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A. Raja, Former telecom minister

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Must See
Daily Mail
Nov 19, 2010
11:50 PM

How interesting.

The champions of the secular 'free' press Vir Sanghvi and Barkha Dutt stand totally exposed. The are not just 'journalists', they are also congressi dalals. Most of us had suspected that for a long time anyway.

Pradip Singh
stafford, uk
Nov 20, 2010
03:51 AM

Its an open secret that people like Barkha Dutt and Vi sanghvi are congress fans. You can see blatant one sided reporting from them and the name for it is being "secular". Thank you outlook for making it public. We have no issues if they are indeed congress people, just come out and say it in open. Do not say you are being a journalist and engage in character assasinations of people in opposite camp.

SFO, United States
Nov 20, 2010
03:53 AM

Also, when I listen to these conversations, its sad to see the calibre of people leading India. The conversations look like 2 teenage girls gossiping on a rival but only here the prices paid by people of India are too big.

SFO, United States
Nov 20, 2010
06:32 AM

 wow....barkha dutt needs to come clean on what she told and why - if it was anything more than fishing for news. This transcript gives the impression that the rot is creeping into the free press too.

Jersey City, United States
Nov 24, 2010
11:36 PM

Having heard the audio files, I may still be able to give Vir Sanghvi the benefit of doubt. He seems to be setting up a story or arranging interviews for a story. Yes, he drops those names... Sonia... Rahul... Ahmed... but then, he's always been known to be close to the Gandhi family and hence, the Congress. However, in Barkha's case, it is very, very clear that she's acting as a go between... that she is an insider for the Congress... that there are people in the party waiting for her to relay information back to them. For a journalist, that's shameful... utterly shameful. And under normal conditions, we'd shake our heads sadly and be done with such improper behaviour. But now, that we know the extent of the scam that followed, there's no way to condone such clandestine dealings.

Madhav Ajgaonkar
New Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2010
12:50 AM

Apropos my earlier post (No. 5 above), I retract my observations about Vir Sanghvi. Having read the entire transcript thoroughly, I realise he's in as deep as Barkha Dutt is. When he says "We", I presume he has no delusions of being royalty, so he must be referring to the Congress. Shame!

Madhav Ajgaonkar
New Delhi, India
Nov 25, 2010
01:27 AM

This conversation actually nails two people. One: Barkha Dutt... the references to her throughout the transcript are overwhelmingly in the capacity of a fixer, a dalaal... she is not being referred to as a journalist at all. In the light of this conversation, her rejoinder that she has to speak with all types of people as a part of her journalistic duties is proven to be utterly false, a damned lie. Two: Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, the Man Who Knew Too Much... as we stupid Indians are slowly coming to realise now. If he had these transcripts way back then and saw no reason to take action on an urgent war footing, well... he's as guilty of corruption as anyone else. After all, there is something known as abetment... being an accessory to a crime... and you know what --- this is it!

Madhav Ajgaonkar
New Delhi, India
Nov 28, 2010
07:19 PM

At the outset i congratlulate your magazine for publishing this.   It is very sad state of affairs that corporate brokers in the form of lobbyists can contact anybody in the governance as well as the powerful politicians to achieve anything for their corporate pay masters in influencing the policies in the governance including the appointment of ministers.   In this worst drama it is no surprise that some of the top journalists names figures because most of the print and television media are controlled by the big corporates.  Now the innocent public are the worst sufferers. The money gone in this whole 2 G scam is very very big and i feel it is very difficult for the media to find out where and how it was robbed.   The investigative authorities in this country time and again failed to break the nexus between the politicians, corporates and now the journalists and there by behave as a true slaves of their political masters. The money gone is gone and it will never come back. There may be some arrest dramas that may take place. Nothing more than that is going to happen. God save the ordinary masses.

Chennai, India
Nov 30, 2010
02:20 PM

All credit to those who have tried to make these conversations public... now who is going to question the bharkha dutts and sanghvis, as they usually grill poilitical leaders.. they should be hanged if the conversations are authentic.. not able to watch ndtv after this news broke out..  

bangalore, India


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