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By Vinod Mehta
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
What did we dismiss here which has been creating a huge buzz of gossip and speculation? Guess which new book has hit the bestseller lists? And what is Random House's lure?
Making A Difference
A homespun environmentalist defies craggy terrain to create an oasis of greenery
movie: review
Shows no engagement with the politics of encounter killing, which is its core idea, but glorifies violence and machismo.
10 Questions
The author of Reflections in the Sacred Pond, which sets about to answer eighty questions on religious history in India.
Does the Constitution insist that presidents and governors be mindless dummies? Is it why so many hopefuls aspire for the job?
Top Professional Colleges
Top Professional Colleges
Engineering and medicine still rule. But many top-scorers are looking at areas like hotel management, media, fashion, healthcare. The definitive annual Outlook-Cfore college survey.
Top 50 Private Engineering Colleges
Top 50 Govt Engineering Colleges
The X- Ray Plate
Top 25 Medical Colleges
The Significant others
Students now plump for courses that meet the industry's needs
The Significant Others
agricultural universities
Even in agricultural education, management rather than research is the area of interest for youngsters
The Privatisation Bug
Higher education must harness the private sector's energies wisely
the Indian middle class
The middle class, now way beyond old borders, has always sworn by education
Building Block By Block
rajasthan: gujjars
The BJP is in a fix as the Gujjars turn violent on the ST issue Updates
presidential poll
A frontrunner, three new contenders. Who will be First Citizen? Updates
Basher Al-Assad, Indo-Chinese cross-border study, Indian PoWs, Bamboo Shoots, Expedia & Gross Well-being Index
climate change: g-8 summit
Europe & Co talk weather, and mean business. Is it all for real?
US: supernannies
They look after the kids, and more. Indian au pairs are the new flavour in American homes.
pakistan: encounter
A dark, menacing brood from afar. But a trip to Jamia Hafsa gives our Islamabad correspondent a human, yet troubling close-up.
agriculture: bio-security
With virtually no quarantine laws, India can be an easy target for bio-terrorism
Madhya pradesh: temple conservation
An ancient temple with India's largest Shiva linga gets a facelift
Why do top results-- in boards, JEE or UPSC-- matter to us so much?
top quark
A comet wiped the dinosaurs out 65 million years ago. Is one coming our way?
kerala: mixed marriages
Haryanvi lads end their search with Payyannur's girls
tuberculosis: urban outbreak
TB rears its ugly head again, afflicting urban middle class youth
Arts & Entertainment
media: tv viewership
A survey on how the elite surf TV throws up some interesting facts
Witty, sarcastic, despairing, ecstatic, Kesavan looks at the genteel sport with a warm, old-world flair
Ramachandra Guha on Men In White: A Book Of Cricket By Mukul Kesavan
This collection brings the best of a rare poetic sensibility to the issues that concern us. If there are poems that don't work or falter, the ones that do compensate well enough.
Anita Nair on The Terrorist At My Table By Imtiaz Dharker
These stories do not burst upon you with an eclat, for there's nothing to flaunt there, rather they sort of steal upon you, leaving you with a faint, almost elusive, shock of recognition.
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