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Where you can pick up hands of Fatima, stars of David and crucifixes for the same secular price of 2 shekels each.
By Anuja Chauhan
the Secret Diary of
The only sound that wakes me up from my sleepwalking is the popping flashes of the paparazzi.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
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10 Questions
Docu filmmaker Gargi Sen, on producing Gora, a tele-series based on Tagore’s novel
Movie Review
Comes across too pat and doesn’t cut deep enough. For many feeling abandoned, it may prove cathartic.
As Random House and Harper battle over Yuvi, a gawky Vikram Seth stars in the Absolut vodka ad.
Mumbai Restaurant
Warning: Order moderately, else you will end up as stuffed as the Paneer Corn Capsicum Paratha.
Cover Story
direct cash transfer
Its ploy of Aadhar-hinged cash transfer may have won the Congress political points, but will it really be a game-changer?
direct cash transfer
Oil That Never Caught Fire
A scheme to credit kerosene subsidies to beneficiaries’ accounts flopped real big in Rajasthan
Pragya Singh
cash transfers
Freshly Minted Cheer
Whatever the cons, cash transfers will help the UPA stand up again
Saba Naqvi
cooking gas
Cylinder Blast
The cap on subsidised LPG has the UPA regime worried
Lola Nayar
law: Delhi blasts
Two Kashmiri men lurch from case to case
ayodhya: 20 years after
A Babri reporter on the cycle of history and how Muslims can break it
ayodhya: 20 years after
Mecca In A Mandir
Twenty years ago, the tumultuous days of the Ramjanmabhoomi agitation, and a curious cast of characters in Ayodhya
Saba Naqvi | Extracts from In Good Faith By Saba Naqvi
Policing: iB
New IB chief is said to be good at psy-ops
gujarat: elections
He’s here, there, everywhere. Modi is omnipresent, victory is certain. Can anything stop the juggernaut?
gujarat: elections
Disappearing Greenery
The Congress fumbles; the BJP poll machine carpetbombs Gujarat
Debarshi Dasgupta
jump cut
There Will Be No Full Stops
The presumption is modi faces no rivals...hence just a simple majority means a setback.
Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
Opportunity Costs Of A Leader
The Gujarat model dispossessed and polarised millions, and scotched debate. Would India take it to heart?
Suchitra Balasubrahmanyan
gujarat: social data
Numb, Number
The Congress barbs backfired because of cut-and-paste images. But refocus the lens beyond its glittering roads, and ‘Shining Gujarat’ doesn’t stand up all too well against national averages.
The former Bengal finance minister on why he still sees a glimmer of light from the most unexpected corner of the world
Dola Mitra Interviews Ashok Mitra
Guha is wrong, ‘Hindu fundamentalist’ is an oxymoron
wedding albums: candid photography
Posing is passe. Candid’s where wedding photos are going.
environment: zoos
India’s zoos are in a shambles, conservation needs new ideas
Arts & Entertainment
films: bold bengal
Bengali films explore sexuality in all its purple hues, played by uninhibited actors
cinema: Locations
As filmmakers recreate Pakistan in India, I&B ministry tries to make shoots easier
Real and evanescent, the Northeast in Boats on Land is a melange of past influences and present concerns; The Gurkha’s Daughter is a delicate exploration of the Nepali diaspora
Sudeep Sen on Boats On Land By Janice Pariat & The Gurkha’s Daughter By Prajwal Parajuly
D'Souza tries to understand why a man trained in medicine would spend his life with people who have fallen off the collective conscience of a nation.
Anuradha Raman on The Curious Case Of Binayak Sen By Dilip D'Souza
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