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Congressman Kripa Shankar Singh may find it hard to delink himself from Koda

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Daily Mail
Mar 15, 2010
The Omerta Koda

The Madhu Koda scandal reminds me of the saying that politicians are like monkeys: the higher they climb the pole, the more they show you things you’d rather not see (The Charcoal Footprints, Mar 1). As for Congress leader Kripa Shankar Singh’s brazen denials, they echo what Robert Clive said when a British parliamentary committee accused him of misappropriating 2.34 lakh pounds: “Bengal placed immense wealth at my disposal. I’m astonished at my own moderation.”

S.M. Kompella, Kakinada

It’s not at all surprising that politicians try their best to derail investigation into their corrupt deals. I suggest the media go beyond merely reporting on corruption. As in the Jessica Lall or Ruchika Girhotra cases, it should shape and propel public opinion, bringing about a reconsideration of how the system functions and can be made to function.

R.K. Sudan, Jammu

Feb 20, 2010
05:51 PM
"If one enjoys resting in the ‘Shade’ under one’s ‘Shadow’, he should be prepared to face the ‘Heat’ when the protective ‘Banyan’ is ‘Felled’."
Rajneesh Batra
New Delhi, India
Feb 20, 2010
11:58 PM
May well be some truth to the conspiracy angle - people on the right side of the railway track are seldom held to account.
ashok lal
mumbai, India
Feb 21, 2010
10:12 AM
I know already the result of all these investigations. "No action will be taken against anybody". Terrorists and Naxalites should target these people instead of killing innocent people.
BBSR, India
Feb 21, 2010
05:25 PM
1. There is one entry against LALU for Rs 2 Crores .How many Lalus are worth 2 corers in India ?

2. Now another effort to keep the scam bottled up :

'IT officer is off Koda probe just before hitting paydirt

Ujjawal Chaudhary, senior Income Tax (I-T) officer, who led the probe into the multi-crore Madhu Koda scam, may have been on the verge of unravelling the link between politicians and hawala traders when he was abruptly shifted this week."


What has happened to Mr Manmohan Singh and his honesty ?

To transfer the IT officer from such a sensitive case can be done at the higest levels .
a k ghai
mumbai, India
Feb 22, 2010
08:56 AM
Our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is clean and he wants to portray Madhu Koda as clean despite Rs4000 crore fraud. This is why person like Ujjal Choudhury is transferred suddenly and abnormally from Ranchi to Patna office of Income Tax Department to stop the exposure of politicians involved in Madhu Koda scam.

President Pratibha has got hidden pratibha but she is puppet of UPA government. She is deaf, dumb and blind as if three disciples of Mahatma Gandhi made into one. She cannot utter her protest on whimsical transfer of Mr. Ujjal Choudhury who has been making sincere efforts and who is real instrumental in exposure of Madhu Koda scam. This is called flattery culture imbibed in the blood of Indians. This is Indian brand of providing protection to corrupt officers and politicians. Who will bell the cat?

Indian economy has become poorer by Rs.73 lakh crores as the amount has been lost in over numerous scams during the last 18 years i.e. during economic reformation era since 1991. India was rocked first by Harshad Mehta security scam of Rs.5,000 crores. It was followed by Rs.1300 crore fertilizer import scam, Rs.35000 crore stamp scam, Foddar scam of 1000 crores ,Teak plantation scam of Rs.8,000 crores, UTI scam of Rs..4800 crores, Scorpene submarine scam of over Rs.18,000 crores, Pune billionaire Hassan Khan tax default of Rs.50,000 crores and Satyam Scam of Rs.10,000 crores and Army ration pilferage of Rs.5000 crores.

The 2-G spectrum swindle of Rs.60,000 crores and illegal money in Swiss Banks over Rs.71 lakhs crores have been considered the major setback to the Indian economy. In addition to this rice export scam of Rs.2500 crores, Orissa mine scam Rs.7,000 crores, Madhu Koda mining scam of Rs.4,000 crores, a cover-up operation which involves a scam of Rs.60,000 crores and in the spectrum scam the Government lost Rs.60,000 crores.
Had the Government been able to recover the entire scam money of Rs.73 lakh crores it could help the country in building 2.4 crore primary health centres, 24 lakh Kendrya Vidalayas 14.6 crore low cost houses and over 2000 coal based power plants of 600 MW capacity each.

The money involved in the scams, if retrieved, could help the Government in constructing 14 lakh km of two-lane highways, it would help the authorities in undertaking cleaning operations of 50 rivers with Rs.1200 crores being spent on each river. It could help the Government to give Rs. 56,000 to each Indian or Rs.1.82 lakh to 40 crore Indians living below the poverty line.
Interestingly the scam money is 27 per cent more than the country's GDP of Rs.53 lakh crores.
Political and economic pundits say that despite these scams the centre and the state Governments have yet to adopt a foolproof mechanism which could prevent the country from bearing the burden of further scams in the future. They always say that there is need for amending the relevant laws so that any agency or individual found involved in some scams immediate action is initiated and measures are taken in hand to recover the entire money. Everyone admits that after the recent global recession India no longer can bear the pinch of scams.
IAS officers, IPS officers are caught with unaccounted crores of rupees, politicians have been found to have property worth hundreds of crores of rupees, CMs of state found to be indulged in scam worth thousands of crores of rupees and so on. But government seems to be helpless or do not like to open Pandora’s Box. This is why one after other task force committees are established to look into scam and then the entire episode is stored in almirahs for decades.

Danendra jain
Ganaraj Choumuhani
Agartala 799001
22nd Feb. 2010
danendra jain
agartala, India
Feb 22, 2010
08:16 PM
Dr Singh you cant be a mute spectator to this loot.How do you expect people like Chaudhry to be inspirational when a jerk like Kripa shankar singh canbe allowed to get away with loot.Rahul has been talking of changing the culture of governance may be he was talking of Chaudhry.Rahuls campaign means nothing if he does not act against Kripa Shankar.Will he.
chennai, India
Feb 22, 2010
08:49 PM
I may sound utterly cynical, but based on our experience of past scams uncovered, and political expediencies, nothing at all will be done by the authorities.In China they summarily execute corrupt officials. But in "Mera Bharat Mahan", the politician is bullet-proof.Mahatma Gandhi must be turning over in his grave.
Anindyo Chatterjee
San Francisco, United States
Feb 24, 2010
01:08 PM
It is unfortunate but not surprising to read that those in power try to derail the probes into cases of corruption where politicians are directly involved. And this Madhu Koda case is one such big scam though neither the first nor the last of its kind. I think the media role in such matters has so far been limited to mere reporting and nothing beyond that. We have seen the power of the media in cases like that of Jessica Lall murder involving a politician's son and, more recently, that of Ruchika involving a former Haryana DGP. Both these cases show that it was strong public opinion that compelled the system reconsider its functioning. It also shows that our system which is so vulnerable to the machinations of our political class can also be influenced by strong public opinion. Media can certainly shape and give thrust to the public opinion on issues of corruption as well. If public opinion in an individual murder case can be so overwhelming why can't it be so in a corruption case analogous to systematic murder of the whole nation? High time for the media to realise and define its role vis a vis corruption in public life.
R K Sudan
Jammu, India
Feb 25, 2010
06:56 PM
The Investigating Income Tax has been restored for Koda's Scam case by the Courts.Manmohan Singh could have salvaged his Govt's reputation by Administratively cancelling the Transfer orders of the Investing Officer .

Alas 'hamam mein sab Nangeien hein' !
a k ghai
mumbai, India
Feb 24, 2012
07:04 PM


From Jaunpur to Mumbai, to rise & rise before the fall

'As one of the teeming millions who migrated to Mumbai from the north (in 1973), Singh found comfort in what is called the “bhaiya network” — social connections reaching back to the home state. Before long, he had befriended S L Yadav, assistant private secretary to Congress leader Sheila Kaul.

Yadav provided Singh an entry into the circuit of Mumbai Congress. A man of little education (he claimed to have done a BSc but the certificate predated his school leaving certificate) Singh turned his one advantage into a networking weapon'"""

One thing to credit of Kirpa Shankar that he stood with North Indians in Mumbai and he had a vast supporters base among them.But in the recent Elections of Municipal Elections his Voters did not support the Congress being fed up with Scams.Kirpa Shankar thus lost the Political Base  and the Court battle too .

By all standards Kripa Shankar is the small fry in the Political Scam game.To protect big whales always small fries are the sacrificial lambs.

a k ghai
mumbai, India
Feb 24, 2012
07:06 PM
a k ghai
mumbai, India


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