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The ‘importing’ of Uma Bharati from MP may not have set the BJP’s fortunes on fire in UP, but she continues to offer rich material to the diarist
By Sreenivasan Jain
the Secret Diary of
So the former editor-in-chief of Outlook found my book to be ‘fiendishly clever’? If that was so, why put it inside quotes?
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
It’s been every big publisher’s dream to discover the next Chetan Bhagat. And it seems Penguin has found one...
10 Questions
Legendary cartoonist Robert Crumb was in Delhi for the convention Comic Con India
Movie Review
If not the best, it’s definitely the most feelgood—apart from nostalgia-inducing—film of the year.
Calcutta Restaurant
It’s unclear why Casa Toscana’s manager was reluctant to have the Italian restaurant reviewed...
News, quotes, bytes, gossip, buzz, oddities, the grapevine from the poll-bound states
Cover Story
gujarat riots
Ten years after Gujarat 2002, Outlook asks if we’re likely to witness such horror again
gujarat riots
That Summer Of Their Discontent
Blood spilt in the Hashimpura massacre and riots in 1987 remain fresh for survivors
Debarshi Dasgupta
narendra Modi
Dear Narendrabhai, Could You Please...
...answer some questions?
Sundeep Dougal
Reminding, A Rough Art
One would never wish 2002 to have an encore, but to discount that possibility would mean being lulled into complacency.
Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay
investigation: andhra pradesh
An ACB probe unearths a ‘well-recorded’ network of bribery in Andhra’s liquor trade
elections: goa
The BJP is up against six Congress clans
Why the Maharashtra CM is a sad man after the BMC defeat
foreign policy: the states
With a Centre on the backfoot, empowered states marry domestic concerns to national policy
economy: tax the rich
The Indian rich class isn’t paying its fair share of taxes. The time has now come....
telecom: 2g aftermath
Dust from the Supreme Court’s 2G verdict descends. It’s a thick haze.
karnataka: human sacrifice
Was Basavaraja’s death plain murder or a gruesome enactment of a tantric ritual?
karnataka: human sacrifice
From Voodoo To Vaastu...
Even the Karnataka politician is not averse to ritual assistance to guide his political fortunes
Fabindia, that byword for casual Indian chic, falls for Gallic charm
cricket: controversy
As if to deepen its sufferings, an air of dispute hovers over the Indian team
One tastes the entrails of a seething Mumbai slum in this vivid, visceral account
Patrick French on Behind The Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death And Hope In A Mumbai Undercity By Katherine Boo
A frothy, delicious and gossipy whirl of who-likes-who, who-said-or-did-what, and who-had-sex-with-who.
Manjushree Thapa on The Bad Boy’s Guide To The Good Indian Girl Or The Good Indian Girl’s Guide To Living, Loving And Having Fun By Annie Zaidi and Smriti Ravindra
With her attempt at a grap­hic novel in pictures Dayanita Singh has found yet ano­ther way to break rules.
Gautam Bhatia on House Of Love By Dayanita Singh
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