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By Andrew Whitehead
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
movie review
Just because it deals with the Hindu idea of rebirth, it need not be damned as another bid for honours or just more Indian exotica for foreign film festivals.
10 Questions
Chairman of the ICCR, on the upcoming Festival of India in Brussels
1. 1995-2006 Anniversary Special
anniversary special
Eleven is a lonely number. Especially if you-know-who is celebrating thirty. Our eleventh anniversary special looks at the tectonic and the trivial...
11 People Who Mattered
From a non-entity to a skilful manager of power and responsibility, the Gandhi bahu has come into her own
New Middle Class
Liberalisation has made the middle class assertive. Now shed cynicism, and it can produce model citizens.
Oh, to return thus! As the papa of the nation.
A forced mid-career recess, ironically, did the trick... only made Buddhadeb wiser as a chief minister
In the globalised world, the Guru needs no miracles......s/he allows for the lateral thinking our society needs
You could say he brought the sky down to earth... ...but in fact he'd like everyone to fly, economy class
It was her agitation for minimum wages in the '80s that's become the RTI campaign as we know it today
He made our phones step out of our his gaze is upon old economy—agriculture
What's fascinating is how his oeuvre has developed......but without ever losing sight of its main concerns
Fashion Fraternity
They didn't know the hemlines from necklines it's all hip and businesslike. Even in the newsroom.
The Go-Betweens
From opaque to obscure to very obvious, it's been a great trip......the fixer has come of age. And outlived his ambitions.
11 Things That Made It Big
nuclear bomb
N-power status put India back a notch on all counts. What saved us from the hole: the economy.
24x7 channels
Television tells stories in real time. In telling them, it changes their course.
The pen became an abstract blade. And as it slashed through the undergrowth, the vegetation kept changing.
fast food
McDonald's is a rage. But the Udupis, the Kamats snap at its heels.
page 3
P3 doors have opened wider to allow the reapers of the new economy. And the media ensures it occupies our interest.
Indo-US Amity
Post-Pokhran, Kargil led America to warm up towards India. The bonhomie is still on, though, ironically, Pakistan is one glitch.
mall culture
The mall does not make us modern. The middle-class covets the 'big box' as it insulates them.
It's almost a runway, wide enough for an airbus—no longer a tale of burnt clutches, overheated engines, or traffic jams
call centres
BPOs... Despite the screeching Qualises, fake accents and all, this sunrise industry gave us a bustling netherworld. The worry, though: what when it shifts house?
mobile phones
This gadget has gone from select luxury to mass necessity in no time. Only to get charged with ever newer paradoxes.
sting journalism
Some 36 crore news stories a year, but how many are really news? You need new weaponry to put the sting back in the tale.
Et Cetera
1995-2006: anniversary special
Eleven years can be a life-changing affair in anyone's existence. Outlook recaps all that's changed us. First, here's what we gained.
Still Standing After All These...
Outta Sight, Outta Mind
My A-List: What stood out from a blur of stories
...non-fiction. In this crossover decade, the fig leaf of fiction dropped off facts, and elevated the genre to bestselling heights.
india UPBEAT
Change isn't the city's property; the country owns it too. Outlook photographers went looking for images that dispel the rural stereotype. And found it in unlikely places. What binds these images is openness, enterprise: the spirit of 11 years of change.
mumbai blasts: pak role
The Mumbai police have a case. But will it clinch the charge of state patronage?
EXCLUSIVE: focus un polls
Tharoor went out with a show of petulance
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