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For most people, it’s just an acronym. The better informed might ask: “Isn’t that the birthplace of Bhimrao Ambedkar?”
By Amit Baruah
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
The Greatest Indian After Gandhi
We bestow ‘greatness’ easily in India. What makes a person great, do we really need great people, and drawing a lakshmanrekha for it in every life.
Greatest Indian poll
For once, Ambedkar whips Nehru—and everyone else. This is how it unfolded...
The Greatest Indian
So, finally, Ambedkar comes into his own in the national consciousness. Now perhaps it’s time to embrace a legacy sidelined by the dominant discourse.
Vision For A New India
In his intolerance of inequality and creation of a rights-based constitution, Ambedkar’s vision for a modern India is still our blueprint for the future
Ambedkar vs Gandhi
Gandhi and Ambedkar feuded over how they saw untouchability, one as just a sin of Hinduism, the other as the denial of rights to an oppressed people
Identity Politics
Ambedkar knew that there would be outcasts as long as there are castes
The deification of Ambedkar and the refusal to countenance any criticism of him is dangerous. The disharmony it breeds works against his cause.
Diminishing Dynasty
Guilt-tripping on Ambedkar cannot undermine Nehru’s achievements. You could contest his ideas but not his steering of India from colony to nation.
Reclaiming Nehru
A beloved freedom fighter, then a reviled nation-builder. The pain of being Nehru.
Ambedkar and Muslims
Ambedkar’s writings suggest an anti-Muslim streak. Did his words only derive from his sources or were they actually attempts to arrest Partition?
Dalit: Politics
A rule of votebanks has relegated Ambedkar to being an inert icon in Dalit politics
His stature as a social actor often obscures the value of his scholarship
Ambedkar was more about class than caste, but the Left won’t see it that way
The everness of Ambedkar’s appeal lends him a messianic quality. Immortality.
Ambedkar’s Buddhism is a radical, rational reading of the traditional for our times
Alternative Media
Dalit bards, bhajan mandalis and pamphleteers, largely from Maharashtra, have kept alive the image, the life story and the genius of Ambedkar
The Ahimsa To Come
As one who can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, a young Ambedkar formulates his ahimsa of inclusion.
Dalits across the seas
Growing up Dalit in the US, finding your roots, fighting for your identity
Why is it that Ambedkar and his work does not get the rightful amount of space in textbooks?
Dalit Publishing
Bheem Patrika, published since 1958, is our longest-running Dalit periodical
Dalits and Cinema
The Dalit presence, onscreen or behind it, has been a bit thin in Indian films
Ambedkar Memorial In Delhi
The Babasaheb Ambedkar memorial in Delhi has seen better days. Political will can ensure that it sees them once again.
Inter-caste Marriages
When marriage transcends caste lines, taking the leap is a big a leap of faith. Meet some whose faith has been rewarded.
US: sikhs
Long battered, now in shock, American Sikhs hope for tolerance
Pakistan: controversy
A top Pakistani official’s ‘act of penance’ for Taliban intolerance raises official hackles
television: tam suit
Drama. Hypocrisy. The NDTV-TAM suit makes for must-see-TV.
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