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The surge in the number of Goans applying for Portuguese citizenship has caused conster­nation in Britain
By Naresh Fernandes
The Secret Diary of
Cheee, chee, log kya kya gandi baath karte hain! Sabse kharab hai yeh akhbarwale
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
Movie Review
In a market crammed with films about sensual liberation, it is among the most aesthetically sensitive
10 Questions
The Delhi-based Dutch cellist on her unusual tryst with music and deep love for India
Cover Story
jinnah tapes
Jinnah's 'secular' speeches are pieces of history, trapped on elusive spools. Outlook tracks down two of the three master recordings that Pakistan wants from India.
The Jinnah Tapes 1
The Jinnah Tapes 2
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The Cynic As Daydreamer
Jinnah drove the idea of the first country created in the name of Islam. Then, he chanted secularism.
Saba Naqvi
What Divided Jinnah
His vision-action dichotomy refracted idealism into tragedy
Sudheendra Kulkarni
politics: bjp
Modimania is tempered a bit by some questioning. But will this take away any of the vigour?
The VHP leader hopes the Gujarat CM will lead a revival of the Hindu nat­ionalist movement
kashmir: zubin concert
Valley jangled over Zubin Mehta concert
judiciary: SC benches
India needs SC benches in more centres. Else, justice is too far away.
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People’s Verdict
Nine out of 10 cases of failure of justice do not come to the SC’s notice because people can’t afford the cost.
S.B. Jaisinghani
society: gender justice
Personal, anecdotal accounts from leading women journalists on the dangers they faced
First Person
War Zones
Were the deadliest war zones safer for women journalists than are moving buses, isolated warehouses and the mean streets of India today for young women?
Anita Pratap
First Person
A Trial By Fire
A woman journalist invariably faces anger that degenerates into abusive language with sexual overtones.
Seema Guha
First Person
'Are Your Married...?'
'Why don't you have sindoor on your maang?' might be a common question, but even more distressing is how we are threatened by male peers in our own profession
First Person
'Our Very Presence In Public Places Angers Men'
The only answer is for more women to be in public places and more men in private spaces. More freedom is the answer, not less.
Ruchira Gupta
First Person
1984: Two Months
What kept us going was a challenging and exciting profession, which I felt was enough of a shield for me.
Kalyani Shankar
First Person
'Phone Calls At Odd Hours'
I have never faced any major issues, but it would be wrong to say that problems don't exist
Sheela Raval
First Person
'Today There Is No Respect For A Journalist'
Earlier there was not a care. One is nostalgic as that halcyon, carefree light-hearted era has more or less vanished.
Olga Tellis
languages: survey
India’s certainly thriving in its linguistic diversity, if nothing else
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Masters And Surveys
From the first Linguistic Survey of India to now: who we are, how we are
Sunil Menon
languages: survey
The Keeper Of The Lingual Flame
You don’t need formal education to have a feel for the language. Ask Govardhan Panda.
trend: cosmetics
Affordable, non-invasive beauty treatments are the new rage. They come with strange names.
photo-feature: mumbai mills
Will the mill lands, once Bombay’s pride, remain only a sepia-tinted reminder of the past, even as it is stalked by the evils of the present?
Mind Your Body
Freshly churned butter is an undervalued essential fat, therapy actually, in our Indian diet
Arts & Entertainment
film: arranged marriage
A documentary, at a theatre near you
film: satyanweshi
Old aides join in to make Rituparno Ghosh’s unfinished film, Satyanweshi, seaworthy
heritage: Encyclopaedia of hinduism
The Encyclopaedia of Hinduism aspires to be a go-to book for initiates
Experts size up Bihar’s advances, its many failures, offer strange cures, weigh hopes, and hark back to a golden past
Finally, a novel on the farmer suicides of Vidarbha,a tragedy ignored in mainstr­eam fiction
This is an interesting misadventure. Sudarshan is a fine writer who holds readers’ attention, but up to a point.
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