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Could Dubai will go the way of Fatehpur Sikri? A 21st century glass citadel, abandoned like Akbar’s capital...
By Gautam Bhatia
The Secret Diary of
From next year, I will ask the sponsors of KBC to build a small temple with my idol in it on the set...
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
10 Questions
The Australian food writer and celebrity chef on feasting in India and her book Tasting India
Movie Review
Unfortuna­tely, as with most films released this week, it falls short of its inherent possibilities.
Movie Review
Ratnam delivers by exacting stellar performances from his cast. But don’t expect his subtlety.
mumbai restaurant
The newest and most charming entrant in the atmospheric lanes of Fort
In the din of l'affaire Ashis Nandy after JLF, did you get to hear about the first Taj Literature festival?
Cover Story
Lt Gen (retd) Shahid Aziz has taken Pakistan by storm with his all-revealing book
target siachen
A Glacial Intent
Gen Aziz’s expose ensures one thing: no troop-free Siachen
Pranay Sharma
Roger That
Intel agencies blast Gen Malik’s comments, say army goofed up
S.N.M. Abdi
‘The Units We Fought Were All Pakistan Army Regulars’
The Brigadier talks about how he was cornered by General V.P. Malik and others and made a scapegoat for telling the truth
Toral Varia Deshpande Interviews Brigadier Surinder Singh
The Wages Of Peace
Kargil was actually about Siachen. India must remember that.
Nitin A. Gokhale
kashmir: all-girl band
A young girl band sacrifices talent and ambition to a mufti’s fatwa
jump cut
God Dammed
We’re giving too long a rope to these religious groups. Art cannot thrive in this environment.
Irrfan Khan
controversy: vishwaroopam
Not quite death by a thousand cuts, but it is a distorted picture that Tamil Nadu sees
hindi cinema: muslims
Keep The Beard On
Cliche to terror stereotype, the ‘Muslim’ roles are straitjacketed in Hindi cinema
Namrata Joshi
products: tiranga bangle
What’s Jindal’s therapeutic bangle about?
france: taxing the rich
Sacre bleu! A tax on France’s super-rich prompts an exodus from the Fifth Republic
jump cut
Big Fish Need A Bigger Net!
The highest marginal rate of tax in India is 30 per cent: lowest in the world. The very rich should pay more.
Vinod Vyasulu
Rape and the case for the death verdict. When should it apply?
HEALTH: SICK & Soldout
This could be the UPA’s worst cut to its beloved aam admi. Healthcare has virtually been handed over to privateers.
politics: bjp
Modi’s man heads Delhiward to set stage
loan waiver scam: follow-up
Following up on last week's story, Outlook reporters spoke to farmers in three states
The Indian establishment's craze for nuclear power and its destructive potential explained, critiqued, questioned
Praful Bidwai on The Power Of Promise: Examining Nuclear Energy In India By M.V. Ramana
The emotions that propel this work are admirable. But it is far too scattered, leaving the many varied accounts in it a bit distracting after a while.
Shefalee Vasudev on Sindh Stories From A Vanished Homeland By Saaz Aggarwal
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