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By Vinod Mehta
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Weekly cartoon by Sorit
10 Questions
We've witnessed his acting skills in Rock On and Luck by Chance; now his debut film as an actor, Fakir of Venice, is being released in India
A growing friendship between Orhan Pamuk and Kiran Desai, while Mohammad Hanif's new play has Pakistan abuzz...
movie review
Far more accessible than Da Vinci Code and far more pacy too. It doesn't want viewers to pause, and reflect.
"It is like this," Sangma explained. "Your passion for Christie could be misunderstood. For instance, at a cabinet meet, you are seated next to Mamata didi...
delhi Restaurant
Nothing about this year-old haute-Chinese restaurant suggests 'cheap', but they do do a mean value-for-money dimsum feast, the 'Yum Cha' lunch
Cover Story
Cricket's stars are a ruthless lot, many have crashed and burned at its hallowed pitch
David Frith : Deep Backward Square
Maninder Singh : 'Success In Your Teens Is Dangerous'
politics: bjp
The painful recovery must perforce begin with a detox regimen
In India, dynasty politics is strangling democracy
politics: development
UPA now plans to address urban poverty
election 2009: losers
An election defeat brings a temporary loss of habitat, but life still beckons
maharashtra: assembly polls
The Congress is thinking of doing a UP in Maharashtra
police: reforms
A committee sans commitment delays reform of our police
australia: attacks on indians
Australia denies it's racist, but why the spate of recent attacks on Indian students?
Goldie Osuri : A Rose, By Any Other Name!
business: credit cards
Credit card users stare at a sparer future
business: disinvestment
Disinvestment is back, but with a softer tread
economy: cash transfers
Will conditional cash transfers cut seepages, yield better results in our welfare schemes?
The new law minister on the need to usher in reservations in the private sector and reforms in the judiciary
kerala: malappuram
Fable, folklore and movies have all drawn on twins. In Kodinji, they are an abundant mystery.
environment: orchids
Fragile, mysterious, rare Indian orchids come under threat
conservation: wildlife
The national wildlife board has little focus
A prince is lost in ambition and lust, before madness claims him and engulfs India. Man mirrors State.
S.K. Singh on The Private Life of an Indian Prince By Mulk Raj Anand
A stunning debut collection. Each of these stories is guaranteed to raise a sweat, a goose-pimple or at the very least, a guilty chuckle.
Manjula Padmanabhan on Eunuch Park: Fifteen Stories Of Love And Destruction By Palash Krishna Mehrotra
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