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18th Anniversary Special
Lead Essay
What does it take to retain a magazine’s identity, sustain reader interest? A lot more than platitudes. An 18-point call to action
The Year 1818
1818: The Company licks its chops, counts its acres; Evangelists, in a righteous fury, outvoice a few sane Englishmen
End of Empire
The English abolished the Peshwai in 1818. Baji Rao II went down in a blaze of futile fury, court intrigue and dangerous folly.
On the brink
Coming of age at 18? No, in India, we do things a little differently. But as blank slates go, the hope is our youth will not be led and will learn to dance their own dance.
What connects Sachin and Mozart, Nixon and Frankenstein? Nope, think beyond the obvious.
vox indica
Thoughts from eighteen 18-year-olds who have much to prove, to themselves and to the generations before them. Will they make it?
Amit Singh : Amit Singh, Mumbai
Sudhanshu Medsikar : Sudhanshu Medsikar, Pune
Niviston A : Niviston A, Koodankulam
Pulkit Madan : Pulkit Madan, Lucknow
Nabeel Quadri : Nabeel Quadri, Ahmedabad
Vijitha K.R. : Vijitha K.R., Attapady
Shipha Kujur : Shipha Kujur, Ranchi
Umesh Prasad : Umesh Prasad, Delhi
Anjum Khan : Anjum Khan, Azamgarh
Govind Yadav : Govind Yadav, Bhopal
Ubaid Taj Beig : Ubaid Taj Beig, Srinagar
Sambaru Basumatary : Sambaru Basumatary, Kokrajhar
Aahan Philips : Aahan Philips, Goa
Sunita Gora Wachani : Sunita Gora Wachani, Gadchiroli
Shamsher : Shamsher, Bodh Gaya
S. Dharani : S. Dharani, Chennai
Ritu Saini : Ritu Saini, Rohtak
Subham Ghosh : Subham Ghosh, Singur
Route map
A drive down NH-18 taking in the sights ...and the burning Telangana debate
If Jammu were Delhi, Udheywala could well be its upcoming Gurgaon.
The number 18 denotes life, luck in Christianity, Islam, Judaism. On the material side....
The Arriving
Coming of age is a visceral, once-in-a-lifetime moment that gets deeply inked in a private memoir
A look at the happy family lives of some people who married at 18
Is Social Media Dumbing Down the Young? And how?
Leaving home
It’s the big move, leaving the nest, going to college in the big city. It changes you for all time.
'The dog always barks at me. I'm very scared of the dog in this house...'
The Roundtable
Are today’s 18-year-olds engaged with what’s happening in the country?
Parenting 18s
Eighteen ain’t so angsty. A new parent-child jam band is minding the gap.
I take credit for trying to bridge the gap between high art and the ubiquitous art of calendars, film posters, or the circus, generally considered low art.
The Genie
Resident film guru Namrata Joshi lists 18 must-watch films for teens on the cusp
the Genie
18 less-trodden places to drop in at before you bid goodbye.... by Amit Dixit
Staff Strength
From then to now. 18 going on 19: anecdotes from Outlook's original staffers
the Genie
Outlook staff, past and present, who have put down tomes
Song of the Time
A pop anthem for generation after generation, what does the song 18 Till I Die mean for the man who sung it ?
When I was 18, just as I was leaving home...
Teen Stars
Stars, celebs, models, tycoons, rajas and ranis when they were 18
India, 18 years hence, in 18 sentences—and a bonus
18th Anniversary Special
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