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By Seema Sirohi
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Weekly cartoon by Sorit
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
What a catch for Penguin! A trilogy of Amitav Ghosh novels, his "most ambitious undertaking by far"..And what's the rudest thing you can say to a Pakistani writer?
Making A Difference
In the last three decades, the looms changed the fate of many families in the village
movie: review
Like going to a typical North Indian wedding banquet with loads on the menu—from golgappas to chowmein. But not one dish catches your fancy and you actually return home hungry.
10 questions
A French countess, Time magazine's hero of '03 and founder of the international NGO FXB, which works in the area of HIV, on her plans for India
Is there then no solution to monkey menace which is affecting governance at the nation's highest policymaking level? A modest proposal...
Cover Story
cover story
This is the closest economics has come to politics in the UPA regime—SEZs have the potential to explode
northeast: insurgency
The Centre decides to talk tough as talking peace is showing little result
bjp: reshuffle
Rajnath has dwarfed a party colleague. But Modi may get taller.
urban planning: dharavi
In the heart of Mumbai, Asia's largest slum is slated for a makeover. Spare us, say its dwellers.
EXCLUSIVE: bangalore land scam
It's urban loot—epic scale—in Bangalore
Kamleshwar, Ryszard Kapuscinski, Air Marshal Fali Homi Major, Galeb Magadele & Sidney Sheldon
Nepal: madhesis
Indian-origin people rebel for 'equal rights' in a nascent republic
M&As: tata-corus deal
Fair price or fat price? As analysts pore over the Corus deal, Outlook looks at how Tata Steel can gain. It's a perilous path.
K.N. Memani : The Smeltering Pot
army wives: code of conduct
No bear, please, we're in the army now. Army spouses get a manual on how to look smart, but stay in line.
hyderabad: faith
A village in Vizag swears by the court of The Rock. It's truth or divine retribution.
Young Turks are on the prowl. But Virender Sehwag isn't wasting his time in a big sulk.
Arts & Entertainment
Indians are superstitious, sexist—'modern' film actors are no exception
Rahul Dholakia's Parzania is a riveting portrayal of a family's pain in post-Godhra Gujarat. More Coverage
shilpa shetty: big brother win
Shilpa's victory was actually a triumph of the British Indian votebank
Demystified, Hulson Sahib emerges less of a romantic and more a hunter who feasted on Garhwal's bounty
Ruskin Bond on Frederick Wilson: 'Hulson Sahib' Of Garhwal By D.C. Kala
Clapham's "perspectives", enriched by Mario's inimitable caricatures, capture the enduring romance of India—and, for that matter, the old Raj.
Swapan Dasgupta on Beware Falling Coconuts: Perspectives Of India By A BBC Producer By Adam Clapham
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