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By Vinod Mehta
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
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So how did the Jaipur local Mita Kapur get William Dalrymple gunning for her? It’s what she said to a Bombay paper: "Why so many goras in an Indian festival?"
movie review
All the staple cliches of horror-cheese: gothicky castle, framed against lightning strikes, hooting owls, whispery voices and a strange villain
10 Questions
The world's leading publisher of romances, Mills & Boon, on launching their Indian operation
Other political parties are said to be upset that the Congress has cornered "all the cricket". Not to be outdone, the BJP is said to be organising an All India F1 Rath Rally
Chennai Restaurant
Sanjeevanam is a restaurant based on Ayurvedic principles - no oil, onion, garlic, chilli or sugar. No doubt that such a diet would make one as healthy as the gods...
Cover Story
autocratic rulers
Arrogance is their armour, aloofness an underlying trait. This quadrangle of politicians lives in splendid isolation, and works likewise too.
mumbai: riots
The Uttar Bharatiya is the new 'villain'. It's another Thackeray in the other corner.
An indifferent US public is electing a prez who will determine our fate
Indian passports prohibited travel to Israel as late as 1992, a fact that rankles Israel’s newly arrived ambassador, who discusses Indo-Israeli relations, mostly conducted below the radar.
pakistan: army
A bid is on to keep the army apolitical. Only an ISI revamp can ensure its finality.
bangalore: rose export
Rose exports bloom on Valentine's Day eve
manufacturing: stalemate
Industry is facing a slump—and a talent crunch makes it worse
internet takeover bid
Microsoft seems set to win over Yahoo. How will it impact India's Net users?
Fun, buzz, malice, bias, scoops—that was Russy Karanjia and his Blitz
Goa: Carnival
Prudery scuppered some carnival glitz, but Goa and Brazil are coming closer
nizam's palace restoration
The Nizam's legacy-reeling under the weight of its own grandeur, family squabbles, neglect and greed-springs to life again bit by bit
education: privatisation
The HRD ministry moots a private partnership plan for schools
Very melting-pot, very Aussie. Symonds plays by basic laws, with a straight bat.
Arts & Entertainment
controversy: film
Pop history gets piping hot as Jodhaa Akbar stirs up a queen-sized row
EXCLUSIVE taslima-pranab negotiations
A sick Taslima, a despairing Centre and a hush-hush meeting
A moveable feast that, alas, doesn't travel well. Bias and memory linger heavy through a breezy journey to India.
Anuradha Roy on Eating India: Exploring A Nation By Chitrita Banerji
The text in large Ladybird First Reader size fonts has resulted in a Big Book, but only, ultimately, in the most obvious, physical sense.
Anita Roy on Past Continuous By Neel Mukherjee
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