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The UP CM is redefining ‘grand’ mansion

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Must See
Daily Mail
Sep 28, 2009
Mayan Civilisation

I write in to congratulate Mayawati on her vision (On Maya Ave., Sept 14)! If not her, her statue shall stand tallest among our politicians. It bodes well for the construction industry too, though an unsavoury race aiming at bigger sizes is possible too.

Sarvesh S., Gurgaon

Behenji ki jai ho! All you Manuwadis out to get her, so what if a few people die in UP of hunger, starvation or disease, or freeze to death in winter? All this cannot be allowed to come in the way of a ‘larger than life’ cause.

Akbar Shah, Dubai

The depths to which Mayawati has sunk is appalling. May God grant her a conscience. I wait for the day when Indians will rise above caste politics and elect persons who are less corrupt, and are dedicated to the betterment of a poor state like UP.

Sanjiv Bari, New Delhi

Is there no law to rein in such blatantly wanton behaviour?

R.K. Mukherjee, Houston

This is exactly the kind of behaviour that results in sympathy for anti-state forces like the Naxalites. How to defend India against such internal threats? All this, I feel, is going to end badly one day.

Tejinder, St Louis, US

She has no sense of shame.

Gulrez, Lucknow

Oct 05, 2009
Rich Pickings

Talking of Mayawati’s largesse (On Maya Ave, Sept 14), it’s estimated that 70 per cent of India’s wealth is with 10 per cent of its population. Another 20 per cent is with another 20 per cent of the population. So 90 per cent of India’s wealth is with 30 per cent of its people, mostly the upper castes. And the rest, a mere 10 per cent, with 70 per cent of the people. How did this come to pass? Isn’t it time the wealth was redistributed?

B. Prabhu, Mangalore
Sep 05, 2009
03:45 PM
Ha hA ha!

( Or, considering she is a powerful 'she', should we say He He He )
Partha persistent spammer
chennai, India
Sep 05, 2009
05:27 PM
Well it could be Hi Hi Hi
Newcastle, United Kingdom
Sep 05, 2009
11:26 PM
May be its empowerment of the socially backward of UP.The lady has taken misuse of office to unbelievable highs.The author of her autobiography had called the media biased and not crediting her for what she has achieved.Yes she has been credited for her stupendous win in the Assembly polls ,but please use it to provide drinking water ,schools and health care to her supporters and not abuse their goodwill to indulge in vulgar splurge of taxpayers money.Does it make sense to those folks.Sad .No.
chennai, India
Sep 08, 2009
10:29 AM
Media reports talk of Azamgarh where draught and debts drive ryots to sell their wives to fight starvation. Will Mayawati now ask: 'but why don't they eat cake?" and lose her head, like the old 'legendary' queen of France?
KSC Nair
Indianapolis, United States
Sep 08, 2009
06:12 PM
taking an example of termites...you all know they build huge houses...so exactly it is the same...a big black termite is eating up all the woods around to build its house...with its statue...
it is said to be kalyug..she is doing what she likes...nd nobody can stop her...is the sarkar sleeping or what...or is the big natas waiting for a grand opening party...ashamed...to see and hear all this...
suraj wadhwa
Gurgaon, India
Sep 09, 2009
01:48 AM
if not her, her statute shall stand tall forever amongst desi politcos!
bodes well for the construction industry though for it is sure to set off the race for mine is bigger than yours, the statue that is, among all the ex's both surviving and aspiring!
sarvesh srivastava
Gurgaon, India
Sep 09, 2009
04:37 PM
It is a real sad scenario that Uttar Pradesh which is earlier ruled by ladies like Sarojani Naidu and Sucheta Kriplani , has to bear the shame of this greedy women mayawati. she has no shame no accountability no sensitivity towards people of her own state and living in her own fools paradise she was dreaming to be the prime minster of the country.

She knows this is her last chance as CM of UP and she is sparing nothing to earn more money.
History will always remember her as the most corrupt & arrogant Cheif Minister.

Shame on her!!! Shame on Her!!!
New Delhi, India
Sep 10, 2009
02:44 AM
I wish she had some shame.
lucknow, India
Sep 10, 2009
02:46 PM
Mayawati is an arrogant person, unfit to rule the largest state of India. She have a Himalayan ego. Their is no comparison for her whim and fancies with any other person. Her talk of empowerment of downtrodden are nothing but rubbish. She is only interested in self-glorification. It is the destiny of Uttar Pradesh to have such a useless leader as Chief Minister.
Mumbai, India
Sep 10, 2009
05:37 PM
Behenji ki Jai Ho. All you Manuwadis are out to get her. So what if a few people die in UP of hunger or starvation or disease or freeze to death in winter. All this is in the interest of a 'larger than life' cause.
Akbar Shah
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Sep 10, 2009
11:24 PM
it is astonishing as well as shameful how low can a public servant go.May God give her some conscience to realize that she is there to serve the people of uttar pradesh and not be in a delusion that she has been elected as the queen of UP.I hope people also rise above caste politics and chose persons who are less corrupt and dedicated for the betterment of a poor state like UP.
sanjiv bari
new delhi, India
Sep 11, 2009
05:52 PM
Thank God, She is not the Prime Minister of India! Or
will she be? What a shame? Democracy? Where is the
accountability? Empowerment of the downtrodden can truly happen only if literacy is achieved. However, it is time the judiciary intervened.
R. Tharmalingam
Sydney, Australia
Sep 11, 2009
09:12 PM
She is a curse to the pepole of the state,is there
no law to reign such wanton behaviour?
Houston, United States
Sep 12, 2009
07:29 AM
This is the behavior that makes people have the sympathies for non-state or I would say anti-state actors like the Naxalites. The Indian state spends so much on external security but who will protect them against the internal threats like this? I have a feeling that all this is going to end badly one day. The people at the top are too self absorbed to feel the ground tremors under their feet. One third of the country is already out of their control and all the politicians/bureaucrats can do is raise more battalions. What happens when those guns are turned against them? After all, the men who man them are the same ones whose parents, siblings and children are being exploited so mercilessly by the same system they are protecting.
st louis, United States
Sep 12, 2009
10:40 AM
Media and the judiciary is so hysterical due to this statue saga as if the world is coming to end. May be it will, if Dalits and empowered.

I haven't seen anywhere the argument in favor of statues of Dalit icons. Media just don't want to let people know the other side's story. Shame on them.
Because they are so hysterical, there has to be good reason. This alone means something good in store for the Dalits.
Phoenix, United States
Sep 16, 2009
10:23 PM
This is not her 'official' residence but her own 'private' residence- she should be jailed for converting public funds to private use- Rs 42 crore worth.
Seems there no laws in this stinking poverty-stricken land where the overwhelming majority live in filth and squalor while Goddesss Mayawati filches taxpayers money to build monuments to her vanity and over-blown ego.
The stupid voters of this cesspool totally deserve their power-crazed, magalomanic dingbat who's looting the state treasury for her own personal gain, with total impunity- the stinking Kaangress Fed Govt are too scared to do anything against her.
People deserve the govt they have, and in UP, they truly do! It's good to know there's at least one state where the govt has too much money.
Springfield, United States
Jun 11, 2010
03:33 PM
Its a shame for the general public also, as they elected her, and its not the first time it has happened !!!!
Arvind Agrawal
Mumbai, India


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