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If the press in India does not appoint an independent regulator, the politicians will do it for us.
By Vinod Mehta
the Secret Diary of Eden gardens curator
If MSD wants to win matches only at home on rank turners, he should quit cricket and take to Formula 1.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
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10 Questions
The singer-songwriter on her tryst with fame and chasing the A.R. Rahman dream
Movie Review
A well dressed film but makes one wonder if it would have been better off as a study in sorrow.
Suddenly it's raining books by women journos, while Delhi autorickshaws advertise American thrillers
Cover Story
ratan tata
Having won lots, and lost some, Ratan Tata prepares to move on
cover story
Job Cut Out For Man Who Would Be King
RNT rearranged, led the break-out; Mistry must hold firm in a new world
Arti Sharma
cover story
Money Talks, Power Listens
Respect for the Tata brand and its bankroll has characterised the group’s ascendancy
Lola Nayar
jump cut
High Ground Clearance
Tata is the totem in London of the new global realities that are facing indebted western economies
Faisal Islam
jump cut
West India Company
A constant strand with the Tatas has been proving Indians can match foreigners in everything.
Pankaj Ghemawat
Ayodhya created the political Hindu, but couldn’t take it further
politics: gujarat
As bus rides go, this one, through Gujarat, was monochromatic
gujarat polls: women candidates
The Big Bens
Fighting Modi or for him, Gujarat’s women’s affection is divided
Panini Anand
gujarat polls
The Cops’ Eye View
His policemen supporters feel let down; his opposers, persecuted
Chandrani Banerjee
Talking ‘communal’ about FDI trivialises the secular cause
From Outlook Group magazines
Outlook Business
Honda wants to overtake Bajaj and Hero in the bike segment. Can it succeed?
Falling Flat
Outlook Business
Goa’s casinos are flush with cash as the weak rupee lures gamblers to India
Outlook Business
ITC chairman on how long-term approach has reshaped his company
Outlook Traveller
Incredible biodiversity in a precious rainforest. The Sinharaja national park holds many treasures.
Outlook Traveller
Breached by none, the LoC will now be porous for tourists and pilgrims. Indo-Pak visa rules have also been relaxed.
Outlook Traveller
Arunachal is unexplored and unmapped, a hotspot of biodiversity and tribal culture teeming with river gorges.
Kai Friese Interviews Oken Tayeng
Outlook Traveller
With the Air India Dreamliner taking flight, the Maharajah is dusting off cobwebs from his turban.
Cooking probably played a decisive part in the evolutionary success of Homo sapiens
The cold war over the hottest chilli in the world
Marie Claire
Everybody has an opinion. If you start listening to everyone, it's easy to get lost.
Marie Claire
From his fashion rules and favourite food to the grooming secrets of his Twitter-star cat Choupette, Marie Claire gets an exclusive glimpse behind Mr Lagerfeld’s dark glasses
Saira Banu reveals why her husband—superstar Dilip Kumar, who turns 90 on December 11—is her greatest love and their long-time marriage is a dream come true
Shah Rukh khan bares his feelings over his son and “best friend” Aryan going to boarding school in London
As New Delhi’s iconic south Indian eatery Sagar Ratna turns 25, owner Jayaram Banan shares the recipe for star client Priyanka Vadra’s favourite dish
uk media: leveson report
After the Leveson report, UK debates tough laws for media
We’ll Take A Brake
A career’s end is also a requiem for our years locked in sunlit greens
The masterly Mani Ratnam is both artful and guileless in this brilliant addition to Indian film literature
Presents the Indian Constitution as not merely a cold legal treatise, but a living, breathing human document.
Anvar Alikhan on The Indian Constitution By Madhav Khosla
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