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Vidya Balan turned up towards the end to claim credit, of course, but the truth is Indians watched the making of The Dirty Picture all year, this year...
By Krishna Prasad
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
The Aromas of India
Food Special
A grey homogenisation has not yet eclipsed our rainbow palates
eye on the east
Savoury chakulis; subtle, moreish rasogollas. And Orissa blends into Bengal.
the deccan trail
Hyderabad to Vijayawada, it’s a trip from tangy to the fiery-hot
meen curry
The sea, the fresh catch, the Kerala fish curry, from Kochi to Kozhikode
in narmada’s shadow
A cuisine hearthed of necessity and ingenuity
oudh register
Much fuss attends food in Lucknow; Benares couldn’t care less
Food Ready-Recknoner
coasting through
From the Malvan beaches down to Goa, fruits of the sea change their accent
chettinad plus
Madurai veerans on one side, Chettiars on the other. Koothu parotta or your life?
in the vindhyas
Whether Bhopal’s nawabi fare, Indore’s ghee-saturated vegetarianism, or spartan tribal cuisine, a food trek through the heartland is gustatory bliss
dakshina kannada
Illi baaru, boss. Swinging between button idlis and pandi curries.
over the hill
The Meghalayan menu. It’s like the white on rice.
the dhokla dash
Contrast rules in culinary Gujarat—along the highway, or in a single bite
everyday sip
The various guises that tea takes in India
2011 The Year That Was
Civil society raged in hope; industry despaired. The rulers watched.
Anarchy has a grammar and a purpose, freedom is self-propagating
Outlook asks experts for their take on India’s niggling doubts
Still life
It won't make for a pretty desktop calendar, perhaps. But history will certainly find a pattern in this collage...
2011: The Year That Was
The words, the places, the people, the events...
How a handful moved for (or against) their pet projects
Les desirables in the world of technology
The Must-See Movies Of 2011
Tune In To...
The Big Fights
The wars of words, the pointed fingers, the salvos, the diatribes, the potshots...
Dubious achievements
...the following for dubious achievements
An illustrious pantheon left 2011 poorer with their demise
BOOKS 2011
Movers, shakers and the shaken of 2011 tell Outlook about the books that helped them tide over a turbulent year
The dazzlers, the page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
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