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So what did Jaya Bachchan see in Sonia's janam kundali? Osian sets up agency for authors, and the Maggi Formula...
movie: review
It aspires to great heights but doesn't reach there. Though engaging, it's not entirely satiating.
10 Questions
Vocalist and doyen of the Mewati gharana launches the first Indian Music Academy
New Delhi, 23 April 2011: Looking into the crystal ball to see what the shape of things might be as far as our cricket team selection is concerned.
Cover Story
The Alternative power list
Thinking change in India is a thankless task. A few who are sticking it out for the greater common good.
Ashoke Sen : Dr Ashoke Sen
Ashok Jhunjhunwala : Ashok Jhunjhunwala
William Bissell : William Bissell
AbhayRani Bang : Abhay & Rani Bang
Gopalkrishna Gandhi : Gopal Gandhi
Krishan Kumar : Krishan Kumar
Raghuvansh Prasad Singh : Raghuvansh Prasad Singh
Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal : Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal
Deep Joshi : Deep Joshi
Vishal Bhardwaj : Vishal Bharadwaj
Obaid Siddiqi : Prof Obaid Siddiqi
J.S. Bandukwala : J.S. Bandukwala
Pulok Chatterjee : Pulok Chatterjee
Ashok Agarwal : Ashok Agarwal
Madhav Chavan : Madhav Chavan
Joe Madiath : Joe Madiath
Bezwada Wilson : Bezwada Wilson
Satinder K. Lambah : Satinder K. Lambah
Abusaleh Shariff : Dr Abusaleh Sharif
C. Rammanohar Reddy : C. Rammanohar Reddy
Kandala Balagopal : Kandala Balagopal
Jean Dreze : Jean Dreze
Irfan Habib : Prof Irfan Habib
Irrfan Khan : Irrfan Khan
P. Sainath : P. Sainath
up elections: the bjp cd
The bosses blame the anti-Muslim bites on the loony fringe. An ad follows, disproving it. Updates
Publicity-seeking litigation motivated by lobbies is crowding the courts
uttar pradesh: nregs
UP is the graveyard of good intentions. As babus rake it in, the poor work for no pay.
EXCLUSIVE: tackling naxals: intelligence leak
It's clear -- somebody is passing counter-insurgency plans to ultras
bangladesh: terrorism
Bangladesh's war on terror begins in earnest with the execution of six top militants
pakistan: talibanisation
A woman minister's gesture raises the hackles of Pakistani clerics
economy: power
The power crisis in India is going from bad to worse
stockmarkets: hedge funds
Are hedge funds just hot money? Or do they help in spreading the risk in emerging markets?
mumbai: education
Mumbai University is bitten by the market bug
cricket: india xi
Our selectors are only Indian: still dithering on team selection
Geoffrey Boycott : Two Wrongs, One Wright
Ravi Shastri : 'Cricket Can't Be Like A Desk Job'
We urgently need art that reflects injustices to which most Indians are tethered
The 'outsider' analysis has value, but a wariness of messy democracy lurks in his prescriptions
M.S. Gill on Indias Politics—A View From The Backbench By Bimal Jalan
A Pakistan-born Princeton graduate's journey from yuppiedom to fundamentalism
Tabish Khair on The Reluctant Fundamentalist By Mohsin Hamid
Sharma's study of Golwalkar's worldview shows beyond a shadow of doubt that it is the very antithesis of what holds us Indians together.
Dileep Padgaonkar on Terrifying Vision: M.S. Golwalkar, The RSS And India By Jyotirmaya Sharma
Hussain's candour is commendable and, despite its warts, this book persuasively illuminates the dissonances inherent to Pakistan's current predicament.
C. Uday Bhaskar on Frontline Pakistan: The Struggle With Militant Islam By Zahid Hussain
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