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In which Khushwant Singh makes a false accusation into an occasion for Gandhigiri while we wonder what Shabana Azmi and Sushmita Sen have in common with Salman Rushdie and William Dalrymple...
making a difference
Housemaids seek new avenues for study and vocational training beyond their call of duty
movie: review
It's a film from which you'd expect the moon, the stars and the sun, but you get the most wishy-washy film of the year.
10 Questions
On Voices Within, the book she and fellow vocal artiste T.M. Krishna have brought out as a tribute to the spirit of Carnatic music
Versatility is a great attribute. It creates men for all seasons. India has many versatile men. Take K.P.S. Gill. Or Sharad Pawar...
Cover Story
cover story
Our GDP growth is nearing the magical 10% mark. What is fuelling it? What happens next?
Maharashtra: Dalit Protests
Atrocities, an indifferent state, Dalit rage. Little has changed.
karnataka: bypoll
The Congress bypoll victory may unravel already-fickle equations
Law: soren conviction
As much as the crime, did his tribal tag hasten Soren's nemesis?
Fallen Wicket: Navjot singh sidhu
The complete story of the Sidhu case—all its twists, wrong 'uns, and history of isms
war room leak
Shankaran still eludes CBI, thanks to help from 'official' quarters
Ulta Pul, Singur, Frank Bainimarama, Mohd Yousuf, John Bolton & Navjot Singh Sidhu
indo-japan ties
India, Japan have been friends in the past. It's time to cement the ties.
nuclear deal
After the Indo-US nuclear deal, big business will tap our market
top quark
We begin at the beginning: the Big Bang. Ask not what preceded it.
embassy parties
Who hosts the best (and worst) parties in the hallowed diplomatic enclaves of Delhi
old age bill
At last, the plight of the elderly is taken note of. How far for it to become law?
India's best doubles pair is in the past tense. Make that present very tense.
EXCLUSIVE: Pre-publication extract
December 13. The season for reopening old wounds....A hyper campaign, a mysterious TV update, a book that sifts myth from fact on the Afzal issue. Updates
Arundhati Roy | Extracts from 13 December-A Reader: The Strange Case of the Attack on the Indian Parliament
Introduction by Arundhati Roy
Political savvy may not be seen as Manmohan Singh's forte, but read his speeches, you see a political man
Dileep Padgaonkar on Selected Speeches Of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh—Vol-II By Manmohan Singh
Precise, ironic, engaging. A stylist who could unravel a whole tangle of relationships with a telling phrase, the complex world of traditions and incoherent modernity through a tiny gesture.
Girish Karnad on FRONTIERS: Collected Stories By Shama Futehally
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