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I felt I could do the unthinkable, i.e. vote BJP. Then just a week before polling date, the old Modi reappeared...
By Vinod Mehta
The Secret Diary of
What kind of adadhiyo (half shirt) does he wear now, tight over his 56-inch chest.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Weekly cartoon by Sorit
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
The quickest non-fiction book to vanish from the stores and new books by Vaiju Naravane and Ranjit Hoskote
movie review
It may sor­ely try your patience, but it does make eminent sense too.
10 Questions
The director of the critically acclaimed Gandhi: My Father talks about his upcoming socio-political satire, Dekh Tamasha Dekh
OutlookGroup Magazines
cover story
Can Priyanka’s late burst of belligerence revive a spent Congress?
Winging It Rightward
Modi scapegoats Congress to push the larger Hindutva design
Suhas Palshikar
cover story
If The Family Loses This Hand...
Is India without Congress really such a good idea? And is it that easy to wish away the party?
Uttam Sengupta
‘The Congress Itself Is The Big Idea’
The French political scientist on what a ‘Congress-mukt Bharat’ forebodes for India.
Pranay Sharma
A large number of candidates—85 per cent in 2009—lose their deposits. So what’s the attraction to contest?
uttar pradesh
More than being united against Modi, the Muslims in Moradabad, Bareilly, Rampur are divided over others
The former President speaks on the two-party system, election funding, and the shrill campaign
Many paradigm changes have been at work since the 1950s. They will mark their imprint on Elections 2014.
In Telangana’s first polls, the heart says KCR, the head Congress
This BJP candidate doesn’t want the Modi wave to propel her
With Azhagiri’s ouster, AIADMK men are having a free run
Sitting MP ‘Spectrum’ Raja still the man to beat in the hills
Web Exclusive: Interview
'Give Me The Evidence'
The former union telecom and communication minister, accused in the 2G multi-crore spectrum case, is optimistic of winning from the Nilgiris constituency in Tamil Nadu
Minu Ittyipe Interviews A. Raja
Tamil Nadu Diary
Is Jayalalitha making a pitch for prime minister this time? Take the party’s slogan ‘Tamil prathamar aagavendum...
mumbai ne
The indefatigable Medha Patkar dons the Aam Aadmi Party cap to channelise electoral politics towards the many causes she espouses
‘Everyone Needs Support, Not Just Slumdwellers’
The activist-politician on slum-dwellers and the contradictions in her party's stand on reservations
Outlook Interviews Medha Patkar
Mumbai’s Gujaratis back Modi; its Marathis dither over three options
In Dumka, Shibu Soren faces Babulal Marandi, and possible ruin
Elections were a media event then; now they’re just another bit of news
The Dev Anand-led party was a well-intentioned flop
For political success, music is the mantra that Bapppi Lahiri chants
The SC verdict has set transgenders ‘free’. It grants them a political role beyond symbolism.
Web Exclusive: Mainpuri
Mulayam's constituency gets uninterrupted power and water when the SP is in power, while Mayawati’s regime deprives it of electricity for hours each day.
Web Exclusive: Interview
The senior BJP leader refused to discuss anything specifically about Kanpur
Web Exclusive: Interview
NCP leader and Sharad Pawar's daughter on the prospects and challenges for her party
The Modi hype is relentless. But some of our institutions of democracy are still fragile for us to risk a firebrand leader.
This Q and A book allows Waheeda Rehman to show her personas—as actress, star, Everywoman, luminous beauty
Sathya Saran on Conversations With Waheeda Rehman By Nasreen Munni Kabir
Written like a ready reckoner of issues that should have mattered and set the agenda for this election
Lopa Ghosh on 100 Things To Know And Debate Before You Vote By Hindol Sengupta
From the Archives
Ten years back, our then columnist, now an AAP candidate from Ernakulam, had asked: if it had to be a Nehru-Gandhi, why Rahul and not Priyanka?
Anita Pratap | Fri Apr 18, 2014
The ongoing election season that has India and Indonesia heading to the polls invites unavoidable comparisons
Pallavi Aiyar | Fri Apr 18, 2014
View From Israel
Oslo is dead, we are told. It actually died at birth. And by extension, this will be the lot of every peace agreement in the future...
Uri Avnery | Fri Apr 18, 2014
From The Blogs
Do you have a favourite Marquez quote? Please share it with us
Buzz | Thu Apr 17, 2014
From The Blogs
Persistent rumours about Gabriel Garcia Marquez's failing health.had been around ever since he was treated for lymphatic cancer in the summer of 1999.
Buzz | Thu Apr 17, 2014
Gabriel García Márquez, 87, the Colombian Nobel laureate, whose One Hundred Years of Solitude established him as a giant of 20th-century literature, died at his home in Mexico City.
Thu Apr 17, 2014
RIP (1927-2014)
The full text of the Nobel lecture delivered on December 8, 1982 by the Colombian great who's died at his home in Mexico City.
Gabriel Garcia Marquez | Thu Apr 17, 2014
From the Archives
From Outlook's 10th anniversary issue dated October 17, 2005: Marquez on Journalism
Thu Apr 17, 2014
Bandhan and C.S Ghosh take the next big leap—formal banking
Pritha Sen on Chandra Shekhar Ghosh | Thu Apr 17, 2014
Lok Sabha 2014
ur bicycle diarist crosses over to Rajasthan to provide us the lowdown on what he observed before the polling at Guna, Jyotiraditya Scindia's constituency
Gaurav Jain | Thu Apr 17, 2014
From The Blogs
The BJP's prime ministerial candidate says an apology is meaningless and that if he's committed even a fraction of charges against him, he should be hanged in public
Buzz | Wed Apr 16, 2014
From The Wires
Bhaag Milkha Bhaag best popular film; Hansal Mehta, best director for his biopic Shahid and Nagraj Manjule gets the best debut as director award for Fandry
Wed Apr 16, 2014
Full Text: 15th D.P. Kohli Memorial Lecture
Thus spake the former West Bengal governor, who stunned his hosts, the CBI, and dubbed Reliance as "a parallel State".
Gopalkrishna Gandhi | Wed Apr 16, 2014
I find myself wanting to go back to Amritsar and live there for a few days, walk around its bazaars and bask in its buttery fragrance.
Freya Dasgupta | Wed Apr 16, 2014
The Nayavana Statement
The publisher says Navayana has been thinking and reflecting on its recent decision to not publish Joe D’ Cruz’s novel
S. Anand | Wed Apr 16, 2014
From The Blogs
The BJP's prime ministerial candidate once again dodges the question about not apologising for Gujarat 2002 riots
Buzz | Tue Apr 15, 2014
From The Blogs
A collection of older poems, readings, conversations
Buzz | Tue Apr 15, 2014
From The Wires
Full text of the SC judgement that grants rights to those who identify themselves as neither male nor female. "It is the right of every human being to choose their gender"
Tue Apr 15, 2014
From The Archives
On a day the SC has recognised transgenders as the 'third sex' we revisit a story about a few eunuchs who have tried to assimilate and lead normal lives
Tue Apr 15, 2014
ADR Reports
Among the candidates for the first five phases, those with criminal cases include: BJP 34%, Congress 23%, BSP 18%, AAP 16% and Independents 10%
Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) | Tue Apr 15, 2014
Campaign Diary
That is the Congress party's new slogan, says the BJP's leader of opposition in Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha candidate from Amritsar
Arun Jaitley | Tue Apr 15, 2014
From The Blogs
The NDA crossing the magic 272 is heavily predicated on the BJP winning the 51 seats in UP that the latest opinion poll shows it winning.
Buzz | Mon Apr 14, 2014
Free speech liberals should accept Navyana’s legal right to not publish Joe D’Cruz’s book, but nonetheless condemn its actions with the same vigour as they protested Penguin's decision regarding Doniger's book
Gautam Bhatia | Mon Apr 14, 2014
The Navayana Statement
state snippets
And the improvisations continue, leaving not even Medha Patkar immune...
Prachi Pinglay-Plumber | Mon Apr 14, 2014
From The Blogs
About the puppy remark: "In our country we say it pains even if an ant dies. These are proverbs. This should not be interpreted otherwise."
Buzz | Sun Apr 13, 2014
From The Blogs
‘PM candidates are unconstitutional; I won’t step back if MPs ask me to be PM’
Buzz | Sun Apr 13, 2014
From The Wires
PM Manmohan Singh had been "defanged" in his second term with Sonia Gandhi deciding on key Cabinet and PMO appointments as he seemed to "surrender" to her and to UPA allies.
Sat Apr 12, 2014
For the record
The full text of the article the Congress party website is carrying that cites Atal Behari Vajpayee to target Narendra Modi: 'Nobody to remind BJP of its Rajdharma'
Sat Apr 12, 2014

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