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For students of modern history, Berlin stands for war—the wars of German unification, WWI and WWII and, the Cold War
By Talmiz Ahmad
the Secret Diary of
My lawyer told me I should ‘soo’ Outlook. I’ll do one better. I’ll go to their office and make ‘soo soo’ on the copies.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
10 Questions
The Chennai-based musician and creator of Carnatica, a one-stop Indian classical music portal, on his next venture, Carnatica Radio, and the eighth edition of the Bharat Sangeet Utsav
Movie Review
An inward-looking, personal tale of passion, trust, betrayal and retribution. “Old dog” has “new tricks”.
Penguin-Random is official, Ruchir Sharma won the Tata Literature First Book Award and the NaMo bio seems like a real winner
Cover Story
book excerpts
Tracking that species of Hindutvawadi, obsessively trolling the Net, looking for slights to the faith
Ramachandra Guha | Extracts from Patriots And Partisans By Ramachandra Guha
‘internet hindus’
Shiva’s Tridents
Abrasive, savvy, right-wing, ubiquitous—they’re ‘Internet Hindus’
Debarshi Dasgupta
EXCLUSIVE: Vadra-dlf deal new questions
New questions—on original licence, location, resale—for Vadra’s land
Congress: the gandhis
As scandals reach the Gandhi family door, is the First Family’s halo finally waning?
Congress: the gandhis
Two Decks Of Bleeding Sentiments
Threats, posturing, more threats. The National Herald is a drag.
Pragya Singh
bjp: the rss stand
The RSS supremo goes to bat for his boy Gadkari
The more you read the details, the more America’s ironies bedevil you
foreign: india-us ties
The World Is Horizontal
Obama II promises continuity in ties, but a poll-wary India isn’t ambitious
Pranay Sharma, Ashish Kumar Sen
us elections: the clintons
Big Dog At The Plate
Bill Clinton played a big hand in Obama’s late surge. Has it set up Hillary for 2016?
Seema Sirohi
The Archon Speaks
Obama’s victory speech reminds Indians what they are missing out on
Saba Naqvi
business: e-retail
Online retail is booming, but firms must zero in on a profitable model
muslims: media
An English daily for Muslims is planned
trends: belly dancing
Forget shaking your bon-bons. Belly up!
Mind your body
A week of indulgence never made anyone fat. Plan ahead and eat all the mithai you want
Arts & Entertainment
television: CID
In its 15th year, crime drama CID continues to prove the drawing power of reductive logic
Naipaul’s passe, our national secularism project needs new legs
A set of common lives helps Akash Kapur examine the ruction and the changes set off by liberal reforms
Sunit Arora on India Becoming: A Journey Through A Changing Landscape By Akash Kapur
A slim volume, leisurely in pace, well-informed and felicitously written
Anvar Alikhan on The Wave Rider: A Chronicle Of The Information Age By Ajit Balakrishnan
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