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By Rahul Singh
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"The man is a knight, he's won the Nobel Prize, do you think he has time to read me?" No prizes for guessing who said this about whom.
Movie Review
Instead of offering history neat, it takes ample liberties and it's the resultant cocktail that's heady. But it sinks badly when it tries to live up to the epic elements.
Delhi Restaurant
There's something so Indian about the love of all things Italian. That's much in evidence at Spaghetti Kitchen...
10 Questions
The international sales director of Breitling watches on the brand in India
Pak authorities persistently allege that Baitullah Mehsud masterminded Benazir's assassination. The US concurs. Mehsud denies. What gives?
Cover Story
Pakistan turns a page in history. Tomorrow is negotiable.
purvanchalis: migration
They number in crores—the exodus from UP-Bihar. It's the classic migrant situation.
politics: karnataka
A rejig of seats will mean what exactly? No party is clear.
EXCLUSIVE india-us intelligence halt
Indo-US intelligence sharing is a misnomer. It's a one-way street.
broadband: slowdown
With erratic speeds and poor quality of service, high-speed Internet is still like slow torture
finance: credit bureaus
Soon your loans may hinge on your credit scores. A truly novel concept. Will it work?
Give the reader what he wants, I am told. I beg to differ.
controversy M.F. Husain
Husain too has been in flight. Why does no one speak up for his basic freedoms?
andhra pradesh: knowledge centres
Out of the parched outback, into an IT job. Welfare hits bull's eye.
cricket: ipl auctions
The money has been splurged, the players have been bought. But w hat about returns on investment? And will domestic cricket profit?
Arts & Entertainment
Best Of The Worst. '07 proved to be a bonanza when it came to choosing prized duds
Khalid Mohamed : One Star Ranch
Shubhra Gupta : God, It's Friday
A full-throated championing of India ignores troubling questions, and clings on to the coat-tails of prosperity
Sanjaya Baru on Billions of Entrepreneurs: How China and India Are Reshaping Their Futures and Yours By Tarun Khanna
These halloas from an itinerant seeker call us to paths leading nowhere
Manjula Padmanabhan on Ammi: Letter to a Democratic Mother By Saeed Mirza
A fascinating collection that contains description, whimsy, revelation, mystery, history, humour, facts, fiction, beauty and more; yet manages to be a homogenous whole.
Joanna Van Gruisen on Birds of India - A Literary Anthology By Ed. By Abdul Jamil Urfi
Aims to be a comprehensive history of Hindi film music, but is also simultaneously selective and subjective. An insightful ready-reckoner that I will keep by my side.
Namrata Joshi on Bollywood Melodies: A History Of The Hindi Film Song By Ganesh Anantharaman
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