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Many will wish Mr Advani godspeed as he sets out to perform the role of a constructive opposition in the Modi-led BJP
By Vinod Mehta
The Secret Diary of
It is ordained in the Vedas that this war, which may last for over 18 days, will end no less decisively...
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Movie Review
Shymalan ends up delivering a lumbering and lacklustre film.
Movie Review
Not once did I smile, let alone laugh out loud in this ‘comedy’.
10 Questions
The chef and restaurateur on her new all-vegetarian cookbook, Diva Green
bangalore restaurant
The portions were so satisfying that we will need to return for their Bitter Orange & Chocolate Torte
Cover Story
politics: bjp
As many a time before, the RSS steps in during one of the BJP’s worst leadership crises. And leaves its mark, stinging Advani and Modi.
bjp: l.k. advani
What Exactly Is On His Mind?
There’s enough fight left in this old warhorse...
Saba Naqvi
jump cut
Ashman Cometh
Once a devoted pracharak, Modi has proved to be the Indira Gandhi of the BJP in Gujarat.
P. Raman
Psychoprofile: Narendra Modi
Manwatching Mister Modi
What does the speech and body language of the man who would be king really say? Psycho-biology tells us a few things.
Rukmini Bhaya Nair
Attempting to restore order while abandoning the rule of law will do exactly what the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan did to restore democracy.
jharkhand: upa ad
The oasis UPA is supposed to have brought Pakur is a mirage
Blue Star spawned myths, emotional knots. Our TV series talks all sides.
us: surveillance
Is Obama turning out to be more like Bush on national security?
us: surveillance
A Whole Mountain Of Snowden
Patriot or traitor. America’s divided on the whistleblower.
turkey: turmoil
A hostile state stoked a flame into an angry fire. Taksim Square is now Turkey’s open sore.
governance: water supply
All the contracts are generous, but privatised water hasn't really got our cities overflowing with joy
jump cut
Paying Partnership
Water privatisation is threatening our sovereign policymaking
Kshithij Urs
eating out: high tea time
Cream and scones, cupcakes and tarts...high tea comes to town
Vilas Sarang, visceral writer and once toast of Bombay, has vanished into its entrails
Silent cinema enthralled India with the speed of a hurricane. Its luminous stars and pioneering filmmakers make Garga’s book a visual pleasure and a heady read.
Sathya Saran on Silent Cinema In India: A Pictorial Journey By B.D. Garga
As with any book one really enjoys, I have some small quibbles, but the book still makes delicious reading.
Anvar Alikhan on Lunch With The FT 52 Classic Interviews Edited By Lionel Barber
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