing teenager (My husband is brilliant! My husband is PM material!) and does not seem to think that her husband’s exclusivist communal agenda for the nation is anything less than patriotism. I wonder if someone in Harvard explained to her the differences between chauvinism, nationalism, fascism and humanism! It might help to give her an example. Her husband in his article in DNA said that people of other religions would be allowed to convert to Hinduism and choose any caste they liked provided they took on the discipline of that caste. Does that mean that if I convert to Hinduism and choose to be a Dalit, the discipline would require me to collect faeces from their Iyer-Parsi household? First, the ideas he has are hardly based on any serious study of history. His versions come from the same swamp that gave N.S. Rajaram the title of historian during the bjp’s term in office. Swamy maintains that the Aryans sprang up from Indian soil and did not migrate from elsewhere, contrary to what serious historians in general (and not only Romila Thapar) have to say. His seeming distance from Jayalalitha is a ploy. Some years ago, when M. Karunanidhi was asked what he made of the minor altercation between Jayalalitha, Hindu editor N. Ram and Swamy, he laughed and rightly pointed out “Elarume Swami thane”. Aren’t they all Swamis—the colloquial term in Tamil Nadu for Brahmins. N. Ram’s newspaper gave scant space to Swamy’s expulsion from Harvard but gave a full page to a sublime diatribe against Harvard letting down its standards of free speech. If Swamy was really so strong on corruption as he now is against the Karunanidhi group, why did he not go daggers drawn for Jayalalitha and his friend Narasimha Rao who bribed MPs to keep his party in power?

George Kurian, Pondicherry

A little more research might have led you to comments by K. Madhavan, the famous cbi joint director associated with the Bofors investigation, in his autobiography in Malayalam, regarding his experience under law minister Swamy. The latter had manipulated the case, and Madhavan found himself arguing against the state counsel, leaving the court baffled! Swamy complained to the PM, though he did make an effort to soothe Madhavan later. Wonder what made Swamy do it?

K.S.C. Nair, Indianapolis

Swamy’s legal campaign and triumph in the 2G cases marks a high in an otherwise lacklustre political career of false hopes, sound and fury. Now we know that barking dogs can also bite and even maim, as Raja & Co would testify.

P. Prasand Thampy, Thiruvalla

Love him or hate him for his politics, polemics, tenacity or outrageousness, but you can certainly never ignore Subramanian Swamy.

G. Niranjan Rao, Hyderabad

Swamy is a nut but he is on to something in pursuing the real culprits of the 2G scam—Sonia and the Nehru-Gandhi criminal enterprise which has robbed the nation through its acts of commission and omission.

Vijay, New York

Not for nothing was Swamy dubbed the second Subhash Chandra Bose during the Emergency.

Karavadi Raghava Rao, Vijayawada

A progressive magazine with an anti-communal outlook like yours should not have given its coveted cover to Subramanian Swamy, a hardcore communalist and a Hindu fundamentalist. In fact, for spitting venom at Muslims in his article in DNA, he should have been cooling his heels behind bars. PS: Outlook was bold, blunt and brash under Vinod Mehta’s captaincy. I wish new editor Krishna Prasad continues the tradition.

K.P. Rajan, Mumbai

Feb 11, 2012
01:23 PM

 “I salute Mrs. Swamy who must have been cooking Chapatis of Exactly Same Diameter for over 50 years otherwise she would have been undergoing a trial on ‘Disappropriation of Flour’.”

Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Feb 11, 2012
01:28 PM

"Muslims give Swamy the benefit of the doubt, believe his views are those of a patriotic Indian."

None that I know of.

Dallas, United States
Feb 11, 2012
03:07 PM

 Do you mean that  no Muslim believes him to be a patriotic Indian ?

But then why should he care for the contrarian  views of others,  so long he acts and writes with a clear conscience and as a patrriot.

Thank heavens we have people like Swamy to speak and write without fear and without the humbug of being  politically  correct.

Tushar Patel
Jamnagar, India
Feb 11, 2012
06:24 PM

Obnoxious to see Outlook has interviewed a celebrity's wife. In this day of high divorce rates, and here-today-gone-tommorrow-relationships, does any wifes opinion ( or husbands for that matter ), matter anymore?

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Feb 11, 2012
08:15 PM

What kind of garbage journalism is this? You write a slightly investigative piece on a guy, and you ask his wife for opinions??? His wife !!!!!

Q: So Mrs. Swamy what do you think of Mr. Swamy?

A: He's brilliant!

Q: Thank you Mrs. Swamy. Rare insights like these will help us a great deal in filling our pages with ..emm...rare insights like these!


Baroda, India
Feb 11, 2012
09:27 PM

>> "None that I know of." - Anwaar

May be, you are mingling with the wrong kind of Muslims. 

The Irreverent Indian
Online, India
Feb 11, 2012
09:34 PM

How can Pativerta Hindu wife say any thing against her husband.?She always pray to God give same husband to me  thousand  rebirth.

Ramesh Raghuvanshi
pune, India
Feb 11, 2012
11:03 PM

>> How can Pativerta Hindu wife say any thing against her husband

Maybe, maybe not. But she is a Parsi.

Whats InAName
San Francisco, United States
Feb 11, 2012
11:45 PM

 <<Because he’s so brilliant, people want to put him down.>>

icing on the cake. 

<<I would’ve made a dreadful judge, and am glad I didn’t succeed.>>

don quixote is right with us in 21st century. tilting at the windmills. 

lol, india
Feb 12, 2012
12:05 AM

The grace, culture and tehzeeb of Suhasini Haider say some very fine things about her parents.

ashok lal
mumbai, India
Feb 12, 2012
01:32 PM

ROXANA >> I became anti-Left when it became an appendage of the Congress.

The above views, represent one one single sentence the reality of post Independent India. The brutal, simple fact is In India, the Left actually supports feudal,corrupt and elitist royalty. Come to think of it - all of india's leading english media persons,who champion themselves as secularists are actually feudal, elitist spoilt brats who enjoy life and position not out of their merit but because of connections and being born in the right family/having connected acquintances.

That also explains how India the much maligned right, is actually less feudal, less elitist and is more in touch with aam admi. Remember that India's first dalit CM from India's biggest and most conservative state came with support of rightwing. None of the leading leaders of India's right came to power because their daddy/mommy/uncle/aunty was in politics. But then the elite (be it the Lucknow boy or the madam whose daddy was once the boss of "Rajivdarshan" TV or the ageing saheb of chennai or the folks working for a business family's HIT newspaper can never digest these.. Is this not feudalism ? (And before moderator steps to ban this message, please ponder on this)

Delhi, India
Feb 15, 2012
02:28 AM

Your husband, Subramanya Swamy sold the Jantha party tickets to anti-telangana people in 2004 Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections. He is a crook.

Ragu Desidi
Hyderabad, India
Feb 15, 2012
03:59 AM

It takes a lot of courage to take on the government. But this professor has shown that that could be done if one has the patience and perseverance.

I agree with his wife that theis gentleman has the capacity to be the PM of India. He would be many times better than the present PM who is extremely honest,but an useless PM and who, by knowingly or unknowingly, has encouraged corruption. Either way,he cannot avoid his share of responsibility.

london, United Kingdom
Feb 15, 2012
09:30 AM

Every Indian wife cosiders her husband brilliant,
and suspects all are pulling him down.As for Roxana
she dont want to be away from her 'comfort zone'
unlike her husband.

pattambi, India
Feb 17, 2012
02:22 PM

But for our COMRADE ( Not in the sense Communist) the biggest Scam of Independent India woll not have come out. He is a relenless fighter. A. Man with Corage to oppose any powerful person.Though a strong champion of Hindutwa he can not adjust in any party. In the emergency days he was called as Second Subhash Chnndra Bose.

Karavadi Raghava Rao
Vijayawada, India
Jul 15, 2012
06:34 AM

This is not  the outlook  I knew.....Please do not let the pages of Outlook go for right wing fascist sympathisers. The statements he made is really imature and this is not what is expected of a man of his caliber. 

Alan Thomson
Swansea, United Kingdom


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