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Dragging my suitcase, I asked a man in a blue uniform for directions to the suburban line into New Jersey. “Do I look like a f....n’ cop to you?” he yelled down his big basketball frame, spat and walked away. “Damn foreigner"...
By Gautam Bhatia
the Secret Diary of FBI director
'Let a thousand ‘moles’ and Aggarwalmarts bloom across the country. The future of the country will brighten with FBI in retail’.
The page 3 people, the chatterati and those in the news for being in the news
Random notes, gossip, bitching, angles, conspiracy theories, spoofs, essential fundas
Published feedback from our readers: rants, raves, bouquets, brickbats
Movie Review
The film crumbles while negotiating the thin line between a woman’s inherent power and her vulnerability.
10 Questions
On Mad & Divine, a world dance conference, part of the Margazhi festival in Chennai
Chiki Sarkar brings first sweeping change to Penguin, and the age of literary feuds seems to be here to stay
mumbai restaurant
If you come here, make sure you arrive with as open a mind as possible
Cover Story
online censorship
Assailed from all sides, does the UPA really hope to recover its ‘image’ by muzzling online dissent?
Indecent Proposals
Immortal Kombat?
Blip The ‘T’ Words
Cacophony Colonnade
Our democracy is creaking, but it works—nominally at least. What it needs is not dilution, but deepening.
Saba Naqvi
face-off: lokpal bill
Having concentrated his energies on a strong Lokpal bill, Arvind Kejriwal expresses disappointment at the current shape of the draft bill.
face-off: lokpal bill
'Broad Consensus'
Chairman of the parliamentary standing committee which has drafted the anti-graft Lokpal Bill, responds to the criticism levelled against him
Anuradha Raman Interviews Abhishek Manu Singhvi
politics: bjp
A desperate BJP falls back on Vajpayee visions
Journalists working underworld links are in danger from all sides
The torture of Soni Sori is worse than what the Raj ever inflicted
west bengal: mamata
Six months on, Mamata’s TMC has ill-used the carte blanche given it by Bengal’s voters
security: nia
The NIA’s investigations have been sub par
states: services delivery
A few states show the way by notifying the right to service
UK: humane dairy farming
Somewhere in England, the Quiet Beatle’s farm champions Ahimsa dairy
south asia: myanmar
Myanmar’s clever route to integration, and India’s possible role in it
In worshipping at the altar of big retail, and its clinical efficiency, Britons bartered away vital nodes of their local economic and cultural life
reforms: retail fdi
On Empty Shelves
The UPA’s reforms agenda hits a nadir with FDI retail flopshow
Pragya Singh
innovation: dehydrated food
Mom’s kitchen to NRI plates: the in-between is cut-’n-dry
karnataka: rituals
A temple’s demeaning ‘leftovers’ ritual has all sides frothing
Arts & Entertainment
dev anand: character study
A career in the grey zone didn’t dim his genius. It coloured it.
A cast of icons leaves us to replay its golden hours in our lives
This magisterial biography of a great artiste is unsparing on the forces and injustices that shaped Bharatanatyam
Sadanand Menon on Balasaraswati: Her Art & Life By Douglas M. Knight Jr.
A stirring read, revealing how the poor and dead from India keep the red market bubbling in the developed world
A complex moral tale set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution
Namita Gokhale on Three Sisters By Bi Feiyu
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