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Examining Rahul Gandhi’s public confession showing a disinterest in both native wife and the coveted gaddi...
By Vinod Mehta
The Secret Diary of
Am I a senior cricketer or a school boy to be asked to do homework? Even if they call it a ‘presentation’?
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
Movie Review
Gets moralistic, cliched and cringingly sanctimonious. But with a riveting performance by Saurabh Shukla
Movie Review
Despite its flaws, it is engaging and enjoyable. And what a gangster Irrfan makes!
10 Questions
London-based writer Anil Ananthaswamy on winning the Physics Journalism Prize and why being a science writer is fun.
Author and editor Manu Joseph beats E.L. James in Holland. Also meet: Mohan R.D.
Cover Story
indo-italian ties
Or is there a greater design to this much ado about marines both in India and in Italy?
What The Romans Do
Italy has delivered an insult. It shouldn’t be taken lying down.
Amit Baruah
italian scenes
Talk On The Via Appia
Popular fist-pumping aside, saner voices in Italy reject the state’s marine rescue
Philip Willan
The Sea Boils At Muziris
Kerala feels the Centre colluded with the Italians
Minu Ittyipe
Lasagna Lafanga
The shooters are out. Outlook goes to the mattresses against Italiana.
Saba Naqvi
The celebrated author lends a preface and perspective to an updated book of essays on the Afzal Guru investigation and trial
Arundhati Roy | Extracts from The Hanging Of Afzal Guru
punjab: drugs bust
A big haul of heroin, two famous boxers...the Punjab drug story is not going away
They Know Their Lines
government: sexual abuse bill
A draft bill on women’s security is bogged down trying to build safeguards for men
government: sexual abuse bill
So Are You An A-Type Prisoner?
The system is built to help the powerful; for others, a dead end
Debarshi Dasgupta
Pass By On The Sidewalk, Without Looking
What happened to Jagruti was the result of our inaction, our perilous tolerance, what we’ve allowed to happen to generations of our women
Nandana Sen
governor: appointment
What or who can make Raj Bhavans relevant? Ex-IPS officers? Nay
karnataka: civic polls
The Congress civic poll win opens a door, but it’s one swallow...
jump cut
Reading The Cha
Muslims seem to have coalesced around the congress, perhaps why Kumaraswamy lost Ramanagara.
Prithvi Datta Chandra Shobhi
W. bengal: politics
Saugata Roy speaks his mind on land, then sits out
This defence of Bangla’s fundamentalist Jamaat-e-Islami is ludicrous
business: aviation
Low-cost AirAsia’s expected entry will rejuvenate a sickly sector, boost foreign investor confidence
health: insomnia
March 15, World Sleep Day. A time we woke up to the disease that is sleeplessness.
maharashtra: tigers
Tiger counts in four Maharashtra reserves show a dramatic increase. How did it happen?
Mind your body
And just like that, the food of Gods, Ghee, was dee­med ‘fattening’. A 5,000-year-old wisdom wiped out
cricket: team australia
Indiscipline stalks, then tears into Australian cricket. Can they wrest hope from the ruins?
Antipodean Attitudes
CA’s clumsy cricket management ignored youth, led to today’s crisis
Brian Stoddart
Arts & Entertainment
Ganesh Pyne strove for artistic truth in a melancholic fantasy
Urban India, its fervid ambitions, a girl's sentimental education make up a novel of allegorical realism
Anjana Basu on The Accidental Apprentice By Vikas Swarup
A novel set in Bangalore that’s not quite like anything done before in the English language.
Sumana Mukherjee on Mr Majestic—Tout Of Bengaluru By Zac O'Yeah
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