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The much-feted UID project acquires a few enemies who take to attacking its methods

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Must See
Daily Mail
Nov 26, 2011
01:35 PM

“How ironical that the ‘Foundation Stones’ of ‘Aadhaar’ are not Jellying to give it  stability and sustenance.”

Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Nov 26, 2011
03:37 PM

 it is so typical of all of our government initiatives.  All the pros and cons should have been thought of before starting this. Now after having spent considerable amount of money and millions of people spending considerable time in getting themselves enrolled, all kinds of doubts are being raised.  Now we heaar  banks will not accept UID.  So slowly other agencies will start derecognising UID for ID purposes thereby making it useless. when will our government learn? i personally spent 3 hours waiting in a queue to get myself enrolled. the whole process took 15 minutes for each person and waas generally very chaotic typicall of all government schemes though the enrollment is done by private agencies.  There are very few centers in each locaility and they can take a max of 50-60 people eaach day. they usually have only one person manning the whole operation - data entry, taking photo, taking finger print and the iris recognition. If one of the devices goes for a toss, there is no replacement until it is repaired. it actually puts a lot of people into inconvenience. now after all the trouble, our idiotic politicians will raise all kinds of questions to satisfy their own ego since it is run by a non politician.

chennai, India
Nov 26, 2011
03:38 PM

 by the way 3 months after having enrolled, not a single person in my family of 8 have got the UID....

chennai, India
Nov 26, 2011
07:32 PM

As Arundhati Roy rightly pointed out ( with no solution as usual ), this is another waste of public funds by the MMS government, to channel money to his corporate friends.

Male Unblocked
Chennai, India
Nov 26, 2011
08:09 PM

Who has obfuscated the identifying details of Vivek Kumar, s/o Chandeshwar in the sample ID card shown in this article? Was it Govt of India or Outlook? Whoever it was, sorry, it is not working. Please do not make yourself a laughing stock but such childish attempts. This just comes across as another example of Indian sloppiness.

Oat Meal
Mbosa Mbosa, Uganda
Nov 27, 2011
07:56 PM

Aadhar is a step in the right direction. All the objections being raised can be addressed with ease, given the political will to do so. For registration, all an applicant needs are valid proof of identity (POI) and  proof of address (POA) documents like a Passport, voter card, PAN card or a ration card. I have recently gone through the enrollment process and found it fairly straight-forward. The attitude of the private agencies hired for the task is a refreshing change from the insufferable petty bureaucrats one encounters during dealings with the Government.

The information recorded is based on documents issued by the Government or statutory bodies. The only new data being recorded are the biometric ones. It is funny how people who express concerns about its legality readily provide not just biometric information but fill in applications running into tens of pages giving plenty of personal and financial information to foreign governments while applying for visas to go to the west.

 The databases can easily be compared to weed out applications which have inconsistencies in them for greater scrutiny.Furnishing false information can be made a cognisale offence with deterrent punishment.

I find the issues of privacy laughable. Computerisation and making PAN cards mandatory for even opening a bank account has made it possible for officials with access to the governments' databases to know everything about you like the places you went to, how much you are worth, how you spend your money, etc. The information being asked for by Aadhar will not add anything to what is already known about us.

The idea behind Aadhar is to make things like voter cards, PAN cards and ration cards redundant. It will serve as both POI and POA. It will make things easy for the common man like access to PDS and other governmental aid. It will also make things difficult for cheats and criminals. Teething problems will always be there in such projects, especially in such a gargantuan endeavour. It needs everybody's co-operation. All right thinking people should support Mr.Nilekani in his efforts at providing millions of ordinary Indians with an identity.

Visakhapatnam, India
Nov 28, 2011
10:50 AM

Objections by other government agencies like NPR at this late stage is frivolous and objectionable. These things should have been sorted out in the beginning. The fault lies with the government. UID registration at national level is a gargantuan task and there are bound to be hiccups in completing this exercise. Having experienced the ordeal for getting a voter's ID, my experience in registering for Aadhaar was a piece of cake. Only,they could have simplified the form by removing all optional entries (financial data). Any refusal to recognise UID as Identity/Address proof at this stage by any agency should be severely dealt with.

Bangalore, India
Nov 28, 2011
12:25 PM

 Though a good idea in general, the highly centralized implementation is questionable. There should have been pilots, small areas could have been chosen to implement, and then assess the merits and demerits by competent and independent auditors, then the system could have been gradually scaled up to regional and then state levels. One has to constantly sell the benefits of a system, and allow independent observers and groups to assess and critique them. Gradually more and more people could become stake-holders. That is the demcratic way. This project, like anything big, has political and social dimensions which technocrats alone cannot fully grasp.

Any centralized way of doing things fails in our diverse, multi-layered (even in terms of modernity and knowledge), is inefficient and even counter-productive. The planning commission is a prime example. 

Tearful Onion
Jhumri Talaiyya, India
Nov 28, 2011
03:51 PM

I have submitted documents like proof of identity ( land telephone bill) , a photo identity card ( passport copy ) and then went for this Adhar card. My eye was photographed and then finger prints and my photograph ; all were taken and stored in a computer in  just a few minutes. The application form though I filled everything was not checked at all before it was accepted.

I got this UID number card , with my photo and full details in just 60 days time. Though at the same time and place my wife and my two daughters gave it , only myself and one daughter got it.  I heard that in each post office , there are huge bundles of these applications.

In general , this UID card idea is really good.

While I went for my vehicle registration recently, all that I carried was my Adhar Card , that was all. I found that people in Govt.office and in vehicle showrooms are well aware of the use and importance of UID card. In vehicle show rooms , vehicle will not be given even with a temporary registration without the buyer's identity card and proof of address.

UID card (Adhar card ) shall be useful tatkal railway tickets or bank account openings or for any thing else. I do not think there is a serious scope for misuse of fingerprint information. This biometric information will be very useful to quickly locate terrorists for example. 

We should know that no system is full proof and some type of a system of singular identification number is far better than nothing.

Biometric information system shall be useful in all types of identification including the situations like mass deaths in blasts in public places by terrorists or in an accident like crash of an  airoplane . There is at present absoultely no record of fingerprints, or iris of an eye of a person except may be for criminals !!. If there is no law to provide for storage such a data as bometric data then a law should be brought out so that no more hindrances or controversy for UID.

I believe that UID programme should have been divided in to stages. For example , all Graduates , post-graduates, Labour only, craftsmen only and so on. It would have brought its usage, and discrepancies if any.  Instead in A.P. at least , it is started only in cities and they say it will start in district HQ afterwards and in villages much later.

bowenpalle venuraja gopal rao.
warangal, india
Jan 19, 2013
10:55 PM

There ae Millions of 'Bangadeshis getting enrolled in this AADHAR CARD Scheme. It appears that the Gov intention is to declare Bangladeshis as Indian Nationals for their vote bank olitics.

Ashok Gupta
Indore, India


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